They had the parties every week, only before I always spent the night somewhere else. I just turned fourteen and like most fourteen year old boys, I was always horny. That was how I found out about what happens at the parties. I jerked off everyday, sometimes ten times a day. I was supposed to be staying at a friend’s but had forgotten the website address to this porn site.

I should describe my mom and aunt, they were twins and stand five feet six inches. They both have golden blonde hair and I know it is natural because I got a glimpse of mom’s pussy once. They both stay fit by exercising everyday. They take turns, one day at our house and one day at my aunt’s.

I have a cousin my age named Megan or Meg as everyone in school calls her. I have a huge crush on her but she never knew, she is a younger copy of mom and my aunt. I never knew my dad, mom told me he had left when she told him she was pregnant. I do have three uncles and a grandfather.

I slipped into my house through my window and moved to my desk as I heard laughing and loud moans from the open door. I hesitated and then quietly crossed to the door and looked into the hall. The other bedroom doorways were dark so I looked the other way. I crept down the hall and went to my knees before crawling the last few feet.

I looked down into the sunken living room and was shocked to see everyone naked, mom was bent over the couch as my uncle Joe fucked her from behind. She was sucking my grandfather and right beside her was my aunt Sabrina. She was on her back with Uncle Pete between her legs fucking her hard and making her grunt.

A stranger was humping and thrusting his cock into her mouth. I looked across the room and could only stare at Meg as she knelt half naked and sucked a man and Uncle Ed while a third man filmed it and a fourth fingered her. I used my cell to take a few pictures and stood up, “What the fuck!”

Everyone was suddenly scrambling to cover themselves and I turned, “I’m calling the police.”

I heard several people yelling for me to stop but I kept going and went into my room and crossed to the desk. I started to pick up the phone when mom ran in naked, “Edward stop!”

I glanced at her, “Why? You are letting some guy film Meg naked and making her have sex.”

Mom took a step and then stopped, “Just wait okay? Let me get Meg.”

She backed to the hall and pushed my grandfather back, “Meg!”

My cousin pushed past everyone and mom whispered something to her. Meg looked at her and then looked at me before shushing mom, “No one was forcing me Edward.”

I turned to dial the phone and she stepped forward as mom yelled, “NO!”

I looked at them and Meg took a breath and turned to close the door, “Stay out.”

She turned to me and crossed to take the phone and set it back on the cradle. She pushed me down in my chair and leaned against the desk, “Listen close Edward, every week we have a party. We call it a whore party, grandpa and our uncles invite a few friends. Their wives don’t know and wouldn’t understand.”

She took a breath, “I have been invited almost every week for the last six months, I only do anal or give blow jobs. Your mother and mine are the ones that they fuck. In case it has escaped your notice they don’t date and this is for them.”

I looked at the closed door and I guess I just felt jealous, “mom never said…”

Meg laughed, “What was she going to say? Edward, once a week I invite men over to fuck me like a cheap whore.”

I shrugged and Meg sighed and slipped onto my lap, “You’re jealous?”

I blushed and hesitated before nodding, “I guess.”

She grinned, “They would let you fuck them like the others.”

I looked away and mumbled, “I would rather fuck you.”

Meg was quiet and finally laughed, “That’s why you always watch me and look at me funny.”

I didn’t think I could blush harder but I did, “Yes.”

She turned and straddled me, “I was planning to save my cherry for someone special.”

She caressed my face, “You’ll do.”

I looked into her face quickly and she grinned, “Can I tell them you aren’t going to call the police now?”

I sighed and nodded, “I wasn’t going to do it anyway.”

She laughed and kissed me before standing and walking to the door. She opened it and I heard her quiet voice, “He’s not going to call anyone. It was just the shock of finding out and…”

I saw her glance back at me, “And a little jealousy of not being invited…”

She opened the door all the way and I saw my mom, “I found out his dark secret and he’s is going to take my cherry.”

I blushed and heard aunt Sabrina, “Is he forcing…”

Meg laughed, “Absolutely not. He loves me.”

