When I was invited to teach at Winston Middle school, I was honored. I was fresh out of college and only eighteen. I had three degrees, one in education, one in science and the third in engineering. I had graduated high school when I was only twelve. When I walked into the teachers conference room I was surprised to see I was the only man.

Mrs Johnson stood came to meet me, “Jacob!”

I smiled and took her offered hand as she turned me and started the introductions. She said she would show me around and led me out. She looked at me as we walked down the hallway, “One of the reasons we offered you a position here was because of your intelligence. You are an amazing man, Jacob. You are a handsome man that many women want to have children with.”

I glanced at her, “Children?”

She smiled, “I’m sure you know that many… important families, arrange the births of their children.”

I looked at her, “What does this have to do with me?”

She looked up into my face, “Sometimes I arrange for… daughters to get pregnant by the right man.”

She stopped beside a door, “You noticed the high school next door?”

I nodded and she smiled, “If you are willing I can arrange a girl for you everyday.”

I looked down the quiet hall, “And when they file for child support?”

She grinned, “Believe me, that won’t happen.”

The offer she was making did excite me. Since I entered puberty I was constantly studying or doing something else but never with a girl. I nodded almost to myself, “I’ll do it.”

Mrs Johnson grinned and turned to open the door. It was a small room with another door into a classroom. In the middle of the room was a bench that was higher on one end. She walked to the bench and caressed it, “This is what you will use. I will arrange for the girl to be here twice a day. At lunch and after school, she will get the room key from me and come in here.”

I looked at the bench, “It looks like they have to straddle it?”

She nodded, “And put their head down so your sperm can fill their womb.”

I took a breath and turned to the classroom, “You have the key for this door?”

She quietly handed me a card, “It only opens to this card.”

I smiled and unlocked the door before walking into the classroom as a bell rang. Mrs Johnson smiled, “Just in time.”

The first classes were both nerve wracking and fun. When the bell for lunch rang I had forgotten about the breeding room. After the room emptied, Mrs Johnson stepped in and nodded to the other door. I glanced that way and blushed before nodding. I walked to the door and unlocked it before walking in.

A girl that looked sixteen or seventeen smiled at me from the bench. She was naked and I quickly undressed and moved to her. I caressed and felt her butt and then her wet pussy. I rubbed and teased her clit and watched her shudder and moan. I finally moved behind her and pushed my thick cock into her pussy. She groaned, “God you have a big dick.”

I shivered at the feel of her warm, tight, slippery pussy and started fucking her. When my cock began hitting her cervix she grunted and looked back in surprise. I didn’t stop or slow down, this just felt to good. She was shaking like she was having a seizure when I forced her cervix open and began spewing a huge torrent of sperm through into her fertile womb.

She jerked in surprise as her pussy contracted, “fuck!”

I had never bothered to tell Mrs Johnson that I tended to cum a lot. I pumped and poured cum into this girl as she jerked and spasmed, her womb was bulging when I sighed and slowly pulled out. She reached back with what looked like an anal plug, “Would you put this in so I don’t leak.”

I smiled and slipped the toy into her and bent to kiss her bare butt, “Thank you. I have never done that before.”

She giggled and looked back at me, “It sure felt like it.”

I blushed and then laughed before feeling her hip and moving to get dressed. I walked back to the bench where the girl was watching me and reached under her and cupped her firm breast and rubbed her nipple, “see you after school?”

She shuddered and then giggled, “Yeah.”

I bent and kissed her cheek before going back into my classroom. I spent the rest of lunch going over my class material. When the bell rang I was ready, the rest of my classes went a lot better. When the last bell rang I dismissed my class and sat back, I looked at the side door and stood to unlock it.

I walked in as the girl was undressing. She smiled and finished as I stripped and walked to the bench she was climbing on. I rubbed her pussy and squeezed her clit, making her shudder and groan. I finally position my cock and pushed into her and started to fuck her slowly. I took my time and used long, slow thrusts and enjoyed the feel of her pussy around my cock.

