This is a lead up to my first time with Paul who I would marry.
I hope anyone who is about to read Chapter Two of my adventures read Chapter One. If you didn’t read Chapter One, please go back and read Chapter One, before reading Chapter Two.

“My Life Behind Paul’s Back” Chapter Two.

I didn’t mention this in Chapter One. My dad and mom told me not to tell anyone at school my brothers were all black. Remember when I was in school it was the same as it was now. Mom and dad told me the kids at school wouldn’t understand about my mother having black descendants on her mom’s side of the family. The kids and their parents would ask why I am white and my brothers are black. That’s why I never told any of the other students or teachers anything about my family. Every time someone asked I managed to change the subject. All my black brothers went elementary and high schools in a black area of the city. They were told never to talk about our mom, dad and me at school. They were told the same thing I was told that the students, their parents and teachers wouldn’t believe or understand about mom’s distant relative being black. It was a lot easier not to tell anyone except people in our family. I had been thrilled Paul had believed me and wasn’t upset about my mother’s distant relative being black. Paul is the youngest of three sisters and four brothers. Paul’s brothers and sisters had difficulty Paul dating a white girl with white parents but all black brothers. Paul told me his brothers and brother in-laws could care less as long as I loved Paul. Only Paul’s parents, sisters and sister in-laws didn’t accept Paul dating me. However as the years passed and we still dated his parents, sisters and sisters in-laws accepted me. Paul said they only accepted me because they knew he was going to date me whether they liked it or not. My parents, brothers and I lived in a small town miles away from the big city when I was growing up. Since then the city has expanded and now our small town is a suburb of the big city.

This is where I left off in Chapter One.

I had seen mom covered in thick white slimy mud after she had come from outside one day after at least a dozen, muscular, black teenage hoodlums had left. She had only talked to me a few minutes when there was loud knocking at the back door. I had told her she couldn’t answer the door with her housecoat covered in the thick, white mud. I expected her to yell she would answer the door in a minute and go upstairs to change. I had been surprised when she opened her housecoat covered with thick wet white mud. I had been even more surprised to see she hadn’t been wearing anything under the housecoat. She had no panties or bra on and the thick, white mud had soaked through her housecoat. I couldn’t see her breasts, stomach, legs or her private part because of all the white mud.

“You can’t go like that mom, your housecoat is dripping with mud.” I said.

“You made a good point, Barbie. I might as well take the robe off and go down so they don’t see the muddy bathrobe. Thanks for pointing it out to me.” Mom said opening her muddy housecoat completely.

I was shocked when she opened her housecoat, pushing it off her shoulders at the same time and saw she was nude. She didn’t have a bra on or even panties, she was nude. Then the back door opened and in walked at least two dozen bare chested, muscular, teenage black hoodlums. “Holly shit.” The first teenage black boy said. He had to be at least six-four.

“My goodness Tony, I see I will have to give you boys a good sermon tonight and take that badness out of you all. It sounds like you have a lot of pent up anger inside you again. See what I have to get out of these hoodlums Barbie. The black, muscular hoodlums are the worse for their anger and I have to work extra hard to relieve them of all that anger.” Mom said she pushed back her shoulders and her housecoat fell to the floor.

“Fuck bitch, your dripping wet.” The muscular, black, teenage boys standing beside Tony said.

“I am afraid I fell in that mud puddle beside the back door Terry.” Mom said in a stern voice and looked directly at Terry and then Tony. “You both saw the big mud puddle. Didn’t you?” She asked turning around and nodded at me. “Barbie saw me walking in from the back yard covered in mud.”

“Whatever you say Mrs. Thompson you’re the best preaching woman around. I know the big mud puddle you’re talking about.” Tony answered. “Let’s get going downstairs. My friends need your sermon. As you put it they need the badness sucked out of them and so do I.”

Mom turned around opened the door leading to the basement, stepped back and said. “Go ahead boys, I’ll be right down.”

The two dozen muscular, teenage, black hoodlums walked past me and headed down the basement and mom turned around and faced me. “I’m sorry you have to see these black hoodlums so full of anger and foul language but a few hours from now they will be leaving with praise in their hearts and smiles on their faces. I know I look a mess from falling in that mud puddle but when duty calls to help take the badness from angry, muscular, black, teenage hoodlums I must answer the call honey.” Mom said. She turned around and started walking down the basement stairs. It would be years later I realized what mom was really releasing those muscular, black, hoodlum teenagers of. It wasn’t badness. That’s for sure.

