Perhaps, I am wrong in assuming that girls are not aggressive. This girl with me who is a junior to me in the college seems to have acquired more knowledge- both in theory and practice- in sexual activities. And what is worse, she is happy about that. Just read her story. Maybe love and discipline not shown at the right time may divert people to a totally different path. Now over to Yuvi.
Have u ever seen that sprawling bungalow near the banks of river Cauvery in south India. It is surrounded by a vast area of lush garden. It is about a century old yet maintained very well, has about 25 rooms in 4 floors, one conference hall and a mini meeting hall serviced by about 50 servants. And that is our palace.

My dad is a direct descendent of some royal clan who had earlier ruled that part of the country. My father though not exactly a ruler now, is still a ruler of sorts in this area as he was a MP previously and is getting ready to win the election which is around the corner. My mom is a leader of women’s wing in the same political outfit of my dad. Both shall mostly be out of station for most of the days and to be frank, we were (that is me and my brother) practically brought up by some loving devoted servants.

I am now around 17 studying medicine and my brother is 20 in college. What I am going to narrate is something that happened about 3 years back.

I was studying in school final and my brother had left for junior college. First time, I felt very lonely as my only companion at home, my brother, gone to college leaving me alone in that big house.

After some three months, I came from school and went to my room. The maid servant came in and helped me change my dress (a frock reaching my knee and a short shirt) and do the hair. Then she gave me light snacks with coffee. As I started drinking coffee, she told me that my brother had come from college on holiday. It was a wonderful news to me. I immediately ran and barged into his room without even knocking. He was standing there fresh from the bathroom drying his hairy chest with a towel and smiled at me.

I ran to him and hugged him as I felt very happy to see him back. He hugged me back and we stood there like that for a minute and even though I was in rapture, I felt something different, rather trange, in his hug.

I disengaged myself and looked at him. There was certainly some change in him, but I couldn’t fix it. After some initial chit chat, I asked.

“Mom and dad had gone to a meeting, I am bored, shall I stay in your room till our dinner?”

“Okay” he smiled, “but no homework or reading books”.

“Agreed” I said and sat on his bed.

His room was very big but was decorated very shabbily. A 39” LCD was there before his large bed that could accommodate 4 persons, with study table, chair, shelf, ward robe, bathroom and exercise equipments strewn / built around.

It was around 7 pm and we had finished talking about the various incidents took place during the past 3 months.

He was boasting of many girl friends in the college. “I have 3 girl friends and all of them are very close to me. Will do anything for me”, he said.

“You are lying” I retorted.

“See this”, he opened the mobile phone and showed her the girls kissing him on his cheek. They were all big girls having excellent shapely bodies and great boobs. Some girls were hugging him from behind.

I felt pangs of jealousy that they should have such close relationship with my brother.

“So, you love them all, I suppose”.

“No, silly not at all, just friends. Will help each other, share our books, just like that”.

But I didn’t believe him. Before our conversation continued, door was knocked. It was the servant with our dinner for the night.

The servant placed them on the table and paused.

“You may go home now, and collect these things in the morning”

“Yes, Sir,” he bowed, and looked at me.

“I will go to my room myself at 10.00 pm. No need for my assistant. Ask her also to go home”

It is a matter of happiness to them to be allowed to go home early. Normally they had to wait upon us for our silly requirements and some time, they had to wait until midnight.

“I am hungry” I announced.

“Wait”, he hesitated, “will you join me?”. So saying, he produced a bottle of coke from the fridge and poured it into two glass tumblers. Then he took another bottle with gold coloured liquid and mixed it with coke.

“What is that?” I was cautious.


“God, you drinking brandy. I am going to report this to dad”

“Come on, Yuvi. He is drinking this daily. This bottle is stolen from his cabinet only. And I drink very occasionally, when I am happy”

“So you are happy now” I quipped. “May I know why?”.

“’cause I met my sister after a long period”

That floored me. “It is not good for health”, I advised like a old lady.

“You are joining me or not” he was steadfast in his decision.

Hesitant and very reluctant I was, yet curiosity overcame the moral hurdle. If he can drink it, why not me, a little devil in me countered.

“Give me very small quantity. I don’t think I will like it.”

When I sipped, there was no marked difference in the taste except that it smelt a little bit differently. I consumed the entire contents of the tumbler in one gulp and coughed.

He smiled. “Are you drinking poison? You should taste it, enjoy it and drink like me”. He was drinking it slowly sip by sip, as if he was drinking honey.

“Well, what about some game” he asked.

“What game”

“How about Cards”

“Okay” I said, as I was always lucky with Cards.

“What is the bet”

“Rs.100 to the winner”

“Pooh, I don’t want money, have plenty of them. Think something different”

“I don’t know. What shall we do?”

