My name is Tinker, a name that people laugh at a lot. My father was an inventor and my mother a fabricator in a large company. I’m sixteen and a little like both my parents. I live with my grandparents now because my parents were having problems. I was invited to a party and since it was Friday I planned to go. I knew Silvia would be there and wanted to see her.

She was my age and for the last two years I had watched as she had fucked almost every guy in school. She was a stunning girl with a body to kill for and long golden hair. I had heard a few guys talking though and they said she wasn’t putting out anymore. My grandmother was kind of strange sometimes, tonight she kept talking so I was late getting to the party.

There were a lot of guys and only a few girls, most were not the kind of girl you take home to mom. When I asked if anyone had seen Silvia a guy laughed, “she’s upstairs if you want a turn.”

Those words gave me a pain in my chest but I went to see. I walked into the room to see her laid out on a bed with her legs splayed wide and her red puffy pussy leaking cum, she was also unconscious. A senior stood up, “twenty bucks.”

I looked at him, “What?”

He gestured, “twenty bucks.”

I don’t know what happened, I just slugged him and he flew into the wall. I walked after him and grabbed him by the throat, “she had better have said yes or I will cut your balls off.”

I slapped him before I dropped him and turned to the bed. I looked at the two video cameras and pulled a memory card out of each while the guy ran out of the room. I looked around and found her clothes and tried to wake her. I heard several guys but ignored them as I finally struggled to dress her.

I looked at the door when four large guys walked in, “you fucked up punk.”

I let Silvia go and started for them, one opened his mouth to say something but I kicked straight into his balls and turned to the one on his right. He jumped for me and I turned to put him between me and the other two as I grabbed his balls and twisted. He screamed and I shoved him into the other two before moving into them.

I grabbed the one on the far left and hit him in the face as hard as I could repeatedly. The guy I had grabbed crumpled to the floor as I pulled the one I was hitting to the right. He staggered into the last guy as I let him go. I brushed the last guy’s reaching hand across his body before I slugged him four times in the side of the head.

Another guy came through the door and reached for me. I grabbed his hand and twisted to the right as I kicked into his knee. I let him fall as he screamed and moved back through the other guys. I pulled the sheets off the bed and rolled them up before lifting Silvia in my arms. I kicked the one guy blocking the door and walked out.

Since I hadn’t been able to wake her I put her in my car and drove to the hospital. What followed was a couple of hours of questions. I wanted to wait for Silvia to talk to her but her mother came in. The rest of the weekend was quiet, when I got to school I found out twenty four guys and six girls had been expelled and arrested.

No one was even speaking to me which wasn’t really that unusual. I saw Silvia at lunch and wanted to go talk to her so bad, I left instead. I went home after school and went into the garage where I was building another electric car. I was using batteries my father had invited, they weren’t quit perpetual but they were close.

I had made a replica Duesenburg Mormon Meteor with a six hundred pound electric motor so it was fast. I was working on separate heating and cooling systems and glanced up when grandmother stepped into the garage, Silvia was with her and I straightened. Grandmother smiled, “you have a visitor.”

I nodded as she turned to go back into the house. Silvia cleared her throat, “they said you brought me into the hospital and gave the video cards to the police.”

I nodded and she bit her lip, “I don’t remember what happened. I was drinking a soda and then I woke up in the hospital.”

She looked down, “I was trying not to be a slut this year and never thought...”

She looked at me, “don’t get me wrong, I love sex but none of the girls want to be friends with a whore.”

She almost whispered, “It has been really hard not to...”

Silvia looked at me, “how come you didn’t... “

She blushed, “the police said you beat up five guys to get me out. Why didn’t you... fuck me?”

I reddened and looked down, “I’ve watched you for years and wanted to but...”

I shook my head as I looked up, “Not unconscious or unwilling.”

She smiled, “if you had asked last year I would have fucked you.”

I looked away, “I wanted more.”

Silvia looked at me before walking to the other side of the car, “more? Like just you fucking me?”

I nodded and she grinned, “I’m still sore but if you really want to we could.”

I sighed, “I want more Silvia. I don’t just want sex.”

She frowned and then grinned, “want to be my boyfriend?”

It was like music in my chest or sparkling colors in the air and I smiled, “I would like that very much.”

