Once tried never forgotten
The need for Experience II

Gail Holmes

Wally was at a loss, the house was empty and he’d nothing to occupy his mind, it hadn’t been like this since he could remember, usually Maureen or Hazel were there, or at least one of them. He’d come back down stairs in his dressing gown after his bath, he loved his bath in the evening, nice smelly salts it was a real freshener.

Making for the lounge, there was a nice fire burning, and he’d his book that Hazel had brought for him, it would give him a chance to at least start it. Why she should think he’d be interested in wild orchids he’d no idea. Sitting in his favourite armchair, well one couldn’t call it an armchair as it was a two seater settee, pulling the pouch a cross in front he then lifted his feet and lay back into the settee with book in hand.

His concentration left him, he just couldn’t make a start on the novel, his mind going back to the afternoon that Maureen had gone to Windsor with her friend and his frolics with Hazel in his bedroom, well at least Maureen and his bedroom. God, she’d go through the roof should she have known, and as to the nightdress that she’d brought; how the hell did they both come up with the same idea, okay it was a turn on. Well what man wouldn’t either didn’t leave much for the mind to get upset about, on the contrary they both we’re cock fodder. He lie back in the chair his eyes closed, every now and then he’d smile to himself, his mind was on Hazel. It hadn’t been anywhere else for the past few days, she still sat on the step with her drawing pad, and her posture never changed. Before long he was in a very deep sleep.

Hazel thought the house was empty when she returned, or at least Wally had gone up to bed. Boiling the kettle she made herself a mug of hot chocolate. She wondered if the fire in the lounge had died a death yet, she felt she could do with a warm, it was a cold night, her mother wouldn’t be back until gone eleven gone. Hazel could never see the joy in playing darts, but her mother was captain of the local pubs dart team, still if she enjoyed it why not.

Wally was well gone by the time Hazel came into the lounge; his snoring startled her to start with, then she smiled to herself and made for the fire warming hands, looking back over her shoulder she notice the novel on his lap, and was pleased that he’d started the book. She stood then sat in the armchair opposite Wally watching him as she slowly supped her hot chocolate cupped in her hands giving them extra warmth.

He wasn’t bad for an old’n she thought; she had enjoyed his lovemaking though, she’d not be likely to forget her afternoon with him. He was a 100% better than Mike; he was a waste of space, she didn’t know what she saw in him anyway. They’d met at a local football match one Saturday afternoon; she’d gone with some of her girlfriends and met him in the bar after the match.

Sitting back she pulled the cushion onto her lap cuddling it in one hand with her chocolate in the other, the room looked more like Christmas time with the flames in the fire flickering around the walls. She looked at her dad and smiled to herself, Should she wake him with a blowjob, she felt more than enthusiastic at the thought of having him once more, she only just left Mike she considered, she more than likely still be damp from his little session, God what a wimp he was, okay he’d got the length but what girl likes being prodded high in her fanny, it’s the most uncomfortable sensation a girl could experience. Since her father; Mike had in no way satisfied her by any means. She took another long sip on her chocolate; it warmed her as it went down, her eyes gazed at her father with his head back nose in the air; and the noise of his snoring, well she had to smile. It was only then that she’d notice he was in his dressing gown. Looking at her watch she realised it was only ten minutes past nine, mother wouldn’t be home till at least eleven she said so herself when she went out.

Draining the last drop of the hot chocolate she place the mug onto the nearby table, then went down on the floor crawling across in front of her father. Gently she lifted his hand taking the book from it and placing it onto the floor, and then lifted his dressing gown. His cock was lying lengthwise toward her; still it looked huge even in this flaccid state.

Hazel looked up to her father then took his cock lifting it in her hand, he made no identification to her movement whatsoever and still he slept. Hazel couldn’t believe as to how heavy it was, it felt so silky and smooth the helmet stuck out like a staving Cod, running her finger around the eye all of a sudden there was a trickle of juice it looked not unlike a tear. Hazel’s blood was stirring, her pussy seemed to tingle, she couldn’t believe that she had such a feeling, it was less than an hour ago she was being screwed by Mike, (she shuddered at the thought) well at least it showed she wasn’t satisfied by him. With her fingers now around Wally’s cock she started to rub it in long gentle strokes; her eyes were on his face all the time watching for any wakefulness due to her movements. At one stage his did take a deep breath and snuggle down in the chair for a more comfortable position. She could feel the blood pumping into the massive shaft as it throbbed within her fingers, she felt like an Indian snake charmer, slowly but surely it thickened out spreading her grip, now her fingers could not fit around it’s circumference on it, Hazel lifted her self then leaned over his knees taking the bulbous helmet up into her mouth.

