A sixteen year old boy falls in love with his younger cousin.
Sixteen year old Zach Taylor was standing in his aunt's living room. He had just arrived in San Diego from his hometown in Wisconsin to start high school at a private high school. To save on expenses, Zach's mom had arranged for him to live her sister, a single mom, and her 11 year old son named
Scotty. The plan was for Zach to share a bedroom with Scotty.

As the two were talking the front door opened and Scotty walked in.

"Scotty, said his aunt, "this is your cousin Zach who will be staying with us."

Zach noted that Scotty was a very good looking boy. He looked to be four and a half feet tall and about 80 pounds. He had a good tan, clear face a and a full mop of dark blond hair. He had big green eyes that highlighted the fine features of his face.

"Hey, Scotty, I hope you don't mind sharing your bedroom with me. "

" Are you kidding? I think it will be great! We can have all kinds of adventures, replied Scotty."

Scotty helped roll Zach's two large suitcases to the bedroom. Inside the bedroom were two twin beds and they had an adjoining bedroom.

Scotty chatted constantly while Zach unpacked and settled in. Zack liked Scotty right away and decided that maybe he and his cousin could share some adventures. After dinner, the three watched a couple movies. At nine thirty , his aunt announced it was Scotty's bedtime. When Scotty started to protest, Zach said he was kind of tired and didn't mind heading off to bed.

The boys headed to the bedroom and Scotty asked if he could take his shower first. As Scotty showered, Zach stripped down to his boxers and laid down to relax. In ten minutes, Scotty emerged from the bathroom with a wet head and no clothes. Jack thought he better get used to this since it was Scotty's room. The kid did have a great body. He particularly admired Scotty's little hairless dick and cute butt.

Scotty went over to his dresser and put on some briefs that featured various super hero characters. Then a strange thing happened. Zach was aware that he had a raging hard on. Zach was stunned . He had never been attracted to a boy, in this case a younger boy that happened to be his cousin.

Scotty had also observed the tent forming and asked Zach, "What's that bulge in your underwear?"

Zach was embarrassed but decided that maybe the kid needed a little sex education," Zach, it's called an erection. When you get older you'll get them too."

"Can I see it?" Scotty asked politely.

Zach couldn't resist this innocent request and pulled down his boxers.

"Zach, your penis s is so big and so hard looking. And you have hair around it."

" It's called pubic hair. But actually I like the look of your penis better. We can talk about this stuff later."

Zach grabbed his shaving kit and headed to the bathroom. He did like the looks of a hairless cock so he lathered it up in the shower and went to work.

Ten minutes later he emerged naked into the bedroom. Zach was stunned by the sight of his naked cousin holding his four inch erection in his hand.

" Zach I must have been turned on looking at your penis. I was laying here thinking about seeing you naked and my penis started to grow and get hard. What am I supposed to do about it?"
Zach thought it was time for a little more sex education.

"Scotty I didn't think you were old enough to have an erection. At this point, boys would start to masturbate themselves."

"What's masturbation?"

"Well that's when a boy strokes his cock until he ejects some stuff called cum. It feels really good when it happens. "

"Can you show me how?"

Zach was really confused about himself. Here he was having erections looking at a naked 11 year old boy and now he was going to teach him how to jerk off.

Zach had a tube of lube in his nightstand. He squeezed a bit on the tip of Scotty's cock and told him to start stroking. His little cousin was a fast learner and soon got into the rhythm. Zach's cock went stiff looking at his cousin enjoying himself.

"Oh Zach this feels so good. Your hard too. Why don't you lay next to me and we can have fun together."

Zach thought this must be some kind on incest, but he didn't care. If would be fun.

So he laid down next to his cousin and started to pump his cock. Scotty looked at his cousin and said, "Zach I've never felt this good in my life, but when does the white stuff come out?"

Zach was impressed with the kid's stamina but after ten minutes Scotty said," I think something is going to happen. Like I have to pee."

Zach was about to see a 11 year old boy ejaculate his very first load of cum and have his first orgasm. Zach watched the expressions on Scotty's little face and knew this was the moment. Zach looked down and saw steams of virgin cum spurt out of Scotty's penis and land on the little boy's chest.

This image set Zach over the edge and similar streams of cum shot onto his chest.

Zach had an expression of surprise, excitement and satisfaction.

" Oh Zach that was so great. The little boy reached over and gave him a hug."

Zach didn't know what overtook him but he reached over and rubbed Scotty's cum all over his little chest. In turn Scotty took his soft little hand repeated the same action on Zach's chest.

"Zach can we do this again?"

"Of course Scotty, but not tonight. We better take a quick shower and get to sleep."