“Okay, the loser removes his/her dress one each time”

“Oh, no no no. That is not fair”

“Then think about something else”

By now I felt a little dizzy and I could sense the brandy taking its effect on me. I thought about his idea. I have seen his little-weeny since I was a baby girl and he had seen mine several times before. I saw nothing wrong in his suggestion

“Okay. Let’s play”

And after a few games, we were both reduced to our inner wares and this time again I lost.

I removed my brassiere and my breasts popped out. My skin was white in colour and my breasts were ultra white protected from sun light, with their top crowned with slightly browny nipple.

I saw my brother’s mouth open watching them and I hit him with the cards as he continued to stare at my breast.

“Stop it, you devil. Come, play”

He lost next two games and he became nude completely. His little-penis, which I had in mind, had grown up into a big thing now. It was my turn to be surprised and I held my breath in shock as his cock stood some 7 inches long, fully erect and dancing. Its light pink coloured skin was lined with bloody nerve vessels giving it a very lovely look.

“Okay, let’s stop playing” I was afraid if I lost again, I had to show my pussy to him, but he was insistent that we continued. As it happened, it was I who lost the next game and I had to remove my panties.

“Please no” I begged.

“Well, let me kiss you, then” he was generous.


“Anywhere I like”

“Nooooooo” I laughed.

He came over me and kissed my nipple and I felt an electric shock sensation race through me. I felt his lips move around my breast very gently, finally biting my nipple with his teeth so lightly that gave me wonderful feeling. I held my breath, savouring that sensation as he continued his journey from one breast to the another.

Though my body desired him to continue, I pushed him aside and tried to get down. Then I saw his bag lying below the cot. Immediately I opened the zip and searched for the little things he might have brought for me and he didn’t me disappoint me. There were some beautiful ear rings, hair clips and one set off colourful shoes for me.

”Thank you, thank you” I jumped and kissed him on his cheek very happily, unmindful of him starring at my swaying breasts.

When I again looked back at the bag, I saw a DVD hidden beneath his towel and I took it out.

“What movie is in this?” I asked quite innocently and he seemed shocked.

“Leave it” his voice was stern. “Don’t touch it”


“Forget it. It is not for you girls”

“Then I’ll break it” I tried to fold it. As I was a little away from his reach, he was helpless and he knew that I would carry out my vow, if he didn’t give in.

“Don’t do it”, He repeated. “You will not like it. It is for adults only, you know. Give it to me. It is also not mine. I don’t know how it came there. I have to return it to my friend. Please”

He was begging that made me more suspicious.

“No, I want to see it”.

After some ‘no’s and ‘yes’es, he finally relented.

“Okay, I am screening it, but then don’t blame me” he said resignedly.

By then, I was feeling very light headed and the effect of brand was beginning to play on me and was ready for any foolish adventure. I could sense my mobility was going a little out of control and my movement was a little wobbly.

I got on the bed once again and settled adjacent to my brother. The video started to play and thebig TV screen came alive.

I never expected to see what I saw. Initially, a girl came and began to undress herself so swiftly that I had no time to stop the video. Then she placed something into her vulva and began to move in and out making sexy sounds. When she was still at it, a man of 30 entered the scene and without warning opened his trouser zip. Out came his ugly cock hanging like a pole and before I could imagine what he was going to do with it, he pushed it into the mouth of that girl. She started licking it as if it was an ice cube, chocking and moaning. Then he pulled it out and made her lie down on the bed on her back and opened her thighs open, bent upon her and began to work on her vulva with his tongue. Though I hated to seeing that I could not avoid watching it – something in me forced me to watch it.

Finally, he got up and knelt between her thighs………….. and then my brother switched off the video.

“Why” my voice was blurry with brandy. “Put it on”

But my brother had some different idea.

“You have seen more than enough. It is better we stop here”.

“No, I want to see all of that”

“Well, then let us do it, watching it on the screen” he said in hoarse voice.

I was really shocked. This is madness, a brother asking his sister such a filthy question. I know if my dad knew this he would kill both of us. What a deranged and perverted man was my brother, I thought. I decided that I should slap him and leave the room immediately. He should be entirely mad to think so lowly about me, I thought.

“Okay” my mouth uttered that surprised even me. What made me desire that filthy activity I till date could not comprehend.

He smiled and came over me slowly, pushed me on the bed very gently and spread over me like a snake. His fingers gently removed my panties and I found myself helping him in removing it. I felt his mouth reaching out my lower abdomen and then my golden triangle that culminated with my pussy’s outer lips. My mouth went dry in fear.

But soon it changed, and as his mouth explored the outer layer of my pussy and then his tongue came out and tasted them I sighed in relief. It was wonderful! Never had I felt anything so filthy in my life, (God, he is licking my peeing place) and yet it was giving me such excellent sensation that my other parts of my body failed to give.

