(For a lost lady named Dot)
My name is Henry Edward Delioux and I just turned twenty one. Tragedy seemed to dog me these last few years, first a close friend I grew up with was lost in combat. Next was my mother in a stupid accident, then there was my uncle who was killed by a drunk driver. My dad died during a freak lightning strike, last was my grandfather who died of a heart attack.

The only thing they had in common was me, I was left with a large ranch and a farm. I had left the service in time to plant a crop on the farm. After that I went to the ranch where I learned a lot of new things about both sheep and cattle. When I went back to check on the farm I met Dot, she was barely eighteen with a small debt hanging over her.

I watched her at the diner as she tried to keep up and avoid the hands of men. She kept flirting with me though and I was really tempted. I was chatting with a friend still overseas and mentioned her. He was with the British SAS and laughed, “bond the girl and take her to that ranch you told me about.”

I blinked, “no one does that anymore.”

He came back quickly, “it is still part of the English law. You’re in Canada which means it’s legal there.”

After he got off I did some checking and was surprised to learn he had been right. I thought about it and realized how lonely I was. The next day I stopped in the diner just as Dorothy started, even the owner was hitting on her and giving her a hard time. I waited until she stopped to take my order, “Do you know what bonding is?”

She looked at me and shook her head and I smiled, “It works like this. I pay off your bills and debt and you are bonded to me for a set amount of time. You stay with me and work and I pay you.”

Dorothy bit her lip and looked around, “and you have sex with me.”

I smiled, “Yes, but you keep your birth control. That would still be your choice.”

She looked down and I waited. She looked at me finally and held out her hand, “Call me Dot and you have a deal.”

I nodded, “Go quit and meet me by my car.”

Five minutes later she slid in beside me. She didn’t look up as I started the car, “First we go to your place so you can get your bills and everything you own.”

She blinked as she looked at me in surprise and I smiled, “Then we move you to my farm.”

Dot nodded and bit her lip, “I have two sisters I take care of.”

I was surprised but nodded, “I’ll rent a truck to move them.”

She looked at me before finally nodding, I dropped her off and went to rent a truck. When I knocked she opened the door and stepped back. I walked in and glance the two younger copies of Dot. I smiled and turned to her, “I need all your bills.”

I sat at the small dinning table and started looking at what she owed and it was more than I thought but not more then I was willing to pay. I finally nodded and pulled out the bonding paperwork I had gotten, “Sign and have your sisters witness.”

She bit her lip and hesitated before doing as I told her. I waited until they were done to start writing checks. When I finished I took the paperwork and put it away, “Lets get you moved.”

That was easier said then done. Thankfully most of the furniture came with the small apartment. All three rode in the truck with me out to the farm. It was dark when we got there and I decided to finish in the morning. I had them bring in their suitcases and showed them to a couple of rooms.

Dot was very nervous until I headed into the kitchen. It was a moment before she came in and watched as I tried to make dinner. She finally shook her head and pushed me out of the way and started doing it herself, “You really need a keeper.”

I grinned and kissed her cheek, “That’s why I got you.”

She smiled and shook her head. A few minutes later her sisters came in. Dot nodded to the older one, “That’s Beth, she’s sixteen.”

She looked at the other girl who had really long hair, “That’s Ruth, she’s fourteen.”

I grinned, “welcome girls. I’m glad it is summer.”

I looked at Dot, “Before I forget, we need to take a trip in a couple of days out to my ranch.”

She looked at me, “Ranch?”

I shrugged, “I just need to check with the foreman. You and your sisters can ride the horses while I take care of business.”

The two girls grinned and I looked at them, “What?”

Dot grinned and shook her head, “their horse crazy.”

I laughed and that seemed to break the ice. Beth and Ruth both wanted to know everything about the ranch and the horses. I told them what I could and absently pulled Dot onto my lap after she put the dinner on the table. I fed her and myself as I continued to talk to her sisters.

After dinner Dot nodded to her sisters, “I cooked you clean.”

They grinned and looked around the huge comfortable kitchen before starting to do as their sister told them. I stood and kissed Dot before heading towards the hallway, “bedtime when you finish.”

I got ready for bed and stripped before climbing between the sheets. I wasn’t expecting Dot as I relaxed but a few minutes later she opened my door and looked in. She crossed to the bed and hesitated before dropping the robe she was wearing and slipping under the covers with me. She moved over against me and I turned to caress her lovely body, “Hi.”

She smiled and caressed my chest, “Hi.”

I turned and kissed her softly, “Can I lick you?”

Dot grinned, “Anytime.”

I slid down the bed and over between her legs as she spread them. She was trembling as I opened her pussy and licked through it. I heard her gasp and felt her shiver as I pushed my tongue into her and then started nibbling and teasing her clit. I took my time as she jerked, twitched, shuddered and spasmed.

