I was with my parents on a vacation. Somoia was mostly an island world with ninety five percent of the planet water. There was one tiny continent and millions of islands. Since my father was a part owner in a huge corporation and my mother a holo vid star we had been invited to stay at the planetary governor’s estate.

Somoia was one of dozens of worlds that hadn’t elected its own government yet. My name is Diamond Alexander Morgan and I am eighteen. The room I was given was a small cottage over the water. The governor’s daughter Mina and her best friend Becky were using another cottage not to far from mine.

I met them after I unpacked and went out to swim. My parents were staying in the mansion so I had plenty of time. The two girls had looked at each other before disappearing and coming back as I laid out to tan. They were wearing string bikinis that barely covered anything. They introduced themselves before spreading towels out beside me and laying down.

I was embarrassed they would say something about my hard cock but they didn’t. After awhile I stood and said I had to go find dinner. There was supposed to be a party in my mother’s honor but I was hoping to get food and slip away. The two girls grinned and wrapped their towels around their waists as they stood.

Mina took my hand and pulled me after her with Becky following. I guess she made a habit of sneaking food and sitting outside to eat. She talked to one of the cooks who slipped her three plates. We were sitting on a back patio in the shadows when four men appeared. One look and I was standing and moving to protect the girls.

Unfortunately they were more prepared and had dart guns. I felt the sting in my upper chest and a second later everything went grey and then black. I woke to the steady drone of an unshielded reactor. Since I was blindfolded and tied there wasn’t a lot I could do. There were bumps and shakes that told me I was in some type of vehicle, probably a flyer.

I tried to stay calm as I tested the restraints that held me. I finally relaxed and listened to what was around me. It seemed like a life time before the sounds changed and the vehicle settled to the ground. Everything was quiet when the reactor was shut down. Several minutes later I heard someone moving around and the door open.

After several minutes they pulled me up and I was lifted and pulled out. I was dumped onto a sanding beach and heard a man, “no touching. Watch them and meet us in the colony council building in one month.”

It was several minutes before I heard the vehicle again and then it moved away and finally the sound was gone. I heard movement and grunting as I was roughly rolled onto my stomach and the restraints removed. I waited after they stepped away and then rolled over before reaching for the blindfold. I looked around and saw the two men and then the two girls laying beside me.

I moved to them and looked at the men that watched before removing the blindfolds. They were looking back at me and I smiled before turning them and removing the restraints. Mina sat up and looked around before glaring at the two men, “What do you want?”

They leered and she blushed as I helped Becky up. She leaned against me and whispered, “I need to pee.”

Unfortunately the men heard and grinned. One nodded to her, “squat and pee.”

Mina stood, “we’ll go...”

The man shook his head as he waved a bush knife, “no you don’t, squat and pee.”

They looked at each other and the other man’s words came to me, ‘no touching.’

I knew what was going to happen even before Becky blushed and turned away and squatted down. The men moved at the same time, they walked towards us and Mina backed up but Becky was still squatting and facing away. I shifted slightly and snapped a kick sideways as they started past me.

The kick broke one man’s knee and he fell, grabbing the other man on the way down. I stepped in as they were tangled up together and kicked out like my teacher had taught me and the second man dropped as I hit him in the throat. Another kick down and into first man’s head dropped him and I knelt and searched them quickly.

Beside a couple of fire starters and two long bush knives they had two compact pistols. What they didn’t have was anything to communicate off the island. I stood looking at them as Mina and Becky came to hug me. I thought back to the other man’s words again, “Watch them and meet us in the colony council building in one month.”

Mina looked at me, “what?”

I shook myself, “that was what the other man said.”

I looked around, “so how were they going to meet them?”

Becky looked around, “a boat?”

I looked at Mina and she shrugged before nodding. I looked around again before starting towards the water, “we need to find it.”

They ran to catch up and we started walking around the island and almost missed it. We were on a rocky section when I glanced into the clear blue water and saw the two person sub. I looked closer before seeing the mono line tied to a rock. When I pulled on it the sub moved and slid closer until I was pulling it up onto the rocky shore.

I looked through the clear canopy, “trouble.”

Mini came closer, “a two person scat.”

I looked at her and she grinned with Becky, “we use them to play around the reefs at home.”

I gestured, “there are three of us and I don’t know how to drive it.”

Becky grinned and hugged my arm, “Mina can drive and I’ll sit on your lap.”

Mina giggled, “with his hard cock inside you?”

I blushed as Becky laughed, “sounds good to me.”

Mina moved to the side and pressed and a panel opened. She pulled up a tiny lever and the canopy popped open, “we will have maybe three hours of air before we have to surface.”