Wally senses picked up the new sensation and he gave out a low moan. Hazel placed her hand up under her skirt pulling her panties to one side, she was so wet, she knew it wasn’t from Mike, he’d wore a condom.

With the sensation of his cock in her mouth and the dampness of her pussy Hazel was on a high, she knew only to well that she’d not a chance in hell of getting the animal up into her pussy without the aid of the gel. Withdrawing his cock from her mouth she pulled away from him again looking at her watch it was nine thirty-five, there was still heaps of time she considered, then away heading for the stairs; as soon as she got to his bedroom she open the draw his side of the bed, it was there stareing her in the eyes, she picked up the tube and was about to move away when she considered not to take the tube but to squeeze some onto her fingers and put it back into the draw.

Down stairs once more Wally was still sending them home, she’d never have realised that he snored so deeply. His cock still jutted out before him like a rampant horse on heat, Hazel kneeled in front of him once more taking the gel and rubbing it all around the thick shaft, her own blood was starting to boil, what if he woke what could she say. Again Wally let out a sigh of appreciation with a slight wriggle adjusting his position, Hazel had covered the whole of the shaft with a little to spare which she quickly lifted her skirt and massage it around her pussy lips. And then lowed her panties stepping out of them, drying her fingers on the soft material before dropping them onto the floor, and pushing them under the settee.

Hazel lifted herself astride him leaning forward she kissed his forehead. “Well let’s see as to what a mess I can make of this Dad?” she whispered under her breath.

With her hand between her legs she took hold of the thick cock, “God Dad, its might as well be that of a donkey, but we’ll manage?” She expressed to herself.
After a little bit of winding; she manage to place the huge helmet between her now puffy pussy lips then eased down slightly, it felt wonderful when the walls of her pussy started to expand. Hazel placed her hands onto her fathers shoulders she could tell by the expression on his face now his brain was taking notice, with his teeth gripped together Hazel started to lower and rise, lower and rise, Gradually the shaft deepened on each downward stroke. Hazel was not only pleased with herself but enjoying it to boot. Whether it was Mike, the gel or just her perseverance she couldn’t tell but it sure was going in a lot easier than the first time. With two more strokes Hazel had the full length and it felt like she’d a marrow stuck up her. Lifting her hands from Wally’s shoulder she placed them one her lap taking a breather., she felt wonderful and very proud of herself.

Slowly she started to fuck her father, every now and again he’d give out a low whimper of satisfaction, from time to time Hazel speeded her pace, but in a gentle fashion; she’d not wanted to wake her father should he be upset with her doings. Unexpectedly, he started to lift and rise with her motions, Hazel couldn’t contain herself as the first orgasm came and it took her by complete surprise. Thankfully she was rooted to the spot, her hands gripping her legs as the sensation flow though most her body, coming to she opened her eyes Wally was still fucking her, but still in that land of nod, she did wonder as to his thoughts, would it be of her or her mother. His hands went out to her, hugging her tenderly around her waist pulling her gently toward him; once more Hazel placed her hands onto his shoulders and worked with him, they were now cheek to cheek, Hazel sensed to aroma of his aftershave, it was sweet to her, at least he was more manly than Mike, he always brought the cheapest aftershave on the market, not caring as to its scent, only that it covered his own body odour.

Both were now working in harmony, the height of the pleasure shared by each. Hazel really would have liked to know of his dream; his lovemaking was methodical every stoke sending the right information to her body, her legs were numb and her body ached with the sheer pleasure of his gentle thrusting. The soothing ness of the motion Hazel could also have fallen asleep with him; she now also going in to the world of dreams only momentarily the theme of Knights in White Satin was going through her thoughts she hugged Wally around his neck tightly, she was on a beautiful black horse, rescued by her knight, they were being pursued by an army. The leather of the saddle was rubbing against her pussy; the feeling was orgasmic, she hugged her champion as she went through an supreme orgasm.

