My name is Alex Silver Simmens and I just turned eighteen. I am six feet tall and have dark blonde hair and grayish blue eyes. I’ve had a hobby for as long as I could remember. I wanted to be a colonist unlike most of the rest of the world.

My parents were very wealthy and when I turned seventeen I had started buying things normally used by the colonist. Including two Colonial Travel Trains, ‘a travel train was like one of the old semi trucks found in Australia except they were all electric. Both of mine had large cabs with living areas behind the driver’s compartment.

The front had a tall wide tractor that pulled a sixty foot trailer. My travel trains had four trailers each. A doorway to another suitable world hadn’t been found in six years. I had several creeper programs running in the colonist database. Two days after I turned eighteen my computer beeped and alerted me of a new viable planet.

I rolled out of bed and crossed to the computer, I looked at the alert and really paid attention. The initial report showed earth like terra firma with similar plant and animal life. I didn’t even pause in opening a comm line. When the sleepy face of the Colony Agency man appeared I nodded my head, “Good morning Agent.”

He looked at me and frowned, “What can I do for you citizen?”

I smiled, “A new planet was found, I want to submit a Colonist application.”

He blinked and looked at the screen to the side, “Citizen… Simmens, the new planet isn’t officially open yet.”

I only looked at him and he shrugged, “Fine. I will process your request.”

I attached my prepared and updated colonist file and sent it. He looked at it and smiled, “We’ll be in touch.”

The screen blanked and I began putting my plans into action. It was only two days before the bell rang at the door and I walked to it. My parents were vacationing on the other side of the planet, not that they really cared. I opened the door to see two colony agents and smiled as I opened the door wider, “Here to pick me up?”

They looked at each other and the one on the right looked at me, “Alex Simmens?”

I nodded as I turned and walked to a large pack and two very large duffels. The next two days were a blur and ended with me standing at a clear window. The agents had actually begun to be a little more humorous. The one with me pointed out two girls that looked maybe fourteen.

One girl had long white hair and green eyes, the other had blonde hair and blue eyes. An older woman was trying to hold her and I looked at the agent, “Who is the woman?”

He looked, “She’s the girl’s mother. She’s scheduled for open use.”

That meant she would be a prostitute and managed by a colony counsel. I thought about it and looked at the agent, “I’ll buy her. I’ll give a quarter of my colonist credits.”

He looked at me, “that’s a lot of credit that could be used for something else.”

I grinned, “Have you brought in my two colony travel trains?”

He looked at me and then grinned, “Yeah.”

I smiled and looked back through the window, “Well, do I get her?”

He laughed, “I’ll tell you what. I’ll give her to you for ten percent but don’t complain if you have problems later.”

The next day I was buckling Bella into the passenger seat. Her mother Charlie was in the travel train behind us so I knew she would be following with Sofia. I had spent several hours making sure she could drive the train. I could hear the side chatter as the colony scout talked to control.

From what I could tell there was a disturbance and control wanted to postpone the pass through. Finally another voice came on and control kept trying to tell him that if the disturbance worsened they would lose contact. Finally it was settled and the order was given. The huge hall doors were opened and I was given the go ahead.

Since I was the first colony voluntary I had the right of first transit. The scout was still getting his own train in order as I reached the inner circle. I drove the first train through and felt the world turn inside out. I could smell light and hear the smell of my fear. It was something I will never forget or want to do again.

We came out of the doorway and I kept moving. The plan was to stop several kilometers from the doorway. I watched my rear view vid screen and saw Charlie drive through. I saw another vehicle start through behind her and kept going over the rough terrain. It was only a couple of hours before I stopped and called Charlie and told her to park beside my train like we had planned.

I told Bella she could get out and went back to start setting up a sonic fence. Bella, Charlie and Sofia were standing together when I finished and walked to them. I gestured to the distant granite cliff, “past that is where we will build our home.”

