While the cat is away the mice have played lets see what has been happening with those cats shall we?
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Sara was glad to be away from the kids she had Ted had needed a vacation away from them for

a long time. She was sure that Becky would take good care of them they had been friends

since they had moved in the neighborhood. She wasn’t too sure about Miranda but she didn’t

leave her kids with Miranda, just that Miranda would inevitably be around as she and Becky

spent a lot of time together. Perhaps they were lesbians Sara thought then she remembered

that Miranda was married to some truck driver who showed up about twice a year. They had

started in a big city and nice hotel but Ted had wanted to go out in the countryside. So

they had taken a bus to a town that was really on the outskirts of the bigger city. It was

dirty she had noted and it had odd and bad smells, but some good ones. She stayed at the

hotel and drank nice flavorful tropical drinks at the bar while Ted explored the town. He

figured a small town was safer than a big city, bad things happened in big cities, or so the

tourism board had said.

Ted arrived back at the hotel smiling “I found something I want you to see”

“Oh what’s that?” Sara asked

“Come on I’ll show you it’s a short walk.” He said taking her excitedly by the hand.

“Okay okay” Sara got up unsteadily probably due to the number of drink that she had imbibed

since the bar opened. They walked past the town square and down a lonely street and then

past some fields of cane. They turned down a narrow road if it could be called that no car

could ever make it down this road she thought and then, there was a car in a shed. Next to a

building that looked as though it had been built a few hundred years before and then

neglected for the same number of years. Ted walked up to the door and knocked. The door

opened and two mild looking teen boys let them inside. Ted quickly explained that this was a

massage parlor, and that she could have her choice of a male or female masseuse. Ted had

already paid, so she chose a female. The room was small; in the center of the room was a

table just large enough for her to lie on. The boy closed the door and as she did so told

her to undress and lay on the table. Sara hesitantly undressed and then wrapping herself in

a threadbare sheet. She lay upon the table, space the table itself was very comfortable soft

yet firm. She lay there for only a few minutes before a girl stepped into the room. The girl

seemed clad only in bits and pieces of rag that barely covered her rags were clean but they

were still rags. The girl pushed on my part of the wall in a cabinet opened up. The girl

then turned over and asked her “what sort of massage like, a soft one, a hard one, or one

that is hmmm?”

“I don’t really know” Sara responded, “what you recommend”

“We will start softly and go from there how does that sound?” The girls smiled at her, Sara

smiled back and lay flat, face down table. The girl reached to the cabinet and produced a

bottle of golden colored liquid. The girl poured some of the liquid in her hand and placed

the bottle on the small table beside the larger one. Her hands were soothing as they danced

lightly on the skin of Sara’s back. Sara was soon luxuriating under the girl’s skillful

ministrations. The girls started with her neck and back and then moved to her arms and feet

Sara felt as though she were in heaven for moment if only for that moment. She lay there as

the girl massaged, lightly caressing the back thighs. The girl’s fingers lightly dug into

soft flesh of her ass and Sara unconsciously groaned. The girl then had her turn over and

she began to work from her feet upwards.

The girl reached the top’s of Sara’s thighs, she then began again at Sara’s fingers and

slowly up to her neck Sara felt there very self-conscious that her nipples hard, and

distended. Her breasts ached as the girl’s nimble fingers began to lightly trace circles

around them. She wanted to stop the girl but some part of her couldn’t when the girl leaned

over and took one of her aching nipples into her mouth and her fingers probed the hot

wetness between her legs. Her arm grasped the girl by the back of the head and she moaned as

the girl’s fingers touched and teased her most sensitive parts. She swallowed her scream as

the girl very skillfully brought her to the brink again and again and then over the force of

the orgasm nearly caused her to pass out. She lay gasping on the table in a pool of her own

juices. She had no idea how much time had passed. But the girl helped her clean up with a

bucket of warm water and a towel and then helped her get dressed. She passed into the

entryway of the building and a woman about her age stood at the counter staring into space.

“Where is my Husband?” she asked. The woman smiled and pointed across the room to a door.

Apparently Ted was still getting his massage, she wondered what young girl was giving it to

him and what other service she was providing. She cracked the door a little bit and peeked


There on the table on all fours was her husband Ted. The two boys who had met them at the

door were also on the same table, one was behind him apparently pounding his ass with his

cock and the other was in front his cock was pushing in and out of her husbands mouth. She

could see the clear liquid of his pre-cum dribbling out of his half hard cock as the two

boys assaulted him from both ends; the part that troubled her most was that he seemed to be

enjoying it immensely. She closed her eyes and closed the door. She waited in a small

garden out back for what seemed like an eternity but was in all reality perhaps thirty


He was dressed and smiling, “Did you have fun?” he asked.

“It was quite nice actually” Sara responded.

“There is a show in half an hour if you want to stay?”

“A show? What kind of show?”

“It’s… Well it’s a sex show. What do you say?”
The more she thought about it the more she realized that he had been going on trips and

visiting places that were if nothing else notorious for well perversion for lack of a better

word and now here he was trying to lure her into his web. She really didn’t care for his

brand of perversion. Yes she had some inkling of the perverse but this was not her flavor,

she wondered what kind of sick mind she had married. She could feel an ember of hate growing

inside of her. She slowly worked out her plan. She would need help of course but that would

come in time.

