My name is Adam Blue Sky and I’m half Indian. My mother was a full blood and dad...well, he’s a geeky white man. I get my reddish brown hair from my father and my green eyes from my mother. When my mother died, dad was hit hard and we kind of floundered around until he met Sofie a year later.

She is ten years younger than him and a lot like my mother in some ways. She was the reason we moved to Pageantry. It was a small town in the middle of nowhere, next to an Indian reservation. I’m very advanced and dad had checked with the small high school to see if I would have any problems.

He also bribed me to get me to go, he said he would pay for a car since I was going to a private driving school. I had just turned sixteen and that was enough to convince me. I didn’t just buy a car though, I had a few older guys I knew that did fabrication work. I used carbon fiber and built an electric car from the frame up.

It had two small propane turbines in back that could completely recharge the car while driving in barely fifteen minutes. I also added a redundant ignition system since the car looked like an expensive sports car. We made a fob that had to be placed in a slot to open a small key pad display.

You had to use a fifteen number code to unlock the thumb scanner beside the pad. There were three parts to the thumb scanner, thumb print, thermal and bio ID matching and ethanol vapor. The last was for dad and told the car when I had to much alcohol in my system. The car was fast, on the track I ran it at over two hundred miles an hour.

The doors were from a European design and dropped straight down and slid under the car. The paint was reactive and reflective, from one angle it was red, from another it was blue. We got there in time for the first day of school and I drove in and parked in the back of the tiny lot. I locked the car before walking into the buildings.

I guess am lazy, I could have graduated and been in college if I had wanted. I read at over ten thousand words a minute and remember everything I read. I only had five classes and sat in the first as I checked my I-Pad, a gift from Sofie. I had started online trading, I had unlimited buys and sells but each one costs me.

I glanced up when the teacher started the class and looked around. There were only ten other kids in the room and a couple were guys. Of course the teacher started off with a test to see how much had been forgotten over the summer. It took me ten minutes to finish which should have taken an hour.

I watched the girls as they whispered and giggled. They all wore short skirts and thin blouses. I took the finished test up and went back to use my I-Pad. I had started with a hundred dollars a day and then I went to thousand dollar buys. Now I was doing ten thousand each day and making between twenty and fifty thousand a day.

The teacher stopped beside my desk and frowned as she looked at the pad. She blinked when I glanced at her and then she looked into my face, “The stock market?”

I nodded, “Yeah, I buy and sell company stocks.”

She smiled and shook her head as she walked towards the front of the class. A short haired brunette leaned to the side and whispered, “Want to know why we call this place Pregnancy High?”

I looked at her and grinned as I looked up from her bare thigh, “Sure.”

She grinned, “All the girls that go here end up pregnant at least once before they graduate.”

I looked at her and then at the other girls that had turned to watch us, “Are you offering?”

She laughed, “Sure.”

I grinned as she lifted her skirt up to her hip to show she wasn’t wearing panties. She grinned and turned back to her test. All I could think about until the bell rang was her bare hip and thigh. There was only three guys in my next class and the girls were acting pretty much the same.

After the third class the lunch bell rang and I headed towards the combined lunch room with the junior high. The girl from my first class caught up and slipped her hand into mine, “I’m Emerald McCandless.”

I grinned, “Is there a Ruby or Sapphire?”

She grinned, “Yeah, my sisters.”

I laughed and she pulled me off and walked and towards a small building, “No one is in the equipment room now.”

The equipment room had all the gym equipment like basket balls and mats. As soon as the door closed she was undressing, “We have almost fifty minutes before the next bell.”

I set my pack down and joined her in stripping, she laid down on a gym mat and I laid beside her before caressing her slowly. She grinned, “haven’t done it before?”

I shook my head and she smiled, “Look at my pussy.”

I looked into her face before sliding down between her legs as she spread them. I moved closer and finally opened her pussy. I had seen a lot of porn and licked her before pushing my tongue into her as she gasped. I licked her again and then started teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue. She started moaning and shuddering as her hips lifted.

I pushed two fingers into her tight pussy and fucked up behind her pelvic bone as I kept sucking and nibbling on her clit. A couple of minutes and she wailed and thrashed around as she squirted. I tried to lick up the cum as I pulled my fingers out but she continued to shudder and squirt. I finally moved up her body and pushed into her.

Emerald arched her back and kissed me hard as she squirted again while her wonderful pussy spasmed around my cock. She was warm and slippery and her pussy seemed to tighten and pull my cock into her deeper. I started fucking her with slow, deep thrusts and within minutes she was writhing around and squirting as she moaned and convulsed.