She started groaning and shaking a few minutes after I started and her pussy seemed to contract. Almost five minutes after I started she jerked and spasmed as she cried out, “Yes!”

Her squeezing pussy rippled around my cock as I slowly started to fuck her harder. She kept bucking and thrusting back hard while her pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. Her body went rigid after almost ten minutes and I groaned as I shoved into her and forced her cervix open before pumping strong gushes of sperm.

She jerked violently, “Fuck Yes!”

I held her hips as I spurted and spewed cum to fill her. When I finished cumming, I pulled out and looked around for her plug. She held her hand back and I took it from her and put it in. I rubbed her warm ass and she laughed, “If you start that we’ll be here a lot longer.”

I grinned and moved around to reach under her to feel her breasts. She shivered and turned her head to smile at me. I caressed her, “Did you really want to do this?”

She nodded and reached out to take my hand, “Mom was the one to find you but it was my decision.”

I squeezed her hand, “What about school?”

She smiled, “I should have the baby with no problems according to the doctor. It shouldn’t take me long to recover and get back to school. Mom and the nanny will take care of the baby until I get out of school.”

I bit my lip, “But… what about college and…”

She squeezed my hand, “I’m getting a degree in business which will only take two years. After that I’ll work with mom.”

I sighed, “No plans for boys?”

She grinned, “Not yet.”

I helped her up and she kissed me before turning to get dressed. I waited and then walked her to the door before heading back to my class, I gathered my notes and left for the day. As I walked to my car I saw several older girls watching me and whispering. Eating dinner alone made me think about my life.

When I got to school the next day the other teachers seemed nice and more open. The classes actually seemed to go smoother and I was more relaxed. When lunch time came it was a surprise. After they filed out I walked to the other door and unlocked it. When I came into the room a different girl was on the bench.

She smiled as I opened my pants and pulled them down. I moved behind her and smiled to see how wet she was. I fingered her slippery pussy before slowly pushing into her. I fucked her slowly, burying my cock deep each time. It was only a minute before she shuddered hard and her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

She even squirted a little as she continued to shudder and shake. I felt her hips and fucked her hard for another minute. When I slowed she was jerking and spasming, her pussy was constantly tightening and releasing my cock. Her body stiffened and she screamed again, “ffffuuucccckkkkk!”

I fucked her jerking body with long, deep thrusts as she kept shaking and a few minutes later I nudged her cervix open as my cock started throbbing. A moment later I was spasming as I spewed a huge torrent of sperm into her. I held her hips back as I spewed cum into her and she howled, “HOLY FUCK!”

I spurted eight large jets of cum before I stopped and she sighed before giggling, “I don’t think you can fit anymore in there.”

I smiled as I caressed her and looked around, “Do you have a plug or…”

She smiled as she looked back, “No, I’ll just stay here for a little while.”

I pulled my pants up and went into the classroom and came back with my chair. I sat beside her and we talked for the rest of the hour until the warning bell rang. I helped her off the bench and watched as she dressed before going back into my classroom. I had time to go wash and come back before the class bell rang.

The afternoon went quickly and then I was locking the door before unlocking the other door. I pulled my chair in and removed my pants, the door finally opened and she walked in. She grinned and reached under her long skirt before pulling her panties down. She pulled her skirt up around her waist and moved onto the bench before smiling at me.

I stood and walked around behind her and rubbed her messy pussy, “You’ve been leaking.”

She laughed, “I’ll say.”

I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly. I loved the way her pussy squeezed my cock and she kept spasming. After a few minutes she jerked and began convulsing, “fuck!”

I continued to fuck her but a little harder. She was jerking around and thrusting her butt back as she tossed her head. When I buried my cock and pushed she screamed again, “fffuuuccckkkk... mmmmeeeee!”

I smiled and held her hips as I fucked her slimy pussy hard. She jerked and her body stiffened as a moment later I thrust into her hard and deep. I held her tight as I began pumping huge, gushing streams of warm sperm. She gasped and looked back with wide eyes, “HOLY FUCK!”

