First time with a mate
Pete's TV

I went out on a Friday night with work friends for a drink. While out I met a friend Pete, who I had had a few drinks with before as he moved in the same circles. We ended up having a laugh and a joke and after a few beers he asked the waiter if they could put the rugby on TV. They said no. We both had a grumble about that as we hadn't seen a game that week.

After a few more drinks and laughs Pete said to me, fancy a few quiet ones and watch the rugby at my place. I said "Sure why not", we each picked up a 6 pack and headed back to his place that was only a 5 minute walk away.

We settled in on the couch and Pete was scanning channels trying to find the rugby. After a while he couldn't find rugby so he looked at the TV guide and it said the rugby was on the next night. "Damn" said Pete, "what should we watch" We ended up watching a German movie with sub titles and talked a lot through it. After a while a scene came on with very graphic sex including showing the ladies nipples and pussy lips. The guys cock was never shown hard, but a little glimpse of it soft. We both had a laugh and said it was a surprise she was enjoying it as it didn't seem too big. We ended up having a fairly frank discussion about the size of our cocks, even saying that we were both 9" and nice and thick. Pete admitted he was not circumcised and I said I was. We even talked a bit about how much cum we shoot as I had had a girlfriend tell me I didn't do much and wanted a second opinion. Pete said if I didn't mind we could watch a porno he had that showed lots of cum and I could see it was real that guys did shoot a lot. I was OK with watching a porno, had done that lots with footy teams as a young guy, it was usually a laugh. After a while Pete had the porno going and we had been drinking so we were feeling pretty mellow. There ensured a wide series of guys cocks of varying colors and sizes being sucked by hot chicks till they shot many big strands of cum over the girls face. I had of course seen
similar as since the internet everyone has. We talked pretty openly about it and I made a few jokes which ended up with Pete whacking me a with a cushion. The cum shot video finished so Pete started putting on another and I noticed there were a few gay sounding titles in the list he was bringing up on the TV. The next one he showed was deep throating, Lots of really nice chicks hoovering up 6 and 7 inch cocks. He said is that about your size, we had a few jokes about chicks not doing math well, then he said would you mind showing me, I haven't seen a guys cock as big as my own. I was pretty pissed so I said "OK, I'm happy to do anything if you do to". Strange comment considering I am straight.

Long story short we ended up both sitting there on the couch with a beer in one hand, our shirts on, no pants or jocks and shoes off with socks on. Both of us are 5'10" chiseled features and gym toned bodies. Sure to his word Pete was 9 inches long already hard and just as thick as me with a funny soft sort of skin cover over the head. I was barely half hard, and the head of my cock was 6cm diameter just as thick as his. I said I was nervous and so we just watched a bit of porn until there were some really good cock sucker chicks on and I started to get hard. My cock unfurled and inflated, and I glanced over at Pete, he was watching me and slowly
stroking his big cock. There was a glistening clear blob of pre-cum leaking out of the head of his cock. Pete reached over to stroke my cock but being shy I said "Hey don't" and he withdrew his hand. He said "Sorry. I'm not gay or anything, I've never even done anything like this before, I was just curious as yours is like mine" I understood what he was saying as I secretly admitted to myself i wondered what it would be like to stroke his. I went and got more beers, walking along with my hard cock swaying in front of my mate was actually turning me on. I got harder and bigger. Pete was watching me, he joked "Not gay hey, look at that cock grow when you can show it off, and look at that cyclist ass, gay guys would cry for that" I handed him his beer and my cock was only about 30cm from his face as he was sitting down. He kept saying cheeky shit so as he took the beer, being drunk I did something unexpected, I had a free hand and I pulled his head forward and thrust my hips and he had my cock on his lips. He opened his mouth to yell and the cock head went right in 6 or 8 cm, I was saying "go on then suck it if ya like watching it so much." He struggled, spat my cock out and said "shit, you got your cock in my mouth you bastard" I was laughing my head off, when he rugby tackled me to the ground, sat on my chest and was inching his way up my torso to shove his cock in my mouth. We were struggling and fighting to do something that was happening on the TV. He managed to get his cock on my lips and wiped a big smear of pre-cum on my lips. I was fighting like mad as I did not want that. We kept struggling for minutes , I could have hit him but didn't. At some point he reached behind, grabbed my cock and said "Man you're hard" He was right, I was rock hard, and I knew his hand felt good. He massaged my cock head and the shaft and even tickled my balls. All the time he kept his rock hard cock on my lips which were firmly shut. He was saying"c'mon man, you got your cock in my mouth has to be even." I refused, then he said "well what about some more Stroking then and when you like it you reciprocate". Pete kept stroking my cock and rubbing my pre-cum into my cock. His cock was getting even harder and he was leaking pre-cum onto my chin and lips. I could not believe it, it smelled good and sexy. After a few more minutes I slipped out my tongue and tasted my first pre-cum, he was rubbing his cock over my lips openly by now and I started licking, soon he lifted my head and slipped the head of his cock in my mouth. It was salty but very sexy. Then he turned himself so he could still push his cock in my mouth but so he could also get his mouth around my cock. As he descended on my cock I lost all semblance of resistance and started sucking his cock for real. I quickly learnt I could get the head in my throat the same way girls can by aiming it high at the back of my throat. It felt fucking horny having a fat long cock in my mouth and 3 inches down my throat. Pete was trying to do the same, but was gagging as my cock head hit his throat. We might have been there sucking each others cock for 30 minutes. I'd gotten past any worries about pre-cum and was really enjoying it. I'd had my tongue over his nut sack as he had mine, I'd stopped short of licking his ass but he had his tongue up mine and it felt great. We were stroking each others cocks and sucking, neither noticing the TV was now black and finished. Pete got up to put more porn on and I took the time to have a slurp of beer. I had to reach for it.