They looked at me unsure and Charlie looked back to where the doorway had been, “But how?”

I smiled, “I came prepared. You noticed that most of the others only had one trailer? Well, I’ve planned this for a long time. I have solar tarps and sonic rock cutters and… and a lot more. From the Aerial map there is a water fall about a half mile down the cliff. I’ll carve out our home from plans I already have. I’ll make a narrow tunnel to the water and we can go from there. We have ten thousand Hectares that stretch from above the cliff down the valley to a set of rapids.”

They smiled and I led the way to my tractor cab. They were designed to live in, this one was the kitchen and living room area. The other tractor was our washing room and sleeping cabins. I went into the tiny study and started looking at the colony plans. When the three came in behind me I glanced back.

Charlie stepped forward, “How is it you have two trains with four trailer each. How could you afford three of us?”

I smiled, “First my parents were rich. Second, I bought the trains before I… volunteered to be a colonist. Third, because I volunteered, I received a second breeding permit. I didn’t like the plans they had for making you a colony whore and used ten percent of my colony credits to have you added to my permit.”

I stood and stretched, I had been up all night checking everything. Charlie looked from her daughter to me, “They were going to make me a colony prostitute?”

I nodded, “That means a limited birthing permit.”

She was quiet as I headed to the door and looked back, “I was up all night and plan to get some rest before the scout comes by to release us. Anyone want to join me?”

I walked to the side door and opened it. I extended the access bridge to the other train and opened the other door. I secured everything and went down the short hall to the double wide sleeping cabin. I had planed for two women but three would still fit with a lot more room. I stripped and crawled onto the bed and lay back with a sigh.

I had only been there a minute when the three came to the door. Charlie cleared her throat, “Why did you… why me?”

I glanced at her and smiled, “Your Bella’s mother and your beautiful. I couldn’t let them make you a whore. It’s one thing for a woman to decide to do it and another for someone else to decide for her.”

She smiled and looked at Bella, “So you forfeited a ten percent of your colony credit so I could stay with Bella?”

I nodded and looked at Sofia, “The agents told me your mother was the one to surrender you.”

Sofia looked down and nodded, “She received the bonus.”

I shook my head, “Well, you are my wife now and I won’t mistreat you.”

She smiled shyly and looked at Charlie as she sighed and started undressing. Bella grinned at Sofia and they both undressed quickly and followed as Charlie crawled onto the bed. I looked at her as she caressed my chest and pushed me onto my back. She lay on me kissing me and spread her legs before pushing back.

My hard cock pressed against her warm pussy and I groaned at feeling it. She shifted and wiggled and my cock pushed into her. She sat up and started rocking as she fucked me. Bella and Sofia slipped up on each side of me and started caressing and feeling me. I reached up to cup Charlie’s firm tits and first Bella and then Sofie kissed me.

Charlie’s pussy was warm and very slippery as my cock fucked in and out. She started shuddering and her pussy contracted around my cock. She jerked and spasmed, “Fuck!”

Sofia and Bella laughed as she jerked erratically and I shuddered and held her hips as I suddenly began spurting strong gushes of sperm. Charlie jerked with each warm splash of cum, “Yes! Cum in me!”

She jerked and twisted as I pumped cum into her until it was leaking out. Finally she lay on me panting and then laughed, “I haven’t had a man do that since before Bella was born.”

She rolled off and Bella started to move on when the train proximity alarm sounded. I sighed and moved off the bed reaching for my pants. I grabbed my shirt as I shoved my feet into boots and headed towards the front. I opened the side door and dropped to the ground before walking around both trains to see the scout waiting.

I opened the sonic fence and he grinned, “You’re one of the few that took that seriously.”

I nodded and he looked around, “I did a second check of everything and this isn’t just an earth like world.”

I waited and he looked back at me, “So far I have identified over fifty species of extinct earth plants and have seen a dozen animals I believe are also from earth.”

