My name is Mathew Grey, I’m 21 and all my life I have been pampered. I am two meters tall with blonde hair and grey eyes. When I almost killed myself a few months ago it woke me up. I am what you call a trust fund baby, all the tutors and special treatment and I was barely educated.

I had saved up my monthly trust money and bought a piece of land on the edge of a huge farm. It was a quaint little place with a small three bedroom cottage. The first couple of days I settled in and started using the internet to take collage classes. It was a week later that I found the quiet spring. I sat beside it and relaxed and it almost felt like someone was watching me.

For a week it became a routine, I would work on my computer and then go to the spring to relax. I laid back at the end of the week and just listened to the spring and woods. I drifted off and then jerked awake at soft hands caressing me. The naked girl looked maybe fourteen, she had somehow worked my pants down and was softly stroking my cock.

I started to open my mouth when she smiled up at me, “Your manhood is very nice.”

I shook my head and looked at her body. She moved up onto me and kissed me softly and sat up. I groaned as I felt her tight pussy forced onto my cock. The girl groaned with me and shuddered before beginning to rock back and forth, “You can call me Helen.”

I reached up to cup her breasts, “Do you live around here?”

Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered again, “Yes.”

She started to thrust as her hips twisted and rolled. I shuddered as she jerked suddenly and then started shaking as she wet me. She started keening and moaning as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I pulled her down as I felt my balls tighten. I forced my cock deeper and Helen howled as it pressed against her cervix.

She wailed a moment later as I held her impaled while pumping huge gushing torrents up into her. I spewed and spurted and flooded her belly and Helen kept spasming and jerking. When I stopped cumming she sighed and shivered before laying on me and lifting her hips. She slid off me and caressed my chest, “Thank you.”

I laughed as I turned to feel her breasts and rub the nipples. She shuddered and grinned before rolling to her stomach and lifting her hip, “again?”

I laughed and moved around behind her before pushing my thick cock into her tight, cummy pussy. I held her hips and began to fuck her slowly. She shuddered and her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock as she started to moan. She kept thrusting back as my cock fucked into her.

After a few minutes she was jerking and shaking hard. Her pussy was grasping my cock each time it pulled back. Every few minutes she would spasm and jerk as she wet me and began convulsing. I was using long, deep thrusts that pushed my thick cock all the way into her. Helen was fucking me wildly, pulling forward until my cock started to come out of her before slamming it back into her.

I was groaning as she milked my cock and finally yanked her back as I thrust into her hard. I held her as my cock jerked and then erupted in huge torrents of cum. Helen wailed as she felt warm sperm flooding her belly and began to shudder. When I finally stopped cumming she sighed and lay forward on the grass.

I smiled and lay beside her, “How was that my woodland nymph?”

Helen grinned, “Just what I needed.”

I caressed her cute butt and she smiled before turning to kiss me. She stood and walked into the woods and I shook my head. I finally got up and found my clothes before walking back to the cottage. It was hard not to think of Helen and her warm, velvety pussy. I slept restlessly and did my morning classes online before walking back to the spring.

I stripped and spread out a blanket before laying down. I kept looking for Helen but she didn’t appear and finally I lay back frustrated. I woke to my cock sliding into a warm, tight pussy. I groaned as I reached up and opened my eyes. Helen was smiling as she started to rock and fuck my cock deeper, “Good afternoon my sleeping Satyr.”

I grinned and cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples, “Good afternoon my nymph.”

She shuddered as my cock hit her cervix and began rubbing and pressing against it. She started to roll her hips as she thrust back and forth and I groaned before pulling her down and rolling. I started fucking her with deep thrusts and Helen lifted and spread her legs, “Breed me my Satyr.”

I shuddered and fucked her with long, hard strokes and a minute later buried my cock in her as she spasmed. I kissed her hard as I began to pump thick torrents of warm sperm. She wailed as I filled her fertile belly. She continued to kiss me and jerk as wave after wave of cum was poured into her.

I rolled again and let her sit up and she shuddered before smiling, “again?”

I laughed and pinched her nipples, “Yes.”

