Weddings suck period. It takes a year to plan out all the intricate details involved in a fairytale wedding like he had. Not only was he suffering from a hangover the size of the sun, compliments of Mike and his urging him to drink just one more, but he was dazed while he stood staring at the monkey suit he was wearing, wondering how it all came about. He hated her because she insisted he wear a damn top hat to be put on after leaving the church, “Just to give it that authentic look.” she wanted.

A lot happened in that year. His parents found out exactly what getting serviced was, thanks to the two charges he sent them, with the help of Tracy Gleason. He went and picked out two of the best he could find, making sure dad got his blonde and mom got her a well-endowed man. Yes, they found out the hard way when he called them on the phone right after they were due to arrive. He had mom put him on speaker phone while his father sat close by. The two charges, Hansel and Gretel, (Don’t you dare laugh, Cathleen said they could name them whatever they wanted, sheesh.) were standing close to the phone. When his mother claimed that the new charges were there and dad was listening in, he yelled, “Inspection!” and heard the two scramble out of their clothes.

Mom was shocked needless to say, as he heard her gasping and saying ‘Oh mercy’ over and over while his dad said, “Oh my God! Will you look at that!” with a loud whisper.

When he heard the shuffling over the phone stop, he figured they were ready and in their submissive stance. Preparing his parents, he said, “Get ready guys. You’re about to be serviced.” and waited a second or two. He took a deep breath and announced, “Hansel, Gretel! Fix them!” and heard his mom yelp and his dad say “What the hell?” he had to chuckle and said, “Enjoy the special service guys!” and chuckled some more, then dropped the phone on the hook. He laughed for days just imagining what took place back home.

Mike and Lisa got engaged. How that came about was still a mystery to James but, they were two peas in a pod, there was no doubt. The two couples he recruited for security got married. It was a double wedding. Jerry was the best man for Jesse while James was the best man for Trent.

The year had some incidents but, thanks to the diligence of the new security team, the threats never came near Cathleen or James. Trent figured it would die down since there were so many thwarted attempts.

Ingrid did indeed make James famous. He couldn’t go to the mall anymore. Too many wanted his autograph, among other things. He did a few commercials himself at Cathleen’s insistence. He even appeared on the Comedy Roast. One of his clients turned out to be the interviewer from Scarlet and he wounded up nude on her magazine. Nikki took his centerfold and stuck it on the wall in the rec room. He went behind her and blacked out his penis with a Sharpie. God, the camera made it look huge. They probably just used Photoshop on it.

He had to change his investments. He was getting too much in his bank account when he could be making money off of it. He was a millionaire now and had more work than he wanted just managing the money. He wasn’t a billionaire but it was good enough for the heiress, he supposed. You know you’re popular when the paparazzi show up in your front yard. That was as far as they made it with Jesse patrolling.

Ying was the flower girl. The dress she wore along with her hair in pony tails made her look like an anime cartoon right off the cover of a magazine. She dropped the basket that held the rose pedals right in front of Link, James and his dad. She didn’t bend her knees to get it and when she rose back up, her short dress caught on the damn butt plug sticking out. Of course, she was in the lead and they were too far behind (because he was ordered to time his steps just right to the music) to do anything about it. After he neared the pulpit, he tugged her dress over it, shaking his head. He noticed his mom roll her eyes at it.

He’d have to catch the cameraman later and get rid of that snapshot he took of Ying’s ass. The bride maids, Nikki being one of the dozen, and groomsmen made it up the aisle. How bad is it when the groom has had sex in one way or another with every one of the bride maids? His bride was last as she entered at the sound of ‘Here Comes the Bride’ walking gracefully up the aisle, taking his thoughts to the present. Jack and Jill were holding her train. Why it had to be so damn long was baffling to him.

Link was the ring bearer and his best man was Mike. He stood between them, feeling the pressure of the day all over him. The monkey suit was stifling and he tried to stretch the collar a little bit.

The service went off without incident and James didn’t pass out like he thought. Isaac gave Cathleen away. It seemed fitting since he served her his entire life. He claimed she was like a daughter to him anyway. The only problem they had was getting out of there. The damn cameraman needed him beside every person attending it seemed like. Mom with bride, mom without bride, mom with son, mom with dad and on and on… ‘Fuuuuck!’ he thought, ready to pull out his weapon and discharge it right in that mother fucking camera lens.

If he thought the wedding was stressful, the reception was just as bad. Since Cathleen wanted the reception at the mansion, Ying and Nikki, who had grown quite fond of his father, wanted him to go downstairs so they could show him where they lived. There’s no harm in that of course, until James remembered the all-new recruits he had plus the staff charges. He grabbed his mother to stop them but she insisted on taking a look too. Hansel and Gretel had to follow and the elevator was maxed on weight.

Oh yeah, as soon as that bell went ‘ding’ and the door opened, clothes flew off and were strewn down the hallway. Hansel and Gretel got in their ‘uniforms’ first and ran to the rec room with Ying and Nikki right on their heels. Mom and dad stared at their naked asses as they sprinted off. As if they planned it, both jaws dropped open and their heads slowly turned to look at James. “Uh… yeah, clothes optional zone, heh heh.” was all he could say, taking a gulp and tugged at his collar again.

Well, living with his parents wasn’t too bad, he supposed. Cathleen hired his father of course. Mom was… mom… for every damn charge in the joint. She had a tick in her lip that finally faded after a time, brought on by all the piercings in most every servant but a few. Dad just stood and drooled for a while. Fortunately, Vicky helped bring some sanity to the place and mom got to be pretty good friends with her, helping in the kitchen and all. Dad became friends with the security team; he liked the gadgets and cool patrol SUVs.

Mom only stared for a while when she seen Mike for the first time naked. All she could say was, “I know his momma.” but after seeing Link with that cat collar around his privates and that ornament at the top of his tree, she was getting used to the place and the shock value decreased over time.

It all came to a boiling point when he saw his parents sitting nude on the rec room couch with Hansel and Gretel between their legs. He was pretty much done going out there after that.

All and all though, he was living a very happy life, especially with a boy on the way. Cathleen, even with her hormonal attitude that could flip in a moment’s notice, enjoyed herself, holding newborns dreaming of her child being born. Not to be outdone, Mike had Lisa pregnant. He only hoped they would be good parents to the child and he was there to insure it. Mom was mom to the newborns too and enjoyed that immensely.

Ying and Jack decided against having a child after seeing stretch marks and baby puke. Nikki still wanted one so James, ever the gentleman, kept his promise. Jill slept with James and Cathleen for a while until her pregnancy took hold too. But Ying slept at the foot of the bed, not giving her master up for nothing.

There wasn’t a woman alive happier than Cathleen and Loretta when that child was born. Mom was a grandma and Cathleen was a mother with an heir. It was a life people only dream of.

It never would have happened if it wasn't for Lisa’s driven lust.
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