My parents were into the native American scene when I was born and named me Night Wolf Sinclare. Night because I was born in the middle of the night. Wolf because I was born at home and our tame wolf refused to leave my mother so she was the first thing I saw.

When I started school I changed the way my name was spelled so it was just Knight Sinclare. I was always a bright student and was good looking. My dad left us when I was little so it was just mom, my older sister Raven and I. Raven was sixteen and had long black hair and a killer body she liked teasing me with or flash me, mom was still a stunning woman too.

I was fourteen and a bit modest, I guess I was embarrassed because I have a large cock and balls. I do a lot of laps at night and sometimes in the morning because I have problems sleeping. Summer had started and I was doing more chores, the lawn and pool. That meant I went without my shirt and wore a loose swim suit.

That didn’t hide my cock, especially when Raven brought her girlfriends over to use the pool. It was a week before they began making comments and Silk caught my suit as I was walking by. I was hard of course so when she yanked my suit down they saw my cock. I was more than embarrassed and pulled up my suit before leaving instead of swimming.

I heard Raven telling mom at dinner about my huge cock and blushed before getting up to leave. Two days later mom called me in for lunch. She set a bowl of soup on the table for me and she, Raven and her girlfriends had salads. They kept watching me as I ate and I started feeling fuzzy. The next thing I knew I was gagged and naked, tied in the center of mom’s bed.

My sister and her friends sat on the edge as I pulled on the soft ropes and then mom walked in. She was naked and all I could do was stare. She moved onto the bed and sat beside my hip and started stroking my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she looked into my eyes and smiled before straddling me.

She lifted and positioned my cock before slowly closing her eyes and shivering as she sat. Her pussy was warm and slick as it grasped my cock and she began to rock slowly as it pressed against the back of her pussy. I couldn’t help thrusting up when her pussy squeezed my cock. She spasmed and jerked as she put her hands on my chest and shook.

It was a minute before she sighed and began to thrust back and forth. I had never felt a woman and started thrusting up harder. She looked at me when I grunted and pushed down and settled just as my cock erupted and I peed a geyser of cum against and through her cervix. Mom gasped and screamed as warm sperm gushed into her, “Night Wolf!”

I shuddered as I kept spurting and pumping cum until I was done. I dropped to the bed trying to catch my breath as my mother laid on me and then rolled off. I glanced at Raven and her naked body when she was suddenly straddling me and slowly forcing my thick cock into her. She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy, “damn he is big.”

She started rocking and rolling her hips and turning. It wasn’t long before my cock was buried and pressing against the back of her pussy. Her pussy became slipperier by the moment and it was a couple of minutes before she became erratic. She jerked and shook as her pussy grasped my cock repeatedly.

She howled a minute later as she started convulsing, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

She sat on me jerking as her slippery pussy kept grasping and milking my cock. I thrust up and she stiffened before wailing as she spasmed and thrashed around. I continued to thrust up and she thrust back and forth jerkily. She came three times before I groaned and thrust up to pee a fountain of cum through her open cervix.

Raven screamed as warm sperm began pumping into her, “Wolf!”

She hadn’t called me that in years and kept shaking as I spurted until I was done. Mom had moved away and my sister lay on me as I tried to catch my breath. She shuddered and twitched as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. Mom finally laughed and reached out to pull her off and over beside her.

Silk was naked as she crawled onto me and laid down, “you are yummy Night Wolf.”

I looked at her and she smiled before sitting up and lifting to fit my slimy cock to her pussy. She wiggled and pushed to impale her pussy and groaned when she did. Her pussy was warm and extremely tight as she slowly forced my cock deeper. She started to rock and twist and her breathing became harder.

It was a couple of minutes before her pussy was slipperier and my cock was buried. She shuddered hard as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. She changed to thrusts that rubbed the head of my cock on her cervix. She was panting as her warm pussy began rippling and squeezing my cock.

She started to get erratic as I closed my eyes. It was a minute before she was jerking and squirting on me as her pussy tightened. When she stopped she went back to rocking and was really slippery. She came several times before I thrust up hard as my balls churned and my cock throbbed. She screamed as warm sperm erupted through her cervix, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I shuddered as I kept pumping cum up into her. When I stopped Silk sighed and slowly fell off, “that was so good.”

The others laughed but I was looking at Jasmine as she straddled me. Like the others she was naked and fitted my cock to her pussy before wiggling and pushing to work it into her. Her pussy was tight and she had to fuck my cock to get it deeper. She began to rock and thrust as her pussy rubbed on me.

My cock was a little sensitive as it pressed and rubbed against the back of her pussy. Jasmine started panting and shuddering as she became erratic. Her pussy was slicker and was grasping and squeezing my cock almost constantly. Several minutes later she stiffened and wailed as her pussy tightened, “Wolf!”

