I had learned to hypnotize people when I was twelve. I’m seventeen now and my brother Bryan was nineteen. He was in a fraternity in college across town, he was cool most of the time. Mom and dad were going out of town and I was planning to go to a frat party at a sorority house. I didn’t drink but I liked to look at all the college girls.

The party had been going for a little while when I went to the kitchen. I was looking in the fridge for a bottle of water or soda when three girls came in talking. One was crying and they were talking about sex. I just had to stay and listen and found out the girl didn’t enjoy sex that much and her boyfriend dumped her.

I was thinking as I listened and remembered mom using hypnoses to stop smoking. I pulled a bottle of water out and closed the door as I stood, “I could help.”

They looked at me startled and then blushed. I shrugged, “Have you tried hypnoses?”

They looked at each other but the short blonde shook her head, “How could that help?”

I glanced at the other girls and back to her, “I simply place suggestions in your subconscious and your body reacts to make you enjoy sex.”

I smiled, “It’s a kind of therapy like weight loss or to help stop smoking.”

They looked at each other and the blonde looked at her girlfriends before looking at me, “How do I know it will work?”

I walked to her, “How do you know it won’t unless you try?”

She nodded and bit her lip, “Can you do it now?”

I glanced around, “It’s too noisy here.”

They looked at each other and the next thing I knew I was pulled out and across the next room which was crowded with people. Then we went up the stairs to the third floor where the thumping of the music could barely be heard. They pulled me down the hall to an end room. They closed the door and the blonde turned to face me, “I’m Lori.”

I smiled, “Kit.”

I looked around and nodded to the single comfortable chair, “sit there.”

I pulled the desk chair out and over in front of the other chair as she sat and her girlfriends sat on the bed. I picked up a metal pen and faced Lori, “okay, listen to my voice and relax...”

It took awhile to put her under and then I sat back when I was sure she was in a trance. I glanced at her girlfriends, “Be quiet and don’t speak.”

I moved to sit on the arm of the chair and murmured softly in her ear. I took my time going into detail on everything. She shivered and moaned and shuddered as she kept opening and closing her legs. When I finished I left a codeword in case I needed to put her back into a trance again.

I stood and smiled at her friends, “when I count to three you will feel rested and wake. One...two...three.”

Lori stretched as she opened her eyes, “I...”

She looked at her girlfriends as they giggled. She looked at me, “Did it work?”

I nodded as I turned to walk towards the door, “Yes.”

One of her girlfriends stopped me and I turned. Lori was standing, “How do I know it worked?”

The girl that blocked the door pushed me towards the bed, “fuck him.”

They looked at each other as I turned to look at the girl that had pushed me. She grinned, “Your brother said you haven’t lost your cherry.”

I reddened but Lori laughed, “That’s perfect then, wait for us in the hall.”

I turned as she started undressing and slowly started doing the same thing. Lori laid back on the bed and I came to sit beside her before laying down. I caressed her hip and then her breasts. She shuddered and looked at me in surprise as I leaned over to suck on a nipple. She screamed and spasmed as she thrashed around.

I ignored her girlfriends as they rushed in and kept sucking and playing with her nipples as she panted and shuddered. I finally moved up and kissed her before moving over her and then sliding down her body. I spread her legs as I leaned close and smelled her pussy. I opened it and licked through her slit before nibbling on her labia.

She jerked and started shaking as her hips lifted and kept thrusting. She opened her legs wider and moaned as she jerked. I captured her clit to tease it with my tongue and she wailed and kicked the bed as she twisted and started convulsing. I kept licking her and teasing her clit as she bucked and screamed before suddenly squirting.

She screamed and bucked before twisting away and pushing my face back. I moved up her body and pushed her onto her back again. I kissed her as she moaned and shuddered and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. Her back arched and she wailed again as she bucked, thrashed and struggled.

I started fucking her as she panted and pushed and pulled on me. She was tossing her head and completely incoherent as her pussy spasmed around and milked my cock. When I hit her cervix she howled and clutched me as she squirted and her pussy clenched around my cock. I fucked with long, hard, deep thrusts as she bucked and kept thrusting her hips up.

It was only five minutes or so before I had to cum but it felt like a lifetime. I thrust in and pushed her cervix open before my cock peed a huge stream of cum. Lori jerked and lifted and tilted her hips as she screamed, “yyyyeeeeeessssssss!”