She jerked and spasmed with each explosion of cum as I spewed it into her and kept shaking her head as she mumbled. When I stopped cumming and slowly pulled out she sighed in regret, “Damn your cock felt good.”

I smiled and sat in my chair beside her, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

She laughed, “God no.”

I smiled and caressed her hips, “Why god no?”

She smiled at me, “Boys mean dates and my mom wants me to keep my grades up.”

I grinned, “You should just have a fuck buddy then.”

She laughed and reached out to touch my cheek, “Maybe I’ll use you.”

I smiled, “My name is…”


I looked at her and she smiled, “All the girls are talking about you.”

She held her hand out to me, “I’m Penny.”

I went out and came back with a small piece of paper. I handed it to her, “My phone number and address in case you feel horny.”

She grinned as she climbed off the bench and kissed my cheek before dressing. I walked her out before heading towards my car. I ate alone and studied before going to bed alone. The next day started off with a fire drill. By lunch time I was ready for a break, the girl waiting for me looked older.

I caressed her bare butt as I moved behind her, “You don’t look like you are in high school.”

She laughed as she looked back, “I just finished college. Mom found you for me.”

I pulled my pants off and fingered her clit. She shuddered and pushed back as I began to rub the head of my cock through her pussy. I pushed in nice and slow since I planned to take my time. She groaned and shivered as my cock slid into her and her warm pussy tightened. I caressed her hips as I began to fuck her and slid completely into her.

She jerked and pushed back when my thick cock pressed into her cervix, “fuck!”

I rubbed her warm asshole as I started fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts. Each ended with my cock pushing all the way into her. It wasn’t long before she was wailing and jerking around, her tight pussy was constantly spasming and grasping as she only got wetter. Her wails turned to howls as I fucked her with long hard thrusts for a minute.

She was convulsing and jerking around as my cock slipped in and out of her slippery pussy easily. By the time I was getting ready to cum she was screaming and having a jerky seizure. I buried my cock in her and began pumping huge gushing streams of warm cum. She stiffened and shuddered violently as I continued to pour sperm into and completely fill her.

I shuddered and spasmed slightly as I finished and sighed. I rubbed and caressed her sides, “Is that what you wanted?”

Mrs Johnson chuckled from behind me as she turned towards the door, “That’s what every girl in the school wants now.”

I looked at her as I pulled out and turned to reach for my pants. The woman on the bench reached between her legs and put a plug in, “God that was good.”

I smiled, “It felt that way to me.”

She laughed and looked at me, “I’m Meg, Penny’s sister.”

I caressed her body, “You and your sister getting pregnant together?”

Meg nodded, “I just started working with mom.”

I sighed and turned to the door, “see you this afternoon.”

Meg cleared her throat, “You don’t want to stay?”

I turned and smiled, “And get attached?”

She smiled, “Bring a chair.”

I thought about it and brought my chair in and sat beside her. She smiled, “Penny said you were nice and sounded like you needed a friend.”

I shrugged and she smiled again, “After we finish this afternoon would you like to go see a movie?”

I smiled and nodded and she grinned, “Maybe you can take me home and breed me in a proper bed.”

I reached out to caress her hip, “That might take two or three times.”

Meg grinned, “That sounds promising.”

I smiled again and sat back to talk, Meg was a smart woman with a sense of humor. She seemed to like a lot of things I did too. When the warning bell rang we both sighed. Meg grinned as I stood to pull my chair into the other room and waved, “see you later.”

I couldn’t wait for the day to end and my classes seemed to go smoother. The girls kept lifting their skirts and spreading their legs to show me panties or in a couple of cases, their young pussy, I smiled but didn’t say anything. When the last bell rang I let them leave before unlocking the other door. Meg was already in the other room and grinned when she saw me, “Hi.”

I pulled my chair in and undressed before moving around behind her. I rubbed her pussy, “I couldn’t stop thinking of you.”

She shuddered as I rubbed her clit and then she laughed, “Me too. I wanted you back inside me so bad.”

