Mark takes it to the next level
Things with Mark only got better as the blow-jobs became more frequent. And, just before we headed off for winter break, he upped the ante if you will...

I was on my knees, sucking at his thick, throbbing 8 inch cock, squeezing his muscular, military thighs when he came a big load. I sucked him off well and good and sat back on the floor, catching my breath. Slowly, we both settled down a bit and began talking about the upcoming finals. First quarter was nearly done with and Mark would be heading back to Minnesota for a month. I was going to stay with two different friends over the course of the break since going home wasn't an option..

"You finally going to fuck Caroline man?" Caroline was a girl that Mark had been desperately trying to get with since his sophomore year of high school. So far, no luck, and the desperate boy had spent the last few weeks skyping her non-stop, setting up the playing-field for a winter tryst.

"Hell yeah. Actually, I wanted to ask you something bro... I know this sounds weird, but, I haven't done it with a girl yet."

"And what do you want from me? In case you forget, I'm not exactly an authority on whatever the fuck goes down in the dead meat aisle.." Mark was straight... I was gay... we worked well together as room mates with me sticking to the sucking and he to he cummng.

"I'm worried man. Like, I wish I had practice." Mark was talking slow, with pauses, which confused me a bit. I couldn't believe that he would ask to practice on me but that seemed to be where he was going. Blow jobs from a dude were one thing I could see for a straight guy, but anal... I couldn't believe that he would want to do that.

"What are you getting at man?"

"Shit, would it be fucked up if I maybe tried to fuck you?"

I was down to fuck a hot guy. But being friends with Mark, I had some reserves. The last thing I wanted was to drive a knife in the first real friendship I had created since the disaster of my senior year.

"Listen, I would be cool with that but I think you need to seriously think about if you want to do that Mark"

"I know... I think I do."

I suppose give the man what he wants is a good mentality for these kinds of situations. I definitely had not been fucked in a long time and Mark was a prime specimen. He was a cross between a cute, boyish teenager and a strong, muscular ROTC jock, and he had a big dick.

"Like right now?"


Give the man what he wants...

"Alright, do you have any condoms?"

Mark pulled out a strip of condoms and tore one off. He got up and started to take off his shirt. I did the same.

"So, what do we do man?" Mark asked as he was just slipping off his briefs.

We were both going about the removal of our clothes. My lanky runners frame was next to nothing compared to his physique. The broad shoulders, sexy chest, tight ass... I could feel my dick perk up and my heart race.

"I suppose maybe just take me from behind. That's the simplest."

I got on my hands and knees in the center of our dorm room.

"Hey, maybe put on some music. Something loud." Mark obliged and started playing a rock playlist through his computer.

Now naked and with condom applied, Mark was set up behind me. "What do you want me to do Scott?"

"I'm going to leave that up to you. I'll tell you if you're doing something weird."

Mark took a moment and then I felt the tip of his hard dick slip between my cheeks. He held it there for a moment, grabbed my lower back with his powerful hands and gave a quick, strong thrust into my ass. His dick exploded through painfully. My ass was tighter than I had expected after bieng out of the game so long.

"Holy shit" I exclaimed, "Man, too fast. She's probably a virgin too, so maybe softer to start..."

"Sorry man, should I stop?"

"No, just keep going."

Mark still had his penis inside my ass, somewhere roughly halfway in. He started to slowly push it forward, then withdraw. After a few, tight, heavy, and unbearably slow motions, I had to tell him to pick it up.

He began to get into a rhythm somewhere between slow and moderate. Eventually, he started to hit my prostrate at the right pace that I began to moan. That made him pick up speed. I started to shiver as he thrust his big, thick dick into me over and over again. It was fucking amazing just how big the boy was.

"Oh fuck my boy pussy. OH, oh yeah. Oh..."

Mark was doing well, very well. He pounded my ass for a good half hour before blowing a load. His body collapsed on my back and I laid down face-first on the floor. We were both panting heavily. After a few moments he pulled out and rolled to the side. I turned and looked at him.

"Good job Mark. That was great."

"Thanks man, Boy pussy, is that really what you fags call it?"

We both laughed in between the panting.

Soon we both got up to go shower. Unfortunately, he was still adamantly denying any sexual feeling towards men, and as such, refused to let me tackle his tight muscular ass. It was funny having a room mate that thought nothing of using his gay room mate to elevate a little blue ball every week or so.

Finals week came and went and we both went our separate ways for winter break. He fucked me one more time before leaving, just for "extra practice" before going home. I was interested to see where things might land during out third quarter after break...

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