She spasmed as her messy pussy squeezed my cock and then she was once more fucking me. She was twisting as she thrust back and forth and cum was leaking out of her slimy hole. She started jerking and spasming again as her tight pussy began milking my cock. After a few minutes she was wailing and howling.

I rolled and pulled out before turning and lifting her butt. I pushed back into her messy pussy and went back to fucking her. I used long, deep thrusts that had Helen convulsing and thrashing around as I kept fucking her. I held her hips to keep her in place and finally thrust into her.

She stiffened as my cock began to swell and throb and then she screamed as I spewed a huge river of cum. She jerked and spasmed with each warm spurt that flooded her and began to wail. I pumped and spewed and spurted until my cock was only throbbing and Helen was slipping forward off my cock.

She sighed and I moved to lay beside her on the blanket. I caressed her body and she turned to look at me before smiling. She snuggled against me and caressed my chest. After awhile she sighed and kissed me before standing and walking into the woods. I was tempted to follow her but stood and folded the blanket instead.

My mind stayed on her for the rest of the afternoon and night. After my classes the next day I again took the blanket out and waited for my nymph. I smiled as I saw her walking out of the forest with a sway to her hips. She grinned and knelt to kissed me before pushing me flat and straddling my face, “Lick me.”

I grinned and reached for her hips and pulled her fuzzy pussy down. I licked through it and then covered her clit and sucked. She shuddered and jerked as she wet me and started to thrust back and forth. I kept licking through her pussy and pushing my tongue up into her. It wasn’t long before she cried out and jerked off me.

I smiled as she lay panting beside me, “You taste good lovely nymph.”

She smiled and held out her arms, “Breed me my Satyr.”

I turned and moved between her legs and pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned and hugged me as I began to fuck her. By the time I was forcing my cock all the way in she was convulsing and jerking as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I kissed her softly and she clutched me tight against her as her pussy tightened.

I kept fucking her slowly and she was constantly shaking. It was a long time before I held her spasming body and began pumping a solid stream of cum into her. She howled and wailed as warm sperm filled her and jerked and shook until I finished. I kissed her as she panted and caught her breath.

I pulled out and she groaned and turned to caress my chest, “I have to go my Satyr.”

I smiled and rubbed her pink nipples, “Tomorrow?”

She smiled, “yes.”

She stood and walked into the forest and I lay back. I finally got up and went home but the next day I was back early waiting. When my nymph walked out of the forest this time she wasn’t alone. The young woman with her looked just like her but a little older. She had the same strawberry blonde hair and breasts with pink nipples.

I smiled as she knelt on the blanket, “You brought your sister my nymph?”

She grinned as she looked at the woman who laughed and knelt beside her, “So she told the truth about a horny Satyr in the woods.”

My nymph caressed my chest, “This is my mother Pam.”

I smiled and cupped one of Helen’s breasts and rubbed the nipple, “What are we doing today?”

She shuddered and then grinned and moved to kissed me and push me down. She straddled me, “You breed us my Satyr.”

I smiled, “I don’t even get to taste your sweet nectar?”

Pam laughed and moved up to straddle my face, “Taste me.”

I pulled her hips down as Helen’s tight pussy slipped around my hard cock. I licked her and pushed my tongue into her before nibbling on her labia and then covering her clit. She jerked and thrashed around when I started sucking and teasing her clit. Helen fucked my cock with long strokes that almost pulled me out of her.

I heard her wailing a few minutes later as her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. Pam started jerking as she wet me and fell to the side. I reached for Helen and pulled her spasming body down and rolled over. I kissed her as I started fucking her with deep thrusts. She shuddered and a minute later she was bucking and thrashing around, “now my satyr!”

I fucked her hard for a moment and thrust into her as I began peeing a huge thick stream of cum. Helen wailed and kicked in the air as I kept pumping cum into her. When I stopped she shuddered and wrapped her arms and legs around me before sighing, “That was the best yet.”

I laughed and gave her a kiss before reluctantly pulling out. Her mother was beside us and pulled on me as she laid back, “Breed me now.”

