Mom got an invitation to join a very special club and she needed me to join with her.
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Mom Got An Invitation

When I got home on Friday after a grueling day at school all I wanted to do was vegetate. It was my thirteenth birthday and no one had noticed…not even my own mother.

Mom spoiled my vegetating by saying, “I received an invitation today to join a clue and I need you to escort me. Now go get cleaned up and changed into something nice. I’ll fix us a quick dinner.”

I really didn’t want to go but Mom hardly ever asked me to do anything for her. So I took a shower and shampooed my hair before putting on a nice pair of pants and a button up shirt.

In the kitchen I asked, “Mom, what kind of club is it anyway?”

Mom got very serious and then asked, “Do you think I’m a MILF?”

Of course I had thought of my mother as a MILF. All of my friends thought so too. So I said, “Yes!”

Then mom asked, “Am I the mom that you would like to fuck?”

I was silent.

Mom smiled and said, “If I am then you are really going to like this club.”

Curious I asked, “What kind of club is it?”

Mom sat me down at the kitchen table and pulled another chair out for her to sit on and face me. I hadn’t really noticed what she was wearing before but she had on a nice white blouse that was buttoned only between her breasts. She had on a short black skirt and her knees were spread outside both of my knees. I could see the crotch of her bright pink panties.

Then Mom said, “It is a MILF Club. That is only for very good-looking mothers and their handsome sons. I applied for membership a couple of years ago. They accepted us but made us wait until you turned thirteen. Today is your birthday and my present to you is me. After four weeks of initiations you will get to fuck the other MILFs and the other sons will get to fuck me.”

Stunned I asked, “I can really fuck you?”

Mom replied, “Starting tonight, you can and every night after that until you get tired of me.”

I replied, “I’ll never get tired of you.”

Mom smiled and said, “That’s sweet but you haven’t seen the other MILFs yet.”

I asked, “So how many other members are there?”

Mom said, “Seven other mother and son couples. The women are all in their thirties and the boys are all teenagers. When the boy turns twenty or his mother turns forty they are out of the Club.”

I quickly calculated in my mind and said, “So we will have a good seven years together.”

Mom smiled and said, “Oh honey, we’ll have a life time together.”

We ate our meal but I could not think of food. All I could think about was fucking my mother.

I asked, “Why do we have to join a club to have sex together?”

Mom replied, “We don’t but you see, I want to join this particular Club.”

I asked, “Why?”

Mom took in a deep breath that almost popped that one button holding her shirt on. I looked down and saw a small wet spot forming on her panties. I already knew that one was forming in my underwear too.

Mom said, “Because this MILF Club will help my career. These are the trophy wives of the most influential men in town.”

I looked at the growing wet spot between her legs, then I looked at my mother’s cleavage, and said, “So I only get to fuck you so that you can advance your career!”

Mom took another deep breath. She reached out to hold the sides of my head as she moved in to give me a kiss. It was not our usual kiss. She sat back spreading her legs and letting her skirt raise. She unbuttoned her blouse and allowed her breasts to bounce free. Her breasts were magnificent. The wet spot grew.

Mom said, “I have wanted to let you fuck me ever since you started to masturbate. The women in this Club told me that I should wait until you were more mature. They told me that they had let their own sons fuck them at age thirteen and that it had been well worth the wait.”

She continued, “This is my present to you. Not only do you get to fuck me every single night but after four weeks you get to fuck seven of the most beautiful women that you will ever see.”

Then it dawned on me, “Is one of them Mrs. Randolph?”

Mom smiled and said, “So you do remember her. Isn’t she beautiful? Isn’t she the poster model for MILFs? Don’t you want to fuck her?”

I think I came in my pants just as that thought entered my head.

I asked, “When can we go?”

Mom giggled and said, “How about now?”

I watched as she attached that single button between her breasts. She let me have one last look at her panties before she stood up and put her pussy in my face. She smelled great.

It took about ten minutes to drive to the Club meeting. It was a mansion that belonged to Mrs. Randolph and her husband. He was the richest man in town and owned just about everything, including the company that my mother worked for.

Mrs. Randolph greeted us at the door and said, “You are a little early but welcome. Follow me to our Club room.”