That surprised me and I looked at her as she kept jerking while her pussy tried to milk my cock. When she slowed and calmed she blushed and looked into my eyes before beginning to rock and thrust. Her pussy grasped my cock as it slipping in and out. It was a few minutes before she began to jerk and spasm but her eyes never left mine.

I thrust up as my balls churned and my cock erupted to spew heavy spurts of cum. She screamed when she felt the warm cum pumping into her, “yyyeeeessssss!”

My back was arched as I kept spurting and when I stopped we both took a deep breath. She lifted off my cock and laid beside me and mom moved up to rub my chest, “rest baby, we’ll come back in a little while.”

I looked at her as she moved off the bed and Raven, Silk and then Jasmine followed her. I struggled for a little while before relaxing. I looked at the soft rope tied around my right wrist before starting to twisting my wrist and feeling for the knot. It took awhile before my wrist was free and then I untied my other wrist. After that I freed my feet.

I wasn’t pissed, I had just been fucked four time and it was great. Not being able to do anything sucked though. The whole time I was working to free myself I had been thinking. In the garage was an old box of stuff I had gotten from a hospital, restraints to secured patients to beds. I had used the other lab stuff and thought the rest was junk.

I slipped out mom’s window and around to the garage while mom, my sister, Silk and Jasmine laid out and talked by the pool. I had everything I needed when I climbed back in the window. I went to my room and set up restraints on my bed and then on Raven’s. I set up the guestroom and then mom’s bedroom.

I waited until Raven came into the house to go to the bathroom. When she came out I was waiting a grabbed her and stuffed a gag in her mouth as I pulled her to her room. She fought and struggled but I was stronger and secured her to her bed. I checked her gag before going back and waiting.

Jasmine was next and she came looking for my sister. I secured her to my bed and used a make shift gag. I was barely done before Silk came in and I caught her coming out of the bathroom like Raven. I secured her to the guest room bed before closing the door and waiting for mom.

It wasn’t long before she came looking for the girls talking about waiting before fucking me. She was harder but I secured her to the bed where I had been. I left and came back with scissors and sat beside her as she struggled. I cut her string bikini off and felt and caressed her body.

She stopped struggling and looked at me and I smiled as I started fingering her. It was a couple of minutes before she groaned and shuddered. I kept it up as she lifted her hips and finally moved over her and between her legs. She looked at me as I pushed into her and slowly buried my cock in her cummy pussy.

I humped and jabbed and pressed and ground as her warm pussy kept grasping my cock. She started to jerk and spasm and I pulled back to fuck her with deep thrusts. She felt so good as her slimy pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. Several times she stiffened and then thrashed and bucked as I fucked her hard.

It was fifteen minutes before I buried my cock and pushed while spewing thick spurts of cum. Mom wailed into her gag as she shook and lifted her hips. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and sat beside her before removing her gag, “want me to let you go?”

She nodded and I smiled, “you belong to me. If I tell you to bend over so I can fuck you, you do it. If I tell you to lick one of the girls pussy, you do it. You don’t argue or fight, you don’t try to drug me anymore either.”

Mom bit her lip before nodding, “anything baby.”

I removed the restraints and stood, “come help me with Raven.”

She nodded and moved off the bed, “okay Wolf.”

I went to Raven’s room and to the bed. I sat and used the scissors to cut her bikini off. I moved off the bed and looked at mom, “lick her pussy.”

Mom looked at me and then at my sister before smiling, “okay.”

She crawled onto the bed and between my sister’s legs. I watched her open her pussy before she began to lick and nibble. Raven struggled at first and then moaned and shuddered as her hips lifted. It was another couple of minutes before she jerked and screamed through her gag. I reached out to finger mom and she shuddered and pushed back before looking.

She grinned and I gestured for her to move to the side. I moved onto the bed as my sister panted and shook her head. I pushed into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Raven jerked and began convulsing and spasming as her pussy grasped my cock. I kept fucking her as she wailed and screamed while bucking and milking my cock.

Mom rubbed my back as she watched Raven wiggling and squirming around under me. I finally thrust into her and pressed as I began spewing cum through her cervix. She lifted her hips and shook as I pumped spurts of cum into her. When I was done I removed her gag and pulled out. She groaned as I sat beside her and caressed her pelvis, “want me to untie you?”

She nodded as she looked at mom. I rubbed her clit hard and she jerked and shuddered as her hips lifted, “oooohhhhh!”

I waited and rubbed her hip, “you belong to me. If I tell you to bend over so I can fuck you, you do it. If I tell you to lick pussy, you do it. You don’t argue or fight.”

Raven nodded and I caressed closer to her pussy, “say it.”

She sucked in a breath before nodded again, “I belong to you and you can fuck me when and how you want, I’ll even lick pussy.”