I grinned as I went with her and moved between her legs. I pushed into her tight pussy and kissed her as I began to fuck deeper, it wasn’t long until I was burying my cock. I started fucking her slowly but it only lasted a couple of minutes before we were doing it harder. Her hips were thrusting up each time I buried my cock and she started to wail and shake.

It was awhile before she was howling as she thrashed around and began bucking. Her tight pussy was rippling around my cock and constantly squeezing it. She kept squirting as she bucked and thrashed erratically so her pussy became a lot slipperier. It was almost ten minutes before I buried my cock and held her spasming body as I peed a stream of cum.

Pam froze and then wailed as the warm, gushing torrent didn’t stop until her womb was full and bulging. I sighed and dropped onto her as I tried to catch my breath. She hugged me and rubbed my back until I slowly pulled out and rolled onto my back. Helen rubbed my chest, “once more?”

I smiled and turned to watch as she went to her hands and knees. I rolled and moved behind her before bending my cock to push into her slimy pussy. I held her hips as I fucked into her, she was moaning and shuddering in moments and her pussy started to tighten. A couple of minutes and she wailed and kept thrusting back hard as she squirted.

I fucked deeper as she kept spasming and howling while starting to convulse, “sssooooonnnn...”

She was almost incoherent as I kept fucking her shaking body. I was using deep, firm thrusts and planting my cock as far as I could. I was almost ready when Helen spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock before milking it. She screamed as she put her head down, “Now Satyr! Breed me now!”

I grunted as I thrust into her and held her while I spewed more of cum. Helen jerked and shuddered as warm cum flooded her once more. She groaned and whimpered as I continued to pump cum until I was done. I let her go and she fell onto the blanket, pulling my cock out of her. I laid down beside her and rubbed her butt before laying back.

Pam laughed as she straddled me and lifted my cummy cock, “Once more for me too.”

Helen grinned as she looked over her shoulder at me. I rolled so that I was between Pam’s legs before kissing her. I lifted up and pushed and my cummy cock slipped into her as she groaned and shuddered. I continued to kiss her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. By the time I was pushing against her cervix she was shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock.

I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and started to press, hump and grind each time I pushed into her. A few minutes later she screamed as she bucked and thrashed around under me, “aaaahhhhh!”

I kept fucking her as she squirted and squirmed and wailed. After a couple of minutes I started fucking her hard and deep and began to push open her cervix. Pam clutched me as her pussy clenched and grasped my cock, “I’m cumming!”

She howled and jerked as she kept convulsing. I started kissing her passionately and she clung to me and whimpered. Within a few minutes she was completely incoherent as her body spasmed and jerked and her pussy milked my cock. I finally buried my cock and grunted as I spewed a stream of warm cum into her.

She stiffened as she lifted and tilted her hips, “mmmmm!”

She continued to jerk and twitch with each gush of warm cum as it was pumped into her and when I stopped she dropped and sighed. Helen giggled, “My satyr bred you good mom.”

I kissed her and pulled out before reaching for Helen. She laughed as she rolled away and stood up, “Tomorrow my Satyr.”

Pam laughed as she stood and I laid back, “I’ll be back tomorrow too.”

She looked at Helen, “I think we might even spend the night with you.”

I laid back, “that sounds like fun.”

They laughed as they turned and walked into the forest. I sighed and sat up before standing and folding the blanket and walking back to the cottage. I went back to work on my classes and dreamed about Helen and her mother living here. Dinner was quiet and lonely and so was the night as I lay awake staring at the ceiling.

I was up early and working on a paper when someone knocked on the front door. I walked to the door and opened it to see Helen. She open her mouth in surprise and I glanced past her to see her mother. I smiled, “Coming out of the forest nymph?”

She grinned, “yeah and you live in a house.”

Her mother was grinning as she walked towards us. I opened the door wider, “This is where I live when I am not in the forest dreaming of gorgeous wood nymphs.”

Helen caressed my chest as she walked in and her mother followed. I closed the door and turned to them. Pam smiled, “this was the only place I could think of that a man could live without us seeing him.”

Helen stepped closer and started unbuttoning my shirt, “We live on the farm on the other side of the woods.”