I could not take my eyes off from her ass. She was wearing a tight pair of white shorts. The material had crept into the crack of her ass. The sight was absolutely unbelievable. Her white bikini top had not left much to my imagination either.

The room was quite large. I counted eight couches around the perimeter and a big round bed in the center of the room. The floor had a thick soft carpet covering it. Near the door was a glass refrigerator full of sodas, water, and snacks.

Mrs. Randolph said, “Help yourself. Others should start arriving soon.”

She turned to my mother and said, “I need your blouse and skirt, you can keep your panties on for awhile.”

She took Mom’s clothes and left the room.

Mom said, “Well I guess I over dressed for this party.”

We got a couple of sodas and in five minutes another woman in just her panties and her son came in. In the next twenty minutes everyone had arrived. Mrs. Randolph introduced us to the group and then introduced the other six couples to us. A minute later her son entered apologizing for being late.

He took one look at my mother and let out a wolf whistle followed by, “Oh my, Mom said that you were pretty. I can hardly wait for my turn with you.”

His mother swatted him and said, “You just went to the end of the list.”

He quickly apologized to my mother for his rude comment.

Mrs. Randolph took off her panties and all of the other women did too, including my mother.

Everyone had a nice tuff of hair on their mounds with the lower half completely shaved clean. All of their breasts were to the large size and I knew that my mother’s breasts were all natural. I noticed the women’s complexions, their tan lines, and the color of their areolas. Each woman was not only beautiful but also a prime example of her ancestral background. The women represented Indian, Italian, Middle East, Japanese, Scandinavian, and American ethnic groups. Mrs. Randolph and my mother were of American English backgrounds.

Mom got up on the round bed and spread out her arms and legs so that everyone could take a good look at her body. I smiled when the bed started to rotate. It took five minutes to turn one revolution so that everyone got a complete view of my mother’s wonderful body.

We boys were told to undress and then I was told to get on my knees between my mother’s legs. Everything was timed with one revolution of the bed. I got to kiss my mother, I got to suck on her nipples, and then I got to lick her pussy. After that I got back on my knees and we all watched Mom masturbate for us.

With twenty minutes of foreplay I was told to stick my cock into my mother’s wet pussy. I lost my virginity in a very unique way, in my mother, and with fourteen other people watching us. I came but I wasn’t allowed to pull it out until that revolution had been completed. Mom got to suck my cock for the next trip around but she was not allowed to let me cum until the last thirty seconds.

After watching us on the bed for a half-hour the other boys were allowed to pick a MILF and go to town while my mother and I rested and watched them.

I envied the boy that was fucking Mrs. Randolph. She was without a doubt the best looking woman that I had ever seen and that little Japanese kid was sticking his tiny dick into her sweet love hole. She was making him feel like the best lover in the whole world too.

When everyone was finished it was my turn again. I had cum in her pussy and in her mouth so that time I was told to put it in her ass. Mrs. Randolph rubbed some kind of cream around Mom’s asshole and poked some inside using two of her fingers. When she started to apply more cream to my cock I started twitching and shot my load into her hand. Mrs. Randolph just kept applying the cream until I was hard again.

Mom curled her knees up to her chest. That rolled her pussy up and exposed her asshole for me. I aimed and I pushed. My cock slipped in slowly. Boy was she tight. Mom smiled and encouraged me to go deeper and to go as fast as I wanted too. She assured me that it felt good. I knew that it felt good to me.

After that the other boys got to fuck a different MILF before we ended the Club meeting.

We dressed and headed home. Mom asked, “Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

I replied, “Yes! I did! I really did!”

Mom said, “Good because from now on I’m yours. I want you to sleep with me every night and to use my body any time that you want too. What we did tonight was the start. You came in all three of my holes and you can again, anytime, and anywhere. Then after the next three meetings you can start fucking the other MILFs.”

I just smiled and Mom said, “You really like Mrs. Randolph, don’t you?”

I replied, “Yes! But I’ve always been in love with you and have wanted to fuck you.”

Mom pulled into the driveway, she turned the engine off, and then she asked, “Where do you want me? In the backseat, in my bed, or out in the middle of the street?”

That was the start of a wonderful relationship that continues to this very day.

The End
Mom Got An Invitation
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