I didn't realize what I got myself into
I saw the sign posted at the castle: any man who slays the dragon that has
been wreaking havoc on my kingdom will have the hand of my beautiful
daughter in marriage. All who have attempted this task have been killed.
The dragon has a lair in the mountains.

I wonder how many men have tried. They have all been killed. The King's
daughter is a beautiful 18 year old brunettte that any man would want to
marry. I have to try. I have fantasized so many times about making love
to the beautiful Gwendolyn. Such a perfect body. I was getting a hard-on
just thinking about her.

The next day I went before the King to announce my intention of winning
the hand of his daughter Gwendolyn by slaying the dragon. Gwendolyn was
at his side and smiled at me as I made my announcement. "My name is Peter
and I will attempt to slay the dragon, my Lord". "You are very brave
Peter. You understand no one has yet succeeded and that no one has
returned alive". "Yes my Lord. I understand". "Then go and may God be
with you". I turned to go as Gwendolyn said "good luck Sir Peter".
"Thank you my Lady". I turned and walked away.

The next day I gathered my gear and headed up the mountain to face the
dragon. I could see his lair. I also saw what appeared to be the
skeletal remains of humans. No doubt some of those who have failed before
me. I reached the entrance to the lair and slowly entered. With sword
and shield in hand I proceeded. I suddenly heard something behind me. It
was the dragon. He breathed fire on me and set my clothes on fire before
I could protect myself with my shield. I rolled on the ground but my
clothes burned leaving me naked as I took cover behind my shield.

"I will make you the same deal I have made the others". The dragon spoke
to me. Was I delirious from having my clothes burned off? I also noticed
the dragon had 2 heads. "I have had my way with every man who has come
before you. I have offered them the same deal. Any man who survives my
sexual onslaught may cut off one of my heads as proof he has slain me.
Then I will never attack the village again so that all will believe them".

As the dragon spoke these words I saw a monster cock come out of its
sheath. It has to be 15 inches long and a good 3 inches wide. No wonder
no one has survived the onslaught. I suddenly attacked the dragon but
with a swift movement of his tail, he hit me and slammed me against the
wall. When I came to, the dragon had me in his grasp, his huge cock
ready to be plunged up my ass. I tried to get free but couldn't. "Glad
to see you are now awake. I will now fuck you senseless". With that he
shoved his monster cock up my ass. I let out a scream... "aaaarrrgghhh".

It appears I had passed out when the dragon penetrated me. As I came to
I noticed a pool of cum below me as the dragon still had me in his grasp
and fucking me. "Unhhhh...unnhhh". I noticed my cock tip was leaking cum.
"How many times have you fucked me and cum"? I have been fucking you for
1/2 an hour. We dragons are able to fuck for long times without cumming.
That pool of cum on the ground is yours. You have cum 3 times while I have
been fucking you". As he said that I realized my cock was hard as a rock
and that I was actually enjoying the fucking. The dragon was slowly
fucking me, pulling me back onto has cock.

"I only have half my cock in you. I am going to shove it all in you now
and fuck you harder til I shoot my cum inside your ass. No man has even
survived as long as you have. So if you can survive this final onslaught,
I will honor my deal". I was enjoyng the fucking so much I didn't even
care about the deal. But knowing I would get to marry the beautiful
Gwendolyn, I was determined to take all the dragon had. I felt the
dragon grasp me harder as my legs hung in the air. I felt him lunge
forward hard. "Arrrrrrgghghhhhh". It hurt like hell but I was suddenly
cumming again. As I started to cum I felt something wet inside my ass
and realized the dragon was also cumming.

I couldn't believe how good it felt and I just kept cumming as I felt
my ass being flooded with cum. All the while the dragon kept thrusting
harder and harder as he emptied his load into me. With one final heave
the dragon shoved his cock to the hilt one last time and held me there
for about a minute as he finished emptying his load into me. I kept
cumming as well. I have never cum that much in my life.

As the dragon pulled out, a pool of cum dripped out of my ass, down my
legs, and onto the ground. With that the dragon set me down. "You are
free to go now. Take your sword and I will lay my heads down on this
rock so you can cut one of them off and show your King. I retrieved my
sword and walked back to the dragon. I couldn't believe all that had
happened. "It is ok. We were made the way we are so that we could make
these deals with mankind. We are not of this planet and cannot be
killed by any of your weapons".

My species is spread all around your world. We have no females on our
planet but still have sexual needs which is why we do what we do.
When we attack your villages, it is the women we take. Many survive
our sexual onslaught and return to other villages, because they are
afraid of what people may say if they relate their experience". That
said the dragon lay his heads down. Although I was almost reluctant I
lifted the sword high and with a swift blow, severed one of the dragon's
heads. As it rolled down, the dragon got up. Right before my eyes
another head grew where the other one was.

"It was an honor Sir. Return to your village triumphant". "I have to
tell you that while I was awake and you were fucking me, I enjoyed it.
What will you do now to satisfy your sexual urges"? "Other villages
send men to slay me so even though it may be months in between I just
bide my time. Especially since part of our deals is to no longer
attack the village of anyone who survives our onslaught. "I wouldn't
mind coming around again if that isn't against your beliefs. Like I
said I actually enjoyed it and would be willing to do it again. Maybe
next time I will stay awake the whole time and see how many times I
actually cum while you fuck me".

"I am honored you would return just for sex Sir". That said I picked up
the severed dragon head and headed back down the mountain to claim my
beautiful Gwendolyn. I am so going to enjoy fucking her.

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