The lights were dim and then suddenly the stage lit up. A woman wearing only what appeared

to be half of that sheet, stepped on stage, she was young and attractive. When she let the

sheep drop Sara was quite appreciative it just seemed to hang in the air with no particular

concern for gravity. She knelt there in the middle of the stage two men stepped up on either

side of the stage their erect cocks bouncing with each step until they were within girls

arms reach. And reach she did her fingers lightly caressing their cocks and she began to

stroke the slowly at first faster turning to look upward one and then the other she

continued this for some time. She licked her lips appreciatively as clear liquid began to

ooze from the tips of the cocks in her hands. She leaned forward to catch the first drop of

one on her tongue and then over to catch another from the other. She whipped both cocks

furiously with her hands until streams of creamy white spunk spattered her face and breasts.

She milked the last drops of cum onto her face and then released the cocks of the two men.

They were then replaced by two more and the process was repeated only these two spurted much

faster. The third set of men came even more quickly. Sara was entranced at watching this

woman so much power in her hands. The woman then stood and stepped off the stage. Another

took her place quickly but before she did the cum covered woman stopped in front of Sara and

looked at her saying nothing but communicating everything, Sara leaned forward and suckled

the woman’s slimy cum covered nipple. The woman then turned and walked away.

The next show was a man who was strapped to a bench by two women. They proceeded to toy and

play with his cock. “My mother wishes to speak with you” a high tight voice whispered in her

ear. “ she looked over to see a young girl dressed in rags.

Maybe it was the same one who had given her the massage she couldn’t be sure, her mother…

She wondered for a moment “Ted,” she said leaning over “I’ll be back in a minute”
“I understand” he said and smiled knowingly. He had already removed his own clothes and was

stroking his cock which in comparison to the one’s that she had seen on stage was, to be

honest pretty pathetic, perhaps that was why she wasn’t interested in sex with him or hadn’t

been for several years. She got up and walked to where the girl was waiting.

She was then led to a small house if you could call it that, was closer to a large packing

crate that had a chimney. The door was a simple heavy blanket. The girl pulled back the

blanket and let her inside.

The room was lit with several poorly made candles that guttered and sputtered in the

slightest breeze. The woman who was still naked as she was on stage scooped some of the

slightly congealed cum from her breast and held it out on her finger in front of Sara. She

looked at Sara deep in the eye, it felt almost mystical and Sara slowly leaned forward and

sucked the woman’s finger clean.

The woman directed Sara to sit on one of the small stools on the floor. “I have seen your

husband” she said.

“So have I” Sara replied despondently.

“Useless as a man now, he is hooked and he will crave young boys and never pay any mind to

you anymore.

“You don’t think”

“No not really he won’t ever be yours again.”

“All I have left is my Children and in a divorce, it could get messy.”

“Our Children are all we have,” the woman sighed… “My daughter will take the stage in

another year or two, her brothers want her for the animal show”

“Animal show?”

“Yes with dogs and horses and goats or whatever they can find that has an enormous cock or

is just interesting to see a woman fuck.”

“How… your sons?”
“My son’s her fathers…”

“You mean?”

“The two boys you saw with your husband… are my sons they are no longer interested in women

except perhaps to abuse and torture or humiliate them.”

“What happened to you?”

“When I was younger I had a husband but he left for a younger girl and left me with my two

sons… we made out okay until they discovered sex and all of it’s evils. One night they, held

me down and took turns having their way with me. I had been so lost and lonely without a man

I welcomed it, but then they became more and more aggressive and twisted. “She sighed “ I

got pregnant from one of them I do not know which, they whored me out of course to whomever

wanted me, they kept me half starved and they would punish me with beating and gangbangs if

I didn’t do what they wanted. In the end I did do what they wanted. I perform in shows,

sometimes with men, other times with boys or women or girls, and then sometimes with

animals. “She looked into Sara’s face.

“It didn’t have to be this way you know”

“It’s incredible can’t you do anything?”

“What and hurt my boys how could I?”

“I suppose..”

“Tell me about your Children?”

“Well there is Keith my eldest, he is so smart and he is doing well in school very handsome.

And there is Tina my little girl she is so vibrant and lively.

“Would you make a bargain with me?”

“What kind of bargain?”

“Call it an arranged marrige.”


“I want the best for my daughter, so when you return home I will send her to you, you will

then arrange for her to marry your son.”

“I… I don’t know”

“Please… In return I will gather pictures and video of all the evils your husband takes part

in and I will have them sent to you so that you may show them to your lawyer, your divorce

should be quick and simple.”

“I don’t know I mean what if Keith doesn’t like her?”

“Doesn’t matter if he does or not she will be devoted to him and will do whatever he asks.”

“But Keith isn’t old enough to get married?”

“Here my Sonia is old even enough to have children, she would have been married but no one

will have her, she will have children if you do not help her, more children for my sons’

circus. Now I will help you if you will help me, do we have a deal?

Sara thought it over for a few minutes when the sheet was pulled back. It was one of the

boys she had seen earlier. “What are you doing Mama?”

“Just talking”

“Talking when you should be working, who is this bitch?”

“She is Mr. Ted’s wife”

“Haha Mister Ted he is such a sissy girl he is no man I should turn you into a whore just

like I turn him into one.” He said seizing Sara by the neck.

“I am talking business with her” the mother said.

“So am I” the Son replied and dragged her from the box

He dragged her over to an enclosed little circle of concrete that might have once been a

swimming pool

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