Single White Female - 14. Newark, DE Bi-curious. Looking for an understanding lesbian or bi-woman to help me explore the world of female sexuality.
For perhaps the sixth time that day, Amber reread the bulletin board classified on her computer screen. As she had the previous five times, she slowly shook her head. What had ever possessed her to write such an ad? Silently, she read it again.
"Single White Female - 14. Newark, DE Bi-curious. Looking for an understanding lesbian or bi-woman to help me explore the world of female sexuality. Not looking for a relationship as of yet, just a little fun."
When she had posted that add on a girl chat room/meeting site last week, she really didn't expect to get any serious answers. In fact, most if the hundred or so answers had been from men. The latest one, still in her in box, was typical of the lot.
"Yo sexy girl. You don't need all that dyke crap. If you need a little entertainment, I've got 10" of pure delight."
But none of the crude responses bothered her as much as the response she had received yesterday morning. With a trembling hand, Amber punched it up again and began to slowly take in the words once more.
"Dearest Amber,
I saw your ad, and while I normally don't respond to such things, something told me I should take a chance and answer yours. My name is Donna and I'm a 15 year old bi-sexual. If you would like to get together and talk, perhaps have lunch, please give me a call. If anything develops, fine. If not, well then that's also fine. If nothing else, it may just give you the chance to get a few things off your chest. Maybe more things than you think. My number is 555-1782. I make no secret of my sexuality, so you don’t have to worry about calling my house.

I hope to hear from you.
Taking a deep breath, the bathrobe clad teen reached over and switched off the computer. Walking back to the bed, Amber reviewed the events that had led her to this night. However, before she could compile her thoughts she had a strange thought in the back of her mind that she had heard that name before… Donna…But where? What ever, probably nothing. The thought hastily dissipated from her mind. Her loose fitting robe swayed left and right as she sauntered to her bed, periodically exposing her untainted, hidden fruits. The silk from the pink robe rubbed against her own pink, adolescent ass, sending an erotic shiver up her spine as her sat on her bed. So tired from the day’s events she didn’t even remove her robe to sleep as she covered herself with her blankets. Shutting her eyes spawned thoughts to her about what tomorrow might bring with the reply on her ad. Anticipation and fear lead her all through her slumber that night.
An orange and crimson radiance engulfed Amber’s room with forgiving colors of the morning. Gently arising from her controversial thoughts in her sleep, she came back to reality. Climbing tenderly out of bed, Amber strolled to her dresser to retrieve some attire. The silk robes fell rapidly to the floor in a smooth action as it raced and caressed her young body. This revealed her so innocent demeanor. She stared at herself in her mirror. Her lovely average sized breasts were perfectly accented with a duo of cherry highlighted nipples. Her voluptuous hips unified with her faultlessly curved butt. A small, sexy bellybutton was surrounded by her silky, peach tummy. Brown hair, at shoulders length partially concealed Amber’s consuming emerald eyes. One could get lost in the serene of her captivating eyes. She admired her flawless teenage figure for a minute, and then commenced getting dressed. An olive green thong with a short red mini skirt and a white, sleeveless shirt with an orange fish emblazoned upon it now covered her body. Amber didn’t bother putting on a bra, as she is accustom to now and again. As she glanced at the reflection of herself, now unexposed, she sprayed an invigorating scent of lavender onto the chest area of her shirt. Now complete, she made her way down to the kitchen for breakfast.
Two little boys, her brothers were previously eating as she got her cereal and eating materials. She sat down next to one of them, and hurriedly began to eat, to avoid her brothers’ constant annoying behavior. Sure enough, her two counterparts began their bothersome activities. Amber scrambled to finish eating and cleaned up so she could evade this hell.
Leaving the anarchy in the wake of her she stepped outside. Crossing the street, Amber rang a familiar doorbell. A teenage African American young man answered the door.
“Hi Jamal,” Amber said in a seductively affectionate voice. “I was bored, are you doing anything?”
“Nothing I couldn’t stop for you Amber,” Jamal replied. With that, Amber entered Jamal’s residence and asked if they could play some video games. Certainly, Jamal agreed in his partial affection for the lovely teenage girl. Before they reach their destination of Jamal’s room, Amber asked him if they could invite Edward over to participate in the game with them. Jamal hesitantly approved and went to the phone to call him.
“Hello,” a masculine voice reverberated.
“Which you been do’in,” Jamal queried.
“Chill’in and kill’in,” I replied
“You want to come over? Amber is over here,” Jamal said in a strange way. Nevertheless, I got what he meant.
