Remind the kiddies to be careful at the bus stop
This story is about a training facility to prepare young children to be sex slaves. It is not for the weak of heart. It is a fantasy story. The devices and procedures used in their training may or may not exist. Some of them may not hold up to scientific reasoning. I invented them to sound feasible to the average reader. Read the story as fantasy rather than a factual documentary and you will enjoy it more.

Also, I have not finished the story. I have ideas about where I want the plot to end up, but it will be some time before I get to work on its completion. Please bear with me. I have a number of other projects I wish to complete first.

No actual children were harmed in the making of this story. As usual, all characters are ficticious. From some of the comments I received by some of the genuine demented folks that read “Too Young To Die” I feel it necessary to tell the reader that I do not condone the abuse nor the torture of children. Or anyone for that matter.

The Trainer

Chapter One

I am standing at the bus stop. There are seven of my friends here with me. Three boys and four girls. All four of the girls are drop dead gorgeous. One happens to be my older sister Lana although only by two years. At ten years of age, I already like girls. My problem is so far none of them seem to like me. Well, not the way I want them to.

Lana lets me look at her in the nude, but that’s only because she has always paraded around the house in the nude and thinks nothing of it. I like looking at her. Her body gets my dick hard, but she has no idea it does. If she did, I am sure the show would promptly stop as Lana would quickly start wearing at least underpants and a bra around the house..

I am starting my first day of the fifth grade. Some of the guys have been teasing each other about being queer. I think they must have just found out what faggots are. I think homos are disgusting. I couldn’t imagine a guy wanting to suck a dick. “Ugh!”

“Hey Billy. Suck this.” My best friend Bobby just pulled the front of his pants down shaking his thing at me. The rest of the guys were laughing and most of the girls were checking out the free show. Including my sister. Lana likes to look at dicks when it isn‘t too obvious she‘s looking. Just not at mine. At least I‘ve never caught her looking, not even when I had all my clothes off. Trust me. I leave them off a lot to help keep Lana thinking it’s no big deal for her to be nude in front of me.

“Fuck off Bobby. What? Are you a faggot or something?” Bobby pulled his pants back up and started talking about which teachers we might get stuck with this year. I hope I get Miss Langdon. She’s sure got pretty legs. She also wears really short skirts. So does my sister. I like that too.

We had been carrying on all sorts of antics having a blast. The bus should be here in about five minutes. Suddenly a van swerves across three lanes of traffic coming to a screeching halt in front of the bus stop. Two big guys got out of the van running toward us kids. Everybody took off running and screaming trying to get away from them.

I heard one of the men yell, “That one Joe. The cute little fucker with the green eyes, brown hair, and the short green shorts.” I had no idea who the cute little fucker is, but it only took a second for me to realize I am the only brown haired green eyed kid in green shorts. What is even more scary is the fact I am running as fast as I can go and they are gaining on me fast.

Joe got a grip on my left wrist pulling me to a quick halt. I struggled to get away. When I bit him, he grabbed me by the head so I couldn’t bite him anymore. “Damn, Al. The little bastard bit me.” Al laughed shaking his head. “What were you expecting him to do? Kiss you? Hold him still while I get the chloroform ready.” I feel a wet rag go over my nose and mouth, then everything went blank.

Chapter Two

I am awake. My thoughts are drifting through my head. “What happened? Oh shit. That’s right. Two guys grabbed me at the bus stop. Where the fuck am I now?“ I look around trying to get some idea of what I am dealing with. I seem to be in a small room. It looks to be about ten feet by ten feet. There is a metal pole in the middle of the room extending from the floor to the ceiling.

The pole has a chain attached to it. The other end of the chain appears to be, let me follow it to its end. “Fuck.” I’m naked and the goddamn chain is sticking out of the back of my ass. Pulling it out isn’t going to work. Every time I try, it hurts like a bitch. It’s like the damn thing is attached to something inside of me that’s a whole lot bigger than my asshole. Whatever it is, it’s pushing at my tail hole from the inside. God, it feels weird. The chain is just short enough where I can only get a foot from either wall.