I looked around, “The survey report said…”

He waved that away, “I wasn’t sure but a second small moon is just rising so this isn’t our earth, even if it does have earth plants and animals.”

I nodded as I thought about it and then looked towards the distant cliffs, “Well, if the plants are earth plants it makes things easier.”

He nodded, “One of the animals I saw was a buffalo which means wolves and lions are around also.”

I nodded and he smiled, “Your claim isn’t far so I am releasing you now. I think you have all the emergency radio freqs and are probably ready.”

I smiled and turned to the tractor, “Thanks.”

I called Charlie and the girls out before starting to remove and put the sonic fence away. The next few hours were spent driving slowly over rough terrain. When I finally stopped it was in a quiet meadow surrounded by tall pine trees and the four thousand foot granite cliff. An hour later the fence was up and we were sitting in lawn chairs.

Bella and Sofia had climbed out of the cab naked with just a work belt around their waist. After a few minutes of listening to birds singing Bella stood, dropped her belt and crossed to stand me up and undress me. She caressed my chest and sat me down before turning around and sitting on my lap.

She lifted up and guided my cock to her pussy. I stopped her, “Your hymen…”

She laughed, “Broken by the medic.”

I smiled and slowly pulled her down, impaling her. She was very tight and warm as my cock was forced into her deeper. I just held her still and hugged her, finally she laughed and relaxed, “I’m okay now.”

I cupped her breasts as I held her against me, “No, you feel great.”

Charlie and Sofie laughed and Bella grinned before slowly thrusting back and forth. She shuddered and her tight pussy seemed to spasm. She started thrusting forward and lifting before sitting back on my cock. It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and shaking. A couple of minutes and she was spasming and shuddering like she couldn’t control it.

I groaned, she was fucking me hard and it felt so good. She was taking my cock completely and each time she buried it she would jerk and convulse slightly. I felt myself getting close and shuddered before I pulled her down and held her tight as I began flooding her belly with warm sperm.

Bella jerked as she felt the cum explode inside her and then she screamed, “YES!”

She jerked and wiggled and squirmed as I pumped and spewed cum up inside her. When I stopped cumming we both took a deep breath. Charlie laughed and Sofie giggled, I held Bella against me for a minute before I let her stand. Sofie stood and hugged Bella before straddling me and slipping each leg through the arm of my chair.

She positioned my cock and slowly sat forcing me into her, she held still and closed her eyes. I smiled and caressed her body as I waited. Charlie had pulled her daughter onto her lap and was holding her. Sofie finally shuddered and started thrusting back and forth slowly as her tight pussy began squeezing my cock.

I caressed her hips, “Feeling better?”

She grinned and looked at Bella, “it feels great.”

I cupped her breasts and began feeling her as she fucked me. She was shivering as her tight pussy continuously squeezed my cock. It was almost five minutes before she stiffened and then spasmed as her pussy grasped my cock. She wet me and started grunting as she thrust back and forth harder. I thrust up suddenly and pushed and Sofie gasp and then started convulsing.

She jerked and shook as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. I groaned and shuddered as I held her and began to pump strong spurts of cum into her fertile womb. Sofie gasped and shuddered hard as her pussy tightened on my spewing cock. When it was over I held her and caressed her as she sighed and lay against me.

I smiled at Charlie, “Now it is bed time.”

She laughed and stood with Bella, “As long as you fuck me once more.”

Bella and Sofie laughed and Sofie carefully stood and moved off me. It was a long night, I went from Charlie to Bella to Sofie until finally they fell asleep. I was up early and slipped out with a sonar reader and carefully started checking the cliff. I was more than happy with what I found and returned as Charlie and the girls got up.

I started pulling out more sonic posts and moved to fence in the whole meadow. I left the gate where we had brought the trains through and set up a personal gate to one side. I sat and fed the data into my comp before strapping on a jet pack.