The boys entered the shower and within a minute the cum was gone. After they toweled off they put on their underwear and went to their respective beds.

Zach laid in his bed and reflected on the jerk off session hat had just occurred. Zach never thought of himself as gay but he had just masturbated with his young cousin. Zach had to admit that he had enjoyed the experience and was physically and emotionally attached to his cousin who had quickly fallen asleep. Maybe this was just a onetime event and tomorrow they would have no desire to jerk off again.

The next evening, Zach, Scotty and his aunt were sitting on the couch watching TV. Scotty was sitting as close as he could to Zach. At nine-thirty, he said "Bedtime. Are you coming with me Zach?"

Zach's aunt smiled and said, " Go ahead and enjoy yourselves for a while before you go to sleep."

Scotty grabbed Zach's hand and led him into their bedroom. Scotty said, " Let's lay down and masturbate first before we take a shower."

Zach was beginning to question his sexuality. He always considered himself straight, but once again was looking forward to jerking off with his cousin.

The boys stripped naked and crawled into Zach's bed. Zach had an incestuous thought. Looking at his cousins cute little cock he suggested, "Scotty why don't you stroke my penis and I'll stroke yours?"

Scotty's face was full of excitement, " Oh Zach that is a great idea!"

Zach lubed both cock's. Then they put a hand around each other's cock and started stroking.

" Zach you are so good at this."

In the meantime Zach discovered that he enjoyed the feel of another boy's hand on his cock. The two boys pumped each other for fifteen minutes until they mutually decided to ejaculate. Streams of cum covered both boys. After their cocks went limp they headed for the shower. After they toweled off they both crawled naked into Scotty's bed.

Although still concerned by the gay issue, he didn't mind cuddling with the little boy.

Then Scotty made another request. "Zach, my mom used to come in here give me a goodnight kiss. Before we go to sleep, can you give me a kiss?"

Instead of presenting a cheek to kiss, Scotty placed his lips onto Zach's. Again Zach was surprised that he was enjoying a gay and incestuous kiss with this cute little boy. Zach kissed back and it continued for a couple minutes. Zach was getting adventuresome and slipped a little tongue into Scotty's mouth. Scotty responded in kind and they French kissed for another five minutes.

When they broke off the kiss Zach said, "Scotty, I never knew I would like being with another boy."

" Zach, I have always liked boys better than girls but I was too scared to ever tell another boy I liked them."

Zach thought about what his cousin had just said. Scotty was admitting he was gay. What did that say about his sexuality. Zach decided he would explore the question of being gay.

" Scotty, I know you like jerking off and mutual masturbation. Tomorrow night I will show you another way we can enjoy each other."

Scotty looked at his cousin and simply said, I can't wait till tomorrow night.

The next night at 9:30, Zach's aunt said, " I suppose you boys are anxious to get too bed."

Both nodded yes, and hurried off to bed. As they were stripping off their clothes, Zach said, " I think we should shower first tonight."

"But won't we have to rinse off the cum after we masturbate."

"Scotty, I am going to teach you a new way to ejaculate. And if we do it right, we won't spill any on our bodies."

In the shower, Zach said, " Make sure you wash and rinse your cock really well."

After they dried off they laid down, Scotty asked where the lube was. Zach explained that they did not need it tonight.

"Just lay back Scotty and enjoy yourself'. Scotty's four inch cock was already hard. "Scotty, I am now going to put your penis in my mouth and suck it."

Zach was able to take the entire shaft into his mouth. Then he started sucking the little's boys cock with special emphasis on the tip.

"Zach the feeling is incredible. Please suck me harder."

Zach complied and suck his young cousin for fifteen minutes, before he screamed, " Zach, I am going to cum."

In a second , Zach could feel jets of cum hit the back of his throat. He swallowed as fast as he could. Scotty's cock went limp but Zach continued sucking till the little boy's cock was sucked dry. Scotty had a look of complete satisfaction on his faced. Zach lifted his head and started French kissing the eleven year old.

After a few minutes Scotty broke off the kiss and asked, " Is it my turn to suck your penis?"

Zach's cock went hard and Scotty shifted his head down and started sucking his cousin's respectable six inch cock. Zach enjoyed the view of a little boy s giving pleasure to his cock. And Scotty was a natural at cock sucking. Fifteen minutes later, Zach exploded into his cousin's mouth. Zach was amazed that Scotty could swallow that much cum that fast.