I smiled and caressed her face, “and you are so bored you took advantage of a stranger sleeping in the woods?”

She grinned as she pulled my shirt off and started working on my pants, “I wanted to see what it was like and you treated me like a woman.”

I stepped out of my pants and pulled her against me, “You are a woman. Now I know you are real...”

She looked into my face as her mother laughed, “We called you a satyr and you called us nymphs like in a fairy tale.”

I smiled and began undressing Helen, “Well you are so beautiful, you had to be wood nymphs.”

Pam came to help me before we turned to undressed her. I pulled them both into my bedroom and to the wide bed. I pushed Helen in and sat Pam on the edge, “This is my lonely bed. I will share it with you if you like.”

Pam caressed my face before pulling me onto the bed and Helen straddled me, “You live by yourself?”

I cupped her firm breasts, “Yes.”

Pam pressed against me, “My grandfather runs the farm and I am the manager.”

Helen ignored her, “Why don’t you have anyone?”

I sighed and pulled her down onto me, “My family died when I was young and I spoiled myself.”

I caressed her hips as she wiggled and pressed against me. I looked into her lovely face, “I woke up when I almost killed myself and came here. I was looking for myself and found you instead.”

She smiled and sat up, “so you don’t have a girl?”

I reached under her as she lifted, “No, just beautiful dreams of wood nymphs.”

She wiggled and pushed until my cock slowly pushed into her and she sighed. Pam snuggled against me, “why alone?”

I looked at her as Helen began to slowly rock and thrust back and forth. She twisted and rolled her hips as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. I sighed and began thrusting up slowly, “It is peaceful here. I realized everyone I knew didn’t really care about me or what happened to me.”

Pam caressed my chest as Helen began to breath harder and shudder. I smiled and reached up to cup her breasts and rub her nipples, “My wood nymph brought me peace. After I met her I couldn’t stop thinking of her. I sleep better and each day I look forward to seeing her.”

Helen moaned and spasmed as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. Pam laughed, “well, my daughter has been sleeping better too. She is always talking about you and after yesterday I have been thinking abut you too.”

I pulled Helen down and rolled over before kissing her passionately as I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She wrapped her legs around me as her warm pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. She began thrashing around and bucking a couple of minutes later. Her pussy spasmed and she wailed as she jerked and I buried my cock to hold her.

It was a minute before I began to fuck her again with nice, slow, deep strokes. Her pussy was a lot slipperier as it rippled and squeezed my cock like it was milking it. A few minutes later she began shaking as I started planting my cock and grinding. A couple of minutes and I thrust into her and kissed her as I began to spew a stream of warm sperm.

Helen jerked with each spurt of cum as it was pumped into her, “mmmmm!”

When I stopped we both shuddered and sighed and Pam giggled before pulling on me, “fuck me now Satyr.”

I pulled out of Helen after kissing her and turned to let her mother pull me between her legs. I kissed her and slowly pushed into her warm pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her and she put her legs over my thighs as she moaned. It wasn’t long before I was burying my cock and humping into her as she lifted her hips.

She shuddered and jerked and several minutes later began to spasm as her pussy tightened. I fucked her hard and deep, stopping to hump and grind as Pam howled and started bucking and twisting. I kissed her and continued to plant my cock against the back of her pussy as it squeezed and grasped my cock.

I shoved into her and kissed her passionately as I pressed and jabbed in short thrusts. She spasmed and jerked as she wet me and lifted her legs before spreading them, “fuck me!”

Helen giggled as I pulled back to start fucking her mother with deep thrusts. Pam came four times like the first, bucking and thrashing around. I finally buried my throbbing cock and grunted as I pressed into her hard and began gushing and spewing cum. She lifted her hips and wailed as warm sperm was pumped into her, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

When I was done I sighed and she dropped her legs to the bed as she panted. I pulled out and grinned as I reached for Helen and rolled her onto her stomach. I fucked them three times each before stopping and just holding them. Helen kept caressing my chest as her mother held her.

Sometimes they came to my house and sometimes we went back into the woods. It was only a couple of months before they moved in and never left. I got Pam pregnant first and then a second time but Helen waited for her sixteenth birthday.
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