I grinned and tied a piece of cord to my belt before hooking a large pack to my front, “The crates in trailer four, marked solar sheets need to be opened. Once I call on the radio start tying bundles to the other end of the cord. Save the wires for last, we’ll do that later.”

Charlie nodded and I lifted off and up to land on the top of the cliff. It was grassland for a few thousand meters before there was more forest. I spent the rest of the day hauling up the solar sheets and placing them out in their brackets. I saw several animals while I worked, deer, rabbits and once three lone buffalo.

Hooking up the wires was the last thing I did before dropping off the cliff. Dinner was more than welcome, Charlie and the girls had stayed naked the whole day. They seemed alive and refreshed even though they had been working all day too. As soon as dinner was over and we had cleaned up Sofie grabbed my hand, “I’m first tonight.”

I smiled and pulled her naked body against me before kissing her. She sighed and Charlie and Bella laughed. I pulled her after me and to our bed before pushing her in and crawling after her, “Did you douche?”

She grinned, “Yes.”

I lay between her legs and kissed her again before sliding down her body. I opened her beautiful pussy and licked through it before pushing my tongue into her. I nibbled on her inner lips before moving to her clit. I sucked on it and began teasing it with my tongue and Sofie went wild.

She was bucking and jerking and squirted in my face before rolling away and covering her pussy. I grinned as I rolled her onto her back and moved up her body. I kissed her and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. I started fucking her as she hugged me and lifted her hips. It wasn’t long before she was convulsing and wailing as her legs waved and kicked in the air.

I was fucking her with long thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was incoherent as I buried my cock and began to grind and hump against her. I went back to fucking her with long thrusts and she kept wailing. It was awhile before I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I started to pump and spew a huge stream of cum.

She lifted her hips and shuddered as her pussy tightened, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I kept spurting cum into her until her womb was bulging. I kissed her and pulled out before rubbing a pink nipple, “Thank you Sofie.”

She laughed as she followed me off the bed. I grinned and turned to put my arm around her waist. It was only a week before the emergency alarm went off. I had finished with all the solar panels and the row of wind generators along the cliff and was starting to cut blocks of stone from the cliff.

Bella yelled and hit my shoulder and I shut the loud sonic cutter off before turning. She nodded towards Charlie by the trains, “Mom wants you.”

I pulled the ear mufflers off and heard Charlie and the loud siren. I set the cutter down and dropped the mufflers with it, “Come on.”

I jogged to the train as Charlie climbed in. When I got to the tiny study I looked at the signal and beacon number before turning to the large map on the wall. I grabbed the rifle in the wall rack, “We are the closest.”

I ran out to the sturdy hover truck with the three following me with their arms full. I lifted and crossed to the sonic gate before accelerating. They pulled on jump suits and wrapped utility belts around their waists while I drove. It took us a half hour to reach the steading and I pulled up by the train to see a pack of large wolves tearing apart the body of a man.

I turned in the truck and lifted the rifle before shooting. The crack of the hyper sonic rounds made the wolves crouch but they didn’t run, when I stepped out they were all dead. I gestured to the train, “Check for the woman but be careful.”

Charlie was holding the grav pulse pistol like I had taught her as she got out and walked to the train. I looked around the steading and shook my head. He hadn’t even set up sonic fences or started on a steading power station. I looked at the open doorway into the train as Charlie appeared with a short red haired girl.

She looked disheveled and frightened as Charlie helped her down. I nodded to Sofie and Bella, “Keep watch.”

I started walking around the train and looking at everything. What I saw made me shake my head, he hadn’t even unloaded anything from his train. The only thing I saw outside the train was urine. I returned to the truck and looked at the girl, “what was he doing?”

She didn’t look up, “killing animals.”

That didn’t make sense and I turned to walk to the man’s remains. I slowly walked around them and found his rifle several meters away. I bent to pick it up and shook my head, it was a small bore grav pulse. I turned as a fast flier flew over and crossed to the truck and handed the rifle to Sofie and waited as the flier turned and came back to land.

