NOTE: As you probably guessed from the title, this story contains period sex.
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NOTE: As you probably guessed from the title, this story contains period sex.

Her First Tampon

I was seventeen years old when my mother and her sister had to go to grandma’s house. Haley was thirteen years old at the time and left in my care at my house. She was a pretty little thing. If she weren’t my cousin I would have tried something sexual with her.

So when Haley came to me and said, “My period started and I can’t find any pads in your bathroom.”

I replied, “That’s because my mother only uses tampons.”

Haley said, “My mother uses them too but I need pads. I can’t get a tampon in me.”

I replied, “Sure you can. You just put one foot up on the toilet and shove it in.”

She asked, “How do you know?”

I must have blushed but I said, “I watched my mother put one in once.”

She asked, “When?”

I replied, “A few months ago. I was spying on her in the bathroom. She didn’t close the door all the way so I looked in. All I could see was her bare back. She had just gotten out of the bathtub.”

Haley said, “I still can’t get one in. My hymen isn’t broken yet.”

I asked, “So how do we break it?”

Haley giggled and said, “According to the older girls in school, the best way is for you to fuck me.”

I looked at her and I said, “You can’t be serious.”

Haley said, “Well that’s what they say.”

I said, “There has to be another way.”

Haley giggled and said, “Oh my God, you’re a virgin. My handsome cousin is a virgin like me. I thought you had a lot girls in bed.”

I’m sure that I blushed. I replied, “I brag about stuff like that to my friends in school. Hell, all of the boys lie about sex.”

Haley said, “Well if you fuck me neither one of us will have to lie about it in the future.”

I asked, “What about the blood?”

Haley replied, “I only have a little bit the first day. My heaviest flow is on the third day, then things start getting back to normal.”

I asked, “Can we do it someplace where we can clean up afterwards, like on the kitchen floor.”

Haley giggled and said, “Or on the coffee table, the kitchen counter, or even out back in the grass.”

I said, “You’re just messing with me now.”

Haley smiled and said, “Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still want you to fuck me.”

Then she started to get undressed. She shed her blouse, her blue jeans, and then her bra.

She said, “Don’t laugh” then she lowered her panties holding a folded paper towel up against her crotch.

I couldn’t take my eyes off from her breasts. They were bigger than I had expected. They were awesome.

I undressed and we stood there in the kitchen looking at one another. Of course I was hard and it was sticking out and bouncing with my heartbeat.

Haley sat on the floor, lay back, and spread her legs. Then she wiped her pussy with the paper towel and folded it to hide the small red stain.

I knelt between her feet and leaned in toward her. I placed the head of my cock at her hole and started to push it in.

Haley said, “Aren’t you at least going to kiss me first.”

So I got down on my elbows and leaned in for a kiss. I had wanted to kiss a girl for a long time so I had this fantasy of what it would feel like. I pressed my lips to hers and felt their softness, I poked my tongue out a little and her lips parted, then our tongues met. Her saliva tasted sweet. We kissed like that for several minutes before we parted breathless.

That was when I realized that I had been rolling one of nipples between my thumb and index finger. I also noticed that Haley had been rubbing my butt and pressing her pussy up against me.

I started to slowly thrust into her. At first my hard cock was just passing through her moist pussy lips. I got more and more excited and my strokes were getting longer and longer, and I was getting more urgent about fucking her. That was when the head of my cock first entered her, just an inch, enough to get the head inside of her. I felt the resistance and looked into her eyes. Somehow I knew that she was ready, that she still wanted it to happen, and so I gave her another thrust. Pop! Wow! That was wonderful as far as I was concerned.

Haley held me tightly so I stayed still.

A minute later she relaxed her death grip on me and started thrusting her pussy up at me, forcing more and more of my cock into her until it was all the way into her pussy. However, she didn’t seem to know that it was all in her because she seemed to want more. So I tried to give her more. I pulled it out an inch and then I shoved it right back into her. I repeated that for a few minutes and then I came in her. What a wonderful feeling it is to somehow know that jerking off was not the best feeling in the world…and…that with any luck I would never have to jerk off again. Yeah!

We stayed connected until I softened and fell out of her.

She took the paper towel and wiped her pussy again. There was more blood that time but she didn’t seem to mind.

We washed up at the sink and cleaned up the floor before going into the bathroom.

I got to watch Haley pee and wipe herself. Then I got to watch her slip a tampon into her pussy. It was even more exciting to watch than when I saw my mother do it. Of course, I had a front row seat for it and she was facing me.

I reached out and gave the string a gentle tug. Haley said, “You can pull it out if you want to fuck me again.”

As a last minute thought I asked, “Are you on the pill?”

Haley said, “Yes! But I can’t get pregnant if I’m bleeding. That shit has to happen in the middle of my period. You boys call it PMS. We girls just want to sow our wild oats and pray for a crop failure the next day.”

I laughed.

Haley said, “The girls that I know that are actually having sex can’t wait for their periods to start. That way they know that they aren’t pregnant.”

I asked, “Why don’t they do it when they’re bleeding?”

Haley said, “Because you are the only boy that I have ever heard of that is willing to fuck a girl during her period.”

I said, “That’s dumb. It is sexy, you are well lubricated, and I’ve heard my mother talk about being at her horniest during her period.”

Haley said, “I’ve heard my mother say the same thing.”

Jokingly I said, “I wonder if your mother would let me fuck her during her period?”

Haley got very serious and said, “You want to fuck my mother when you can have me anytime you want. Besides her tits sag, she has a belly, and her ass is getting bigger.”

I just smiled and said, “Yeah, I know, my mother looks just like your mother and I happen to think that they are both sexy as hell.”

Haley just said, “Yuck!”

However, as the day went on she did get horny often and came to me every time. I got to pull her plug, put my plug in, and fill her up with cum before shoving her plug back in. We had decided to get as much use out of Mom’s tampons as we could. She might not understand Haley using up that big box full before she got home.

I’m telling you that for two virgins on Friday we sure had a lot of sex before our mothers came home on Sunday. Haley had an itch that only my cock could scratch and that pleased me greatly.

The two women filled us in on their visit to grandmas and Haley told them that her period had started.

Mom said, “Shit! I didn’t have any pads for you. I’m sorry. What did you do?”

Haley simply said, “I broke my hymen and shoved one of your tampons in. I like them better than sitting on a bulky pad all day long.”

Her mother asked, “What did you use to break it?”

She smiled at me and said, “His cock!”

All heads turned toward me and I just knew that I was going to die.

Haley said, “The blood didn’t bother him and I got that damn awful itch scratched…twelve times this weekend.”

My Aunt said, “I can use you next week if you are willing.”

Mom said, “Then if Haley gives him a week without blood, I could use him the week after that.”

I looked at the two older women and said, “So the only non-period sex that I’ll have is with Haley!”

Mom smiled and said, “Well, we could give you a day or two before and a day or two afterwards. We are all on the pill so it really doesn’t matter.”

Haley’s mother said, “Sure we could.”

I looked at my Aunt and said, “In that case, would you come up to my bedroom with me?”

She looked at Haley, she looked at my mother, and then she just smiled and took my hand.

The End
Her First Tampon
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