She walked around the car, “what are you doing?”

I looked at the dash I had been working on, “putting in an electric heater and a small air conditioner.”

She caressed a fender, “it looks nice.”

I grinned, “want to go for a ride?”

She grinned as she stopped beside me and caressed my chest, “after.”

I swallowed as I looked at her, “After?”

She nodded, “They tested me and all the guys that raped me, none had anything. I want you to fuck me.”

I opened my mouth but Silvia put her finger on my lips, “Fuck me and I will be your girl for as long as you want.”

Those were magic words and I slowly reached out to caress her hips. She reached down and pushed her skirt and panties down before wiggling and letting them fall to the floor. She moved forward to kiss me softly and it felt like electricity ran through me and tingled on my lips. She pulled back with a sigh and shiver before turning and bending over the front seat, “do it.”

I looked at her smooth ass and opened my pants before turning to move behind her. I rubbed the head of my drooling cock through her red, puffy pussy before slowly pushing into her. She groaned and shuddered as my cock sank into her and I began to fuck her slowly. I held her waist as I fucked her with long thrusts and enjoyed her warm, silky pussy as it squeezed and milked my cock.

I caressed her hips, “does it hurt?”

Silvia groaned, “yeah.”

I was tempted to pull out but pushed into her all the way and even tried to push deeper. I pressed and humped and kept fucking her like that for another five minutes before I whispered, “Silvia?”

She groaned and glanced back as my cock throbbed deep in her, “yeah?”

I shuddered as I tried to keep from cumming, “I...”

She pushed back and I grunted as I peed cum into her. She jerked and gasped as I pumped and spewed and finally spurted. When I stopped cumming she slowly pulled away and stood to look at me with a smile before pressing against me, “that was amazing.”

I grinned and held her, “It was my first time.”

Silvia grinned, “let me go wash and I’ll come back for my other ride.”

I let her go and she bent to grab her skirt and panties and put them on. She went into the house and I shook myself before quickly finishing the wiring I was working on. I was just finishing when she returned and grinned as she came around the car, “Your gran is cool.”

I smiled, “She has a sense of humor.”

She caressed my chest and looked at the dash, “did you finish or just stop?”

I kissed her timidly, “finished.”

I held the door and let her sit before closing the door and walking around. I opened the garage before starting the car and pulling out slowly. I followed the speed limit all the way to the freeway before grinning at Silvia and accelerating. She laughed and her hair flew in the air as we flew down the freeway.

I finally slowed and got off before taking side streets to go home, “What did your parents say?”

She was quiet, “dad said I’m a whore and deserved it and mom said I probably asked for it.”

I looked at her quickly, “You didn’t and you’re not a whore.”

She smiled, “I was.”

I shrugged, “I was a virgin too. What you were doesn’t mean that is what you are.”

She laughed and reached over to rub my shoulder, “Thanks.”

I smiled, “anytime.”

Silvia leaned closer, “why do they call you Tinker?”

I sighed, “its my name. Dad is an inventor and mom a fabricator so they named me Tinker.”

She laughed, “Well, you fixed my problem.”

She frowned and sighed, “my problem...”

I looked at her, “what?”

Silvia smiled and then grinned, “My sister is a little like me for the last two years.”

I waited and she laughed and turned to face me, “want to fuck a tight pussy?”

I smiled, “I’ll do you any time you want.”

She rubbed my cock through my pants, “Not me, my fourteen year old sister Amelia.”

I looked at her before pulling over, “Your sister?”

Silvia undid the seat belt and slid over to me, “yeah, Amelia is a lot like me and I have been talking to her.”

She caressed my chest, “She has tried being good but...”

She took a breath, “she needs a cock and believe me, yours is big enough for both of us.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “Please?”

Just hearing her asking me... I sighed, “when?”

Silvia kissed my cheek, “I’ll show you how to get to my house.”

She slid back and buckled her seatbelt as I checked and pulled out. Ten minutes later I pulled up in front of a nice house. She leaned over to kiss me, “I’ll be right back.”

She got out and ran to the door while I waited. It was more like ten or fifteen minutes before she returned with a younger copy of herself. They both carried small bags and Amelia sat in Silvia’s lap as I drove off. When I pulled into my grandparents small estate I saw the garage closed and used my remote to opened it.