They were quiet and then Meg looked at mom, “I think you and mom need to talk about living together.”

Mom grinned as grandfather put his arm around her waist, “So you can sleep with him?”

Meg laughed as she turned and started walking towards me, “absolutely.”

I grinned at that, Meg was ignoring everyone at the door as she pulled her dress off. That was all she was wearing. She pulled me up and started backing me towards my bed as she pulled my shirt off. When I backed into the bed and sat down suddenly she knelt to take my shoes and socks off before reaching for my pants.

I was aware of everyone moving into my room but Meg seemed to keep my attention. She smiled at my thick cock and stroked it before looking up into my face, “I’ll give you a blow job and then you need to go down on me to get me ready.”

I knew my grin was huge and didn’t care as everyone chuckled. I nodded because I couldn’t speak and Meg smiled before leaning in and licking my cock. I groaned and shivered as she moved from licking the pre cum to licking the underside of my cock. She smiled at me and then put her mouth over my cock and started fucking the head in and out.

Her mouth felt so nice I groaned and shivered. It wasn’t long before I closed my eyes, “Meg?”

She pulled back so that just the head was in her mouth and used her tongue to lick and tease it. I groaned as my hips pushed up and I began pumping cum. I shuddered and looked down to see her swallowing cum as I squirted it into her mouth. When I finally stopped cumming she licked my cock clean and then smiled as she moved up beside me.

She rubbed my chest, “Nice cum Edward.”

I grinned as everyone chuckled and pushed Meg onto her back. I sucked on a nipple and kissed down her amazing body until I was between her legs. I looked up at her smiling face and then licked through her pussy. I grinned at the taste and pushed my tongue up inside her tight hole.

I licked her clit, making her shiver before I covered it and started sucking and wiggling my tongue against it. Meg shuddered and moaned as her hips began lifting off the bed. She kept running her hands through my hair as I gently nibbled on her clit and inner lips. When I pushed my tongue into her, she jerked and shuddered, her hips rising up off the bed.

She spasmed and kept shaking as I covered her clit and sucked while teasing it with my tongue. Finally she pushed my face away from her pussy and grinned, “Come up here.”

I moved up her body and lay next to her, cupping a breast. Meg smiled and turned, forcing me onto my back, not that I was complaining. She straddled me, “It’s a good thing I broke my cherry or this would really hurt.”

I caressed her sides as she lifted up and positioned my cock. Slowly she sat down forcing my cock into her. I shuddered at the feel of her warm, tight pussy around my cock and Meg took a deep breath, “Damn you’re big.”

Everyone laughed but I ignored them to pull her down on my chest. She shivered as her pussy squeezed my cock and released it. I kissed her and whispered, “I love you Meg.”

She kissed me back and sat up again before slowly rocking back and forth. She changed the rhythm to rocking and thrusting and I groaned at the feel. Meg jerked and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “oooohhhhhh!”

I thrust up as she paused and she arched her back before going rigid, “YES!”

Her pussy spasmed on my cock as she started jerking and thrashing around. I pulled her down and carefully rolled until she was under me. I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and Meg started convulsing, “cccuuuummmmmiiiinnnnggggg!”

I shuddered as I felt my balls tighten and then I thrust into her and pressed as my cock began spewing huge gushing spurts. Meg jerked at the feel of warm cum flooding her belly. She held me tight against her as I shuddered. She was twitching and spasming too and finally it was over and we were both trying to catch our breath.

Mom and aunt Sabrina both sat on the bed and laughed softly. Aunt Sabrina rubbed my back, “That was the best first time I have ever seen.”

Mom nodded and rubbed my back, “Now we can have a real party.”

Aunt Sabrina nodded, “Now Meg needs to feel other men and…”

I started to open my mouth and Meg squeezed me, “Wait.”

I looked at her and she looked at mom, “Finish it.”

Mom smiled, “And Sabrina and I get a turn with Edward.”

I looked at Meg and she smiled and whispered in my ear, “Save some for tonight when we go to bed.”

