A true story that started out as a pen pal story till we lived it out to the detail
The setting is Cello's at Claisebrook 2003 opposite side of the river to the Burswood, near where I lived. I have met my pen-friend Marina for coffee, looks early 30's, very trim, blonde all the necessary equipment... we chat I give the usual cheeky advise, we argue about the Iraqi conflict, we discuss art & the theatre and soon we find its getting late, and hot in the sun, so we get a table with a shade, and order lunch, barramundi & salad for me. I notice that Marina is listening intently to me if I speak, and flag it in my mind. I suggest wine with lunch and get a ready yes, Goundries Unwooded Chardonnay. The food service is slow, and we order another bottle and are half way through that when the food arrives. We have covered all the hard topics so we get onto - you guessed it "sex and the city". Marina looks very similar to Samantha, so I was having fun pointing that out in my quiet manner. I was suggesting that she may be a little like Samantha in Kind as well as looks. That brought some little smug smiles, and I noticed her ear lobes get a little pink, a dead give away that there is something there... a 3rd bottle arrives, and the topic goes back to Samantha, and all of her wonderful witticisms, and glorious comments, like the classic line of anal is ok with the right man and some good quality lubrication, to which we started calling the wine lubrication.

Anyway, after 2 bottles of wine, and starting on the 3rd bottle, that left Marina & I, both quite tipsy by now. Marina is sitting next to me, she moves her leg, slightly and touches my knee, quite forward I know, but there I was 3 parts to the wind with a gorgeous young blonde rubbing my leg with hers. Then she looked directly at me, and said, “you know I might be more like Samantha than I want my friend’s to know”. "Can you keep a secret"? “Of course”, I answer , and lift her hand to my lips and gently kiss it, smiling and looking into her sensational blue eyes. She blushed at that, I asked her to elaborate. “So”, I say to her, “in what ways are you like Samantha”?

She says, "well I like my sex, I am a normal red blooded girl", “do tell” I say and look at her lovely cleavage, sorry but I am a male after all. She says, “I like to be in control”, “that’s fine” I say, So I ask "so what’s your favorite place to do it", “outside” she says, “and what time of day for it”? "oh usually the afternoon, especially after a few wines..." “would this afternoon be the sort of day perhaps”? I smile,, Marina looks me directly in the eye and says, "yes this afternoon is exactly the kind of time", and “somewhere around here perhaps the kind of place”? She looks at me, and rubs her leg against mine, and says "you catch on fast James, you have a penthouse around here don’t you?" I point up to my place on the roof, "just there my dear." She says "well lets go then". I look at her and say, “well not so fast,,, its a long walk up there, is this going to be worth my while?” She says "what do you mean", I want to know just how much like Samantha you are”? She answers "a menu, you want a fucking menu"? “well” I say “more like is this going to be a snack or the full smorgasbord”... her nipples are hardening through her shirt, and she is looking flushed, I order another bottle of wine to go... She says, "you're asking me what I will do for you" I say “yes, tell me, out here in the cafe, with people all around, tell me how you will ask me to fuck you upstairs.”

She flushes hot pink and says "god you are turning me on", I say “that’s the intention”!

“Well”, Marina says, “I will start by doing a nice sexy strip for you, out on that patio”, “Ok” I say, “then what”? “I will start to undress you”, “NO it needs to be hotter than that”, I say. Marina says "then I will sit down on the table and start to touch myself”, "where” I ask, “on my breasts and between my soaking wet lips of my pussy”, she says with a husky voice. I smile at the waitress who brought the wine & the change. She obviously heard, and smiles, Marina blushes again, "and then what will you do”, I ask, with the waitress still there at the table, "c'mon don’t be shy" now the waitress is blushing too, and starts to leave. Marina says "you did that on purpose", “yes” I say, “and you loved it”. "God” she says, “if talking about it is this good, whats the real thing going to be like...". “Keep going” I say. She obviously makes a decision there, and starts talking really dirty how she will dance for me, rub against my leg, bring herself off, bend over for me to see her from behind,, really getting descriptive, I start to get hard, and my cock unrolls down the inside of my leg, “my god” she says, “is that for me”, "well if you are a really bad girl..." she starts talking about how she is going to suck me, lick my cock head, suck my balls, deep throat me, after a few minutes of this conversation I am worried I wont be decent standing up, so I say we better go

We get into the lift of my building and I start to kiss Marina, she tastes sweet and pushes into my body feeling my hardness...