I pumped and spewed and spurted until her womb was more than full. I shuddered when I was done and kissed Lori before reluctantly pulling out. She groaned and turned to caress my chest, “That was the most amazing feeling.”

Her girlfriends laughed from the doorway and Lori blushed. The other girls left and I fucked Lori five more times before we finally fell asleep. I woke before her and looked at her in the early morning light. I kissed her softly before sliding out of bed and getting dressed. I bent to kiss her again and she sighed and opened her eyes. She smiled, “Leaving?”

I nodded, “Before I fuck you to death.”

She stretched and grinned, “Or before I fuck you to death.”

I grinned, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

I left and went to find my car before driving home. I did chores I knew my parents would check on before showering. I was doing laundry when the phone rang. I answered and Bryan laughed, “What did you do at the party?”

I smiled, “A girl asked me to help her solve a problem.”

“It sounds like you fucked her all night and I have a half dozen calls from girls that want your number.”

I grinned, “So? Give it to them.”

He laughed again, “Tell me what you are doing and I might.”

I smiled, “You could say it was sex therapy.”

Bryan chuckled, “For you or her?”

I laughed, “give them my number.”

He hung up and I turned to finish what I was doing, a couple of minutes later the phone rang. I shook my head and was going to let the machine answer when I remembered Bryan and picked it up, “Hello?”


I sat and smiled as I recognized Lori, “Yes. How are you feeling today?”

She laughed, “Sore but refreshed and alive. I have a couple of girlfriends that would like to try your therapy.”

I grinned, “do you know where I live?”

She giggled, “We do now.”

She hung up and I looked at the phone before hanging up to. I finished what I was doing and was going to start lunch when the doorbell rang. I answered and smiled when it was Lori and two other girls. I let them in and Lori came straight into my arms to kiss me. She sighed and shivered before pulling back, “I better not start that again.”

The girls laughed and I grinned, “business first.”

She turned and nodded to a stunning golden blonde girl maybe eighteen or nineteen, “This is Sidney.”

She nodded to the other girl who had short black hair, “and this is Daphne.”

I nodded and she looked at me, “can you do what you did for me?”

I looked at them, “maybe.”

She rubbed my chest, “try?”

I nodded, “Who is first?”

Daphne stepped forward, “me.”

I turned and led her into the house, “come with me.”

I looked at Lori and Sidney, “You can come watch or sit and wait.”

I led Daphne to the living room and sat her in a comfortably chair before going to get a gold Saint Christopher medal. I pulled a kitchen chair into the room and placed it in front of her. I looked at Lori and Sidney, “Please stay quiet and try not to move around.”

I smiled at Daphne as I held the medal in front of her, “Watch the medal and relax...”

I kept speaking softly and stopped when she went into a trance. I knelt beside her and started murmuring softly as I went into detail and listened to her answers. I left a code word like I had for Lori before sitting back and waking her. She blinked and stretched as she looked at me and then at Lori and Sidney.

I smiled and stood to help her up, “You shouldn’t have any troubles.”

She looked at Lori who was grinning and nodding, “But...”

Lori stood and pushed me towards her, “you know the price.”

I looked at Lori and she grinned, “She has to fuck you once a week for a month.”

I looked at Daphne, “You agreed to that?”

She smiled, “If it helps me enjoy sex, yeah.”

I looked at Sidney, “You too?”

She nodded and I smiled at Lori, “You let me do it a lot more than once.”

She grinned, “And I will do it again too.”

Daphne took my hand, “Where’s your bedroom?”

I pulled her against me, “Let me help Sidney and then we can all explore each other.”

She looked at Lori and Sidney before smiling, “Okay.”

I caressed her hip before releasing her as she shuddered and moaned. She grinned at me and then laughed as Lori took her hand and pulled her to the couch, “you have to wait.”

I sat Sidney down and she smiled and sat back. It almost seemed easier to put her into a trance before I started quietly murmuring and talking to her. I was surprised at some of the things she told me. Like the fact she had been raped when she was little, she didn’t really remember that consciously though. I took my time and smiled when she began to squirm and shudder.

When she opened her eyes and looked at me she smiled and leaned forward, “Thank you Kit.”

I nodded and stood before helping her up and looking at Lori and Daphne. Lori held Daphne’s hand, “Show us your bedroom.”