I started removing the restraints and mom helped with a grin. I watched my sister but she didn’t do or say anything. I helped them off the bed and led them out and to the guest room. I held the scissors out to mom, “cut her bikini off and suck on her nipples.”

She grinned and took the scissors and climbed onto the bed. I looked at Raven as she looked at her friend, “lick her pussy.”

She blushed and opened her mouth and mom cleared her throat. Raven closed her mouth and took a breath, “yes sir.”

She crawled onto the bed between Silk’s legs and started licking her. Mom was going back and forth sucking her nipples and kneading her breasts. Silk struggled and moaned as her hips began responding to Raven. She shuddered and howled through her gag a couple of minutes later.

I watched Raven and she was getting into what she was doing as she sucked and teased her friend’s clit. When Silk screamed and spasmed my sister giggled and looked at me. I moved onto the bed and between Silk’s legs as she shuddered again and looked at me. I slowly pushed into her slippery pussy and began to fuck her.

Mom rubbed my shoulder as Raven pressed against me. Silk started grunting as she tried to lift her hips and her pussy squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her with long, deep thrusts and started grinding. It was a few minutes before she was screaming through her gag as she spasmed and jerked.

Her cummy pussy was squeezing and grasping at my cock as I started to fuck her hard and deep. Several minutes later she as bucking and struggling as I buried my cock and began spewing cum. She shuddered as her pussy tightened, when I was done I pulled out and sat beside her to remove the gag, “want me to untie you?”

She was breathing hard but nodded, “yes.”

I squeezed her clit to make her shudder and thrust her hips up. When she looked at me I smiled, “you belong to me. If I tell you to bend over so I can fuck you, you do it. If I tell you to lick pussy, you do it. You don’t argue or fight.”

She swallowed before nodding, “okay.”

I nodded to mom and Raven and we began to untie her. She rubbed her wrists as they helped her off the bed and I led them out and to my bedroom. Jasmine looked at us when we came in and I smiled, “remove her bikini. Mom and Raven play with her breasts and suck on the nipples, Silk lick her pussy.”

She blushed as mom and my sister moved onto the bed and then followed. I walked around behind her when she started to lick Jasmine and moved closer to start fingering her slit. Silk shuddered and a minute later Jasmine was moaning through her gag. When I pushed a finger into Silk while rubbing her cummy clit she shuddered as her pussy clenched.

I moved around to mom and started fingering her warm, cummy pussy. She started pushing back right away while trying to get my finger into her. Jasmine was lifting and fucking up into Silk’s face as she shuddered and I shoved two fingers into mom. She jerked and wailed as she spasmed and her slimy hole squeezed.

I pulled my fingers out and walked around behind my sister. She moved onto her knees and spread her legs as I began to finger her. She thrust back as I finger fucked her and her slimy pussy kept grasping. It was only a few minutes before she jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy tried to milk my finger.

I pulled my finger out and moved Silk as I moved between Jasmine’s legs. I pushed into her slowly and began to fuck her. I used long thrusts but continued to fuck her slowly, pressing and grinding. It wasn’t long before her pussy began to ripple and squeeze. She started spasming and jerking as she thrashed and shook.

She looked into my eyes and I began to fuck her with deep thrusts as I kept looking into hers. I was planting my cock with each thrust and she was lifting and thrusting up to meet me. A few minutes later I shoved into her and pressed as my cock began spewing and spurting. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and smiled as I pumped cum into her.

When I stopped cumming I pulled her gag off, “you belong to me. If I tell you to bend over so I can fuck you, you do it. If I tell you to lick pussy, you do it. You don’t argue or fight.”

Jasmine grinned as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing, “yes sir.”

I pulled out and let mom, Raven and Silk untie her. I nodded to mom, “lay on your back next to her.”

I looked at Jasmine, “lick her cummy pussy.”

She blushed but turned and slid down between mom’s legs. I reached out to pull my sister and Silk against each side, “you girls are getting fucked a lot over the summer.”

Mom was groaning and lifting her hips as she shuddered. Raven and Silk looked at me and I hugged them, “tell me that isn’t what you want?”

Jasmine turned her head to look at me with a grin, “everyday.”

Silk laughed, “well we thought we would be doing you.”

I looked at Raven, “you will and each other.”

I gestured and Jasmine moved off mom. I went to help her up and give her a kiss, “one of you is going to sleep with me each night too.”

I helped mom up and fingered her pussy before turning to walk out, “no more bikinis, sunbathe nude.”

After that I always watched to make sure I wasn’t slipped anything. I fucked all four of them a couple of times each day, even mom. By the time school started the Silk and Jasmine were still coming over. Raven and they did date during high school but I didn’t. The next summer Silk and Jasmine moved in for the summer and never left.

My sister met a guy in her first year of college and ended up marrying him. I married Jasmine before I started college but Silk still belongs to me and enjoys it too. Mom loves being used and they all sleep with me now and not just one of them.
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