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Note: The "Emily" series contains preteen sex. If you do not agree; do not read.

Em and her Mom

Chapter 1. Em gets a tickling.

It was a nice Tuesday morning in late spring with lots of blue sky, some white clouds and hot sunshine. Standing in the pool and scrubbing the vinyl liner is harder work than I had thought when I volunteered to help Emily and her mom. About two inches of water is still sloshing at the bottom of the pool as I wade through it, spraying cleaning solution on the walls and scrubbing with a big brush. The sun is hot on my back so I take off my shirt and keep on cleaning. While rinsing the walls with the hose, I also end up soaked and wet. I am glad that I brought clean clothes with me in my truck.

Em’s mom, Suzy had divorced her no good prick husband about a year ago and since then her house has not had the upkeep that it should. This spring I helped with some yard work and minor repairs. Because summer was nearly here and Em’s twelfth birthday was coming soon, Suzy asked me to clean their small pool for a kid’s pool party. That’s how I ended up in the pool.

About an hour later, the backdoor of the house opens and Emily comes out and looks down at my sweating body in the pool. “Good morning, sir,” she says in a joking manner. “Good morning, sleeping princess,” I reply. Em is home for a one week spring school break and has slept late. She is dressed in a short cut, blue T-shirt and blue jeans. Her nearly twelve year old body is what some describe as coltish; all gangly girl and very thin with long skinny legs. Her brown hair hangs below her shoulders, held together with a rubber band in a ponytail.

Now, from my view in the pool looking up at Em, it became clear that I had not really looked at her closely during the past few months. Her coltish look was disappearing and curves are showing. Her jeans stretch tightly over a nice, shapely butt. Plus, her T-shirt tents outwards where a nice set of ‘beginner’s boobs’ is forming. I can see the outline of a thin bra with two perky nipples standing up; interesting, to say the least.

Particularly, as I chide myself for studying her tits and ass so very intently, while she stands almost above me. Em says she was going to fix something to eat and asks me if I wanted anything. So I tell her to bring me an iced tea. She brings the tea back a few minutes later and bends down to set it at the edge of the pool, giving me a great cleavage look as her T-shirt falls away from her body. Her baby bra is pink and I see the tops of two white globes, maybe even a bit of nip in the shadow.

As I thank her for the tea, I keep my eyes on this view, and of course she catches me at it. She slowly stands back up and we make eye contact with big brown eyes. I am not sure what she is thinking, but a slow smile escapes her face. As she walks back into the house there seems to be a bit more wiggle in her shapely butt. She did not look back, but I think she can clearly see me in the reflection of the windows, watching her butt moving. What a vixen.

About a half hour later, Emily emerged from the back door again, carrying a blanket, beach bag and some towels. Now she is wearing a bikini and she announces that she is going to grab some sun. Since I was nearly finished cleaning; I was taking a short break, sitting on the edge of the pool with my legs hanging over the side. Emily decides to spread her blanket near me and I watch the process, which seems to take an extraordinary long time.

First she has to lay down the towels and bag, bending from her waist and nearly shoving her shapely tushy into my face. Then she turns totally around, looking up and orienting herself and the blanket toward the sun. I was ready for the next act, which is shaking and spreading the blanket next to the pool. This seems to require a lot of arm waging and butt shaking while stretching her slender body to maximum height to throw the blanket down flat. Oh, and now she bends over again to straighten the four corners of the blanket before she sits down in the middle of it. She pulls her beach bag over, pulls out a set of ear buds and a little recorder device, plugs herself in and smiles as the music starts. I think she would lie down and the show would be over, but not yet.

Eleven year old Em must have watched some interesting MTV programs, because she pulls a bottle of suntan lotion out of her bag and shakes it, causing her shoulders and tits to wiggle and jiggle. I decide to jump back into the pool and finish the cleaning job and rinsing the walls. The pump has drained the water from the floor which I had already scrubbed and rinsed once before I took my break. Now I was just going to do a second rinse, let the pump suck all the water out and then start to fill the pool.

So standing there with the hose gives me the perfect view of Em starting to apply the lotion. It was clear she is wearing last year’s bikini because it did not fit at all. The pink top has two little hearts on it right above where her nipples are poking toward the sun and casting an interesting shadow. The two little triangles are not only too small to cover her A-cup beginner’s tits, but also are the type which could be adjusted. Em has pulled each triangle together so that most of her breasts are exposed to the sun and me.

She begins by squirting sun screen lotion on her chest and belly and starts rubbing it with a nice circular motion. This time I am more careful about staring at her tits and turn my head and put on my sunshades. I can tell that she would carefully glance toward me every minute or so. Her knees are bent outwards and a nice camel toe is in full view of my hungry eyes.