I looked at her face as she looked back, I smiled and moved before slowly pushing into her. She groaned as my cock spread her pussy and pushed all the way in. I started to fuck her with long thrusts and Meg shuddered as her pussy rippled and tightened. It wasn’t long before I was slowly fucking against her cervix.

She began to jerk and shudder harder as she wailed and cried out. I ignored the door opening as I kept fucking Meg. She started convulsing and squirted before howling as I fucked her hard. I slowed after a minute and glanced back to see Mrs Johnson holding the door open and a crowd of girls watching.

I fucked a panting Meg slowly with long strokes as her seizure slowed until she was only shivering and shuddering. I rubbed her hips, “Again?”

She laughed as she looked back, “Sure.”

The girls watching us laughed too and Meg looked at them as I began fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. A minute later her pussy was squeezing my cock constantly and she was wailing again as she began to shake. I kept going as she slowly stiffened and finally a few minutes later held her hips as I buried my cock.

She howled and screamed as I started gushing cum into her. She jerked and spasmed and writhed around as her pussy tightened and clamped down to squeeze my spewing cock. I was shuddering and shivering as I pumped her belly full and finally sighed when I stopped. Meg groaned and shuddered one last time before laughing.

I rubbed her hips, “your plug?”

She turned and held it out and I took it and pulled out before pushing it in. The girls watching gasped when they saw my slimy cock, “It’s huge!”

I blushed as Mrs Johnson chuckled, “It’s just the right size girls. Time for you to go home.”

She closed the door and Meg chuckled, “Those girls are going to wear out their fingers tonight.”

I sat beside her and we talked as she rested and let the sperm have a chance. While we waited she told me about a movie she wanted to see. I helped her off the bench a little later and watched her dress. She grinned at me as she left the plug in and pulled her panties up. All I could think about during the movie was her pussy.

After the movie we stopped to eat and then she followed me home. While I had been in college I had made money tutoring and then stock and commodity speculation. My house was a tax forfeiture I had bought, it was on a large walled estate. Meg grinned when she got out of her car, “This is yours?”

I smiled as I nodded, “A tax forfeiture, I bought it as an investment.”

It was already dark out as I let her in. She looked around bright eyed and grinned as she hugged my arm, “A bathroom and then your bed.”

I grinned as I led her back to the large master bedroom. I pointed to one of the other doorways, “That one is the bathroom.”

She pushed me towards the bed, “Strip and I will be right back.”

I watched her walk to the bathroom before undressing. I laid back on the bed and a couple of minutes later Meg came out naked. She stalked onto the bed with a grin and straddled me, “My turn to fuck you.”

I grinned and cupped her breasts, “Then I get to play with these.”

She laughed before lifting up and positioning her pussy. She sat slowly, pushing my cock into her as she wiggled to get it nice and deep. I rubbed and tugged on her nipples and she grinned before starting to rock back and forth. She added twists and rolled her hips when she rubbed her pussy back and forth on me.

The feel as my cock began to press against her cervix and then slipped deeper into her was amazing. Meg was panting as she started thrashing and twisting around. Her tight pussy was spasming as it kept grasping and tightening on my cock while she wet me a few times. I finally held her hips and started thrusting up into her as she howled and convulsed.

A couple of minutes later she stiffened and shuddered as she stared at me. My cock was jerking and throbbing before it erupted and gushed cum up through her cervix. Meg jerked and gasped as warm sperm began pumping into her and flooding her. She wailed as her pussy held and milked my cock, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I shivered and moaned as I pumped cum into her. When I stopped cumming she dropped onto my chest and sighed, “I could get used to that.”

I grinned and hugged her before rolling over, she grinned as I ended between her legs and kissed her. I began to slowly fuck her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy squeezed my cock as I used slow, humping jabs. I kissed her softly and kept fucking her slowly. I fucked her three more times before I held her on me as she fell asleep.