I backed in and shut the car off before closing the garage door and turning to Silvia. She grinned as her sister slid off her lap and got out with a laugh. I got out as Silvia climbed out and looked around, “do you need to plug it in?”

I smiled and held out my arm, “No.”

She took Amelia’s hand and walked around the car to take mine. I wasn’t surprised to see my grandfather sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother. She smiled as I stopped, “this is Amelia, Silvia’s sister.”

My grandfather turned to look at me, “The police called me.”

I waited as he glanced at the girls and back to me, “They said you rescued a girl that was being raped.”

I nodded and he smiled, “I hope you weren’t to gentle on them.”

I smiled slightly, “not the ones that tried to stop me.”

Silvia cleared her throat, “it was me he saved.”

He looked at her and smiled, “your safe with him sweetie.”

She smiled and looked at me, “but he isn’t safe with us.”

Amelia grinned and my grandmother laughed as I reddened and my grandfather blushed. My grandmother waved, “have fun girls.”

I looked at her in surprise as they grinned and pulled me towards the hall. I pulled them into my room when they started to walk past it. They looked around at all the beautiful women on my walls and looked at me. I smiled as I turned and closed the door, “A hobby... my mother likes to take pictures of people and saves all the ones with women for me.”

I looked around, “nothing dirty or erotic just nice looking.”

Silvia laughed, “we will have to get her to take nudes of us so we stand out.”

Amelia grinned as she nodded and I looked at them, “You always have.”

I knew I was blushing as she smiled and reached out to rub my chest, “thanks.”

I glanced at Amelia, “Hi, I’m Tinker.”

She smiled and pressed against me, “hello Tinker, you look cute.”

I blushed and Silvia smiled and turned her sister and began to undress her, “fuck her Tinker and then we can talk.”

I smiled as I watched Amelia and started undressing. Silvia pushed her towards the bed and started undressing as I moved to the bed. I sat her on the bed and knelt between her legs, “this time I want to look and taste.”

Silvia laughed as she knelt and hugged her naked body against mine. I grinned and looked at her before leaning forward and licking through her sister’s pussy. Amelia moaned and laid back, opening her legs wider. I nibbled on her labia and kept licking her and finally covered her clit and started teasing it and sucking, she shuddered and began lifting her hips.

It was a few minutes before she began jerking and spasming. She wiggled, squirmed and finally twisted to the side as she cried out, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I grinned as I straightened and Silvia giggled and moved onto the bed to reach out and lift her sister’s legs straight up. I looked at the fuzzy pussy and moved closer to fit my cock and push into her. She moaned and shuddered as I buried my cock before starting to fuck her slowly. She shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock.

I continued to fuck her slowly with deep strokes and it wasn’t long before Amelia was back to howling and convulsing. Her warm pussy was constantly grasping my cock as it slipped in and out. My cock began to hit the back of her pussy and she wailed as she convulsed and squirted. She clutched her sister when she let her legs go and leaned over her.

The next thing I knew they were kissing passionately as Amelia spread her legs and held them up. I started fucking her harder and began planting my cock and grinding. She thrashed around as her pussy milked my cock and I thrust all the way into her and groaned as I began to pee and spew huge, thick spurts of cum.

She stiffened and tilted her hips as I pumped warm sperm into her. When I stopped cumming and pulled out of her, I leaned over her to look into her eyes, “you okay?”

She pulled me down, “none of the guys I let fuck me did it as good as you.”

Silvia laughed, “He did you real good.”

Amelia grinned as she looked at her sister, “Okay, we can share.”

I stood and looked at Silvia who reached out to pull me down beside her, “Amelia can fuck you until I’m not sore anymore.”

I turned to cup as breast, “want to see a movie?”

She shuddered when I rubbed the nipple and Amelia grinned, “Me too?”

I nodded, “you are both my girls so yeah.”

Silvia grinned at her sister before standing and pulling her up, “think your grandparents would let us sleep over?”

I glanced at her before standing and helping them dress, “talk to grandmother about your parents.”