I looked at her and she caressed me, “A fuck is a fuck. What we did wasn’t a fuck. I’ll watch you and you watch me.”

I sighed and finally nodded before reluctantly pulling out of her tight pussy. Meg shuddered with me and grinned, “I feel empty now.”

I sat beside her and mom pulled me up, “Come downstairs Meg, we aren’t going to disturb his bed.”

Meg grinned as she rolled out of bed and her mother put her arm around her waist. They started for the door and Meg grinned, “Sorry guys but only three of you are going to fuck me.”

I felt a twinge but mom squeezed me as we followed Meg and aunt Sabrina. The guys crowded around Meg like she was in heat and grandfather and aunt Sabrina pushed everyone back. Meg looked at me and turned to our uncles. Mom held my waist as uncle Joe kissed her and caressed her body with uncle Pete and Ed.

The other men spread out to aunt Sabrina and mom. Aunt Sabrina took the camera away as mom kissed me and turned to bend over. She started sucking grandfather and I absently rubbed her pussy as I watched Meg. As uncle Pete sat down and pulled her onto his lap and I shook my head. I didn’t want to watch them and turned and slipped away.

I went back to my room and sat at the desk. It was a few minutes before mom looked in my doorway, “Edward?”

I glanced at her and shrugged, “I can’t watch mom.”

She walked in and sat on my lap, “I know you are jealous Edward. Your uncles or those other men aren’t going to take her or make her change how she feels about you.”

I nodded and she turned to straddle me and lifted up to position my cock. She slowly rocked back and forth as her pussy squeezed my cock and she groaned as it slid deeper. I caressed her body and mom started breathing harder and kissed me, “Meg needs to experience other men honey. In ten years she won’t wonder what another man will be like, she will know.”

I shivered as her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I caressed her hips, “I don’t need to watch it.”

She sighed and shuddered hard as she wet me. Her pussy kept squeezing and letting my cock go and after a couple of minutes she sighed. She hugged me as my cock throbbed inside her, “Okay honey.”

I stood with her impaled and moved to the bed before sitting and then rolling so she was under me. I fucked her with long, deep thrusts and a few moments later she was howling. I thrust into her and held her convulsing body as I began to spew and pump large jets of cum. Mom jerked and her howl turned into a wail as she felt warm sperm flooding her.

I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done. I just held her as she kept jerking and shaking. She finally relaxed and I kissed her before pulling out. She groaned and shuddered before slowly moving off the bed. She bent to kiss me as I lay back and then walked out. It was a few minutes before aunt Sabrina came in.

She hesitated and then closed the door and walked to the bed. She lay beside me and caressed my chest, “you really do love Meg don’t you Edward?”

I nodded and she smiled, “Tell me, how often do you masturbate?”

I blushed, “a lot, maybe ten or more times a day.”

Sabrina grinned and turned to straddle me before lifting my cock and slowly impaling herself. Her warm pussy was cummy and slimy but felt good. She shuddered as I finally pushed all the way in her. She began to rock back and forth, “we don’t really like the guys cheating to fuck us you know.”

I looked at her and reached up to cup her breasts, “Then why do it?”

She shuddered as her pussy rippled and squeezed me before she groaned. She opened her eyes, “It started because your mother and I were just to horny to say no.”

I tugged on her nipples, “but...”

She slowly lay on me as her pussy spasmed and she shivered, “Tell you what Edward, if Meg agrees we will move in. If you fuck your mother and I too we will stop having these parties. Meg has to agree though.”

“Agree to what?”

I looked at Meg walking towards us from the open door. Sabrina smiled and sat up, “Edward loves you and can’t watch you with another man.”

Meg nodded, “I saw him leave.”

I looked at her and she sat beside me, “What do I have to agree to?”

I opened my mouth and Sabrina groaned and began shaking and then convulsing as she wet me and her pussy spasmed around my cock, “ooooohhhhhh!”