I barely lasted five minutes before fucking her hard and thrusting into her. My cock pushed her cervix open and erupted in a stream of cum. She clutched me as her pussy clenched around my pumping cock, “HOLY FUCK!”

I pumped spurts into her until long after her womb was full. When I stopped she was still jerking and shuddering so I just held her and enjoyed her warm pussy milking my cock. She finally sighed and relaxed before grinning at me, “Are you sure you haven’t done it before?”

I smiled and kissed her before pulling out, “You were my first.”

She groaned and shuddered before sitting up, “Hand me a towel.”

I glanced around and moved to bring the towel back as she turned to pull her purse closer and pulled out panties. I stared as she grinned at me and stuffed her panties in her pussy, “I want to keep your cum in so I get pregnant.”

I grinned and she stood up, “we need to get dressed.”

I helped her before dressing and then leaving with her. We went to the lunch room and got something to drink before the warning bell rang. The last three classes were as boring as the first two but I had a lot of girls giggling and looking at me. I was walking to my car after the last class when Emerald caught up. She slipped her hand into mine, “hey.”

I grinned as I unlocked and opened the doors to my car, “I was thinking of you.”

She was staring at my car as the doors dropped and slid underneath. I grinned, “It makes getting in or out easier.”

She grinned and turned to press against me, “Can I come over?”

I gestured to the other seat, “for as long as you want.”


A strawberry haired girl was running towards us and Emerald turned and then grinned at me, “want to fuck a virgin?”

I looked at the other girl and smiled, “She will have to ride on your lap.”

Emerald grinned and went to met the girl as I got into the car. She walked around and sat before the girl grinned as she sat in her lap. I started the car and closed the doors when they were ready. They kept looking at me as I drove home and I finally pulled into the long gravel drive and slowly made my way to the wide carport beside our new house.

I parked on the end and opened the doors as I shut the car off. Emerald grinned as she slid out behind the other girl. I closed the doors as I walked around the car and Emerald grinned, “Adam, this is Storm.”

I smiled and nodded, “Hi Storm.”

The girl smiled back, “Emerald said you would fuck me.”

I held my hand out and Emerald took it, “I would love to fuck you.”

She grinned as Emerald pulled her along behind us while I walked towards the side door. I waved at Sofie as we went through the kitchen and she grinned at me. I had a king size bed in my room and Emerald grinned as I closed the door and pulled Storm to the bed. She started undressing and Storm quickly began to copy her.

I crossed to my dresser and set my bag on it before undressing. I turned and walked to the bed where Storm was sitting. I smiled and knelt before pushing her down and leaning in to lick through her pussy. Emerald laughed as she slid across the big bed and kissed her girlfriend. Storm shuddered and lifted her hips as I kept licking her and started nibbling and teasing her clit.

It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard and shaking. She finally shuddered and pushed me away as she covered her pussy. While I was licking her I had pushed my tongue inside her and she didn’t have her hymen. I stood and turned her on the bed as Emerald turned. I moved over her and positioned my cock before pushing into her slowly.

She was tight and lifted her hips as my cock spread her pussy open. She groaned and clung to me as I kissed her and began to fuck her. I went slow and enjoyed her tight grasping pussy as my cock slipped in and out. She was lifting her hips and shaking a few moments later and Emerald sat beside us to rub my back.

It was a few minutes before Storm started convulsing and wailed as her pussy spasmed. I fucked her harder and kept pushing deeper. She hugged me as she began to buck and writhe around howling, “oooohhhh!”

I buried my cock and pressed and humped and Storm howled louder as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. She bucked and struggled as I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts. She clutched me tight as she squirted and wailed. Her pussy rippled and fluttered around my cock as I finally pushed all the way into her.

I held her and grunted as I began to gush a stream of cum. Storm gasped as she lifted and tilted her hips, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped and spewed until she was beyond full and started leaking around my cock. I sighed when I stopped and kissed her before pulling out. I looked at Emerald laying beside us fingering her pussy and moved towards her. I grinned as I rolled her onto her stomach and kissed her bare shoulder.

I slipped my cock between her legs and pushed and it went into her warm, slimy pussy as she groaned. I pushed and moved up to bury my cock before starting to fuck her. Storm turned to watch us as I fucked down into Emerald and she tilted her hips and thrust back. I grinned as I kept fucking her and listened to her sigh and moan.

Her pussy squeezed and grasped my cock and a few minutes later she was kicking the bed as she howled and squirted, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

Her pussy spasmed and tightened around my cock as I buried it and tried to hold her. She squirted again as she thrust back and screamed, “YES!”

