Oh the things that happen bachelor party nights. Anoither note i'm not very good a grammer and spelling I just like writing storys
My fiancée and I were going to be getting married soon so we planned our parties on the same day just different places. We all got together at our house for drinking before going out to our separate parties. I had a blast at my bachelor party and was really wasted when I came home I got in the house at a little before 4 as I walked in I seen one of the girls had passed out on the couch so I tried my best to be quiet but I was so wasted everything was a blur.

So I finally made it to my room to see my fiancée sleeping in there but I was so horny I had other plans for her. I crawled into bed and got in behind her and pulled her bottoms down and started playing with her pussy rubbing my fingers up and down her slit rubbing her clit and then sliding a finger deep inside all with just little movement from her after she was starting to get wet I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my cock and lined it up and pushed it in. it felt so good she just started to moan a little. Then I got up and lifted her up so she was on her hands and knees. I lined my cock back up with her cunt and was soon balls deep in her fucking away. She was just laying there with her head on her hands moaning into her hands. I fucked her good and hard because I was so horny and drunk nothing was going to stop me. I fucked her for about 10min before I felt my balls start to tingle and I knew I was going to blow soon so I started to fuck her faster and faster tell I blow my load deep inside her.

We have not been using condoms for some time because we are hoping for a baby. We are not trying to have one but if it happens it happens. So after I was done she laid back down and went back to sleep I got up and went and got a drink before heading back to bed. By the time I got back I was feeling horny again so I crawled in behind her again and stuck my dick back in and started fucking her again. I fucked her for another 15mins before I blow another load in her and fell asleep with my dick still stuck in her cunt.

I woke up in the morning still half gunned someone was up moving around in the kitchen making noise that’s what woke me up. I was still horny and I knew if my fiancée woke up she wouldn’t wanna do it with her friends here. So I got in behind her and got some lube and put it on my dick and slid it in and started fucking her. I was going to cum real soon and it was a good thing she was waking up and I knew she would stop us if she woke up because she don’t like doing it when she has friends over expressly if there up. So there I was fucking her, going to cum any second

“Oh babe I’m glad you going to be up for the best part”

Just then I started Cumming so I rammed my dick in as far as it would go and started shooting a load in her. That when she turned around and was like

“What the fuck “

That when I seen it in fact was not my fiancée that I have been fucking all night but my fiancée’s maid of honor. I pulled my dick out well I was still Cumming landing a load on her ass and one on her back. Before she could jump up out of the bed giving me a clear view of her cunt before she was about to pull up her bottoms. All I could say was

“What were you doing in my bed? “

“We didn’t think you were coming home tonight and chantelle passed out on the couch so I came to sleep in the bed as there was nowhere else to sleep”

Just then we heard my fiancée call from out in the kitchen.

“Teneille is that you in there you all right”

“Ya it’s me I’m good be out in a bit”

So there we were both in the room together the room smelled of sex and no way for me to get out of there without getting seen, and knowing that she would be coming in to change clothes. So teneille turned around so I could get out and get dressed. After I got dressed I sprayed a little perfume went and hid behind the closet door as we never closed it. So when teneille went out and chantelle came in to get a change of clothes she came right into the closet but didn’t see me so I was in the clear. After I bit teneille said they should go out for breakfast so they left to go to smithy’s to eat. I could come out now from my hiding spot. After a bit I gave chantelle a call like I just got home and wondering where they are. She told me they were just out getting some breakfast and would be home soon.

It was three months later that we got married and it was a great wedding when the reception came I seen that teneille was drinking just water and I had caught a couple looks at her and she looked like she had a little bump in the front. So I had to go ask her if she was pregnant. She told me yes she was and she pretty sure it was mine. She told me she did go home after that and fuck her boyfriend without a condom but that was not tell two weeks after the incident because she was late on her period. I asked her if he believes it’s his and she said ya he does.

“Ok good sorry for what happened”

“That ok it was an accident of misidentify! I should never have been in your bed that night”

So after that we parted ways, but I have to admit I was feeling horny thinking about her having my baby growing inside her. It was kind of hot.

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2013-01-14 04:09:13
Dear Mr. Wiebe .It feels like yesterday when we vistied Mrs. Wiebe during our advisor morning and surprised her .Mrs. Wiebe has been a great inspiriation and influence in our lives with her courageous and optimistic views on life.She will always remain as our mentor and will always be rememebered.We would like to thank both you and Mrs. Wiebe for everything you've done for us.We pray for peace and comfort in your family.Thank You.We love you and we miss you.Leiden & Ezra.

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2012-11-26 19:42:20
Hot story! Normally I would say please work on the grammar, but you were well aware of that short coming and warned readers up front. I appreciated that and no knocks on the rating because of it. Keep up the writing!

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2012-11-24 23:14:19
Great story That's a good excuse for some extra fucking!

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