Pete was over behind me quickly, his rock hard cock between my legs rubbing against my balls and cock. It felt fucking good so I wasn't phased. He was pressing his hips so his cock slid forward and back on mine, he was hugging me from behind and biting my neck lightly. I was rock hard too, soon he stopped thrusting, and I felt his hand between us and suddenly his cock was at the entrance to my ass. I moved quickly and threw him over on his back, "you're not fucking my ass" I said. He laughed and I slid my leg between his, soon our cocks were rubbing and both leaking re-cum. There was not enough lubrication, so he went and got a tube of lube, and I felt awkward so I had sat down, he squeezed a lot of lube in his hand and said, "May I" I nodded so he started rubbing my cock, coating it in lube. Soon we were back on the floor with loads of lube between our cocks and balls really feeling good. Then he had me turned again but with his hand on my cock and his cock snaking in between my legs to rub lube on my balls. He changed his angle until he was rubbing my ass hole balls and cock all with one big long thrust of his cock. Then I felt him grab his cock again and go to push it into my ass I stopped him again. We wrestled for control and ended up me on top, between his legs, big 9" cocks rubbing together. I had his hands pinned then said "so you want to fuck my sweet virgin ass hey, lets see how you like the boot on the other foot." I had him firmly pinned and slid my cock down his cock and balls until I was under his balls. I slid my cock down his body between his ass cheeks.