After it became obvious I have no way to get out of this situation, I sat in the floor. The door opened. Some guy I had never seen walked in. “Hello, Billy. My name is Drake. You may call me by that. I am here to begin your training.” I interrupted Drake. “What training?” Drake walked over to me pulling me to my feet. “You’ll find out about all of that in due time. The best thing for you to do right now is listen and do what you are told.”

“The first week will be sort of an orientation session. The way it will work today is I will ask you a question and you will give me an answer. It is best to answer truthfully. Any lies will cause more treatments.” I spoke up again, “What ki…….” Drake raised his voice. “You are not to interrupt me boy. You talk only when asked to do so. Am I clear?” I nodded my head.

Drake shuffled through some papers in his notebook. “Let’s see. I already know all of your statistics. Stuff like parents names. Your age, grade and all of that stuff. What I need is personal stuff. The questions may seem a little weird, but I want you to answer them to the best of your ability.”

“First question. Do you like girls?” “Yes” Drake wrote in his book. “Good. That will make this go a lot smoother. Does your Mother still bathe you?” I sit there dumbfounded. I didn’t want to admit the truth, but I don’t know for sure what Drake already knows and I am already in a pretty pickle. I decide it is best to stay on the level. Obviously these people have researched me pretty well.

“Yes. She bathes me every night.” More writing ensued. “Have you ever kissed a girl?” Man these questions are embarrassing. I have a feeling they are going to get a lot more so. “Just my Mom.” I hesitated for a second. “Well, and my sister once, but that was only because she wanted to know what it was like to kiss a boy.” Drake wrote that down. “How long did you kiss your sister?” I can’t believe the questions this grown man is asking me.

I didn’t really want to talk about it. I decided I had better tell the truth. “About an hour. She wanted to experiment by what she called swapping spit.” Drake wrote some more. “Did her saliva taste good to you, Billy?” “Yeah. It was pretty cool.” Drake scribbled more in his book.

“Kiss me. Show me how you do it with your Mom.” I am in shock. I can’t kiss this dude. That is sick. I’ll throw up if I do. “I’m not kissing any guy. You can forget that.” Drake scribbled some more in his book and looked straight into my eyes. “You aren’t are you. I was hoping we could get through this part without any treatments. I’ll be right back.”

Drake walked out the door. I sat back on the floor wondering what he means by treatments. I didn’t have to wonder for long. Drake came back in pushing a cart with him. He picked up some plugs that were attached to a device on the cart. Drake grabbed the chain close to where it was protruding from my butt. He inserted the plugs into some sockets located on the chain.

“Okay, Billy. Lets try this again. Kiss me like you kiss your Mom.” This man is crazy. I still can’t kiss him. “No way Drake. I can’t kiss you. That would make me queer.” Drake wrote in his book before replying. “Have you ever seen a girl naked other than your Mom, Billy?“

Now I wonder what to say. Again, I decide I had better tell the truth. “Yes. My older sister wanders around the house naked almost all the time.“ Drake wrote some more. “Have you ever shot off or had an orgasm before, Billy?” I wasn’t sure what to say to this one. I just sat there with a dumb look on my face. Drake stood calmly watching my reactions as I sat in front of him on the floor.

“Of course you’ve never done either, Billy. You are only ten. You won’t be ready to do that on your own for a couple of years yet. Just relax and sit where you are. I’m going to bring you off with this probe module. I will use this same device to give you most of your treatments. Be prepared. When you finally shoot off, it will be a whole lot. You will get quite wet.” Now I know Drake is crazy. I’ve rubbed myself raw trying to shoot off. I can’t even make it feel like I have to pee like the other boys say happens first.

Drake pushed a button and turned a knob on his probe thing. I started feeling a tingling in my ass. The tingling stayed steady. It neither increased nor decreased in intensity, but the longer I was subjected to it, the more sensitive to it I became. What ever was on the end of that chain started bucking against the inside of my tail like it wanted out really bad. The feeling is incredible. I would never tell Drake, but it not only feels wonderful, I love it.