After rubbing her belly for several minutes, she starts moving her hands up to her shoulders. She does not spend too much time there, but slowly moves toward her bikini top. First she gently rubs between her breasts and makes little circles on each boob’s uncovered area. Then she squirts more white sun screen on her hands, which reminds me of a jet of Jizz hitting her hand. Now she starts the same process over the tops and the outsides of her little boobs.

As she nears her covered nipples, I notice she switches to using both hands and her eyes are fluttering. I move to the other side of the round pool, which gives her more space but gives me a better view. My eyes are near crotch level and I wonder what she would do there. After about five minutes of playing with her boobs and sneaking a finger under her top every now and then, she gives a big sigh and falls back on her blanket. As she lay there I can see her chest rising and falling fast. About five minutes later, she is calm and rolls over onto her stomach.

She puts her sun glasses on, puts her head down on her arms and looks like she is grooving to the music. Her fingers are tapping a beat and her butt muscles are moving along. I decide that two can put on a show. I start making a fairly noisy show of putting the buckets, brushes and tools from the bottom of the pool onto the side. Then I start stretching and acting like I was getting the kinks out of my back and sides.

I notice Em’s head would follow my movements fairly closely. Now, I am not god’s gift to women, but at five feet eleven, one hundred seventy five pounds at age forty-five, I am in good shape. Or at least I hope that Suzy, Em’s mom would think so, because getting to her was my ultimate goal for the past year. As I walk past Em I tell her: “Hey, you need lotion of your back before you turn lobster red”.

She slowly looks up over her sun glasses and I think the wheels are really turning in her young mind: Go / No Go? When I was about ten steps away, I hear: “Will you do it, Uncle Ted, pleeaasee”. I was only “Uncle Ted” for about two weeks before Christmas and her birthday, when she was fishing for presents; normally, I was just the guy who lived down the street and had a truck for hauling things. Interesting! Stalling for time, I tell her “OK, but let me wash up first”. I take the garden hose and some soap and wash my hands and arms slowly, rinse them and rinse my head too. Her head follows me quietly all the time.

After shaking the bottle of lotion, I squirt some on Em’s back and get down next to her on my knees. Now I have a chance to really check her over more closely. First I notice her hair is not a mousey brown, but has some fine blond highlights in it. Either she had a marvelous beauty shop treatment or her natural hair has changed as puberty set in. Her hair also gives off a subtle hint of shampoo and I notice the distinct fragrance of a light perfume coming from her shoulders.

Her oval face is only partially visible but I notice developing high cheek bones. She may turn into a model yet. Her arms and legs are long and thin but very muscular from hours of gymnastics. I use the same circular motions that Em used on her front to work down from her shoulders to her waist. Ah, the strap from her bikini top was not really a problem, but I use it to see what kind of reaction I will get. So I just untie it and keep on rubbing lotion into Em’s back. She seems to tense up for a minute, but my hands have already moved to a safe spot on her lower back. She relaxes and I considered that a Go!

Next I put little dabs of lotion along the line where her strap had been. The cool lotion makes her jump and then giggle. I use both hands at the same time to rub from the center of her back towards her sides directly in line with her boobs. After a few rubs down her side, I notice she is lifting herself up just a little bit. This gives me space to go for the sides of her boobs; but I can play mind games too. I run my fingers from her back toward her front but stop about one-half inch from touching the edge of her boobs. After about three times of teasing her, I quit and say: “OK, let’s do your legs”. I swear I can hear Em blowing out breath and growling quietly. She has no idea what was coming.

I position myself at the bottom of her feet, lift them up and stick them right into my crotch where a hard on was just starting to develop. Her head swivels around quickly and she looks at where her feet are. Go / No Go? I pick up the lotion bottle and say to Em: “You did not put lotion on the front of your legs; I’ll do them later, but first the back, OK?”

A quiet “OK,” escaped her lips and she lies back on her belly. Her shapely butt sticks up into the air and her bikini bottom barely covers the split between her cheeks where two more hearts wink at me. Putting lotion on her leg, I pick up the first one and rub the foot and toes. Like a baby, I tell her that her baby toes are good enough to eat and put the big toe in my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. Again, Em’s head swivels around and I can feel the glare even through her sun glasses. I just stare back and kept her toe in my mouth. About a half a minute later she giggles and lies back down; I pop the toe out of my mouth and declare: “Delicious”. I hear her murmur quietly and not in a complaining manner.

Next, I put her legs back down and start rubbing her calves. I get a good rhythm going up and down the legs instead of in circles and on every down move her feet and toes would bump my cock. Her feet are now also pushing more and more against my cock and I am sure she can feel its hardness. After about five minutes of this I move up to her thighs. I position myself right next to her butt and start doing long strokes up her thighs onto her butt cheeks. After about the third stroke I notice Em’s breathing was starting to speed up and she was quietly moaning a low “hum, hum, hum” mantra. Sounds like a ‘Go’ to me. I concentrate on her butt cheeks and slowly rub each with both hands. Em’s moans are getting a little more intense. We have been at this over a half hour and I decide to go for it now.