He felt very different to a girl, bigger and much harder, his ass cheeks were rock hard like mine. He then started saying "Don't, don't I've never done that, sorry I wont do it again, don't fuck my ass" I was enjoying the power and control, plus with all the sucking and rubbing I was thinking his ass might feel good. I was rubbing and pressing and could feel the softer part between his ass crack where his ass hole could be. I didn't think what I was doing was homo or poof it was just sexy. Soon he was moaning as I rubbed his ass hole with my cock head, I found him relaxing his arms and lifting his hips for better access. We had squashed the lube tube in the wrestle and I let his hand go he immediately got a hand full off the carpet and started rubbing his cock and soon mine too, to make sure it was all lubricated. Both our cocks were rock hard and thick. He was stroking off his cock hard and fast and humping his ass hole against the sliding head of my cock. Pete moved his legs higher and suddenly my cock stopped slipping past his ass and started stretching it instead. He was concentrating on his cock stroking it and he had his other hand on my ass pulling me closer, now into his ass. Pete was extremely tight. I've fucked many chicks in the ass and few are ever anywhere near as tight as this tight ass. He was crushing my cock. I grabbed a hand full of the crushed lube off the floor and turned him over
fingering his ass hole and putting lots of lube in there. Then I turned him back and started to work the head in again. The head popped past his sphincter and he went nuts stroking his cock really fast, pulling the big flexible foreskin forward and back over his cock. He was pulsing and jerking and his eyes were closed and face dark red. I was surprised how much I was enjoying this. His ass was super tight, and I felt I could slide my whole 9" up his ass. The visual stimulation was fabulous too, I felt myself wanting to see him cum, see it shoot all over his chest, maybe even get my chest. I settled into a rhythm and was sliding my cock all the way out and all the way in, I even started working out how he liked to be fucked, unthinkable an hour earlier. His ass was pulsing and he was stroking his cock furiously, it started to do it for me too and on one of his ass contractions he got some pulses out of my cock. Pete's mood changed instantly, he stopped stroking and started pushing me off saying "don't cum in me", I wasn't cumming and wouldn't shoot in him and said so, but Pete's mood was broken, he was panting, and his cock was leaking pre cum, I stroked his cock for him as we talked about it. Neither of us had done this before, I hadn't worn condoms as I fucked him. I lent down and sucked his cock, the lube tasted OK. As we talked I reached over the couch for my beer and like before he was behind me straight away, his big cock rubbing my balls and cock, his skin touching down my back. I was enjoying the sensation so I just stayed there draped over the couch ass in the air. Pete kept sliding his cock up and down along my balls and cock. The he got some of the squashed lube and started rubbing his thumb up and down my ass crack lubing up my ass, then his cock and increased his travel so his cock head kept rubbing on my ass as well as balls. maybe it was the beer but it was starting to feel damn good. My ass was throbbing and I kept thinking about sliding into his ass and how it felt, plus the look on his face as I pushed in and pull all that distance out. While I was thinking about all this, I noticed that his cock was staying longer at my ass entrance and was pushing in further, it kind of hurt but funny it hurt in a good way. His cock was just as big as mine, so I looked down at my cock to visualize his. My cock was easy 7cm (3") wide at the head and 25cm(10") long, big thick rock hard purple thing, leaking pre-cum. I was imagining how much he was pushing into me, thinking maybe the head is in. I pushed back a little and his cock head popped past the muscle and there was no doubt I had my first ever cock in my ass. It was burning so I said "take it slow". Pete had 1 hand on my cock and the other scooping up lube and putting it on his. Soon I realized I was pulling away when he pulled out and pushing back when he pushed in. I was consenting and helping him fuck me. It was hurting like hell but feeling even better so I kept at it. He was really fucking me and saying "its half in you now", jeezus 5 inches of fat cock up my ass. His hand on my cock felt fantastic and I was sure I was stretching my cock skin being so hard. Pete kept fucking me then on one in stroke I felt his balls slap against my balls, fuck he was balls deep in my ass. I looked at my own cock, definitely 10 inches and 3 wide. It felt fucking awesome and I wondered why I had not done something that felt this good. I wasn't going to miss out on this feeling anymore. Pete was going on about some rubbish "So sweet, your ass is so tight and sweet" then he fucked the mood saying "you're my ass slut" and I wasn't so I pulled off him and threw him to the floor in doggy. Slid my cock up and slid it deep in his ass, "fuck" he cried out, "slower next time" I said, "now who is my ass slut" and said a few other strong words like ass cunt and going to fuck you slut, he was madly pumping his cock with his hand and pushing back onto me, when I made the mistake of saying to him what I would say to a girl "gonna fuck your sweet ass and blow you full of cum" He threw me off and we wrestled for a minute as we are same weight and strength, then he pinned me on my back and had his cock sliding up my tight bruised ass. It went in pretty easy, felt very good, and I didn't know if to fight him off or let him fuck me. Soon I had his big cock 9" deep inside me and he had my knees on his shoulders fucking me. My ass was pulsing and my cock throbbing. We both had our hands on my cock pumping, took two hands to cover it. Finally I felt the run up to a cum, the force of his big cock in my ass was just too much. My cock started spasming and then the white of the cum shot out getting him up the side of face, he lent down to see what happened and the next rope of cum went over his lips and some in his mouth, he went to pull out but I had him with both hands, "Don't stop" I said. He kept sliding his cock in and out of me then surprised me, he lent down and sucked my cock, still shooting little bits of cum. He was ass fucking me super hard now, and my ass was still pulsing and the feeling of being sucked was keeping me pulsing and oozing cum. Suddenly I was over it and the feelings were all too much I pushed him off, he sat there massive hard on in hand, puffing and sweaty. He said "Is that it, are you done" I said "sorry mate, once I came it was too much", he said "what about me, can you suck me", I said "no way that cocks been up my ass."