Drake watched me and wrote something else in his book. Suddenly he reached out to the cart picking up a hypodermic needle. I nearly freaked out when I saw it, the needle part is five inches long. And the hypo itself is about ten inches long. “Sit still for me Billy. I’ve got to give you this so you can shoot off. Don’t move a muscle. We wouldn’t want to accidentally poke it in your eye during the struggle. Would we?”

I am scared now. I certainly don’t want to get stuck in the eye with whatever is in that needle. Drake cradled my head in his arm pulling my chin up so he could get to my nose. I watched the hypo enter my left nostril. Drake shoved the needle in slowly. I could feel it stinging as it went in. The needle entered through the roof of my sinus cavity.

“Relax boy. This is going to hurt. I am getting ready to slip the needle into your brain. It will burn for a few minutes when I squeeze the medication in. Don’t worry. It’ll only hurt for a while. No more than fifteen or twenty minutes. One good thing about this stuff is it metabolizes with brain tissue so you’ll only have to go through this once. Yeah, that’s right. Just the one dose. I’ll turn you loose to writhe on the floor until it’s over.”

The plunger moved in as Drake’s thumb applied pressure to it. My eyes opened wide as I squealed in horror. I felt like the inside of my head was going to explode. Drake held my head firmly as he emptied the syringe into my brain. He pulled out the needle and let me go. I rolled all over the floor screaming my ass off. I felt like my brain was on fire. God, it hurts. As Drake promised, it soon quit hurting and I once again became aware of the tingling.

The tingling seemed to increase in area. It was entering my privates now. My dick was as hard as a rock. I’ve never felt like this in my life. The more it tingled the more excited I got. I sat on the floor for a half hour purring like a kitten. Suddenly I had to pee like I never had before. The feeling kept building and building until I thought I would explode.

“Lay down on your back for me Billy.” I am scared of what other treatments he might come up with, so I lowered my back to the floor. The thing in my tail is surging forward and then sliding back before doing it all over again. It’s pulling the chain back and forth through my asshole with it. I can’t tell you how good it feels. At the same time I am ashamed I have something up my ass that’s exciting me sexually.

My nuts are rolling around my sack and the feeling of needing to pee is driving me crazy. Drake will get mad if I piss all over the floor. “I have………..” “What the fuck did I tell you boy?” I suddenly realized I was being trained to exercise discipline as well as whatever else he is going to do to me. “You told me not to interrupt you and to only speak when I am asked to speak.”

Drake scowled. “Then I would suggest you shut the fuck up until I ask you something, boy.” God, I am getting ready to piss all over the place. I can’t hold it anymore. Oh, shit here it goes. Holy shit. I’m not peeing. My dick feels like its exploding and there’s a shit load of sticky white stuff squirting out the end of it. The stuff is getting all over my belly. “Ahhhh! Shit. Ohhhh, God that feels so good.” Evidently Drake was expecting me to moan and go ape shit while I am having my orgasm and shooting off. I guess that’s what I am doing.

At least he didn’t tell me to shut up. I look down at my penis. Oh, fuck. The damn thing is squirting that shit all over my face. I shot off for over three minutes and its everywhere. I am soaking wet just as Drake said I would be. Drake gave me a few minutes to collect myself.

Drake went outside the door returning with a chair. He sat in the chair. “Okay, Billy. Lets try this again. Get up in my lap. Kiss me like you kiss your Mom.” I want to throw up just thinking about kissing a guy. “No. I will not kiss a guy. That’s gross.” More writing occurred in the book. Drake stood up. “Damn, boy. You’re going to be a hard ass about this aren’t you?” Drake went out of the room.

I am sitting on the floor covered in my cum from head to waist, wondering what the crazy bastard is going to do to me now. I am beginning to think I should have gone ahead and kissed him. I am probably in the world of shit. I am also so, so horny. I want to shoot off again. I wonder if that has something to do with that stuff Drake injected into my brain. I know it isn’t the probe. He turned that off before he left. The door just opened.