Wally sensed the tension in her pussy, but he was in his own land of reverie, yes it was Hazel she was in some kind of gangbang, he himself was in the saddle, others stood around him jeering egging him on impatient for their own chance with the lusty maid. Wally took a firmer hold on her waist virtually lifting her and forcing her back down onto his cock, he was now doing this at a furious pace. Hazel awoke from her daydream thinking that the knight’s horse had gone wild. Immediately she went through another majestic orgasm clinging onto her father as if her own life depended on him. Wally lifted his hips and blew the most magical load of his entire life, he held Hazel down hard, she sensed the bulge within, it was almost as if she could split with the sheer volume this time it was so forceful it seeped back down the side of his shaft.

Abruptly, Wally awoke from his dream, he’s eyes glue into Hazel’s. “You alright Dad?”

“Hell babe, that that was something else as you yourself put it!” He smiled hugging her tightly.

“Anyone home?” Maureen pushed her head around the lounge doorway.

“Hello sweetheart you’re back nice and early!” Wally implied turning to see her over his shoulder.

Hazel knew there was no way she could get off her father, for one the mess would smother them both, then there would be his cock, that would be an instant giveaway.

“So what have you two been up to then, I thought you were out on a date?” Maureen turned to Hazel.

“I was, I’ve thrown the towel in on him!” Hazel smiled. “He’s a waste of space to immature for my liking. (By that she meant his cock)

“So she came home to fight with me!” Wally lied but he knew his wife would more than likely believe him; they often sparred about with each other. But neither Hazel nor her mother ever realised that from his point of view, it was only to get a chance of seeing her panties should he get her in the right position.

“I’ll put the kettle on, I take it neither of you will say no to a cuppa?” With this Maureen went back into the kitchen.

“Now that’s what I call a real Mum!” Hazel called after her.

“Come on sweetheart we can’t let her find us like this, get off and let me straighten my self out?” Wally smiled taking her by the hips.

“Dad I’m chocker block, it’s leaking from me as I speak, I thought you were never going to stop cumming!”

Wally lifted her skirt. “Where are your blasted knickers?”

“Under the settee!”

“Come on there’s a good girl, if she comes in she blow her top!”

Hazel lifted drawing herself back, almost immediately spunk started to spurt from her gaping pussy. “Jesus Dad, I can’t hold it back!”

Hazel quickly lifted of him and the settee, reaching under to grabbed her panties, immediately she pushed them up between her legs hoping to steam the flow from her pussy, only after she managed to actually force them inside her pussy did the flow subside. “I’ll have to go up to the bathroom!” She told Wally.

The inside of his nightgown was smothered in the creamy white stuff; quickly he drew the flaps back over his knees.

“There we go Hubby, just what the doctor ordered!” Maureen placed the cup of tea into his hand then sat back into the chair that Hazel had just got out of.

“Good evening?” Wally questioned.

“Beat them, they didn’t stand a chance!” Maureen smiled. “Where’s Hazel gone?”

“Up to her bedroom I think, she said she’s not be long!”

“Did you have you’re bath?” Maureen quizzed.

“Yes, it was very relaxing!” Wally replied.

“I’m alright for tonight then?” Maureen smiled. “I think that will just round my evening off nicely!”

Wally could but bite his lip, at that present moment he felt shattered, he didn’t know what Hazel had done but she’d sure taken the spunk out of him.

“Thanks Mum!” Hazel came back into the room dressed in her nightgown taking up her cup she sat down in the free armchair. “So you had a good evening then?”

“Well we knocked the socks off them! Why are you home so early, what went wrong?”

“Nothing really, Mike and I have finished!” Hazel replied.

“Finished, I thought he was something using your own words. Found someone else then?” Maureen quizzed.

“You could say that, let’s say he’s more of a man than Mike!”

There was a sudden belch in the room coming from Hazel’s direction. Maureen turned toward her.

“Sorry Mum I’ve been drinking cokes all night!”