She finally twisted away and covered her pussy. I moved up her body and kissed her as she shuddered, “That was fun.”

She grinned and hugged me before sighing, “I have only had sex a few times and I never really enjoyed it.”

I waited and she smiled, “At least you got me off first.”

I lifted up and she reached down to position my cock. I pushed and wiggled before slowly entering her. I smiled and kissed her as she became tense, “Can I kiss you?”

She kissed me quicky and then giggled, “You smell and taste like my pussy.”

I grinned and kissed her softly as I began to slowly fuck into her. It was a couple of minutes before she sighed and shuddered as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. A minute later she hugged me and kissed me as she jerked and shook. She was a lot wetter and moaned as her pussy began to squeeze and milk my cock.

Another couple of minutes and she stiffened before suddenly thrashing around and wailing. I was fucking into her nice and deep and hitting her cervix each time. As she bucked and convulsed I pushed harder and slipped deeper. Dot screamed as she arched her back and squirted, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

It was like riding a bucking horse so I buried my cock to jab and hump. She continued to jerk and thrash around as her warm pussy milked my cock. I groaned as I held her and began to pump gushing spurts of cum. She jerked when she felt the first warm eruption and then held her hips up and shuddered as I kept filling her.

When I pulled out a minute later she dropped to the bed and sighed, “Oh god that was amazing.”

“You okay Dot?”

I turned to look at the darkened doorway and found both her sisters standing there. Dot laughed, “I’m flying on top of the world.”

Ruth snickered, “rocked your world more like.”

Beth giggled and crossed to sit on the bed, “Tilted it sideways.”

Dot hugged me and looked at her sisters, “He was wonderful. He even went down on me.”

Ruth joined Beth on the bed, “Beth did that for me once.”

Beth hissed and I smiled, “Then you were very lucky. I hope you returned the favor.”

It was silent and Ruth shifted, “Not yet.”

I caressed Dot’s bare hip, “Oral sex doesn’t mean you are gay. It is just one way of enjoying someone.”

Ruth shifted, “Can I try Beth?”

Beth sighed and then giggled, “Since Dot has my pussy wet and itchy... sure.”

Ruth jumped up and then walked out with Beth following close behind her. I turned to Dot and kissed her again, “Thank you, that felt so good.”

She laughed, “It sure did to me.”

I caressed her pelvis, “Can I do it again?”

She pulled on me to get me back between her legs. I held her naked body against mine and kissed her as I pushed back into her. We both sighed and shuddered before grinning and kissing. I fucked her tight pussy slowly and she was lifting her hips as it squeezed and tightened around my cock. It wasn’t long before she was clinging to me as her body jerked and spasmed.

She lifted her feet into the air as I slowly fucked in and out and then she began to keen and wail. As I buried my cock and started grinding and pressing she started convulsing and squirting. Her warm slippery pussy felt so good I fucked her with deep, hard thrusts. It was a couple of minutes before I pushed into her and shuddered.

My cock jerked and began gushing again and Dot lifted her hips and cried out as I pumped and spurted and spewed until I was done. I held and kissed her for a couple of minutes before she let her legs drop to the bed. She grinned, “I could get used to that.”

I pulled out of her and caressed her pelvis, “I hope so Dot.”

She laughed and turned to hug me. I caressed her hips before laying back and pulling her with me. She grinned as she spread her legs and straddled me. She lay on me and kissed me softly before lifting up and fitting my cock to her leaking pussy. She wiggled and pushed back before sighing and starting to rock back and forth.

I fucked her four more times before we finally fell asleep. Dot let me pull her into the bathroom and then the shower where I washed her until she laughed, “You’re wasting water.”

I grinned and gave her a kiss, “It’s my well and my water.”

After we dried off, we ate breakfast with her sisters who looked satisfied with themselves. We finished unloading everything and I took the truck back. When I got back I took all three around to show them the farm. They seemed to like it and kept running to look at something. Dot shook her head when they stripped and laughed as they danced around naked.

I grinned and turned Dot before undressing her. I folded and held her clothes before pushing her towards her sisters. She was bitting her lip and looked at me before grinning and running to catch them. When we came into the house to fix lunch Dot was as giggly as both her sisters. She pushed Beth towards me, “Ask him.”

Beth grinned as she walked to me with a sway to her hips, “I was wondering if you would bond me?”

I looked at Dot, “Are you sure Dot?”

She grinned, “sure, take her to bed and try her out.”

Ruth laughed, “before she rapes us.”

Beth grinned again and looked at me. I went to my computer and printed another copy of the bonding contract I had saved for Dot. I set it on the table and touched it, “Sign here and Dot and Ruth can witness.”