I shivered as her pussy clenched and started fucking her with deep thrusts, shoving into her completely with each one. Emerald continued to struggle and squirm as I fucked her and stiffened again. I shuddered and pulled out of her before rolling her over. She clutched me as I moved back between her legs and pushed into her, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I fucked her hard and deep as I tried to cum. A couple minutes and her legs were in the air and spread wide. I buried my cock and pushed as I began to gush warm cum. Emerald wailed as I pumped strong spurts into her and hugged me tight as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped to the bed panting, “damn you feel good.”

Storm laughed as I pulled out and turned to lay beside Emerald. She caressed and rubbed her tummy, “Think your mom would let us spend the weekend with you?”

I grinned, “It’s only Monday.”

Emerald grinned, “Planning ahead. We were going to sell you to a few other girls after we think we are pregnant.”

I laughed, “I’ll ask. Why get pregnant?”

Emerald laughed and looked at Storm, “The town council passed a law several years ago. They pay for any girl that gets pregnant to go to college. She gets a living allowance as well as tuition. If she is from the res she get money from the tribe too.”

Storm laughed, “I’ll take that deal but I think you need to fuck me a few more times to make sure.”

Emerald laughed again, “Horny slut.”

I fucked both of them twice more before taking them home. I was thinking about their offer as I lay in bed that night. I made more than enough each week to help them. When I parked and walked into school all the girls were grinning when they looked at me. Emerald grinned as she met me in the first class, “You are going to be one busy guy.”

I smiled as I held her against me, “Why is that?”

She laughed, “Well, there are forty girls in school and less then twenty guys. After Storm and I told the girls about you, they want to fuck you.”

I caressed her hips as some of the other girls came in, “fuck me?”

Emerald grinned, “give you a test ride.”

I shook my head before letting her go, “This place is crazy.”

She laughed as she walked to her desk beside me, “What else is there to do in a small town?”

I grinned as I sat and pulled out my I Pad, “nude sunbathing? Sex parties? How about sex competitions?”

Emerald laughed and the other girls that had overheard joined her. I started my research before buying some stocks. I barely glanced at the teacher as she went over the test results from the day before and came to hand the test back. I didn’t bother looking at the grade I had gotten as I slipped it into my bag.

Emerald leaned over as the teacher walked towards the front, “What did you get?”

I smiled, “An A.”

She grinned, “Meet me during lunch in the shed we used yesterday.”

I grinned, “Sure.”

When I opened the door of the shed Emerald was with another girl who was already naked. She had long black hair and firm breasts and a bald pussy. I stepped in and closed the door and Emerald grinned as she reached out to pull me closer, “Adam, this is Brandy Starchild.”

Brandy caressed my chest before starting to undress me, “Emerald said you fucked her really good.”

I glanced at Emerald before pushing Brandy’s hands away to undress myself. She grinned and laid down and Emerald sat beside her. I laid beside Brandy and felt her firm breasts before leaning over to suck on a nipple. I moved down her body and pushed her legs open before licking through her pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips as I started to tease her clit and suck.

I continued to lick her pussy and push my tongue into her before going back to using my tongue on her clit. It was several minutes before she jerked and rolled away as she cried out. Emerald laughed and pulled her onto her back, “fuck her now Adam.”

I moved up between her legs and pushed into her warm slippery pussy. She groaned and hugged me as her pussy squeezed my cock. I began to fuck her with slow thrusts and it was a minute before I was pushing against the back of her pussy. I took my time and enjoyed the way her pussy felt around my cock as I kept fucking her.

I fucked her slow and deep and after a couple of minutes I fucked her hard and fast. It wasn’t long before Brandy covered her mouth and howled as she convulsed and her pussy squeezed my cock. I buried my cock and began to hump, jab and press and she continued to spasmed and jerk.

Her warm, velvety pussy kept milking my cock as I fucked her and finally thrust into her and pushed harder. I shuddered as she stiffened and then I was spewing and gushing cum into her. She grunted and then sighed as she tilted her hips. I spurted a half dozen times before I was done and pulled out to lay beside her.

I caressed her pelvis, “That should be a girl.”

Brandy grinned as Emerald laughed and I sighed and stood. I helped them up and turned to get dressed before leading them out. The rest of the day I had one girl after another tempting me with flashes of skin. Emerald was waiting beside my car with Storm again and one of the older guys who had a couple of girls hanging off him. I smiled, “need a ride?”

Emerald grinned, “and a fuck or three.”

Storm grinned as the other girls laughed. I opened my car and the guy grinned, “where can I get one of these?”

I let Emerald and Storm go around and climb in, “I designed and built it.”

He glanced at the car as I got in and then looked at me, “could you build another?”

I smiled, “yes, see me tomorrow and we can talk.”

He nodded and hugged the two girls, “okay.”