Mom was so busy helping tame the black, muscular, teenage hoodlums in the basement she didn’t have time to take care of me and my twenty brothers. Mom didn’t have to hire anyone to look after us kids because black, muscular teenagers volunteered to look after us. She told me the teenagers were grateful to mom’s dedication in taking the badness from them. For some reason mom never allowed the black, muscular, teenage boys being around me alone. She always insisted I was never to be alone with any of the black, teenage boys. When I was growing up she always bathed me and put me to bed.

I know mom went to the city to watch basketball, football, soccer, baseball and other sports events. I asked her once how she could afford tickets to watch the games because dad didn’t get paid very much as a preacher. She told me she got free tickets because she helped the teams. That’s all she said. She didn’t volunteer what she did and I didn’t ask her. I just figured she was part of the cleaning staff and so go free tickets.

I thought mom went to the games because she liked watching football, soccer and basketball. I kind of wondered why she didn’t come home until the next day, after the football, soccer or basketball games. I didn’t want to seem nosy so I never asked her why she spent the night following a game in the city. I knew even if she worked as a cleaner she wouldn’t be cleaning until late the next day.

I did ask dad once why mom didn’t come home after a basketball game one day. Dad said. “Honey you know how your mother preaches to the black, teenage hoodlums in the basement and takes out their anger, as she puts it takes out their badness. Your mother does the same with the teams after their games. Mom has told me the team players have a lot of anger in them after the game and she needs to take their badness out. She told me when the team loses the players had even more pent up anger to let out. She told me she doesn’t come home until the next day because she helped the opposition team’s players. She said the other team players didn’t have anyone to get rid of their anger and frustrations after the game. She told me she felt it was her duty to help the opposition team get rid of their anger by takes the badness out them.”

I didn’t know very much about men. I guessed Paul was like any other man wanting sex before we got married. I have to admit it was a difficult at times wondering what sex was all about. I had all these run away hormones I didn’t understand. My nipples were hard a lot and pussy felt itchy and my clit hard. We didn’t have sex education when I was in school, so nothing was explained to me. I never talked to other girls about sex and especially my mother.

Before I go on, you would think with all the children my mother had, sex would be an open subject. However it wasn't. My parents had been married twenty one years and she was pregnant now with her twenty-first child. She had told me a few days before she had come in the house covered in the, thick white mud, about being pregnant again.

What was really amazing my room was next to my parents and through the years you would think one would hear a lot of bed springs banging since every year she was pregnant every year as far back as I can remember. I had a new brother. But I always had trouble sleeping for some reason and never heard the bed springs except maybe once or twice a year. I just gather my parents were quiet at sex during the night. I knew they didn't have sex during the day because dad was either at the church preparing lessons for church or working out at his own gym. I could, only guess, mom was extra fertile. Maybe all it took was her and dad having sex once for her to get pregnant.

One day after school I went to the construction site my boyfriend Paul worked. He was just getting off worked. The cafeteria was empty and we went in. "What did you want to talk to me about Paul?" I asked after sitting down at one of the cafeteria tables.

I know we promised no sex before we got married Barbie, but I can't hold out any longer. The last thing I want to do is cheat on you. Can't we have sex, just once, before we get married? Please Barbie, I promise it will not change the way I feel about you. I love you so much." Paul pleaded.

"We only have to wait three months, before, our big wedding, your dad has planned." I said. I didn’t want to tell Paul but I wanted try sex. The least I could do is pretend I wanted to wait. Maybe he was testing me to find out if I was easy and unsuitable to marry.

"Please Barbie. I Love you so much and I want to show my love." Paul pleaded. I hadn’t thought about it at the time, but maybe he had just been horny.

After a good half hour of pleading and I do mean pleading, I said okay. The next thing Paul and I had to do was work out where and when. Neither of us had much time or money. Most of our money was tied up in finding a nice house and furniture. Thank goodness the wedding and honeymoon was being paid for, by Paul's dad. We finally decided on Saturday after it got dark we’d go to a secluded part of the park. Paul could park his car in the parking lot. We would take a blanket to the secluded part of the park close to the parking lot.

It had been a busy week studying for my finals. I, also, didn’t want to miss swimming or gymnastics. Swimming and gymnastics helped calm me to study. Friday arrived faster than I expected. I thought the week would have dragged by since I was looking forward to today. I had told mom, before I left for school in the morning I wouldn’t be home for supper. I finished my last class and headed to the school cafeteria for supper.