Silvia pulled Amelia after her as I began to get dressed. When I came into the kitchen it was to hear my grandmother on the phone. She was tell someone telling them she would come over to get all their clothes. I looked at Silvia and Amelia as they stood by her nervously. My grandfather had disappeared, I expected that and knew he was probably in his den.

Grandmother smiled at me as she hung up, “you have two roommates Tinker. I’m going to their house now. You and the girls can go to a movie tomorrow, for now go help them arrange your closet.”

I grinned at the girls, “you are going to let them sleep with me?”

She smiled as she picked up her purse, “this way they won’t have to sneak around and neither will you.”

After she left I grinned and held out my hands, “well, I guess we should go look at my closet.”

The next thing I knew they were in my walk in closet and talking about putting this there and that here and... We moved all my clothes into the small area beside the door and then I pulled them out. They looked at my walls and looked at me and I grinned, “if you take one down, one of you better replace it.”

They grinned at each other and started taking all the pictures off the walls. By the time they were done several large men were carrying in boxes of clothes. They left and Silvia and Amelia went to start organizing the closet. I slipped out and went to the garage and looked around. I smiled and went to bring out my pictures before starting to put them up on the walls.

When I was finished grandmother called me in for a late dinner. Silvia and Amelia were helping her in the kitchen and sat on each side of me. After dinner I started cleaning up as the girls talked with grandmother. When I was done they pulled me into our room and into the bathroom. They undressed with me and we got ready for bed.

When I slipped into bed Silvia moved me to the center of the bed as her sister went around and climbed in the other side. Silvia kissed me and rubbed my chest, “I wish I wasn’t sore.”

I smiled, “I can wait.”

Amelia straddled me, “you don’t need to. After Silvia is better we can take turns but for now you can fuck me.”

I looked at Silvia and she grinned, “and I get to lick your cum out of her.”

I laughed and reached up to rub Amelia’s nipples, “okay good looking.”

She shuddered and lifted before her sister positioned my cock. Amelia wiggled and pushed as she slowly impaled her pussy on my hard cock. She groaned and smiled at Silvia before beginning to thrust back and forth with a wiggling roll to her hips. Her pussy grasp and squeezed my cock each time she pulled off and relaxed as I slid in.

It was only a couple of minutes before she jerked and convulsed as she began to wail. She twisted and spasmed as her pussy tightened and she became slipperier. It continued for over ten more minutes as Amelia howled, screamed, wailed and moaned. She was constantly convulsing and spasming as she kept wetting me and her pussy milked my cock.

I finally pulled her incoherent body down and rolled to fuck her hard for a minute before spewing cum into her belly. She wrapped her legs around me and tilted her hips as she screamed, “YES!”

I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done and Amelia sighed as she relaxed. I humped into her and she groaned before looking at me as Silvia giggled, “silly bitch, he isn’t done.”

I laughed and pulled out before moving over and pushing Amelia towards her sister, “No but it is your turn.”

I fucked Amelia twice more before we fell asleep. We woke to grandmother shaking us and walking back to the door, “all the wailing had your grandfather fucking me like we were teenagers again.”

I grinned as Silvia and Amelia giggled and climbed off the bed. I had to wait for them to pee before I could go and then we had to shower. We got dressed and went to eat breakfast before I drove us to school. I dropped Amelia off at her school and told her I would pick her up later. There was a lot of talk when we got to school but the some of the story had come out.

How one of the girls had slipped her a knock out drug for her boyfriend. How the girls and guys had raped her while she was unconscious because she had refused to have sex with one of the guys. Silvia slipped onto the seat beside me at lunch and grinned, “hey.”

I smiled as I looked at her, “how you doing?”

She smiled, “better now that the whole school knows the truth about what happened.”

I looked around, “How did they find out?”

Silvia kissed my cheek, “a lot of the guys decided to plead out and the rest ended up following them. It was in the morning paper.”

She grinned, “the paper wanted to talk to me but I told them no.”

I smiled, “then it is over.”

She nodded and reached over to take the apple I had, “I hope so. A few girls have started talking to me.”

I grinned before starting to peel the orange I had bought, “that sounds good.”

Silvia leaned against me, “What are you doing after school?”

I glanced at her and slipped a couple of orange wedges over in front of her, “moving the Duesenburg out so I can wash it.”

