Have you ever thought what it would be like to be the opposite gender?
Gender Swapping
Have you ever thought what it would be like to swap your gender? Come on! We all have thought about it at one time or another, both women and men! Open up your mind and as you read this story, imagine what it would be like for you to swap genders. Enjoy!

I am a 16 year old boy living in a town some approximately 35 miles or so north of San Francisco, California. I have been going to Petaluma High School and have felt these urges that I dare not let out around school. I am afraid of being classified as being gay but I do so much love the girls too. I look at my 13 year old sister and wonder if she knows just how lucky she is.

One day after school, my little sister comes running into the house in tears. She tosses her back pack onto the floor of her bedroom. I go to her room and notice her lying sprawled out across her bed. He dress did little to hide her “Hello Kitty” panties. I come up and as the loving older sibling I am I put my hand on the small of her back and stroke her back for her. I did not say a word to her; I just sat next to her as she sobbed into her folded arms. Being the perverted guy I am, I slowly move my hand from her back to include rubbing he little butt. She did nothing to resist my movements of my hand. I decided to venture down further and rub the back of her thighs and calves. She just lay there sobbing away. I then ran my hand back up her dress and felt her bottom through her panties. She then responds to me at this time. “Oh you fucking pervert! I know you can care less about me so go ahead, pull my panties down and feel all you want!” I felt a moment of shock at being caught in an act of perversion. I just got up off the bed like I was shocked by an electrical shock. I apologized and said I would leave her alone.

I was walking towards the bedroom door and heard her reply for me to stop. I turned to see her sitting up on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. He legs were spread wide enough to where I could see the “Hello Kitty” peeking out at me. She then asked me why guys were so mean to her. I asked her as to what she was talking about. She said that when she was walking home, a high school guy ran past her and lifter her dress up. He was with three other high school guys. When they had seen her “Hello Kitty” panties, they began to laugh and tease her about them. They were mean to her she said, they shoved her back and forth. One guy grabbed one of her developing tits and squeezed it hard and it hurt. One guy shoved her so hard that her head had snapped back and she felt a pain in her neck. Then some man saw it and told them to get out of there.

My little sister, with her natural red long hair, with its natural curls looked so innocent at this time. She stood up and came over to me and asked me for a hug. I put my arms around her and held her firmly. Then I could feel her hands move down to my ass cheeks and rest there. I just let her touch my ass if that was going to make her feel any better.

After my sister settled down; I asked her who the guys were if she recognized them or not. She identified them as four guys I knew from Petaluma High. They were dopers and a lot of kids always tried to stay clear of them. They would dress in their gothic clothing, listen to their loud music, music you could not understand the words to but knew it was satanic in origin.

I get on my cell phone and call one of my friends. We meet at the little square next to Starbuck’s downtown Petaluma. We were sitting outside on this cool and crisp Spring day enjoying our coffee drinks. I was telling him what happened to my little sister and how I would like his help in devising a plan to get even with these four Goth freaks. He said there is only one way to deal with these assholes. He gets on the phone and makes a couple of calls. Within one hour, there was a half dozen other guys that I knew from Petaluma High. We all greeted one another and my friend related to them my need. I related to them about my little sister. A plan was formulated to get even with these four guys.

I went home and my parents were at home. I looked at my little sister and she slowly moved her head in the negative direction which clued me in that she did not tell our parents what happened to her. I acknowledge that I understood.

My sister just finished setting the table and asked if I would like to go for a walk with her around the block before dinner. Mom just said we have about 30 minutes at most. Sis and I grabbed light jackets and headed out for our walk. She had asked me not to say anything to mom and dad. I agreed and put my arm around her shoulders and held her close to me as we walked. Then I heard someone say to us “Well looking at the goodie family! Don’t they look sweet!” I turned to see the four boys my sister had told me about. One of the guys was approaching my sister and said to her “You still have those little girl panties on?” He was motioning as if he was going to lift her dress to find out. I knocked his hand away and shoved him back. He looked in disbelief I did that. He was about to come at me and I stepped forward to him and got into his face and said “Bring it on doper and it will be the last thing you do!” He smiled at me and his friends pulled at his arm and said they should go. I watched as they walked away.

My little sis hugged me and said that was great but she was worried they would do something terrible next time. I told her not to worry about it that I had it under control.

We were walking back towards the house when out of the blue my sister told me she wished that she was a guy. I asked her why that was and she told me then she could take care of herself. Then she asked me if I ever thought of being a girl. I was taken aback a bit for I have thought of it. I then gave this little embarrassed type of laugh at the same time exclaiming “NO!” But deep inside; I had wished it to be so as long as I could keep my thoughts of now.

The next day at school, I had told my best friend of what happened on my walk with my sister. He said; okay it is time to put this plan into action. He got a hold of one of the guys from the coffee shop and told him to meet at Helen Putnam Park and he gave a location and time where to be in the park. He then told one of his girl friends that he would like for her to make a date with the four dopers for a little sexual rendezvous in the park. She told him no she would not for she did not like these four guys. He told her that not to worry for she will not be there to meet them. She told him that she did not know if they would come or not. He told her that she would tell them that they would get a chance, each, to fuck her there. She was to tell them to meet her at the playground equipment on Armstrong to be there at 8PM.