When I got home I looked for dad to tell him I wouldn’t be coming home after the school dance. Mom and dad were both in the kitchen when I got home. I asked them both to sit down and I had something to tell them. I was scared to tell them I was going to the Saturday night service with Paul. I thought dad might start asking questions why we were going to a church service across the city, but he didn’t. Mom was wearing a dark blue dress buttoned almost to her neck and down just below her knees. I noticed over the years mom always dressed prim and proper, around dad. Mom had smiled and told me to enjoy the sermon.

I went upstairs to get ready for the dance after I told my parents I wouldn’t be home after the dance. I felt excited and scared at the same time as I stood in the shower letting the hot water wash off my soapy body. I took my time getting dressed. I put on the bra I had bought less than a year ago. It was the same bra I wore every day. I hated I didn’t have enough money saved up to buy a larger size.

The bra I was putting on was size 38 C and had fit me perfectly when I had bought it. My breasts had grown to almost the size of my mothers in less than six months. I had more and more trouble putting it on and fastening. I wouldn’t have been surprised that I should be wearing at least a size 43 C size bra. I tried to push my large breasts in each of the cups, pulling the straps behind my back. I managed to do it up but my large breasts were pushed up and out most of the two cups.

I put on the largest blouse I owned that fit rather snuggly around my breasts. At least unlike the bra, it least covered my breasts. I put on my new, white panties that came to just below my belly button. I always wore conservative panties and never sheer panties. I had picked out my favorite navy blue knee length skit that matched my blouse. I finished dressing by putting on a pair of cotton stockings and two inch high heels. I looked in the floor length mirror. I hoped Paul would like what I picked out to wear. I also hopped he wouldn’t be disappointed with me accepting his insistent on having sex after the dance.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, after I dressed, to wait for Paul. I had plenty of time and decided I would have a coffee while I waited. I was surprised mom had changed. She must have gone upstairs to her and dad’s bedroom when I was in the shower, changed and come down stairs. “Hi Barbie, I see you’ve changed for the dance. You look fresh and very attractive in your blue skirt and matching blouse. I thought I’d get more comfortable and relax before I change, for, tonight’s group of hoodlums. I know they will need me, to take the badness from them. Please sit down and we can chat while you wait for Paul.

Mom told me her and I didn’t get very much time alone together. My younger brothers were usually running in and out the kitchen. I asked mom where my younger brothers went after dinner tonight. Mom told me they went to the park, on the other side of the city, with the baby sitters. “Why are you so nervous and upset Barbie?” Mom asked suddenly.

“I’m just excited I guess going to Paul’s church for the first time Mom.” I answered and hoped she wouldn’t push the subject any further. I did feel nervous, but not about going to church. I was nervous about having sex with Paul for the first time.

I reached over and picked up my coffee cup and took another sip of coffee. No sooner had I put the cup down when I heard a loud knock at the back door.

“Who’s there?” Mom yelled, turning around in her kitchen chair.

“Tony.” I heard from the other side of the door. Sorry I’m early but I forgot our college football team was playing the first game of the quarter finals. I talked the opposition team over so you can the anger and built up energy out of them before they play against our team.”

“Okay Tony.” Mom answered getting up and walking to the back door. “What time is the game Tony?”

“You only have that flimsy housecoat on mom. You can’t let them in like that. I can answer the door for you while you run upstairs to change. Don’t you think they will wait for you?” I asked, looking at mom and then the back door.

“It sounds like Tony is anxious to get the guys on the opposition team settled down and get the anger out of their system. When duty calls Barbie I haven’t got time to bother changing. Tony will understand as well as the opposition team.” Mom answered already standing up and heading to the door.

Mom opened the door and Tony walked in wearing tight blue jean shorts, sandals without socks, and bare chested. “What time is the game Tony? Will I have enough time to get the badness out of the entire team?” Mom asked.

“I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time. The big game isn’t until tomorrow evening. You’ll have well over twenty four hours to get their badness out. But you know how football players have all that, pent up anger though. I’m sure once you have the anger and frustration gobbled out of the entire team you’ll have to start over again. I’ve seen you take two or three of our team’s loads after they’ve lost a game.”

Behind Tony in walked a continuing line of big, muscular black men. They were all dressed pretty much like Tony.

I was surprised the black, tell, muscular man behind Tony whistled and said in a loud voice. “Fuck you didn’t say the preacher woman was so hot looking. Shit I’m glad you brought us over Tony.

“Yea, Tony!” Another black, muscular man said as he walked past mom heading for the basement door groan.