I move my hand to the inside of Em’s legs and start a slow circle motion moving closer to her bikini covered pussy. My middle finger touches her pussy and I move it slowly up and down. Almost instantly Em’s butt starts a rocking motion up and down and her moans become a little louder. Bending over her, I kiss her on her neck and ask if she was having fun. “Mmm, Uncle Ted,” is her reply which was a definite ‘Go’. I kiss her neck again and tell her that we are outside by the pool and need to move inside if she wants me to keep on “putting lotion on her”. I jump up, reach down for her hand and she immediately gets up almost forgetting her bikini top. At the last second she grabs it to her front and we run into the empty house.

In Emily’s bedroom I tell her to stretch out on her bed. She starts to fumble with her bikini top and I take her into my arms and tell her she will not need her bikini. Her eyes widen and sparkle and again she slowly says: “OK, Uncle Ted”. She turns around and lies on the bed on her belly. I make sure her music is still playing and it was a relaxing beat. Standing behind her, I quickly drop my pants and get naked, too.

I tell Em we would start where we stopped and she nods her head. My hand goes back to her bikini covered butt and I rub her cheeks and then her pussy. When her breathing and moaning gets back at a level where she had been at the pool, she pushes her tushy up in the air. I reach up and pull her bikini down to her knees and then totally off. I kiss her butt cheeks and slowly run my tongue toward her butt slit.

My hand is now on her bare pussy and slowly stroking her outer lips. Em has settled into a mellow moaning rhythm of Hmms, Umms, and Ahhs. This is heaven and I never want to stop. I lean back to Em’s neck and kiss it again several times. Then I tongue her down the middle of her back right into her ass crack. Slowly I put pressure on Em’s legs and she spreads them more and more, giving me the first full view of her youthful, virgin pussy.

Her outer lips are slowly opening and I can see a touch of inner pink. “Emily, how are doing; do you want more?” I ask. She slowly answers in a low tone: “Pleaasee, Uncle Ted”. “Do you know what will happen here?” I reply. “I am going to cum soon,” Em answers back. Well, she knows what we were doing. “OK, Em I want you to get on your knees and rock back,” I tell her.

As she pushes her butt into the air and lays her head on the pillow, she looks back and gives me an innocent smile. She is ready and wants more. I spread her legs some more and insert the first finger into her pussy and touch her tiny clit with my thumb. She shivers and wiggles so hard that I almost cannot keep my finger in her pussy. We get a movement going with Em pushing her butt up on my down stroke. God, it is like fucking her with my hand. I continue licking her butt crack and speed up my fucking hand motion. Her breathing has picked up quite a bit.

By the time I insert the second finger into Em’s sweet pussy, I can feel her juices flowing steadily, her moaning has pitched just a little louder, and her rocking motion is picking up nicely. The scent of pussy is in the air and my cock is leaking pre-cum. I really do not want to fuck her yet, just to satisfy my cock. I really want her to experience her first orgasm in a nice sexy way.

My cock is hoping for more. It seems Em is near to cuming and I want her climax to be one that she remembers. While my one hand is in her pussy and my thumb is working her clit, I use the other hand to start playing with her butt hole. Em’s wiggling increases dramatically as I stick my thumb into her butt hole. A long, moaning: “Oooh, Uncle Ted, don’t stop,” comes from low in her throat and I know she is close.

She is hyperventilating, clawing the sheets and has her face in the pillow with her ass rocking up and down faster and faster. Suddenly she lets out a little scream and starts shaking all over, her orgasm hitting from head to toes. My cock has a mind of its own and there was only one safe place for it to go. I pull my thumb out of her butt hole and push the head of my cock into it.

Her anal ring grabs the head of my cock and squeezes it nearly off. Ropes of Jizz squirt into Em’s ass and I have to hold her shaking body tightly as we cum together. Rolling us on our side with Em spooning into me; she is totally limp and whimpers quietly as she comes down from her climax. She whispers over and over “Oh my, Oh my, no more”. I lay there quietly stroking her wet hair and I notice that Em is shallow breathing and has fallen asleep. I hug her tightly, enjoying the feel of my cock in her butt, knowing that I will have to pull out shortly. A few minutes later I get up and covered Em with a blanket.

I go into Em’s bathroom and get cleaned up and dressed. Then go back outside and finish cleaning up my work tools, get a drink and sit watching the water fill the pool. After about a half hour, Emily comes back outside wearing her bikini. I watch her hips sway as she comes over to me and with a big smile on her face plants a big kiss on my lips. “I love you, Uncle Ted,” she says. As she stands back up in front of me, her pussy is just too inviting and I lean forward and kiss her bikini covered pussy. Wow, this was a moment that I will rate as a big ‘Go’. I tell her “Em, we have to talk about your mom”.

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