I led them back and into my room and waited to close the door behind them. I sat Daphne on the side of my bed as Lori and Sidney walked around the bed to the other side. I undressed and then helped Daphne take her clothes off before kneeling between her legs, “Can I lick you?”

She grinned as she opened her legs, “That sounds good.”

I glanced at Lori kneeling between Sidney’s legs and smiled before leaning forward and licking through Daphne’s pussy. I nibbled on her labia as she shivered and lifted her hips. I moved to her clit and started using my tongue to wiggle it and tease it. She shuddered and jerked her hips up as I kept licking her and several minutes later she stiffened, “oh!”

She suddenly jerked and began spasming as she squirted and twisted away, “YES!”

I held her and sucked on her clit as she screamed and struggled. Sidney was doing almost the same things on the other side of the bed and I stood and turned a panting, shuddering Daphne on the bed before moving between her legs. She lifted her hips as I pushed and my drooling cock slipped into her warm slippery pussy. She clutched at me as she arched her back, “fuck!”

Her pussy squeezed my cock as I kissed her and started to fuck her slowly. It was a minute or two before she clutched me and wailed as she squirted and began convulsing. I fucked her struggling body hard and deep as she continued to squirt and scream. Her pussy was spasming and squeezing my cock as I kept pushing into her deeper.

She stiffened as I buried my cock deep inside her and humped and pressed. A few moments later she was bucking and thrashing around as she squirted again, “ooohhhh... fffuuucccckkkkk!”

I held her as my balls pulled up and then I was spurting and spewing. Daphne lifted her hips and gasped as her pussy clenched around my cock, “OH... MY... GOD!”

She jerked and then screamed as her body began spasming, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I tried to hold her as she continued to twist and writhe around while still pumping spurts of cum. I shuddered when I stopped cumming and kissed her before pulling out, “How was that?”

She shuddered and laughed, “that was great.”

Lori and Sidney grinned and I turned to caress Sidney, “Ready to try?”

She laughed, “After Lori got me off, hell yeah.”

I nodded and moved over her and between her legs. I kissed her before fitting my cock to her slippery pussy and pushing. She shuddered and lifted her hips with a groan as my cock pushed into her. I started slow, with deep thrusts and finally began to push against the back of her pussy.

It was maybe a couple of minutes before she shuddered and looked surprised before screaming as she squirted and arched her back, “I’m cumming!”

She bucked and struggled as I continued to fuck her but harder and faster. She twisted and clutched me as her pussy spasmed and grabbed my cock and then she wailed as she squirted again, “ooohhhh... mmmyyyy... ggggoooooddddddd!”

She thrashed around almost violently as I kept fucking her and squirted a couple more times as she hugged me. It was like riding a wild woman but I kept fucking her and pressing as she howled and squirmed. I finally thrust into her and held her as I began to pump and spew cum. She was kicking in the air and froze before spreading her legs wide as I spurted cum into her.

She whimpered and spasmed as her pussy rippled and milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped cumming I kissed her and she dropped to the bed panting. I pulled out and moved to lay between her and Daphne and she was still looking at the ceiling. She was grinning though and finally laughed, “now I feel like a woman that just had sex.”

Lori and Daphne laughed and she turned her head to look at me. I fucked them twice more and Lori once before they had to leave. I slept through the night like a baby and was up early to do laundry and clean up the house. Mom and dad got home before lunch and seemed happy to see I hadn’t destroyed the house.

After lunch Lori called and mom answered. Sometimes I wonder about women because mom and Lori talked for a long time before she called me. She was grinning when I came in and handed me the phone, “Your appointment secretary.”

I frowned, “What?”

I lifted the phone, “This is Kit.”

“Hey lover, Sidney and Daphne want to come over.”

I looked at mom, “um, my parents are home...”

Lori laughed, “Your mom said it was okay.”

I blinked, “Okay.”

She hung up and I waited for a speech. Mom caressed my cheek, “She sounds nice. She said you are helping girls that have problems with sex?”

I smiled, “Yeah, I didn’t think they would use me though.”

Mom grinned and then laughed, “show them a good time honey.”

When Sidney and Daphne arrived I led them back to my room after they waved at mom. When I closed the door they were already undressing. I slowly undressed as they sat on the bed and Sidney laid back, “Me first?”

I smiled as I knelt between her legs, “You two wanted seconds already?”