I reach around behind and squeeze her buttocks, then dive my hand under her short dress, straight down the back of her g-string, rubbing my hand over her anus hard, and str8 into her drenched pussy, she comes instantly and I force 3 fingers into her,,, making her come again and again. We get to the 4th floor, and go out into the hall, she is undoing my belt as I unlock the door,,, we get inside and she drops to her knees, and takes my cock in her mouth, I grab her hair and push, I am not fully hard, so it bends in her throat, and bang I am fully down her throat.

I harden in her throat, and before I know it months of pent up rocket fuel starts pumping, pumping pumping down her throat, I cum gallons. Some cum spits out the side of her lip, its white & thick, I am still cuming, in huge spasms, and squirting down her throat, she pulls back and strokes me, I still have a few more squirts onto her chest, and she smiles & licks her lips,, "Gee you obviously needed that" I say “yes, thank you, now the show you promised me.”

And it starts, she does everything she said she would down stairs in the cafe... dancing and coming while I get her wines and watch.

I am now rock hard and start to kiss Marina, I lift her standing and place my 9.5inch cock in the entrance to her pussy, she is slick wet and ready. I slide it up & down inside making her cum again. Then I push savagely into her impaling her totally, and she cums hard squeezing and pulsing, gushing pussy juice all over my rock hard cock. I pull out and Marina drops to her knees, then shoves my cock straight into her mouth again, she sucks and licks, I continue, turning her over, leaning on the patio table, looking at that wonderful ass, and slide my big cock into her pussy again. I pound Marina mercilessly, rock hard, sliding the full length into & out of her, and slide my thumb up to her asshole, slicking it with her juice, and pop it into her ass, she comes instantly and I am fucking her & slamming into her and can feel her pulsing on my cock & thumb. I bring another into play, shoving two thumbs into her ass, she is still cuming, and by now screaming, and swearing , which I love, I am still fucking her hard, then I pull my cock out of her pussy and place it at the entrance to her ass, my cock head is nearly 3inches wide, and I start to push, the head goes in an inch, and Marina screams and says “Oh God Yes”, I push harder, and it goes in 2 inches, and she cums for me. I slide in and out the 2 inches I have in her, and she rocks back, I dig my finger nails into her butt, and scratch, she starts convulsing & cuming, and bucking on my big cock, then I abruptly I pull out. Marina screams, “Nooooooooooooo fuck my ass, fuck me, god I need more”

I push Marina face down on the table, and grab a number of large cubes of ice from the pail. I slowly wipe them around her beautiful ass hole. Then steadily push them one by one into her dilated and willing ass. She is slowly building to a massive cum, muttering sexual instructions, and swearing blithely at me. I grab another handful of ice, and do the same with these, “So cold, so hot she is saying”. Once I have 3 large handfuls of ice cubes in Marina’s lovely ass, I start to push some fingers into her tight sweet pussy. I get 3 fingers in, She is wet & sooooo tight. I can feel the ice cubes shape & cold through the thin lining of her pussy. I go for the 4th finger, and Marina screams out loud, and the scream turns to a wail of pleasure, She says “God fuck me I am yours, fuck me”. I take this as encouragement, and shove my thumb into her pussy as well. The ice is melting and partly dripping from her lovely ass. Marina is so wet my hand finally pushes into her, and I am there with this blonde beauty, on her hands & knees before me, ass crammed full of ice and cunt crammed full of my fist. And cuming solidly, just little spasms, but constantly. I wait for Marina to get used to my hand, and then brutally withdraw it 3 of the 5 inches I have in her. She gasps knowing full well what has happened, and I wait until she realizes what is going to happen. As she does she spasms cuming, but tenses up in fear, Then slowly starts pushing back. I pull back my hand to keep it in the same position. “I want it, give it to me” she says I keep teasing, and then with all of my bicep muscles together, I punch into her, in the most brutal hard forcing fuck fisting she has ever had. Marina takes my fist and screams again, cuming in great back spasming crunches, convulsing up and down, not able to make any intelligible sounds. I keep forcing her to cum until she is spent, Marina collapses onto her tummy oozing cum and pussy juice from her pussy, and clear iced water from her ass, and I see a trail of her cum oozing from her pussy as she has been shooting by my brutal force fucking with my fist. I look at my hand and it is covered in Marina’s cum, so I smear her cum all over her tits and face & lips. I gently push Marina onto her back and push my rock hard cock into her, and she cums yet again, then with drawing my cock now coated in her wonderful juices, I put it into her mouth, where she hungrily sucks, looking up at me, as I pump my big hard cock into her mouth, and slowly sensuously lick the cum of my sexual goddess equal from my fingers, as she swallows my cock to the base, and sucks me dry of my cum…
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