His tongue was now on the crater of my leaking volcano and its every movement brought immeasurable thrill into me. His tongue was now probing into my vagina, moving in and out! God, I was now trembling like a leaf in exultation.

Without my knowledge, I found myself moaning loudly, giving away my feelings to have more.

He was now ferocious, his tongue moving mercilessly into my hole and I found my senses going higher and higher, I started to scream mildly with his every move, unable to bear the ever growing pleasure in me.

Then he stopped suddenly and took some deep breath. I needed the respite too, still breathing heavily.

“Oh, please stop”.. I was not coherent. “I can’t take it any more. Leave me, please…”

But he was already kneeling between my thighs, opened my legs a little wide and as I closed my eyes waiting for his next assault, I felt his enormous cock on my vulva. I felt as if some wooden plank had brushed past my vulva – he was so steady and tough like rock. He then finally settled it somewhere within my vulva and without warning, gave a thrust and his cock, like a peg, entered into me …!

I was both surprised and shocked. And painful.

“Hey, what is this, you are hurting me, get out of me….please…pleeeeeeeeeese. Oh No, God, help, help, get me out of heeeeeere….Nooooooooo”

Even as I screamed unable to bear the pain his cock mercilessly penetrated into me. I felt as if I was getting wedged between my thighs and the pain was excruciating.

Quite unmindful of my screaming, he continued his pressure and within a minute his entire cock was inside me, my pussy still unable to accommodate that enormous cock.

I never knew then that vagina had the quality of expanding itself like the mouth of a snake while devouring its prey bigger than its size.

After a few painful minutes, I felt the pain receding slowly and my pussy getting comfortable with his cock and I began to breath normally.
He was soothing me with kisses on my forehead lovingly, then on eyelids, nose and cheeks and finally my mouth. Though I hated him for the pain caused by him, I responded to him shamelessly and as his tongue began to play with my mouth, I felt his cock tremble inside me, giving strange sensation.

As I was concentrating on his kisses, he made a slight movement below withdrawing his cock from me slowly and when I thought it was going to be over, pushed his cock again into me equally slowly. This time, I felt no pain, except it was very tight movement. He repeated the movement again, then again, then again and now he was a little bit faster and free.

I didn’t feel any pain now, instead I was getting that sexual arousal again in my pussy with his every jab. He began to move faster and faster into me and I liked it.

Within minutes, I was again screaming in pleasure as his cock began to work madly on me.

“Huh, Huh, Huh. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…m’ huh, huh, …: I was now moaning and screaming uncontrollably and my pussy entered into the second phase of sexual pleasure.

He was now blabbering something like baby, yuvi, oh yuvi, I love you yuvi and I heard myself responding with yes, yes, yes, come in, come in, harder, harder…aaaaaaaaaaa harder.

It went on for some unforgettable golden minutes and every cell in my body was enjoying that wonderful sexual pleasure released by me little pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure raced through me, leaving me breathless and chocking. I enjoyed it with my mouth open, screaming loudly, as every muscle in my body, tensed to the breaking point, beyond my control.

I sensed I was reaching to some kind of climax as my body bent upwards, thrusting my golden triangle to receive his jabs, as my pussy longed for more powerful thrusts.

He came down on me like a mad man, punishing my pussy with all his force with speed, his mouth salivating. And then I suddenly exploded into a glorious orgasm, first ever in my life, screaming, scratching my body convulsing uncontrollably. Something released from out of me spurt out through my pussy, my body heaving in tandem with every spurt.

Almost at the same time, his cock forced itself out of my shivering pussy, started spraying powerful liquid on me, splattering the sticky liquid across my thighs, abdomen and chest in spurts.

I lay on the bed, sore in every inch of my muscle, but still enjoying the delicious flavor of what had happened to me just then.

I asked her whether she didn’t feel guilty about it.

“Oh, yes. I was very sad for the next few days and I did not see my brother again till he left for college. But after a week or two, I could not forget the taste of his cock in my pussy. So I phoned him myself and told him that I was Okay and wanted to see him again during next semester holidays.

By that time, I grew wise and had some contraceptive tablets with me. When my brother came on semester holiday, we again had a glorious sessions of sex for a whole week regularly.

He taught me different methods of sexual intercourse then and we celebrated the week like mad couple. I was not worried about getting pregnant as I took care to consume the pills in advance”

“But, still it is unethical and immoral, isn’t it” I insisted.

“yes, I can understand that, but my pussy can’t” she laughed. “Tomorrow I am leaving for my home. My brother has already arrived there. This time, you know what” she winked, ”we are going anal”.

I heaved a sight in exasperation. Only God can save their souls.

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