It’s Drake again. He brought a naked boy with him. Drake is holding loosely onto a cable that is looped to a ring in the end of the boy’s penis. The ring is sticking right through the boy’s dick head. That had to hurt. He looks to be about twelve. He’s got a hairless pencil dick like me, only it’s a little bigger around than mine and his is four inches long.

“Billy, I’d like you to meet Gerald. He has volunteered to help with your training for awhile. I don’t know for how long yet. It all depends on your progress. As you can see, Gerald has advanced past the butt plug as a restraint. I am using a penis ring on him now. Once I go more than a week without having to tug on the cable, I have promised to remove it for him.”

“If you are a good boy, you might just advance to a penis ring in the next three weeks. I’ll come in later to relieve your bowel. There is simply no way for you to have a movement with the plug. That’s why it’s called a plug.” Drake left Gerald standing next to the chair and sat down. “Okay, Billy. Kiss me.” I can’t believe I said it again. “No way. I ain’t kissing no guy.”

The chair made a screeching noise as Drake stood up. “Have it your way, boy.” Drake walked over to the wall. He opened a panel. Then he turned a dial in the panel. I suddenly found myself being dragged across the floor toward the pole by my butt plug. “Roll over on your belly, Billy. If you don’t, it’s going to hurt a lot when I have to flip you over with your ass tight up against that pole.”

I roll over as I was told. Soon, my asshole is puckered tightly against the pole. Drake fumbled around under the cart and came over to me. He hooked a chain to a loop on the pole and stuck some kind of a hooked plug up my nose that was attached to another chain. He draped it over my head and connected the chains. Now I am laying on my belly with my head bent back in the air. I can’t move my body or my head.

I watched as Drake squirted a little tube of stuff into the end of my free nostril. He ran his pinky finger up my nose twirling it back and forth. Shit, he’s greasing up my nose. Drake removes the ring from Gerald’s dick. “Okay Gerald. Shoot off in his head.” What the fuck? I know I didn’t just hear that.

Gerald dropped to his knees. He grabbed his hard on and stuck it against the opening of my nose. Gerald grinned as he said. “You’re gonna like this dude.” He pushes forward sliding his shaft up into my head through my nostril. “Ouch. That really hurts.” Drake turns a knob on the probe machine. I scream bloody murder. It’s like he sent a charge of electricity up my ass. “What the fuck did I tell you boy. You’d better start paying attention. The picnic is over. The more you resist, the more I’m going to hurt you. Have you got that through your thick skull yet?”

“Yes, sir. I won’t let it happen again sir.” Drake heaved a sigh. “And don’t call me sir. My name is Drake. You’re just going to do what I tell you to do. We aren’t in the army. Okay?” “Yes Drake.” Gerald is still happily hammering away at my nose. That must be some wicked shit Drake put in my brain. My nose is starting to come alive. I feel like it’s a pussy and I might come with my head. I am so fucking horny, my dick is poking at the floor. I really do like this. I hope Gerald takes a long time getting ready to shoot off. I don’t know what I’ll do when he does. Will I puke or will I be able to sniff it down into my throat and swallow it? I guess I’ll just have to wait to see what happens.

I can feel Gerald’s meat slipping in and out of my nose. It’s like I am breathing his dick. With the medicine I got, I am imagining he is a part of me. It’s like his dick is my clit. I noticed he dribbles a little something out of his shaft every few minutes. It’s kind of neat when his nut sack slams into my chin when he bottoms out in my nose. I want to scream in ecstasy every time his dick head comes back out near the opening of my nose. Then Gerald slaps it right back in. Who would ever have thought getting fucked in the nose would be fun.