“Ur parents home,” I asked, whispering.
“Nope,” Jamal again used the strange voice he had previously exploited.
“HEEELLYAH, I’ll be over in a few minutes,” with that both Jamal and myself hung up.
I hastily got ready. But appearing before Amber, to me contrasting from my equivalent Jamal, is a big thing. So I lavishly got dressed in my black silk laced shirt and black cotton jeans. Coal leather shoes were emphasized by my midnight leather jacket. With my hair combed back and Polo after shave on, I was feeling smooth enough to be in Amber’s presence now.
As I got to Jamal’s house I was greeted at the door by Jamal himself whom apparently saw me coming. I entered and Jamal shut, and locked the door. We mutually walked to the den were Amber had been waiting for us.
“Hi Eddie,” Amber greeted me. Normally, I loathe being called Eddie but anything coming from Amber’s succulent lips was excellent.
“What game do you want to play,” Jamal asked. In the back of his mind he knew what “game” he really wanted to play with her, I as well.
“Ah… I think…oh wait, I have to do something first,” Amber said recalling her date with Donna.
“What do you have to do,” I asked, hoping it was something pornographic.
“I have this…this thing with this girl, Donna.
“Donna? Donna Williams, the one who was in our class,” I asked, I could see the Jamal had that same question and was going to ask it if I hadn’t.
That’s were I know that name, Amber deliberated in her head. Amber remembered Donna how she had been way back in elementary school. She had been one of her best friends then. Amber had never thought of Donna in a sexual way then. But back then they were kids. Amber thought to herself, and found herself wondering what Donna looked like now. Back in the day, Donna was a very cute girl. Amber could faintly recall the smell of summer flowers, the perfume Donna always wore. Amber thought that she might be attracted to Donna now. Amber slightly bit her lower lip and thought back. Donna with her adorable, silky-smooth brown hair. Her infinitely long, thin legs. Her small curved tits. Amber found herself getting aroused. Meanwhile, Jamal and I are still stationed in front of her staring at each other and Amber, in turn, as the awkward silence continued. Amber’s thoughts trailed off. I wonder if she still remembers me, Amber considered.
“Hello…hello Amber, you dead,” Jamal said as he made various motions. Amber popped out of her erotic trance.
“Do you mind if I invite Donna over,” Amber asked in an enticing voice as she tilted her head slightly and bit down on her lower lip once more. Her voice was one neither Jamal nor me had ever heard. It was so aphrodisiac our minds faded and we had to obey to her every request. We stood their like soulless zombies as we didn’t know what was unveiling before us. Amber toddled to the phone and dialed the number she had been given in the letter. We were at a distance at which we could hear Amber and anyone on the phone. The phone rang perpetuity. An enchanting female voice finally answered the phone:
“Is this Donna,” Amber asked trying to be as seductive as possible.
“Yes, this is Donna. Who are you?
“This is Amber; you answered my ad on the internet a few days ago.” Donna’s voice changed as soon as she heard Amber’s sentence.
“Well hello, Amber,” Donna said. It must have been in her sexiest voice because I have heard Donna speak in an erotic tone before, but it didn’t even compare to the heavenly sexy voice that was being uttered though the phone.
“I called to see if you wanted to met me”
“I would sooo love to meet you. Where would you like to meet?”
“How about at my place,” for a second we could barely hear her so must have whispered when she said: “My parents aren’t home.” With that Jamal and I almost departed this life. We knew what she was getting at, hell anyone would get it. We were in the presence of a lesbian. I never thought Amber to be a lesbian, although I had some fantasies about it. Let along Donna being one too. We heard Amber giving her address to Donna, but Jamal quickly realized it wasn’t her address but his own! Donna and Amber were going to be HERE in this house doing God knows what. Then it hit both of us, what about us. Were we going to take part in their “play” as well? Was Amber not a lesbian, but bi- sexual? That would be even better than being a lesbian. It’s hard to imagine anything being better than a lesbian, but this was way better. We were still motionless there just flabbergasted at the thoughts we were pondering over Amber’s little conversation. Amber hung the phone and feelings flooded her head. I still don’t think she knows who I am. Amber thought to herself, I will remind her when she gets here. She finished her thoughts as she rejoined us.
“She is on her way over, what do you want to do to pass the time until she gets here?,” Amber asked suggestively. Jamal and I had some thoughts about what we could do, but we kept them to ourselves until we were certain what she had in mind. Amber ambled toward us, frivolously shuddering her hips. She came within inches of me, paused for a second, as to examine my physics. Amber leaned in; her mouth came inches from my ear as she spoke:
“You wanna have some fun?,” Amber asked faintly nibbling at my right earlobe. I was hers; from there on, I would do all that she commanded of me.