She slipped into the front seat and I glanced at Becky before pushing the scat out into the water. I started to get in and Becky grinned before pulling my pants down, “not with these on.”

I looked at her as she pulled her own bikini bottoms off. I climbed in and sat with my legs together and she climbed in and straddled my legs before reaching down to lift my cock. She wiggled and slowly impaled herself as I groaned at her warm velvety pussy. She leaned back and sighed, “lets go home Mina.”

I reached around to cup her breasts, “But which way is home?”

Mina grinned back at us as she closed the canopy, “they didn’t take my watch and it has a Sat location fix to the west of home.”

I was a little tense as she backed the scat but Becky’s tight grasping pussy started distracting me. She wiggled and thrust back and forth as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. Mina turned the scat and accelerated out into deeper water. The scat went under until we were flashing past reefs and brightly colored fish.

I kissed Becky’s bare shoulder as I started to hump up and she thrust back and forth harder. She was panting and spasming when I jerked her down and back onto my cock as it throbbed and erupted. I peed cum through her cervix in a strong fountain and she wailed as she jerked and shuddered while her pussy continued to milk the cum out of me.

Mina giggled as she glanced back, “did he cum a lot?”

Becky leaned back with a sigh as cum began to leak around my cock, “he put it deep too.”

I hugged her and just held her even though I wanted to fuck her more. She lifted up and shifted until my cock was out and then sat, “you can have his next batch.”

Mina laughed as she rolled the scat and turned to avoid a huge fish. Becky and Mina started telling me about some of the fish we passed, especially the brightly colored ones. It was over two hours before Mina surfaced and slowed. We were close to another island and she took us to a sandy beach.

When she opened the canopy Becky climbed out and then me. I pulled the scat up onto the beach as Mina climbed out and stretched, “we need to find water and food and go to the bathroom.”

I nodded to the scat, “there was a water dispenser in the back seat.”

Becky grinned, “they used a gill filtration system from the scat.”

Mina smiled and headed for the trees, “bathroom and then food.”

They showed me how to find the fruit that was on the trees and we sat in the shade to eat. Mina took her bikini off after seeing Becky removing her top. Mina finally stood, “time to go.”

This time Becky climbed in the front and I pushed the scat out before getting in. Mina took Becky’s place and slowly sat on my cock before Becky closed the canopy. Mina wiggled and sighed, “damn he has a big cock.”

Becky laughed as she backed the scat into deeper water, “get used to it.”

I hugged her before doing something I should have done hours ago, I started checking the small compartments. I found a couple of collapsible cups, a telescope fishing rod with a small case of lures and sectioned grates that I thought would be good for cooking and finally two light fiber blankets. Mina’s tight pussy distracted me to much as she began to thrust and wiggled.

Her pussy grasped and squeezed as if it was milking my cock and I shoved up and held her for a minute to enjoy the feeling of being buried inside her. Mina spasmed as my cock throbbed inside her and howled as her pussy contracted. Becky giggled and glanced back before starting to go up and down.

Each time the scat would reach the bottom of its arch Mina was shoved down hard and lifted up at the top. She screamed a few minutes later, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

Becky laughed as she straightened out and Mina started jerking and rolling her hips almost desperately. I groaned as I held her breasts and then dropped my hands to her waist and pulled her back and forth. She started convulsing as I finally held her with my cock pressed against her cervix and began to pump a geyser of cum up into her.

She jerked and shook as her pussy miked my cock, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I sagged and held her lightly when I stopped cumming and Mina panted. Becky glanced back and grinned, “did he sperm you deep?”

Mina groaned and slowly lifted up until my cock came out and then sat down. I turned and used one of the cups to get water and handed it to her. When she was done I filled another for Becky and then one of myself. For the next two hours we drank water and watched the ocean around us. It was evening when Becky surfaced and slowly moved to an island beach.

We pulled the scat up and I used the fishing pole while Mina and Becky collected wood. We grilled a couple of small fish I caught which really surprised me. We collected huge leaves Mina said would protect us from the sand and made a bed. When I laid down Becky straddled me and slow pushed down onto my cock.

They took turns fucking me for almost two hours before we slept. I lay awake feeling the two girls with a smile I knew wouldn’t go away for a long time. I woke to bird song and looked at Mina and Becky before shifting and then standing. I moved away to go to the bathroom and then began to gather fruit and large nuts from a bush.

I woke the two girls and they sat up and stretched before moving away. When they returned Mina gave me a kiss but Becky tossed the nuts away, “you didn’t eat these did you?”