I woke when she kissed my cheek and slipped off me and out of bed. I followed her and grinned as I watched her pee and pulled her into the shower to wash her. We had cereal for breakfast and I took a couple of supplements which made Meg grin. I watched her leave and drove to school.

The morning went by with girls flashing their pussies and a few fingering themselves as I watched. When I walked into the other room at lunch a girl Penny’s age was on the bench and grinned me. I had pulled my chair into the room and undressed before walking around behind her. I rubbed her bald pussy and she shivered and sighed, “That feels nice.”

I flicked a finger against her clit, “yes you do.”

She shuddered and grinned back at me as I forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned and shivered as her pussy was stretched and I began to fuck her. It wasn’t long before I began to hit and push against her cervix. She wailed and howled as her body jerked and began to convulse. Her tight pussy was spasming and grasping my cock as if it was trying to milk it.

By the time I was ready to cum she was totally incoherent and her body kept jerking erratically. I pushed into her as I held her waist and shuddered while I began to gush. She stiffened and jerked violently as I continued to pump cum into her. When I stopped, her womb was full and she was moaning. I pulled out and sat in the chair beside her.

She sighed and held out an anal plug and I leaned over to push it into her. I caressed her hip and leaned back to talk to her until the bell. I stood and got dressed before pulling the chair out as she climbed off the bench. Several of the girls were sitting with their legs spread and their skirts up around their hips. I smiled as I started my afternoon classes.

When I pulled up at my gate Meg’s car was there and I saw Penny with her. I let them in and parked before watching as they got out. Meg was grinning and Penny was looking around with a smile. I opened the front door and Meg came to give me a kiss, “Penny wanted to see your house and hoped you might fuck her.”

I grinned, “in a proper bed?”

Meg laughed as Penny grinned, “yeah.”

I led them in and turned to see them undressing. Meg grinned, “sex and then we’ll find or make dinner before more sex.”

I laughed and turned to lead the way to my bedroom, “what happened to homework?”

Penny laughed, “none today.”

When I turned at the bed Meg started undressing me as Penny crawled onto the bed, “you have a big bed.”

Meg laughed, “on your back and spread your legs.”

I waited as she rolled over and then moved over her to kiss her before sliding down her body. I stopped to suck on her nipples before continuing down between her legs. I opened her pussy and licked her before starting to nibble on her labia. Meg laid beside her sister and cupped a breast as she watched. I licked her several times before covering her clit.

I sucked and squeezed her clit with my lips before using my tongue. It wasn’t long before Penny was spasming and jerking. She pushed my face away a couple of minutes later and Meg laughed. I moved up and over her and gave her a kiss before lifting and slowly pushing into her tight pussy. She groaned and put her arms around me as I began to fuck her.

Meg kissed my shoulder, “doing it this way is much nicer.”

Penny shuddered as her tight pussy squeezed, “mmmm!”

I kissed her before fucking her firmly with long, deep thrusts. I only did it for a couple of minutes before burying my cock while she spasmed and convulsed. She was clutching me as her pussy grasped and tightened, “fuck!”

Meg laughed and hugged me as I went back to fucking her sister slowly with long strokes. Penny wrapped her legs around me as she began to howl and then wail, “yyyyeeeeesssssss!”

I fucked her hard and deep and shoved into her to press, hump and grind before my cock started gushing a torrent of cum. Penny clung to me and screamed as her pussy grasp and milked my cock. When I stopped cumming I shuddered and kissed her before pulling out. Meg moved to let me lay back before straddling me, “good little sister?”

Penny grinned as she rubbed her pelvis, “yeah.”

Meg kissed me and lifted up, “I think a fuck before going to sleep is the best thing in the world.”

I cupped her breasts, “only one?”

She wiggled and pushed down onto my cock, “well one or two. You have to save some for in the morning.”

Penny giggled as her sister began to rock, “I wouldn’t mind doing that.”

That was my only year at Winston Middle school, they found another genius to get girls pregnant. By then Meg and Penny were living with me. Of course Penny was still going to college and I was left to watch my two daughters.
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