Should Maureen have known it was a fanny belch, Hazel was sure they’d have been an uproar, being as she’d nearly caught her and her father with his cock jammed up her. Hazel thought she’s got rid of most of her father’s download, but even now she could feel a seepage, thankfully the housecoat would absorb any of the dregs.

“Well I’m not going to be to long before I go to bed, what about you Wally?” Maureen said with her eyes beaming at him.

“I’ll be up direct dear, just want to get to the end of the chapter in my book!” Wally replied lifting the book back up from the table where Hazel had placed it earlier.

“Not to long now mind?” Maureen implied as she stood

“Night Mum!” Hazel called after her as she went through the door.

Wally look across to his daughter, “What the hell did you do, I feel drained?” He questioned. “And now she wants her pussy filled?”

“What did I do, I’m still full, I thought she’d realised when my pussy burped!” Hazel smiled.

“I don’t think I can handle another load, I mean you’re mother doesn’t appeal to me that much these days. I seem to be looking at all the teens, and with you and you’re habits that’s enough to send any man on a high!”

“I think Sunday mornings she gets her best thrill?” Hazel smiled.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well she certainly moans a lot!”

“May be so, but it’s you I’m fucking. It’s with luck that you give me a good show on Saturday nights! Or she’d get nothing”

“Are you saying that you’re thinking of me whilst you’re fucking Mum?” Hazel thought he was jesting.

“It been that way for months she thinks I’m God’s answer to manhood, but in reality it’s you that aids my cock without your regular show I’m sure she’d get nothing? And if you’re thinking of giving me one now; I can tell you; you’ve already drained me dry?”

Hazel laughed at his remark, but couldn’t out work why it should have been so different for him with her in the drivers seat so to speak. She did wonder now if Mikes cock had aided his entry on her, he’d not cum up her “God forbid” She thought, but he had made her wet, but there again it was her own father she’d been thinking of at the time. With this; how could she criticize her father of thinking of her aiding his own lovemaking with her mother?

“You could at least try Dad, you’d better go or you’ll be in the dog house again!” Hazel warned him.

“Night then!” Wally stood from his chair and made for the stairs.

“See you in the morning Dad!” Hazel smiled after him.

Wally knew he’d have to go to the bathroom on his way, as not only his cock felt sticky, it was adhering to his dressing gown.

“Is that you Wally?” He heard Maureen cry out.

“Yes dear, couple of minutes and I’ll be there just popping into the bathroom to freshen up?” He called back.

As Wally opened his dressing gown he was gob smacked as to the condition of it’s inside; most of the marks must have been from when Hazel had lifted off him. There were giant snail trails with blotches of spunk on the inside of the back. Wally picked up a sponge from under the sink’ dampening it under the hot tap then sponging the inside of the gown. He knew the gown would be soaking wet when he’d finished.

When Wally was sure he’d removed the entire slur; he wrapped the gown around his shoulders and headed for the bedroom.

“God Wally, you’re like an old woman the time it takes you in the bathroom to get freshened up as you call it! Now come on get yourself in alongside me, else I’ll be past waiting?” Maureen pulled the bed covers back as she spoke.

Wally eased the wet dressing gown from his shoulders placing it over a nearby chair.

“You needn’t think you’re leaving that there all night, hang it on its hanger and put it away!” Maureen stipulated.

“Sorry dear; I thought your need was urgent?” Wally implied taking up the gown again placing it on its hanger.

“God man; I could die for the need for it now get your arse over here and get into bed!”

Wally move the bed covers back a little more and clambered in beside her.

“Now where’s my little man then?” Maureen tittered, her hand roaming under the covers. “Ha, seems as if he might need a little stimulation tonight, and there’s me thinking he’d be up and running by the time he came to bed!”

Maureen’s head went under the bed covers; Wally sensed her lips engulf his organ. He looked up to the ceiling his hands placed together. “Dear God, please make him rise?” He whispered out loud

“Stop you’re cackling man; lie back and think of England!” Maureen stammered from beneath the covers even though her mouth was full.

Wally just hoped to God that he’d cleaned all traces of Hazel’s juices from his shaft, thankfully with no foreskin that didn’t often happen. He sensed Maureen gagging, as she forced his limp cock down the back of her throat.