Again they locked their mouths into a French kiss until Scotty fell asleep in Zach's arms. Zach thought about his feelings toward his young cousin who had just sucked his cock for the first time. Zach still wondered if he was really gay or if this was just mutual sexual exploration. But he knew that there was more than sex; he thought he was falling in love with his cousin. He thought about what it meant to be in a gay, incestuous relationship. He only knew that he had never been happier.

After breakfast the next morning, Zach's aunt asked Scotty to run to the corner store and pick up a bottle of milk.

After Scotty left, his aunt said, "Zach , we need to talk about you and Scotty."

Zach's face went white. His aunt must have figured out was happening every night in the bedroom.

"Don't worry Zach. I 'm not mad. But it was pretty easy to see from your cum stained sheets and that tube of lube in your night stand that you two have been having sex."

"I am so sorry…"

"Don't be sorry, Zach. I approve and so does your mother. You see, I have known for some time that Scotty is gay. He has always preferred boys to girls. Your mom and I have had long talks on the phone about Scotty's sexuality. Several months ago your mom confessed to me that she thought you might be gay. She said you had only been on a date with a girl just a couple of times. That's when we decided that you should live me and Scotty. We thought that if you two were gay, something might happen if you were sharing the same bedroom. And we were right."

Zach thought, "Even my own mother thinks I am gay?" Zach was warming up to the idea.

"I do have one question. Have you two gone all the way?"

"No," answered Zach, "I didn't think he was ready for that yet."

" Good," answered his aunt. "Next Saturday is Scotty's birthday and I want it to be a special day for both you and Scotty. I want it to be a combination "coming out" day and birthday. Also, I hope you two will consummate your relationship by having anal sex for the first time."

His aunt went over the details. Scotty had talked about getting his ear pierced and getting a small diamond stud for his birthday. She wanted Zack to also get his ear pierced and share the other earring. Next she had signed up both boys to march in a gay rights parade in the afternoon. And finally she had reserved a hotel room for the boys after a birthday dinner.

" I thought it would be more romantic if you two lost your virginity in a king sized bed rather than in a little twin bed."

He told his aunt, " I don't know if my six inch cock will fit in his little butt hole."

" Well, you have a week to work on that. Just lube up and finger his entrance. That will get him ready."

Zach was overwhelmed by the plan. He was gradually accepting that he was gay and in a week would taking Scotty's virgin butt.

When Scotty returned home they sat down and talked about sex and being gay. Then his mom explained the plans for his birthday. Scotty's excitement grew as he heard the details of his special day.

When his mom finished, Scotty walked over to Zach and gave him an long kiss. The boys were happy that they could now be open about their feelings toward each other. They had become a gay couple.

That night the boys went to bed early for a long session of hand jobs and blow jobs. After an hour, Zach reminded Scotty about getting him prepared for next Saturday night's anal sex.

"Flip over on your stomach, Scotty." He then proceeded to lube his finger and ease it up Scotty's little butt hole.

" I am going to stick my finger up your hole. It may hurt a little bit, but you will get used to it." Scotty grimaced a little but he relaxed his muscles and Zach's finger slipped in. Zach pushed his finger in and out for five minutes. "I think that's enough for tonight."

Scotty smiled at his cousin and said, "Now it's my turn."

Zach had not thought that Scotty would want to finger him. But, Scotty took the lube tube, covered his middle finger and worked it up Zach's hole.

Scotty's finger was small so it easy slid up Zach's hole. His little cousin was very good at sex and Zach enjoyed the new experience.

Over the next week the boys continued their usual masturbation routines but always finished up fingering each other's butt holes. By Friday night Scotty was enjoying two of Zack's fingers. His young lover was ready to accept his six inch penis.

The boys woke up Saturday morning and took a shower together. When they emerged from the bathroom they discovered a box covered in birthday wrapping.

A note from Scotty's mom explained that the box contained their "costumes" for the gay rights parade. Scotty ripped open the box. Inside were two Speedos that were died the same colors of the gay pride flag. The note said to wear them under a pair of shorts. The boys finished dressing and put on beach shoes for walking in the parade.

After breakfast, Zach's aunt drove them to a studio that specialized in piercings. They mutually agreed on a pair of small diamond studs. When the technician asked which ear, the boys asked what was the usual ear most boys got pierced.

"Well, it depends. Most gay boys preferred the right ear while straight boys preferred the left."

The boys answered, "Right ear please." The technician smiled at the gay couple and imagined what these two good looking boys were going to do to each other tonight.

The technician was expert and within ten minutes, the boys walked out of the store admiring each other's earrings.

Afterwards, his aunt drove them to the assembly point for the gay pride parade. " Okay boys time to take off your shorts and shirts and go to the registration desk. The boys grabbed their registration forms and joined the crowd of gay couples. They walked together holding hands and were given admiring glances by other gay couples. At the registration desk they were told to report to the teen section of the parade. They found there group and were soon surrounded by at least fifty gay and lesbian couples.