The scout got out and crossed to me, “dead?”

I gestured and he nodded, “This is the ninth so far. I kept telling everyone to put up their fences and stay alert.”

I nodded to the girl, “What do I do with her?”

The scout turned to look before shrugging, “take her and the train.”

I looked at him and he shook his head, “No one wants another person to watch or more work.”

I nodded as I looked at the wolf bodies, “mind if I take the skins?”

He smiled, “No.”

I looked at Bella as I held out my rifle, “keep watch.”

I looked at Sofie, “Go check the charge on the train. See if it has enough to get us home.”

She nodded and ran towards the train as I looked at the scout, “What about the body?”

He turned to look, “I’ll put the remains together and use a burner.”

I nodded as I pulled the short skinning knife I had learned to carry, “If anyone needs a home send them to us.”

I walked to the closest wolf and knelt to begin skinning it. It didn’t take long to skin them and then we stood and watched as the scout turned the remains to ash. I had Charlie drive the truck as I drove the train. It took me the rest of the day to get home and when I did they had dinner waiting.

I hooked the train into my power grid and printed the supply inventory for the trailer. The new girl seemed nervous as I kissed Sofie and accepted a plate from Bella. I sat and ate as Charlie told me about the check she had done on Pepper, that was the girl’s name. I nodded and looked at Pepper, “what were you doing for the last week?”

She looked down, “Trevor had me servicing him.”

I glanced at Charlie, “Didn’t he do anything for your steading?”

She shook her head, “He was mad because we were here and just...”

I sighed and sat back, “well, this is our and your home now. We are working to make it a good home for our children.”

Pepper looked at me and then at Charlie and the girls, “I belong to you?”

I sighed, “The scout said you can stay with us and I don’t think we have a problem as long as you work with us.”

She frowned, “What about the wild animals?”

I stood with the plate, “We use sonic fences so we don’t have to worry.”

Sofie grinned, “Our house is going to be in the cliff so the animals can’t get us.”

Pepper looked at her as I went to put the plate in the sink. I left and went to put the cutter away for the night before coming back to the small fire Charlie had started, I sat as they came out of the train naked. Pepper was blushing but the girls ignored her. Bella came to sit on my lap, “Mom took Pepper’s implant out.”

I glanced at Pepper, “she won’t be fertile for a few days.”

Bella wiggled on my lap, “guess what?”

I smiled as Charlie pulled Sofie onto her lap and grinned at us. I cupped one of Bella’s breasts and bent to suck on a pink nipple, “Tell me after I have devoured you.”

They laughed and Pepper smiled. Bella shook me, “We used the med scanner since we were checking Pepper and we’re pregnant.”

I looked at her and grinned as I hugged her and looked at Charlie, “All of you?”

She nodded and I hugged Bella again, “I’ll have to pull the artificial wombs out.”

They laughed and I stood, “come to bed so we can celebrate lovers.”

Bella grinned as she took my hand and let me pull her towards the train. Charlie and Sofie laughed as they stood to follow us. Bella turned me at the bed and stripped me before pushing me in. She stalked after me as she grinned, “My turn to ride you.”

I laughed as I lay back and let her straddle me. I lifted my cock and positioned it and watched as she wiggled and pushed to force it in. She sighed as it slid into her and smiled before starting to rock. Charlie and Sofie slipped onto the bed and a moment later Pepper hesitantly joined us. Bella closed her eyes and thrust back and forth rubbing herself on me.

She shuddered and sighed as her tight pussy kept grasping and clenching around my cock. The head of my cock was hitting and rubbed on her cervix and she started shaking. A minute later she jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock, “mmmmm!”

I grinned and cupped her firm breasts, “that’s one.”

Bella grinned and stuck out her tongue. I tugged on her nipples and she shivered as she went back to rocking and thrusting. Charlie pulled Pepper against her, “Do you want to try him or wait?”