A minute later I was being pulled back to my bedroom. I turned her at the bed and pushed her onto the bed before I undressed. I moved onto the bed and pushed her hand away from her pussy before leaning down to lick it. She shuddered and pulled on me, “fuck me and you can do that whenever you want.”

I laughed as I moved up her body and fitted my cock to her pussy before pushing and slowly forcing it into her. Beth groaned and lifted her hips as I pushed deeper. I kissed her and she clung to me and kissed me back passionately. I started to fuck her slowly and she began to sigh and moan.

A minute later she stiffened and then screamed as she began to thrash around and buck. My cock was all the way in her as I rode her writhing body. Beth squirted a couple of times as she jerked and convulsed. Her pussy was spasming and grasping my cock constantly. I groaned as I thrust into her and began gushing ropes of cum.

She lifted her hips as she was flooded and hugged me tight, “ooohhhh.... gggooooddddd!”

She jerked and shuddered as her tight pussy clamped down and kept squeezing my cock. I groaned as I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and then I sighed and kissed her, “Witch.”

Dot and Ruth laughed from the door and Beth grinned up at me. I pulled out of her and laid beside her before caressing her hip and leaning down to suck on a pretty pink nipple. She shuddered and laughed as I pulled back and slipped off the bed, “lunch.”

Ruth sat on my lap as soon as I sat down at the table and rubbed my chest, “do you think I am to young to have sex?”

I glanced at Dot, “Fourteen isn’t to young even though a lot of people think so.”

I cupped one of her breasts, “before you ask me to bond you, I think you and your sister should talk about it.”

She shuddered and then grinned before looking at Dot who shook her head and smiled, “okay sis but don’t come to me and complain later.”

I patted Ruth’s hip and went to my computer when she moved. We signed the bonding document and then sat down to eat. After lunch I had a few things to do and gave Dot some money and told her to go buy three good suitcases. They left in my car as I started chores around the farm. I finished as they were pulling back into the yard.

I called and reserved tickets for the train before Ruth pulled me through the house and to my bed. She was grinning as she stripped and watched as I undressed. She crawled onto the bed and lay waiting as I finished and moved after her. I lay beside her and caressed her body before giving her a kiss.

I moved over her as she spread her legs and kissed her again before moving down. She laughed as I stopped and sucked on a nipple before moving down to her pussy. I opened it and started licking and then teasing her clit. When I sucked on it she jerked and shuddered as her hips lifted, “yes!”

I pushed my tongue into her tight pussy before attacking her clit again. Ruth wailed and kicked the bed as she started convulsing, she squirted as she twisted away and curled up. I glanced at her grinning sisters in the doorway before rolling her onto her back and moving up between her legs.

I slowly forced my cock into her slick pussy and she hugged me tight as I began to fuck her. She sighed and moaned as I used long thrusts while grinding. By the time I was hitting the back of her pussy she was shuddering and jerking as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I buried my cock and started humping as I pushed into her harder.

She grunted and kept thrusting her hips up until my cock pushed into her all the way. She stiffened and clutched me tight before wailing and thrashing around, “aaaahhhhh!”

Her tight pussy clenched my cock as she bucked and screamed. I pulled back and started fucking her hard and deep. She continued to struggle and squirm as I kept fucking her. She wet me a few times as her pussy constantly spasmed around my cock. A few minutes later she was completely incoherent as she jerked and convulsed.

She came four times before I thrust into her and held her as my cock jerked and then started spewing jets of cum. She lifted and tilted her hips as she clung to me and shuddered. I spurted again and again as her warm, tight pussy kept milking my cock. When I was done I kissed her softly before pulling out and laying beside her.

I cupped a breast and rubbed the nipple, “How was that?”

She shuddered and grinned before looking at me, “wonderful.”

Dot and Beth laughed and came to the bed to sit. Dot rubbed her pelvis and Beth tugged on her nipples. I grinned and turned to climb out of bed, “Dinner and then a movie before bed time.”

They grinned as they pulled us out and to the kitchen. I sat and watched as they made dinner and then cleaned up. I sat with Dot on my lap and both Beth and Ruth leaning against me as we watched a movie. After it was over we all went to the bathroom together and then the girls grinned as they followed me into my bedroom.

I shut the light off as they crawled into bed and then followed them. I slipped in beside Dot and grinned as I caressed her and gave her a kiss before sliding down her body. She laughed and ran her fingers through my hair as Ruth moaned. I glanced across to see Beth licking her and smiled before licking through Dot’s pussy.

I started teasing her clit as she shivered and lifted her hips. Before to long she was panting with Ruth and moaning as she shuddered and jerked. I finally moved up as she pulled on me and settled between her legs to kiss her. She hugged me before reaching between us to position my cock.