I looked at her in surprise and Meg grinned and tugged on one of her mother’s nipples. Sabrina jerked and howled as she kept twisting and jerking. It was a few minutes before she calmed down and I was right on the edge of cumming. She sighed and shuddered before laying on me again to catch her breath, “we stop having whore parties if Edward fucks us too.”

Meg grinned and bent to kiss me, “Can you do all three of us?”

I shuddered and cupped the back of her head as I kissed her again. I nodded and she smiled, “then I agree.”

Sabrina shivered and I looked at her. She grinned, “Fuck me hard?”

Meg laughed and moved back, “Roll over and fuck her hard Edward.”

I smiled and did as Meg told me. When I was on top of Sabrina I started to fuck her with long, hard, deep thrusts. It wasn’t even a minute before her legs were in the air and she was wailing. Her pussy was spasming and rippling around my cock. I buried my cock and pushed hard to force it into her deeper before I began to pump and spurt cum.

Sabrina clung to me as her pussy grasped my cock and she started convulsing. She screamed as warm sperm was pumped into her in gushing spurts. When I stopped cumming she sighed and shuddered before grinning at Meg, “I love it.”

I kissed her and slowly pulled out before moving over. She shuddered and sat up to hug Meg, “Let me go talk to Sarah.”

She slipped off the bed and Meg smiled as she straddled my waist, “That made me horny Edward.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “Want to bet the guys aren’t going to want to stop?”

Meg bit her lip as she lifted up to fit my cock to her cummy pussy. She wiggled and pushed and forced my cock into her before shuddering and sitting back. We heard arguing and Meg sighed before lifting off my cock. I moved off the bed and pushed her back as I reached for my pants and then my bat.

When I walked out Sabrina and mom were arguing with one of my uncles and one of the men was holding mom’s arm. I didn’t even hesitate and hit the stranger with the bat before pulling mom and the Sabrina behind me, “Start walking or I start making calls to your wives!”

Those were the magic words and everyone quickly grabbed clothes. The guy I had hit stopped at the door, “This isn’t over.”

I smiled, “okay, I’ll let your wife know.”

He started and I nodded, “You made the wrong threat asshole. Just so you know, I took pictures before so I’ll send them to your wife so she knows I’m telling the truth.”

His face had gone white as he left. I turned to mom and Sabrina and mom grinned, “print the picture and I’ll send it to his wife, she is very jealous.”

I nodded and looked at Meg who grinned and pushed me down on the couch and knelt to pull my pants off. She stripped her dress off and straddled me as mom and Sabrina sat on each side of us. I held my cock up and Meg slowly pushed her pussy down onto it. She sighed and grinned at her mom before starting to rock and fuck my cock into her cummy pussy.

Mom laughed and stood before pulling Sabrina up. We were left alone, not that either of us cared. Meg rocked, thrust and ground back and forth. It wasn’t long before she started to shake and spasm as her pussy rippled and tightened. My cock was constantly pushing in and out and Meg kept jerking erratically.

I finally held her waist and grunted and began to spurt and gush cum. She spasmed when she felt my warm cum pumping into her and leaned into me to kiss. When I stopped cumming we both shuddered and sighed at the same time. She giggled as I grinned and shook her, she slowly lifted off my cock, “lets shut the lights off and go snuggle with our moms.”

I grinned, “you do mine and I’ll do yours.”

She laughed and kissed me before standing up. I made sure the doors were locked and turned off the lights. I caught Meg on the stairs and rubbed her butt before taking her hand. I glanced at her and whispered, “I love you Meg.”

She smiled at me and squeezed my hand. We found our moms laying on mom’s bed snuggling together. I let Meg go as I went around and climb in beside Sabrina and she climbed in beside mom. I spooned behind my aunt and let her move my cock between her legs. I reached over her and cupped a breast before kissing her bare shoulder.

Meg had her head on mom’s shoulder and kept caressing her tummy. It was a long time before I fell asleep and woke to Sabrina shuddering as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I thrust with my hips and my cock pushed into her a lot deeper. She groaned and pushed back as my hand moved down to hold her hip and I started to fuck her.