Then the parade began. Zach and Scotty, in their tight little Speedos, were declaring themselves a gay couple to the world. Zach had fully accepted that he was gay and in a few hours would be consummating his love for Scotty. Both looked forward to losing their virginity tonight in bed. They continued to hold hands and occasionally exchange a kiss down the parade route.

At the end of the parade, Scotty's mom greeted and kissed each of the boys. She was so proud of her son and nephew and that they were now openly gay.

They drove to a local Italian restaurant and enjoyed a spaghetti dinner. Next stop was the hotel.

Scotty's mom of course had to handle the check in process and accompany them to the room. Since they were only staying the night, the boys shared a small bag with a change of clothes. Scotty's mom had secretly placed an expensive bottle of personal lubricant in the bag. She wanted this night to be memorable for the boys.

After she left the boys stripped down to their Speedos. The gay and incestuous couple kissed and admired themselves in a full length mirror. They were a very attractive couple with their gay pride Speedos and the matched earrings.

Then Zach led his now twelve year old lover into the bedroom. They stripped off their Speedos, both boys contemplating what was about to happen. This night would confirm their love for each other.

Zach reached into the bag and was surprised but happy to find a very elegant bottle of personal lubrications.

The boys had decided that tonight there would be no masturbation or sucking. Tonight was reserved for anal sex. They also decided that Zach would take Scotty's virginity first and then it would be Scotty's turn.

Zach said, "Scotty just lay down on your stomach and stretch out your arms above your head.Now spread your legs apart." Zach admired his little cousin's butt and leaned over and kissed each soft cheek.

Scotty was now in position for his first penetration. Zach took the bottle of lube and poured some down Scotty's butt crack. He then took his finger and made sure that the little boy's hole was well lubricated. Then he applied a generous amount his hard rock cock.

Zach laid down between Scotty's leg and made sure that he applied his wait to his forearms. "Don't worry, Zach, I'm not going to crush you."

Zach positioned his penis until the tip was touching Scotty's hole. He was about to take a 12 year old boy's virginity and turn him into his gay lover.

This moment would change their lives' forever. He contemplated a lifetime of sex with Scotty and he was ready to fuck his cousin for the first time

In a soft voice Zach said, " I'm ready to enter you Scotty. Are you ready for my cock?"

Scotty looked up, smiled and simply nodded his head.

With that final permission, Zach started to push into Scotty. He took it slow not wanting to hurt his young lover. He felt Scotty's muscles relax and he pushed further in. After a couple of minute his 6 inch cock had disappeared up Scotty's ass. Slowly he started moving his cock in and out.

Scotty moaned and said, "Zach, that feels real good. Go a little faster."

Zach leaned his head down and kissed the little boy's back. He could tell the boy beneath him was well lubed and ready for more. Zach started taking faster and deeper thrusts.

Zach was certainly enjoying fucking ass . His cock was stimulated by the tight but lubricated fit. He loved watching the expressions on Scotty's face; his little cousin was in ecstasy.

After ten minutes of hard fucking, Zach was building up to ejaculation and he told Scotty to get ready. He took one more long thrust and then dumped a huge warm load of cum.

Scotty arched his and cried out with pleasure, " I love you." It was the first time either one of them had used those words.

Zach kissed Scotty on his diamond studded ear and proclaimed to his little gay lover, "And I love you!"

After his erection went down, Zach slid his cock out of Scotty. The gay lovers shared a long and tongue filled kiss. They hugged and caressed each other's bodies. The boy he had fucked was no longer a virgin and in a few minutes the birthday boy would fuck him and he would lose his virginity.

Scotty stopped kissing, looked at Zach with his beautiful green eyes, and asked, " Are you ready for me to make love to you."

Zach was more than ready. He took the bottle of lube, poured some on his hand and then stoked Scotty's penis until it was hard. Zach flipped on his stomach and said to his young lover, "Lube me good."

Scotty took a finger, lubed it and fingered Zack' hole. He then got into position. Zach told him he could put all of his 80 pounds on his back. Scotty grabbed Zach's shoulders for support. Scotty was ready to penetrate Zach. Since his cock was so much smaller, it popped right into Zach's ass with a single stroke. His young cousin pumped hard away.

After ten minutes of intense pleasure and soft moaning, Scotty yelled that he was ready to come. A few seconds Scotty later squirted his cum into Zach's ass. Finally, there were no virgins left in this bed. They had become a complete and satisfied loving gay couple.

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