I shook my head and she sighed, “don’t, they are poisonous.”

After eating they pulled me to the ocean and we washed. Mina pressed against me when we finished before looking at Becky, “you can drive first.”

Becky giggled as she started for the Scat, “you just want his dick in your pussy again.”

Mina grinned as she pushed me ahead of her. I waited for Becky to sit before pushing the scat out. I climbed in and sat and a moment later Mina was climbing in. Becky didn’t wait for her to sit and began backing out. Mina wiggled down my cock with her legs outside mine. She shivered as her cummy pussy grasped my cock and sighed, “god his cock feels good.”

Becky grinned as she turned the scat and started moving out into deeper water. I reached around Mina to cup a breast and finger her clit. She shuddered and started thrusting back and forth. It wasn’t long before she was breathing harder and shaking. Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock constantly as she began to roll her hips.

I reached for her hips and started to thrust up and pull her down. It was several minutes before I felt my balls churning. Mina screamed and spasmed hard as her pussy clenched around my cock, “fffuuuccckkkk!”

I thrust up and held her as I began to pump a fountain of cum into her. Mina jerked and shook as she shuddered and turned her head to kiss me. When I stopped cumming we relaxed and Becky giggled before closing the canopy and dove. I lifted Mina off my cock and we both groaned. She sat with my cock in her slit and leaned back before starting to fill cups of water.

It was almost time to switch when Mina gasped, “full speed!”

I looked at her and turned my head to look back through the canopy at the huge long shape following us. It was gaining and I knew it would catch us, “head for an island and beach the scat.”

Becky did as I told her and I crossed my fingers. Mina was wiggling and bouncing on my lap and my cock pushed into her slimy pussy. I shuddered and hugged her, “stop squirming you.”

She grinned at me before looking back again. The huge shape was right behind us when Becky surfaced and beached the scat. She opened the canopy and I pushed Mina up and off me. I followed her out and glanced towards the back of the scat where the huge creature was swimming back and forth. I pulled out one of the pistols as I waded a little deeper.

Mina and Becky yelled for me to come back as the creature spun and headed straight for me. I planned my shot and just before it reached me the head split in half to reveal rows of sharp teeth. I fired and the creature crashed into me but started thrashing around. I grabbed a fin after finding my feet and pulled the dying creature towards the beach.

I went back to the scat for a knife, “start a fire.”

Mina laughed as Becky shook her head and turned to head for the trees. I cut a huge piece of meat off before following them. Mina didn’t take long to get the fire going as I put the meat on a large leaf and went looking for narrow sticks to roast the fish on. We cut chunks off and held them over the fire to cook. I grinned after taking the first bite, “this doesn’t taste like fish.”

Mina and Becky grinned and then laughed. When we were done we washed and climbed back into the scat. Becky was on my lap as Mina backed out and turned to head into deeper water. An hour later Becky wiggled and grinned back at me before lifting up. I grinned as I reached under her to position my cock.

She pushed down and sighed before starting to move, grinding and rolling her hips. Mina glanced back and laughed as Becky began to moan and shudder. I cupped her breasts to feel and rub her nipples. It wasn’t long before she started to twist and jerk as her pussy grasped my cock. A few more minutes and she was spasming as she wailed.

I covered her mouth and kissed her as she turned her head. I glanced out to see several dozen long narrow shapes swimming beside the scat. I glanced at Mina, “Mina?”

She followed my look and grinned, “Merfish. Sounds like the ones Becky is making attracts them.”

Becky giggled as she thrust back and forth and rolled her hips while her pussy squeezed. I slipped my hands to her waist before pulling her back and forth while thrusting up. She spasmed and jerked as I kept it up for several minutes before hold her down as my cock erupted and I began spurting cum.

She shuddered as her pussy clenched and leaned back, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming she shuddered before lifting her hips and sitting on my lap. The girls took turns driving and we stopped a couple of hours before it got dark and found some fruit to eat. It was two weeks before we reached an inhabited island and Mina called her father. He had a discrete flyer come pick us up and bring us home.

Mina insisted they share my room after I met with my dad and mom. I had to smile when mom stopped hugging and kissing me and whispered, “did you fuck them?”

I nodded and she grinned before holding her hand out to the girls. All three of us were able to identify a man from the patio after they led us into the council building, from him they found the fourth man. The four men didn’t bother trying to deny it and kept saying it was to free the planet.

When my parents left a week later I stayed. Mina and Becky conspired to move us to a large uninhabited island beside a resort. Mom and Dad helped us start a scat rental shop in the resort. Every couple of years they return for a visit, especially now that the girls have had children.
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