Maureen removed his cock from her mouth for moments. “What the hells up with him tonight Wal! Thought he’s be more than eager after three days, normally he’s rampant by this time. Hope you’ve not a secret lover on the side?” she chuckled before resuming her position.

“Nothing would match you my dear!” He placed his hand under the covers as to stroke her hair.

“If you can’t make it you’re straight down the quacks tomorrow; get some of the darn Viagra; when I need cock, I really do need it. What the fuck is a matter with him!”

It’s there babe, just keep at it!” Wally pleaded.

Hazel was walking along the upper hallway and heard some of her mother’s remarks. She gingerly opened the door a jar and peered in, the light was still on and she could see her mother’s head bobbing up and down under the cover. Wally noticed her, putting his fingers up to his lips to ward her to silence. Hazel smiled at some of her mother’s remarks from under the covers. An idea came to her head, reaching down she caught the bottom of her nightdress and pulled it up revealing her pussy. Wally needed nothing else other than the view of her little red tuft, his cock started to thicken instantly.

“Will you look at this!” Maureen chuckled in a muffled voice came from under the bedding in a jocular manner. “He’s standing up here as if he owns the joint, God, he’s thicker than my bloody arm!” Maureen spun herself around squatted herself above him.

Wally quickly reached to his cabinet draw pulling out the gel, then forcing it down under the covers for his wife. He lifted his fingers up to his lips; blowing Hazel a kiss and mouthed a thank you. She smiled and blew him a kiss and was gone.

“God Wally, he’s bigger than a bloody totem pole. If some of the girls at work could see me now!” Her hands were placed on his chest; she’d already positioned his cock between her fulvous pussy lips. Closing her eyes she started to lower herself onto his cock, her pussy flaps rolled themselves outwardly as his cock entered, that’s all you could really call them now after being spread for so many years by Wally hefty shaft.

Maureen let out a loud gasp as the huge organ broadened her moist passageway. Wally was glad that she’d taken the reins; her pussy wasn’t the prettiest of sights by a long chalk. He lie back with his eyes closed, again his mind was full of orgasmic thoughts of Hazel, he distinguished that this would heighten his drive allowing Maureen to enjoy his firmness. His cock pulsated as she fucked it, and fuck it she did.

From her room Hazel could here her mother’s sighs and gasps, she could just imagine her father thrusting his mammoth cock in and out of her, her own pussy had started to moisten once again. She knew she’d have to make some kind of arrangement with her father, now she’d dropped Mike, he was a waster anyway she thought, she’d never realised what a real man was like. She knew now after her father she was going to need a regular session, plus the fact that she had to leave him in need so that her mother could be satisfied; she was going to have be able to sustain her mother’s moans of pleasure, knowing only to well that her father s eyes were close and it was her that he considered his cock working on.

Be it the amount of download he gave her she couldn’t tell, she considered by the amount of prolonged moans from her mother he was surely hanging on to his energy. Still if he gave her a good session to night, Hazel knew her mother had an early start in the morning leaving her father to her for a couple of hours.

Poor Wally thought he’d never come; Maureen was an unquenchable bitch, he knew she’d not give up until she had a belly full, and it was not as if he could fake it, she’d expect a dribbling pussy if nothing else, there was nothing more she liked than going into the bathroom after a good session then squeezing his load out of her, she’d even give out moans doing that.

“Hell Wal, you have some stamina I’ll give you that, it was well worth coming home early, whatever has got you has hard as this I fear to know!” Maureen implied taking a breather from her pasting. Wally just lay back with his arms above his head, he was still fucking her even though she’d stopped, all he wanted to do was to cum. He knew by the time she’d finished with him his cock would be all wrinkled with the constant wetness of her pussy, at least with Hazel she’d was tight until the end. He lifted his hips and gave a large shove, pushing his cock in deep. Maureen jumped as it bottom.

“God you can be an evil sod when you want to can’t you, that’ll hurt for days!” She squealed loudly, not bothering as to whom heard her, then throwing herself forward over him. Wally grabbed her by the buttocks and fucked her like a mad man, she had an almighty orgasm followed by an enchanting fanny fart, it rattled around the bedroom walls.

Hazel sat up in her bed and laughed her heart out, little did she realise the stench that her mother had left lingering around the bedroom.