I glanced at Pepper and she blushed, “He isn’t done with Bella.”

Bella laughed with Sofie and Pepper frowned. Charlie hugged her, “Alex is a stud. It takes several times before he makes us stop and wait.”

Pepper looked at me and then grinned, “Trevor could only do it once every few hours.”

The girls grinned and Bella rubbed my chest, “Alex can do more.”

I shook my head and pulled Bella down, “if you are going to talk I’ll do the work.”

She grinned and kissed me before sitting up and started to rock and thrust. Her tight pussy milked my cock as she twisted and rolled her hips. I started rubbing her clit and she stiffened before shaking and spasming. I held her hips and began to thrust up into her. A couple of minutes was all it took, I pulled her down and thrust into her as I grunted and shuddered.

Bella jerked erratically and cried out as I started gushing cum, “YES!”

I held her as I continued to pump cum into her. She shuddered and moaned as she felt the warm cum filling her. When I stopped she shivered and lifted her hips before whispering, “do Pepper.”

I hugged her and then let her go. I turned and reached for Pepper and Charlie pushed her towards me. I smiled as I caressed her body, “can I lick you?”

Her eyes widened and she looked at the others quickly and Sofie grinned, “Say yes.”

Pepper looked at me again and nodded. I moved over her and gave her a soft kiss before moving down. I pushed her legs open before leaning in to lick through her pussy. She shivered and lifted her hips as I covered her clit. I started teasing her clit with my tongue and she began to moan and shudder.

It was a few minutes before she bucked and then shuddered hard before covering her pussy. I looked up and then moved up to kiss her before slowly pushing my thick cock into her. She groaned and shuddered as her warm, slippery pussy squeezed my cock. I started fucking her with long strokes and her hips lifted to meet mine.

She put her arms around me as she kept shaking, “mmmm!”

The girls laughed as I continued to fuck Pepper slowly. A few minutes later she jerked and then went wide eyed before bucking and thrashing around as she wailed, “aaaaaahhhhhhh!”

I fucked her hard and deep as she kept convulsing and then pushed her cervix open as I began to grind and hump into her. She put her legs up and spread them as she howled and her pussy spasmed around my cock. I went back to fucking her with deep thrusts as she squirmed and struggled under me.

She clutched me tight and kept shaking as I started fucking her a few minutes later with deep firm thrusts. It was still almost another five minutes before I was ready to cum and by then Pepper was incoherent and jerking in spasms as she kept wetting me. I pushed into her as my cock throbbed and then erupted as I spewed gushing spurts of cum.

She tilted her hips and screamed as she felt warm sperm flooding her, “ooohhhh!”

I pumped six large jets of cum before I sighed and slowly pulled out. Pepper groaned as Charlie slipped between her legs in my place and kissed her, “That is how our man loves us.”

Pepper put her arms around her and sighed, “It was great.”

I rolled onto my back, “Sofie?”

The girls laughed as Sofie straddled me and rubbed my chest, “feeling extra horny today?”

I smiled and tugged on her nipples to make her shudder, “Not extra, just horny.”

She grinned as Bella snickered and Charlie laughed. I woke to the comm and glanced at the time before struggling out from under naked girls. I walked through the train and yawned before sitting at my desk and shutting the ringer off and opening the comm, “Alex Simmens.”

“Alex this is Scout Jones. You said you would take any women left alone. Are you sure?”

I sat back, “Yes, we have enough room for more people here.”

“There was another attack and the man was killed. His assigned spouse is an American Indian called Bright Moon. She was in the train and killed the lion. If you would like I can ferry you or one of your women to drive with her to your claim.”

I thought about it, “send the claim location and I’ll go with you.”

I glanced at Charlie as she walked in and turned back to the scout, “See you when you get here.”

A hour later I was sitting behind the scout as he circled a dual travel train. A woman looked up as we dropped and landed beside her. I glanced at the scout as I climbed out, “At least they put up the sonic fence.”