Gerald kept this rhythm up for a half hour. He has been breathing really hard for ten minutes. He is actually dripping sweat onto my face. Gobs of slimy gooey stuff started squirting up into my sinuses at the same time, Gerald began grunting and squealing all kinds of sounds. Obviously he was getting off big time and all of it right here in my head. There is so much of it. Puddles of his cum ran down the back of my throat and I gagged. This shit isn’t the tasty tidbit I had imagined.

The vomit began spewing from my throat. Finally Gerald pulled back from me. Drake let me puke for a spell. Then he unhooked my nose and let my chain back out. Drake sat in the chair again. “Kiss me.” Now I know I am screwed. I couldn’t move. Here I am sitting in the floor with a head full of another boy’s semen and I am reluctant to kiss a guy. Three minutes passed. Drake did nothing but sit there. I sit in his lap. Drake hugs me tight and turns my face up to his. Our lips meet. I shut my eyes trying to pretend he’s a girl.

Some of the boys at school told me there is no difference between a guy’s lips and a girls. This was at a sleepover when they had been trying to convince me to kiss them. The idea had been to start with a kiss and then talk me into sucking their dicks. I didn’t swallow the bait.

Drake pulled a suction on my mouth for a few seconds, then pulled back. “I tell you Billy. If you don’t pull out all the stops and show me what you do with your Mama, you’re going to be real sorry.” I just can’t do it. I’m not queer. “Please don’t make me kiss you, Drake.” Drake shook his head. He would jot something down in his book every time he asked me something or did something to me, so I won‘t mention that every time he does. “You are definitely a slow learner boy. You just committed two more fouls. I’ve been extremely nice to you up until now. I think its time to let you see what your situation really is so you will know who is in control.”

Drake disconnected the plugs from my chain placing them back on the cart. I feel myself being lifted out of Drake’s lap. When my feet hit the floor, Drake got out of the chair opening his wall panel again. I know right off this isn’t a good thing. He flips a switch. I watch in horror as the end of the chain near the pole went straight up to the ceiling. I began careening across the floor the same as before. The next thing I knew I was sliding up the pole ass first. My screams could be heard a mile away. When my butt touched the ceiling, Drake stuffed a gag in my mouth to shut me up.

“Why don’t you hang around for awhile, boy?” With that, Drake turned on his heels leaving me hanging in the air by my butt plug. My nuts are smashed against the pole and I am looking directly at the floor. I am still screaming bloody murder, but can’t make a sound. It hurts something awful.

Chapter Three

I have been hanging from this fucking pole for God knows how long. My asshole feels like it might give out and let me slam to the floor head first. So far this butt plug still has a firm grip on me. I hurt something fierce. The door opens. It’s Drake. He doesn’t speak. Drake walks over to me. His hand raises my chin. He put his mouth against mine. I held my lips shut like a dummy. Drake turned my chin loose. He walked over to the wall panel.

I was ready to be shocked again. Oh fuck. Instead, my butt plug is getting bigger. I feel like my tail is going to explode. Drake wrote something in his book and walked out without saying a word. I hung around for what seemed like forever. The door opened. It was the boy. He raised my chin. I feel his lips on mine. Soon his tongue is searching deeply into my mouth.

I am cured. I kiss him eagerly. “Oh. Gerald. Give me some of your spit. I am ready to kiss. I want to kiss you really bad.” Gerald smiled as he released my chin. He stood in the chair reaching under me pulling at my nuts. “I can’t wait to clip these off for you. You’ll love it. I promise. It hurts like a bitch. Or so I’ve been told. I get to eat em as soon as they come loose. Yeah, there‘s nothing like a tasty set of boy nuts. Especially when they‘re still in the sack.” Gerald walked out of the room giggling as he went. I am scared shitless now. I can only hope Gerald was trying to scare me with his threat to clip my nuts off.

Drake comes into the room. My butt plug shrunk back up. I slide to the floor. Drake sits in the chair. I climb into his lap. My lips mesh with his. I suck on his mouth sticking my tongue between his lips just like Mom taught me to. Drake shoves a big gob of spit into my mouth. I nearly puke, but quickly swallow it down. “Now that wasn’t all that fucking hard was it, Billy?”