He still had ropes of cum over his face and chest and lips and I laughed at him, so he started wrestling again. Soon he had me pinned again, maybe the cum had weakened me. He had his legs each side of my hips and was inching up my torso trying to get his cock in my mouth. I looked at his cock and there was no brown nasty stuff but I still didn't want to suck it. We had struggled for quite a few minutes to get to that position and his butt cheeks were rubbing my cock so it started to harden. Soon I was fully hard and the struggle took on a new energy, him pushing his cock forward to my mouth, me pushing his hips back towards my hard cock. I managed to get him up, and my cock under him, so soon I was rubbing my cock head over his anus. A minute of this and he lent forward pushing down and pop my cock was in his ass. The look on his face said it all, he was loving it, I got more lube off the floor and rubbed it on my cock. He was moving up and down, inching my big cock into his tight ass. He started stroking his cock at the same time, then he started to really push down, one hand on his cock and the other in the air like a rodeo rider. I had my hands on his hips pulling him onto my cock. The visuals of his big cock getting pumped 12 inches from my face were a turn on so I got really hard again. He was riding me hard now, sliding up 9" and getting the head stuck just inside his sphincter muscle. Then slamming down hard on my cock with help from my hands. This went on for a few more minutes, and then as he was stroking his cock it started erupting cum, Pete shot about 10 big squirts of cum all over his chest and mine, some got his face some got mine, some cum even got on my lips. He kept riding my cock and stroking and shooting until there was simply no cum left in his body. I was rubbing his cum into his chest and massaging his nipples with the cum. His cock quickly shrunk and soon he was pulling off my now less impressive cock. Once again there was no mess on my cock. I said "So how about sucking my cock since you were so keen on cock sucking after ass fucking" He said "No Way its been in my ass" familiar hey? So we started wrestling again, him weaker than me this time as he had just cum. Soon I had him over powered and was going to force my cock in his mouth when he said "No not the mouth , ass if you have to" I turned him face down on the floor, got on top and slid my hard cock all the way into him in one go, he pushed back saying "that's fucking awesome", we were getting into the swing of the fuck, nice rhythm, him pushing back and he said "Don't cum in me" I agreed not to and kept fucking his nice tight ass. Soon I could feel the orgasm cumming and increased the tempo to the point I was just about cumming and pulled out, rock hard slippery from the cream and lube, I stroked my cock aiming for his ass cheeks, but just at the last minute he turned and sucked my cock as I started cumming, great big shots of cum, it felt great so I let go with my hand and just kept forcing my cock down his throat. He kept sucking and soon my cock was in his throat, I was being deep throated. The last few pulses of my cock actually hurt, think I emptied my ball bag and prostrate that cum. I basically cleaned up and left after that.

I had Pete's number and we traded a few texts. Non sexual just asking about discretion. We didn't talk about what happened. Pete sms'd me after a few weeks asking if I wanted a beer. I was away and said I was away. He sms'd "another time then", I replied "sure".

I was very worried we had had unprotected sex so we agreed via text to get a check up and was very relieved when we both had perfectly clear results. Pete suggested a few beers to celebrate and I agreed...

If you want to read the part two I'll need a little encouragement :) its not written yet but was very hot...


2012-11-28 17:45:20
Great story...can't wait to read more

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2012-11-27 21:58:35
Pl.ease keep writing. Im really enjoying what you wrote on part 1. I cannot wait to read the next part.

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