My friend and seven others met me at another location close to the park at 7:00. Our cars were parked a little further down the road and made the hike into the park. We were at the designated location well enough ahead of the prearranged time. Then at 6:45 we noticed the old beater car coming into the parking lot. Out stepped the four dopers and they looked around. No one else was in the park at this hour on a weeknight. The nine of us guys watched as the guys did not even pay for parking. All you could hear them say and talk about how they were going to fuck that silly cow girl cunt of the girl that was supposed to meet them there. The four dopers walked to the gazebo and they had lit up cigarettes. My friend and I walked out from the bushes and walked towards the gazebo. The four dopers looked at us two cowboy types and one of the smart asses looked at us and asked us what was going on a little Broke Back Mountain action? We just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and my friend told them, it could be fun but no we were not in the brush fucking around. They looked at us and I told them that we decided it would be more fun to fuck with the four of them and they looked at us and replied not interested. My friend spoke up and said he did not ask if they were interested or not.

The next day the Press Democrat had an article about the four teenage boys found in Helen Putnam Park, naked, and severely beaten. They were found in the gazebo area of the park by one of the county employees there to clean up the area. The police had no leads as to who was responsible for this action.

My little sis saw me after school at home. She picked up my hands and she could see the bruises on my knuckles. She led me up to her bedroom. She then turned towards me and said that she owed me. I told her that she did not owe me anything but love. She said but she did. She sat me down on her bed and turned on her i-pod and she had on some music. The first song was a Mindy McCready song called “Guys Do It”. My little sister was doing this sucductive dance to the song. I was watching her dance around, looking over her shoulder at me, moving her short dress up a bit to where her panty covered bottom showed. She had on another pair of “Hello Kitty” panties. Then she would let the dress back down as if to tease me. That song ended and then all of a sudden one of my favorite songs came on called “Wildflower” by the Jane Dear Girls. She started dancing that 13 year old body around and I could not believe it. Slowly she grabbed her hem of her dress and slowly lifted the dress off her body and tossed it to me. Her body was gyrating in her “Hello Kitty” panties, trainer bra, and tennis shoes. I quickly looked at my watch to see the time. It was early yet and mom and dad were not due home for some time now. Another song came on that I did not recognize but later found out it was a Shelly West song called “Sexy Song”. At the beginning of the song my little sis kicked off her shoes and removed her socks. Then she started dancing around a bit. She took her bra straps down and then danced over to me and turned her back to me. I reached up and undid the bra strap and it popped loose. She held onto the bra and turned towards me. She then let the bra fall to the floor, revealing her developing breasts to me but on top of her small mounds were two erect nipples. Her ivory skin with the long flowing red hair and the nubile showing was almost too much for this boy of 16. Now all she had on was those “Hello Kitty” panties. There is a little known singer called Meredith Edwards. She has a song called “Ready to Fall” talking about a girl that is ready to fall in love. My sister had put this on and I knew for sure she had got a hold of my i-Pod and played this song. It is a slow song, she is slowly dancing around to the song and as she is she starts sliding her panties down with her back to me. She is bending over at the waist and slowly pushing the panties down, the crotch was reluctantly letting go of her as it finally gave way. As she bends over slowly I can see wisps of red hair around her mound. He pussy looks enticing and now I had a ranging hard on in my pants. She finally kicks the panties off and turns to face me. She, even at 13 years of age has a dark covering of red thick hair on her pussy and groin area. She straddles me and takes my right hand. She places my hand on her mound and I rub her up and down. I look into her eyes; she smiles at me, and then closes her eyes to savor her brother’s touch.

She sits down onto the floor and removes my socks and shoes for me. My little sister then steps back from me and grabs my hands to help me stand. She unbuttons my shirt and removes it. She then takes my pants and undoes the belt, unbuttons my pants and then unzips them. She pulls my pants down to my ankles and pulls my underwear down at the same time. She then has me sit back down as she removes my pants and pushes me back onto her bed.

Where did she learn to do what she did to me next, I will never know. I recognize the next song that comes on it is “Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly” by Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio from the television show “Nashville”. My sister puts my cock into her little mouth and sucks on me. She stops for a moment and looks up at me with my cock still in her mouth. She looked so much out of this world, those beautiful blue eyes and that smooth ivory skin, framed by curly and long red locks of hair. She lets my cock fall out of her mouth and says to me, this is why I wish I could be a guy so I could know what it would be like to cum in a girl’s mouth. I replied that being a girl would experience what it would be like to please a man. Soon I was on the verge of shooting a load into her mouth. I would later find out where she learned to give a blow job so expertly. Then I could feel it happening! That load coming out so hard and fast. I screamed loudly as I could feel the first spurt of cum shooting into my sister’s mouth. She moaned at the first shot, then there was a strange sensation in my mouth and a strange but not so strange taste. I open my eyes to only see me staring at ME! The third pulse of cum hit me squarely in the forehead as I pulled back from my pulsating, I mean his pulsating cock! I was looking at me jumping back with shock and amazement on my face. Then I hear myself speak but it is not me speaking but the person who is me but not me! Fuck! I am confused. I looked down at where my cock was and all I could see was the bush of red hair.

We ran to the mirror. I put my hand to my face but in the mirror it was my sister touching her face. I see in the mirror where I was touching my cock and balls. I reach to my groin area and watch as my sister puts her hand to her pussy and I feel a finger go inside of me and my sister is inserting a finger inside of herself. I then reach to the person next to me and take a cock in my left hand. In the mirror my sister is touching my cock with her left hand. We have changed places; my sister is me and me my sister! Then in unison the next words out of our mouths was “AWESOME!” We laughed for a moment. Then as I was leaving the room I heard, “where are you going?” I turned and said “my room”. It was then I realized even that has changed.
It was awkward at dinner that night with me sitting there in a dress, eating. It was even harder to get used to me being replied to by my sister’s name.

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Where is part 2??? Loving the story....

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would have been more enjoyable without your uneducated narrow minded prejudice being slipped in for no apparent reason.

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Weird ending. The line does have promise though.

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Weird ending. The line does have promise though.

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