“No Drake. It was pretty cool.” I had learned my lesson. At least the part about kissing a guy. Drake looked at me writing in his book. Drake walked to the door retrieving a bag from the outside. He fished around in the bag removing several tubes and various gadgets. He hooked one end of the tube to a plug in the wall. Then he assembled the gadgets together to make one. The contraption had a sort of prong on it with what looked like two scoops on the sides connected to several straps.

“Step over the chain Billy so it is between your legs and sticking out the front.” I did as I was told. Drake pulled the chain up to my nuts and inserted the prong up my ass. The scoops settled securely against my ass cheeks. Drake connected the straps in the front.

“Relax, Billy. Just go with the flow. You’ll feel a lot better in a few minutes. I am going to flush your bowel. When we finish, I’ll let you empty your bladder. I want to warn you. It’s going to piss Gerald off something fierce even though he won’t dare say so. You need to learn to do as I tell you. It is not in your better interest to have Gerald mad at you. He will be in a position to hurt you. When he gets angry, he tends to be a little less gentle.”

Drake turned a knob in his panel. I feel a sudden rush of warm wetness surge into my ass. My belly puffed out. I instantly felt a huge urge to shit. The stuff stopped squirting in. I stood there waiting for what would happen next. I had to shit something awful, but I couldn’t get anything out. Ten minutes went by. I feel a suction against my asshole. My belly went back to normal. Drake was right. I feel much better.

Drake removed the prong from my butt. He stuck the prong into another slot on the wall. He turned another switch in the panel. I heard gurgling noises and a rush of some fluid in the hose. Drake removed the stuff from the wall placing it all back in the bag. He walked out with the bag. I stood there feeling empty except I had to pee so bad I could taste it. I wanted to sit down, but having to pee so bad, I didn’t think it would be a good idea.

The door opened. Gerald came in. He was still nude and he was alone. Gerald had a look of disgust on his face. He dropped to his knees in front of me putting my dick head into his mouth. Gerald pulled back for a moment. “Go ahead and pee dude. Piss slow so I can drink it. If you get it on me, I won’t be thrilled about it. Understand?” He put me back in his mouth. My dick got hard right off the bat. Now I can’t pee.

We stayed there like that for what seemed like forever. Finally Gerald pulled back again. “What the fuck are you waiting for. Go ahead and pee already.” Shit, I can already see this is going to get ugly. “I can’t pee. My dick is hard.” Gerald shook his head like I was a dunce. “Lean over a little so your shaft is straight and doesn’t have any pressure on it. That will let you pee.”

I leaned forward. I still couldn’t pee. Gerald waited several more minutes then pulled back again. “You little bastard. I just knew you were going to make me suck you till you get soft. I hate sucking a dick. Trust me, you’re gonna pay for this.” Gerald popped me back into his mouth. He slurped me all the way in wrapping his lips gently around my already throbbing member. God, this boy can really suck. The feeling is stupendous. I watch as my meat disappears and reappears between Gerald’s lips. His mouth is so warm and wet.

I am so horny I would fuck a rattlesnake. It only took five minutes for me to explode between Gerald’s sweet lips. I grabbed him behind the head pulling him up close as I squirted gob after gob of my excitement down his throat. I was surprised he didn’t object to it. Gerald was gulping for all he was worth. If I shot as much into his mouth as I did on myself the first time, he was lucky it didn’t squirt out the sides of his lips. Finally, my dick went limp. Gerald sat there on his knees still holding my dick head in his mouth. I started to pee. I was careful to let it out slow.

I peed and peed and peed for what seemed like forever. When I finished, Gerald got up walking to the door. He stopped short of leaving. He looked at me as he said in a disgusted voice. “Faggot!” Gerald left and shut the door behind him. I know he is furious. My problem is the only one Gerald can take his frustrations out on is me. I am fucked for sure. I am also about to starve to death to say nothing about being thirsty.

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