“You said she’s an expert drawing our big loads of badness, Tony.” A tall, black, muscular man moaned walking past mom. To my surprise he had put his big hand between his muscular legs and held it there. I was surprised to see the top button of his jean shorts was undone. I was even more surprised to see this big purple mushroom size thing sticking above his zipper. It was dripping all this thick white stuff. I looked away quickly to the next guy who walked in the back door. He was a muscular at least six-five, two hundred pound black man. He must have seen the guy in front of him undo the top button of his jeans because he did the same thing. The big mushroom size thing above his zipper was darker and bigger than the black man in front of him. I couldn’t believe how many muscular men were walking in the back door and heading down the basement. It looked like there was no end to the long line of black men walking in the house. They must have been lined up around the block. I wondered what the neighbors must have thought. Mom had had a dozen or two of black men come over and go down the basement for her sermons but never this many.

I heard the guys in the long line up getting impatient for the guys ahead of them to hurry up and go inside. “Hurry the fuck up guys.” I heard from more than one tall, muscular black men yelling.

At least a dozen big, black, muscular men had walked in the back door and on down the basement. I looked out the back door and saw tons of guys filling our entire back yard waiting to come in. Our basement was going to be jammed full of muscular, tall, black men. I had been surprised when I saw the top button of the guy’s jeans undone and their big purple, mushroom shaped things sticking out. I was getting use to the tall, muscular black men walking past me with the top button of their jeans undone and the big mushroom size thing sticking out. But I was shocked when I looked out the door and saw a six-six, muscular, black man undo the top button of his tight jeans and then he pulled down his zipper. A thick, long black thing was pressed against his stomach with what looked like an endless flow of thick white stuff dripping down.

I looked at my watch and saw it was getting close to the time I expected Paul to pick me up for the dance. Then I heard the front door, doorbell. “That has to be Paul.” I said. “Have a goodnight mom. It looks like you’re going to have a real long sermon to praise over all these guys.” I said. I began to turn to head to the front door and looked up at mom at the same time.

I was startled when I saw the gleam in her blue eyes and she was licking her lips. “Mom.” I yelled. “I probably won’t see you until late tomorrow with all those men you’ll be preaching.”
“You’re right about that Barbie, it’s going to be a busy twenty four hours pulling all the anger and frustrations out of this bunch of men. Have a good time at the dance and I hope everything goes well at Paul’s church. Bye honey.” Mom said. Her eyes seemed to be glued to ever ending tall, muscular black men walking past her. Every single one of the tall, black, muscular had seen what the one guy undoing his button and pulling down his zipper. All the tall, muscular, black men walked past mom with the front of their jeans wide open, none of them wore underwear. They all had long, thick things sticking up pressed to their muscular stomachs, dripping thick white goo. Some of the guys even had what looked like sacks plopping around under their thick, long black things dripping the thick white goo.

I heard the doorbell ring again and headed to the front door. I answered the door and Paul was standing wearing a pair of navy blue dress pants and a short sleeve light blue shirt. His pants and shirt fit like a glove because of his muscular body. “You look very pretty Barbie.” He said stepping back to let me walk past him.

“Thank you Paul.” I answered and walked beside him to the driveway where his gleaming clean light blue car was parked.

Paul and I weren’t the first ones to arrive at the school gym where the dance was, but not the last either. Paul and I danced mostly fast dances and a few slow dances as well. Paul and I didn’t dance close to each other. The chaperones in charge had rules about dancing too close. You have to remember back when I was young things were a lot stricter than they are now. The school I went to was a small high school in our small town. My parents and I lived miles and miles from the big city. It was miles and miles away from the big city at that time. Now our small town is a suburb of the city because the big city has expanded toward our small town and our town has grown since I left home.

The chaperone announced the end of the dance and for everyone to head home. The chaperones told us all to go straight home and those who drove to drive safely. I said goodnight to some of the girls I knew and then Paul took a hold of his hand and led me to his car. Paul followed me around the passenger side of his car, opened the door and I got in making sure my dress was in the car before he shut the door. He went around the front of the car to the driver’s side of the car and got in. He started the car and was soon heading to the park we had chosen to earlier to have our first sex together. Paul parked his car at the edge of the park, got out and walked over to my side of the car and opened the door. I grabbed the large, blanked that had been between Paul and I in the front seat of his car and stepped out his car. He slammed the door behind me and I followed him to a small grassy clearing surrounded by trees and bushes. Paul took the blanket from my hands and spread it on the grass.

“Are you ready Barbie? It’s your last chance to back out.” Paul said taking a hold of my hand.

“Yes Paul I’m ready.” I answered but could feel myself shivering. It wasn’t cold out; in fact it was quite warm. I was shivering not knowing what to expect or what to do.

End of Chapter Two of “My Life Behind Paul’s Back” I will be working on Chapter Three.

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