“What kind of fun did you have in mind,” I mumbled. Jamal slipped out of the room and unlocked the front door. I guess he knew what was going to happen, so he unlocked the door so Donna could let herself in on the “fun.” As he reentered the den Jamal was greeted by the tantalizing sight of Amber’s rear. Amber was stripping for me as I lay on the leather couch! Jamal promptly wanted in on the entertainment so he sat adjacent to me on the couch. Amber undisturbed, persisted to present us with a lap dance. Amber’s tender hands crossed as they slithered gradually down to lift off her shirt. The small white shirt struck the ground, symbolizing Amber’s bare upper body. Amber’s teenage breasts appeared sizable protruding out of her petite body. As she got down on her knees she began to undo my belt. She slid it off slowly, to let the moment linger. She unbuttoned my pants and slips them down to my ankles. My boxers soon followed thereafter. Amber gently grasped my blood engulfed cock.
“I see someone’s happy to see me,” Amber spoke. I snickered lightly. I glanced over at Jamal, and was shocked at what I discerned. Jamal was no longer next to me like he had been, it was Donna, though see wasn’t sitting. Her arms were planted of the edge of the couch cushion, while her knees were on the carpet. Posterior to her was Jamal stand erect fucking her doggy style. It was just now that Donna’s moans were audible. I must have been so attentive toward Amber that I didn’t hear Donna enter. I wasn’t watching Donna long before I felt Amber’s mouth on my crouch. She had commenced performing an act of fellatio upon me. She bobbed her head up and down while twisting her tongue around the tip of my throbbing penis. It felt like she had done this before! Each time she went downward she took more and more of my meat in her mouth, until she was deep throating my entire 10” dick! With the gratification of Amber’s mouth and Donna’s now stentorian screams of unrivaled pleasure it wasn’t long before I exploded. Within minutes I climaxed and shot a generous load of cum in the bow of Amber’s mouth. YYYEEEEEEEESSSS! She rapidly gulped it down as though it was a delicacy. Amber released my penis from her delightful mouth. Donna had a body shaking orgasm shortly after me, as did Jamal as he let out a manly groan. EEEERRRRRRR!
A short pause was followed by heavy panting. Things appeared to do themselves, as Amber and Donna both got up and began to make-out. You could see tongues being intertwined and saliva exchanged, it was quite a sight to be seen. Donna began to remove Amber’s red mini skirt. A green thong was presentable as the skirt struck the floor. Amber positioned her hands around Donna’s slender body and gripped Donna’s adolescent ass. A green thong circling Amber’s feet meant she was now naked. The girls broke their feminine embrace as they moved toward me and the couch. I moved out of their way because I didn’t want to rupture their all girl action. Donna laid down on the sofa. Amber slowly crawling toward the edge of the couch. Amber growled and climbed up the side until she was poised like a cat on the far corner.
"Is the lioness hungry?" Donna asked.
Amber growled deep and sexy. Donna brought her knees up and spread her legs apart. Then she reached down with her finger tips and opened herself. She could see drops of moisture on her short fur, the inside of her hole glistened. "Here's your dinner, pussycat, hot and pink, just like you like it." Amber crawled forward until she was directly over Donna’s crotch. Donna’s scent filled Amber’s nostrils. Amber was so turned on, her body shook, her eyes blurred. She bent down and kissed Donna’s pussy with the same passion she had kissed her mouth. Then Amber lowered herself onto the sofa, the cool leather felt wonderful on Amber’s naked body, sweaty from all the excitement. As Donna wrapped her long legs around Amber’s head, Amber buried her face in Donna’s sex, devouring it like a hungry animal; licking, sucking and drinking in all the love juice that flowed out of her. As Amber’s tongue probed Donna’s pussy, her moans increased until she climaxed with a shudder, gritting her teeth and jerking her head up and back.
"Come here, sweet baby," Donna said, holding her arms open. Amber crawled up her body licking and kissing as much of her along the way as she could. When their lips were inches apart, Donna wrapped her arms around Amber’s neck and they kissed, trying to eat each other with their hot mouths. Amber’s lips and cheeks were covered with Donna’s cum and she seemed to relish licking it all off. Meanwhile, Jamal and I had found suitable seats to watch the show. As the lesbian bonanza began I started to stroke my cock in pleasurement of the sight. I assumed Jamal was doing the same during thus event I wouldn’t know because I went into a blissful haze.

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