He snort, “It would have saved his life if he had turned it on.”

The girl that was waiting for me was tall and beautiful. She had long black hair and a sparkle to her eyes. I smiled and looked around, “Your mate?”

She gestured to a pile of ash, “where he died.”

I looked around, “The lion?”

She smiled, “I skinned it and pulled the body away.”

I turned and nodded to the scout before looking at the girl, “Do you accept me as your man?”

She looked me over before nodded, “Yes.”

I gestured, “Help me put the fence away and pack up and then we can get moving.”

She glanced at me as she walked to a pole, “I’m Bright Moon.”

I nodded, “Alex.”

By the time we were ready to leave the scout was long gone. Bright Moon sat beside me calmly as I turned the train and started driving. I glanced at her, “Do you have your implant?”

She nodded, “Peter wanted to wait until he had planted a crop before we had a child. He was doing a survey before planting.”

I nodded and she turned to look at me, “The scout said you have four women.”

I smiled, “I think you should say they have me.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “do you let them touch each other?”

I laughed, “you mean have sex with each other, yes.”

I looked at her and she sat back with a smile. It took me six hours to reach home. Bella ran to open the sonic fence naked as I pulled up. She waved as I drove in slowly and turned the train before pulling it up beside the others. When I climbed out Charlie, Sofie and Pepper were waiting.

I turned to help Bright Moon down and looked at Charlie, “This is Bright Moon, show her around our train and have her checked.”

I watched them walk away before going to get the stone cutter. I was way behind and started cutting, it was several hours before Charlie came to tap on my shoulder. I stopped and glanced back as she gestured, “its getting late.”

I looked around before nodding, “I’ll stopped for now.”

I started putting everything away and glanced up at the heavy dark clouds before climbing up into the train. I found the girls together in the kitchen and smiled as I caressed Bella’s bare hip, “It’s going to rain.”

Pepper grinned, “We started pulling out the greenhouse Trevor had.”

I sat and smiled, “We could put it up on the plains.”

She smiled, “Charlie said we shouldn’t mess up the meadow.”

I nodded as Charlie started slipping dinner onto the table, “I was thinking we need to move the other trains up as well.”

I glanced at her as Sofie pushed a naked Bright Moon towards me, “We can use the sonic fences from both trains.”

Bright Moon grinned as she sat in my lap, “I like staying naked.”

The others laughed and I caressed her hip, “And did you get a chance to ask them about sex with each other?”

She laughed, “They pulled me to bed and made me scream and beg.”

I cupped a firm breast and rubbed a nipple before looking at Charlie, “look at the map to see if there is a short way up.”

I turned and began to eat and share with Bright Moon, “I’m almost ready to let the remotes begin cutting.”

Charlie sat up, “How long will it take them?”

I caressed Pepper’s hip when she stood, “for the plans we selected it should take a month. The hard part will be on you ladies. Like we agreed, you have to keep up with the stone blocks the remotes cut. I can use the digger to trench a line just inside our sonic fence for the base of the wall.”

Charlie nodded, “we can keep up.”

I smiled, “set up that hot tub before we start so you girls can soak.”

They laughed and Bright Moon wiggled on my lap, “if you are done I would like to fuck you.”

I grinned and stood as she grabbed my hand and started pulling me after her. I had to let her hand go beside our bed and quickly undressed. I followed her onto the bed and sucked on a nipple before starting to move down. She laughed and pulled me up and between her legs as Charlie and Pepper moved onto the bed.

I grinned and kissed her before lifting and slowly pushing into her tight pussy. She shuddered and groaned as my thick cock stretched her and I started to fuck her slowly. It was a couple of minutes before she was clutching me as she shook. I buried my cock and continued to kiss her as I humped and pressed into her.