I drove home as Emerald and Storm took their tops off and flashed everyone. I saw my step mother when I pulled in under the carport and she grinned as she looked at Storm and Emerald. They were blushing as I opened both doors and slid out, “hey Sofie.”

She waved, “going to have a party?”

I blushed, “they said the school is called pregnancy high and wanted help.”

Sofie grinned, “I forgot about that. There were to many girls and not enough guys when I went.”

Emerald grinned as she pulled Storm against her, “we are helping Adam.”

Sofie laughed as she walked towards the backdoor, “let me know if he has any openings.”

Emerald giggled and spoke out loud, “Just the one between your legs?”

My step mother laughed and wiggled her butt. I shook my head and went to plug in the car before going into the house with Emerald and Storm. They tossed their tops and bras on my dresser as I set my bag down. They stripped out of skirts and panties as I began to undress. Emerald pulled me onto the bed when I walked closer.

I rolled until she was straddling me, “I really need it now.”

Storm laughed and moved closer as Emerald lifted and I positioned my cock. She pushed and wiggled before starting to rock. Storm kissed me as I groaned at the feeling of Emerald’s warm, velvety pussy squeezing my cock. Storm sat up and bent her head to suck on her friends nipples and reached between her legs to finger her pussy.

I began to thrust up slowly and felt my cock push against her cervix. Emerald shook and shuddered hard a moment later and I turned my head as Sofie sat on the edge of the bed naked and leaned over to start sucking on Emerald’s other nipple. She screamed and spasmed as her pussy clenched and milked my cock.

She jerked erratically and began to convulse as Storm and Sofie held her up. I shook my head and reached for her, “silly witch.”

I pulled her down and hugged her before shifting around until she was under me. I kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. I continued to fuck her and she started panting as she lifted and thrust up with her hips. Her tight pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as she shuddered and moaned.

After a couple of minutes I buried my cock and began to hump and jab. She stiffened and wailed as she jerked and spasmed. I fucked her hard and deep and she howled and clutched me as I kept planting my cock and pressing into her. A few minutes later I buried my cock and pushed as I kissed her and began to gush and spew cum.

She tightened her hold as her pussy squeezed my cock and she screamed, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I pumped strong spurts of sperm through her open cervix and Emerald continued to shudder as her pussy milked the cum into her. I sighed when I stopped cumming and Sofie rubbed my back as Storm pulled on me, “fuck me from behind.”

I kissed Emerald before pulling out and turned to Storm. She went to her hands and knees before putting her head on the bed. I moved behind her and started to feel her pussy and rub her clit. She groaned and kept pushing back and shivering. I finally moved closer and rubbed the head of my cummy cock through her slit and slowly pushed into her.

She groaned as she pushed back to meet my thrust and then I was fucking her with long, deep strokes and rubbing her ass. She began to shudder and her pussy kept grasping at my cock. Sofie and Emerald were laying together as I continued to fuck Storm with long strokes. Several minutes later she was yelling and screaming as she thrashed and kept shoving back onto me.

I fucked her harder and started to hump into her each time I buried my cock. Storm slowly laid forward with her hips tilted as I continued to fuck her. She spasmed and jerked as her tight pussy squeezed and tightened around my cock. She was almost constantly wailing as I fucked her and finally shoved into her and pressed before beginning to gush and spew cum.

Storm screamed as warm sperm was spurted into her and jerked with each jet I pumped in. I kissed her bare shoulder when I pulled out and laid back. Sofie straddled me and lifted to impale her pussy on my cummy cock, “I called your dad and asked if you could knock me up.”

I cupped her breasts as Storm and Emerald laughed and then pulled her down before rolling. I kissed her as her warm pussy grasped and rippled around my cock. I pushed and buried my cock in her before starting to hump, jab, press and grind. Sofie lifted and spread her legs as her pussy tighten, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned and fucked her hard and deep and she screamed before bucking and thrashing around. I continued to ride her as she struggled and began to rub and grind with each thrust. It was only a couple of minutes before she was howling and clutching me as I buried my cock to hump again.

The fourth time she began to spasm and yell, I fucked her hard before shoving into her. I kissed her as I started spewing and pumping spurts of cum. Sofie jerked and lifted her hips when she felt the warm sperm filling her. When I stopped I smiled and kissed her before pulling out. I laid back and looked at Emerald, “what else are we doing today girlfriend?”

She grinned and rubbed my chest, “we could watch a movie and cuddle.”

I got a lot of girls pregnant before graduating. Emerald seems to delight in watching as I fucked another girl. After Sofie had our son she let dad get her pregnant and then me again and she is pregnant with dad’s now.

Emerald has had two and so has Storm who is living with us now. That was the last year I played in the stock market too. I ended up building a custom shop that makes cars I design using new technology.
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