I pushed into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She moaned and shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I kept fucking her slowly and it was a few minutes before she stiffened and then howled as she bucked and thrashed around. Her tight pussy spasmed and kept grasping my cock as she wrapped her legs around me.

I fucked her hard for a minute and she continued to wail as she squirted and jerked. I finally thrust into her and tried to hold her struggling body and few minutes later she clung to me. I grunted and humped as I began to pump thick spurts of cum. She tilted her hips and shuddered as her pussy milked the cum into her, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

Beth and Ruth laughed as their sister spasmed and jerked. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed before pulling my head down for a kiss. I pulled out of her when we stopped and Beth pulled on me, “my turn.”

Dot laughed as Ruth moved down out of the way and I moved over between Beth’s legs. I kissed her and slowly pushed my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and I turned my head to see Ruth settling between Dot’s legs. They kissed and Ruth started humping and grinding and I laughed before pulling back and starting to fuck Beth slowly with deep thrusts.

I fucked the three girls twice each before they let me sleep. I woke early and glanced at the clock before starting to rub butts and kiss girls. Dot finally laughed and pushed her sisters away, “okay, we get it.”

I slipped out of bed and headed towards the bathroom and was almost run over. Almost the whole train ride the three kept flashing me. I was met by the foreman and he drove us out to the ranch. It was almost dark when we got there but the three still wanted to go see the correl full of horses while I carried the suitcases in.

The foreman’s wife made a late dinner and after we finished I took a walk with the girls. There were a half dozen young men that watched the girls as we walked and they flirted. My house was a single story three bedroom with a small kitchen and dinning room. The living room had rough wooden framed chairs and couch with cushions on them.

The girls stripped and showered with me before getting ready for bed. I laid beside Beth and caressed her body and we watched Dot push Ruth down before moving between her legs. I grinned and slid down as Dot began to hump her pussy down against Ruth’s. I started licking through Beth’s pussy and teasing her clit as she moaned and shuddered.

It was a few minutes before she was wiggling and shaking and pushed me away. I laughed as I moved up and she reached down to position my cock. I pushed into her tight pussy and kissed her as I fucked her slowly. By the time I was pushing all the way into her, she was bucking and thrashing around.

She howled when I buried my cock to grind and hump. Her pussy became slipperier and kept spasming and squeezing my cock. I kissed her as Dot and Ruth both laughed and giggled. I fucked her hard and deep and she wailed as she clung to me. I slowed and kept planting my cock and pushing as I felt my balls churn.

I pushed into her and held her as my cock started pumping huge streams of cum. Beth lifted her legs and I continued to spurt through her cervix. She shuddered and sighed and moaned softly until I stopped cumming.

She relaxed and took a deep breath before grinning and kissing me passionately. I pulled out and Ruth pulled on me as she rolled onto her stomach. I grinned as she spread her legs and moved between them. I pushed into her tight pussy and started fucking her. She was already slippery so it wasn’t long before I was against her cervix.

Dot moved over between Beth’s legs and kissed her before whispering something that made her grin. Dot slid down and began to lick her leaking pussy as I buried my cock and started to hump, jab and press. Ruth was shuddering hard as she clenched her pussy and kept trying to push back.

I kissed the back of her neck before pulling back and starting to fuck her with long thrusts. It was a several minutes before she was wailing as she kicked the bed and spasmed. I continued to fuck her and let her tight pussy milk my cock each time I buried it. By the time I was ready to cum she was howling and incoherent.

I pushed into her shaking body and held her as I began to spew cum. She tilted her hips and pushed back when she felt the sudden gushing warmth and sighed. When I was done cumming I pulled out and moved off her to lay on my back.

Dot straddled me and fitting my cummy cock to her pussy before pushing down. She shivered as her pussy squeezed and began rocking. I fucked the girls for two hours before they let me sleep. I woke to Dot sleeping on me and caressed her bare hip. She shivered and a minute later lifted her head before smiling, “morning.”

I smiled, “wear pants today and we can go for a ride.”

She grinned and turned to finger Ruth. I shook my head as I got up and went to wash. We went next door to the foreman’s house for breakfast. The girls stayed with his wife when we left to make a few checks and talk. When we walked back into the house it was to see his wife naked with the three girls. He grinned as she ran and grabbed his hand, “you are getting so fucked!”

I smiled as she pulled him after her and looked at Dot, “what happened?”

She grinned as she looked at Ruth, “someone talked her way into her panties and licked her until she was begging her to stop.”

I grinned, “get dressed so we can take a ride.”

We stayed a week before returning to the farm. The three have been with me a long time. We go back and forth from the farm to the ranch. Sometimes I only sleep with one or two and sometimes I sleep with all three.
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