I groaned as I fucked into her deeper and she kept thrusting back. Before long I was burying my cock as she jerked and shuddered and her warm cummy pussy kept grabbing my cock. Mom giggled, “horny bitch.”

Meg laughed, “Like you aren’t?”

I groaned and rolled so that Sabrina was under me and I was fucking down into her. I used deep thrusts and fucked her hard as she wailed and kicked the bed. Five minutes later I shoved into her and pushed before pumping thick gushes of cum. She tilted her hips and howled as I flooded her with sperm.

When I stopped cumming she sagged to the bed, “I love sex in the morning.”

I sighed and pulled out of her before grinning at Meg. She pushed mom onto her back for me and I moved between her legs. Mom put her arms around me and I kissed her before pushing into her almost hot pussy. I fucked her with deep thrusts as I kept kissing her, it was a couple of minutes before she shuddered and then started bucking and convulsing.

Her pussy spasmed around my cock as she wailed and started kicking the bed with the heels of her feet. I fucked her hard and leaned over to kiss Meg before burying my cock and humping into mom. She howled as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her pussy tightened. I buried my cock and began to press, hump and grind.

She howled again as her cummy pussy rippled and milked my cock. She continued to struggle and jerked as I went back to fucking her and several minutes later thrust into her and pushed before spurting and spewing more cum. Mom tilted her hips and hugged me tight as her pussy clench and squeezed.

She shivered and shuddered as I kept pumping sperm into her until she sighed and relaxed when I stopped. Meg pulled me out and off her, “come wash me Edward.”

I was more than willing and followed her off the bed and into the bathroom. She peed as I watched and then I peed as she turned the water on. I washed her gently and she smiled and kept caressing my chest until I was done. She went to find her clothes as I went to get dressed in my room and then I printed the few pictures I had taken.

I put the best one showing the asshole with Meg sucking him on top. When I walked into the kitchen mom was singing with Sabrina as they made pancakes. I set the pictures down and pulled Meg up and sat in her chair before pulling her onto my lap. She grinned and wiggled before going back to eating.

Mom smiled as she set a plate beside Meg’s and sat down with her sister. She pulled the pictures to her, “I’ll make sure this top one gets to Trent’s wife.”

I swallowed, “as you see I altered the original to remove everyone’s face except his.”

She grinned, “I see.”

Sabrina leaned forward to look around her, “Meg and I are going home to pack. We should be back around noon.”

I grinned, “Noon will give me time to clean out the guest room.”

She looked at me as Meg turned and I hugged her, “to make you a large closet.”

They grinned and Meg hit me. I kissed her before looking at mom, “you need to go shopping later with aunt Sabrina for a new bedroom set.”

She grinned and then they laughed together, “and Meg gets to buy one for you.”

I looked at Meg as she wiggled on my lap. I caressed her sides and cupped a breast, “don’t get a bed so big I have to hunt for you.”

She grinned as mom and Sabrina laughed. I did chores while they were gone and mom pulled them after her when they came back with boxes of stuff which I helped unload. It wasn’t long before they left again and I went back to work. A couple of hours later they came home and mom pushed me towards the hall, “your all sweaty, go shower.”

Meg grinned and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bathroom before stripping as I undressed. I pulled her into the shower and she pressed against me before giving me a kiss, “we heard from Trent’s wife. She is kicking him out.”

I caressed her before reaching for a washcloth, “he may decide to come here.”

She shook her head, “grandfather and uncle Pete talked with him and they said he wouldn’t bother us anymore.”

After I was clean Meg pulled me out and I dried her before letting her do me. We found mom and Sabrina singing in the kitchen and Meg smiled as she joined them. There have been a few fights or arguments but not many. By the time Meg got pregnant we had moved into a large house with a much larger master bedroom.

Mom and Sabrina have strayed a time or two with grandfather when he was alive or uncle Joe or Pete. Grandfather ended up living with us after grandmother died. I think they did it more because grandfather and my uncles were having a hard time. Once a week mom, Sabrina and Meg have their private whore party and I am the only man invited.
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