They laughed and Daphne ran her fingers through my hair, “Yeah and maybe thirds.”

I pushed Sidney’s legs open and leaned in to caress her inner thighs before licking through her pussy. She must have douched because she tasted like strawberries. I grinned and captured her clit before wiggling my tongue against it. Daphne wiggled back onto the bed as Sidney started lifting her hips and shuddering.

I nibbled on her labia and kept licking her and pushing my tongue into her before covering her clit. I sucked and wiggled my tongue as she panted and shuddered and finally jerked and covered her pussy as she twisted away, “fuck!”

She kept shuddering and I moved up as she rolled onto her back. She hugged me and groaned as she reached between us to guide my hard drooling cock. I slowly pushed into her and her pussy tightened and grasped my cock before I was all the way inside. I kissed her and started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts.

It was a minute or two before she shuddered and stiffening and then wailed as her pussy rippled around my cock, “oooohhhhh.... ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

She started convulsing and jerking as I fucked her with firm thrusts that finally had my cock pushing into her deeper. She squirted and bucked and wiggled and squirmed as she kept howling. I fucked her hard and deep as she screamed, “ooohhhh... mmmyyyy... ggggooooddddd!”

I buried my cock to hump, jab and press and Sidney clung to me as her slippery pussy spasmed and milked my cock. She continued to wail as she thrashed around and a couple of minutes later I fucked her hard before planting my cock. She looked at me with wide eyes as she stiffened.

My cock swelled and throbbed and then gushed a huge torrent of cum, “I’m cumming!”

I pumped and spewed as she squirted and screamed and jerked. When I stopped cumming I held her as she continued to pant and shudder and slowly pulled out. She sighed and smiled as I turned to Daphne who grinned and lay back. I moved down her body and paused to suck on a nipple. She held me against her and shivered and shuddered until I let go and moved down.

I opened her pussy and licked and pushed my tongue into her as she lifted her hips and moaned loudly. I nibbled on her labia and she jerked and spasmed a moment later, “aaaahhhh!”

I captured her clit and kept wiggling my tongue against it. It was a couple of minutes before I sucked hard and she screamed as she began to buck and jerk, “yyyeeeesssss!”

She twisted and thrashed around as I continued to tease her clit and push my tongue into her. It was another five minutes before she held my head against her pussy as she squirted and screamed while shaking almost violently, “ffffuuuucccckkkkkk!”

Sidney laughed as I pulled away and took a deep breath before moving up Daphne’s body. I kissed her as she hugged me and pushed into her slippery pussy. She arched her back and wailed as she squirted again and spasmed, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I started to fuck her as she lifted her legs and it was a minute before I was pushing all the way into her. I buried my cock to hump and grind and she howled as she began to buck and thrash around, “HOLY FUCK!”

She was doing that almost every minute and it was over fifteen minutes before I fucked her hard and deep. I buried my cock at the last second as it throbbed and Daphne wailed and jerked as she wrapped her legs around me, “III’mmmm.... ccccuuuummmmmmiiiinnnngggggg!”

I groaned as I spewed a strong torrent of cum into her. She shuddered and spasmed as her pussy gripped my cock and milked the cum out. When I was done she dropped to the bed panting and I pulled out. I fucked them once more before I pulled them into the bathroom and helped them wash. They both kissed me passionately at the front door with mom and dad watching.

When they left dad chuckled and mom giggled before pulling him towards their bedroom. I went to straighten my room before going into the kitchen to help with dinner. My brother showed up just in time and grinned at me when he sat, “Damn little brother the sorority we went to called and asked for your number. They want to invite you to a party.”

Dad grinned at mom who giggled, “you should have heard the two girls in his room this afternoon.”

She looked at me, “Lori said she was coming over tomorrow too.”

I blushed as Bryan stared at me and then grinned, “can I get in on the action?”

I glanced at mom, “I might need help if Lori has me doing every girl in the sorority. Come to my room after dinner.”

For the first time I talked to my brother about sex and techniques. He was grinning when I explained everything and told me to call when I got to many girls. Bryan did end up helping with several women and married one right after they graduated. Lori had me help a lot of women during those years but she, Sidney and Daphne were with me almost everyday.

I married her before I started college but Sidney and Daphne came along as part of the deal. We have a nice home with a lot of room and occasionally one of the three bring a woman home that needs help.
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