I grinned, “I have another car I wanted to build.”

She grinned, “Can I help?”

I nodded, “you and Amelia can both help after you do homework.”

She frowned and I shrugged, “grandmother’s rule, homework first.”

She leaned against me, “that sounds fair.”

I nodded and we finished eating before walking around holding hands. She kept grinning at me, “the first time a boy hasn’t tried to finger me during lunch.”

I grinned, “I’m saving up.”

She laughed and hugged me before the bell rang and we split up. We had to wait for Amelia and I spent the time kissing her and rubbed her nipples until she was groaning and squirming around in the seat. Amelia laughed when she slipped into the car, “someone looks ready to fuck.”

I laughed and turned to start the car, “you can fuck her when we get home.”

Silvia growled, “think again buster, I’m raping you.”

We laughed and she sat back and shuddered. When I pulled in at home I saw my dad’s car and frowned before parking to one side. I heard him in grandfather’s study but closed the door in my room and locked it. I turned and Silvia pushed me against the wall and started stripping me. Amelia grinned and started helping her.

When they finished Amelia pulled me to the bed as Silvia practically ripped her clothes off. I grinned as she stalked towards me and waited before grabbing her and spinning to toss her onto the bed. Amelia laughed and followed as I moved onto the bed and between Silvia’s spread legs. I lay on her and started kissing as I humped against her pussy.

She grabbed at me and lifted her legs to wrap them around me as she groaned. I finally laughed and lifted before pushing into her slowly. She stiffened as I sank my thick cock all the way into her. She shuddered as her pussy fluttered and squeezed and I settled on her. I kissed her and began to hump and grind, “better?”

She grunted as my cock kept pushing against her cervix but nodded as she shuddered. I continued to kiss her and fuck her with tiny jabs and humps as I kept grinding. It was a few minutes before she lifted her legs and spread them, “fuck!”

She spasmed and then convulsed as her pussy milked my cock. I kissed her passionately as her sister rubbed my shoulder and rubbed on me. It was a couple of minutes before Silvia began to buck and twist as she howled. I finally pulled back to fuck her with hard thrusts as I tried to cum. It might have taken me five minutes but I doubt it.

I buried my cock as it throbbed and my balls churned and Silvia clutched me as warm sperm erupted and began to pump into her, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I shuddered as I pressed into her hard and kept spewing and spurting until I was finished. Silvia sighed and began relaxing and I pulled out, “we better start on our homework before grandmother makes me sleep in another room.”

They grinned as I helped them off the bed and we got dressed. We were in the kitchen with grandmother when my father came out of the study. He barely even looked at me before leaving. The girls watched him and looked at me and then grandmother, “who was that?”

I stood and pushed my homework away, “my father.”

I walked out and went to the garage, it was a few minutes before Silvia came out. I had moved the Duesenburg out and was sitting at my work bench drawing up new plans on a computer. She pressed against my back and hugged me, “it could be worse Tinker.”

I sighed and turned to her and pulled her onto my lap, “mom and dad fight over the dumbest things. What invention should be made or how it should be made. They never talk about personal stuff like how they feel. I can’t even remember my father ever telling me he loved me. My mother doesn’t say it but she does things for me.”

I smiled as looked around at the pictures, “like the pictures.”

Silvia leaned against me, “what do you do with the cars you finish?”

I looked at her and at the garage door, “grandfather finds someone to buy them.”

She turned to look at the plans I was making, “your grandmother is pissed at your dad. He only came here to get your grandfather to help get something made.”

I nodded, “he does that when mom tells him no.”

Silvia wiggled, “sounds like she needs to fuck him more.”

I smiled and then laughed as I stood. I pulled her after me and back into the house. My grandparents were talking as I came in and went to Amelia. I pulled her up and she looked at Silvia, “what?”

I pulled her after me, “Silvia thinks I should fuck before I build.”

Silvia laughed as she caught up and hung on my arm, “I meant your mom and dad.”

Amelia grinned, “he can pretend and fuck me.”

We hadn’t reached the hall yet when my grandparents started laughing. That was many years ago, the girls continued the tradition of fucking me a lot like I was their private fuck toy. We have several children now and I make sure to spend time with them. I build and sell custom designed cars with the girls helping me.
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