The last time Maureen had had such an unpredictable fanny fart Wally had blown his load beforehand, the complete bedding had to be changed and she’d created merry hell; Wally had just laughed it off telling her that her fanny was to big, holding to much air between thrusts, often he’d do it on purpose just to aggravate her.

Hazel dropped off to sleep, she could still hear her mother till the late hours, wondering as to how her father managed for so long

Maureen left the house around six the following morning, Hazel waited until she’d heard the front door close then went to the bathroom a quick wee and clean up and she was lying next to her father once more, he sensed her fingers running around the circumference of his cock and stirred from his deep sleep.

“Hell woman your nothing but a glutton for it, let him rest will you?”

“Sorry Dad, though you might enjoy some young firm pussy, now you have time to spare!”

Wally’s opened his eyes wide and turned over toward her; his fingers went straight down between her legs. “God, you little vixen!”

“Steady Dad, I’m not Mum you know, I’m not used to you’re violence!” She chuckled feeling his fingers searching deeply inside her.

His cock rose as if by magnetism. “Quick; get the gel?” Wally stammered.

Hazel reached across to the cabinet draw removing the tube. Wally had already moved in between her legs. He took the gel squeezing some onto his fingers, plastering the length and breadth of his cock and then around her pussy lips, pushing the remnants up deep inside her. After wiping his fingers he positioned his cock then placed his hands each side of her waist.

Hazel looked up to him. “Kiss me Dad?”

Wally leaned down placing his lips over hers, and then steadily he started to ease his weight onto his shaft. Hazel pulled his head down onto her lips hard. She didn’t want him to sense any of her discomfort as he forced his cock up deep inside. It was a wonderful feeling; opening her legs wide she aided him by pushing herself up gently to accept the thick organ, letting out a thankful gasp when she sensed her fullness of him. Wally lifted himself up onto his toes, taking any weight from his body away from her. They worked in harmony, Hazel would lift has he lowered the synchronization was prefect, unlike her mother Hazel didn’t have to give a little squeeze every now and then, her pussy was tight enough; anyway she wouldn’t of known how anyway.

Hazel wrapped her hands around her father’s neck, there eyes locked in loving embrace, every now and then Wally would force deep and lift his head over her kissing her on the forehead. Never had he ever experienced such tightness in a pussy, with its tautness he sensed every ripple along her fanny walls, to both it was a novel occurrence. Hazel closed her eyes, as each orgasm came she’d pull his head down placing them cheek to cheek, Wally nibbled her ear lobe, his tongue licking her cheek, her neck. He couldn’t go further without removing his cock, and he knew neither wished for that to happen.

Hazel gripped him hard, she felt now more bonded to her father than she’d ever been in her whole life, her pussy was alive with sensations, feelings she’d never experience before, even though she’d little understanding of the sexual practice from her two lovers, none had matched this of her father. Orgasm blocked her thoughts once more, taking her on another fairytale journey this time she was in woodlands, small animals were all around her, it was not unlike like a Disney scene she was sitting under a large oak, the sun was beaming down through it’s leaves, animals would come up to her licking her shoeless feet, reaching down she’d stroke their heads and gave out a childish laugh.

The tightness was sending Wally over the top, his cock felt like and oversized marrow to him, he couldn’t imagine as to the feeling for Hazel, she lie muttering beneath him her words not recognizable, Wally eased himself up from her then looked down between them. It seemed impossible that her cute little pussy was able to be so jam-packed with such weaponry, the sides of his shaft glistened from her juices and that of the gel. He’d gone past the point of no return, his seed thickening in his shaft, Hazel opened her eye wide sensing the not only the change in his movement but also the congealment of his cock as the seed was forced along. Then she clasped her hands around his neck pulling him down tightly she waited for the blast in the top end of her pussy. Wally groaned loudly as his manhood downloaded its thick juices, discharging them deep inside her. Hazel lifted her legs wrapping them around Wally’s waist pulling herself onto his cock, assuring she’d not only get every trace but it went as deep as possible.

“God Dad, you’re irresistible! I want more?”

“Later little one, with two of you to fuck now; I must have a recess to recoup my energy! Rest a while?” Wally pleaded rolling to one side of her, but still holding her tightly.

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Gail Holmes

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