A few minutes later she was howling and convulsing and her pussy spasmed around my cock. Charlie and Pepper were moaning beside us as Pepper lay between Charlie’s legs and they humped against each other. I pulled back and began to fuck Bright Moon with deep thrusts and she lifted her legs and wailed as I pushed into her, “aaaahhhhh!”

I kissed her passionately as I started to fuck her harder and began to grind each time I buried my cock. She clung to me as she kept lifting and thrusting up and her pussy was constantly squeezing my cock. She started bucking and squirming as I fucked her and suddenly screamed and spasmed hard.

I continued to fuck her through four orgasms before groaning and quickly thrusting into her. I kissed her as my balls churned and my cock erupted in a thick gushing torrent of cum. She jerked and shuddered as she tilted her hips and kept kissing me while I flooded her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed, “damn.”

Charlie and Pepper laughed and Bella and Sofie giggled as they crawled onto the bed. I pulled out of Bright Moon and laid back, “leave our train down here until we finish in the cliff.”

Bella moved onto me and spread her legs to straddle me, “my turn.”

I grinned and pulled her down and hugged her before letting her sit up and position my cock. I fucked each of them before they let me sleep. The next week it rained almost the whole time. While I kept cutting the girls moved the other trains around and up onto the plains above. I finally programmed the remote cutters and started them before going up to help the girls set up a long greenhouse.

After it was up I started to dig a wide, deep trench around the inside of our sonic fence while the girls began moving blocks of stone with anti gravs. It was a couple of days before we took a break and I took them down the cliff to the base of the falls. There was a wide clear pool where we could see all the way to the bottom. While they splashed and played I kept watch.

We had a picnic and Charlie took my rifle with a grin. The girls laughed and giggled as they pulled my pants off and sat me down. Bright Moon grinned as she was the first to straddle me. She slowly impaled her warm pussy on my cock and started to rock. Bella and Pepper lay beside me and began to kiss and finger each other.

Sofie started sucking on Bright Moon’s nipples and it wasn’t long before she was erratic and shuddering as her pussy spasmed. She screamed and jerked and a minute later sighed and slumped forward. She lifted her hips, “your turn Sofie.”

I grinned as she moved off me and reached for Sofie. She grinned and slowly impaled her pussy before starting to thrust back and forth. When she began to shudder and jerk I reached between her legs to finger her clit. She twisted and wiggled as she spasmed and screamed, “Alex!”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as she shuddered. When she relaxed she grinned and bent to kiss me before lifting her hips, “your turn Pepper.”

I laughed as she moved off me and Pepper left Bella and came to straddle me. Her pussy was almost hot as it slid down my cock. She put her hands on my chest as she began to rock, she started twisting and rolling her hips. Her tight pussy began grasping my cock each time she pulled off before relaxing as I slid in.

It was amazing and I groaned and started thrusting up as the girls laughed. A few minutes later Pepper shuddered and then began spasming suddenly. She wet me as her pussy rippled and squeezed. She was jerking back and forth rubbing her pussy on me with my cock buried before wailing as her pussy clamped down.

I held her up by cupping her breasts as the other girls laughed and pulled her off, “Bella’s turn.”

I shuddered, “she better finish me or I’m beating all of you.”

Bella grinned as she straddled me, “nice and deep Alex.”

She slowly worked my cock into her before starting to thrust back and forth. Her tight pussy grasped and squeezed as she began to twist and roll her hips. It took a few minutes for her to begin to pant and a couple more before she spasmed and wailed. Her pussy rippled and milked my cock as it kept grasping and squeezing.

I was thrusting up into her and Bella howled a minute later as I held her and pumped a geyser of cum into her. She shoved down and continued to jerk while I spurted and when I was done she dropped to my chest and kissed me. The other girls laughed as she groaned and then lifted her hips before slipping off.

Our steading grew and so did our family. The house in the cliff grew larger with lots of children filling new rooms as they were added. We have dozens of green houses with animals just like a farm. No one has found out yet how earth plants and animals came here.
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