We were going to use the small three room cabin I had built with my grandfather. It had a large queen size bed and two bunk beds in the bedroom so it slept four easily. The front had the kitchen and eating area with a bathroom built behind the bedroom. It was just supposed to be me, William or Will, my thirteen year old brother and Daniel or Dan, the thirteen year old neighbor.

The cabin sat in and under several pines with a wide stream we had planned to spend the summer in. My name is Michael and I’m sixteen. My dad didn’t mind if we spent the summer alone, he even agreed to bring out food once a week. Anyway we were all set to leave when Dan showed up with his fourteen year old sister.

Peg was a stunning girl with curves and a gap between her legs. Dan said his mom would only let him go if she went too. I was disappointed but looking at Peg made me smile and dream, “fine.”

We loaded everything into the small trailer and climbed into dad’s SUV. I let my brother ride up front with dad as I sat in back with Peg between her brother and I. My cock was hard all the way out to the cabin and Peg didn’t help by leaning against me. We unloaded the trailer and I tossed my and Peg’s sleeping bags on the big bed.

Dan and Will laughed and rolled theirs out on the bunks. After dad left we made sure the canned and dry food was put away before I walked into the bedroom and stripped. I pulled out my swim suit and towel as my brother and Dan changed and turned to see Peg looking at me before stripping out of her blouse and skirt to show she was wearing a string bikini.

She walked to the bed and bent over my rolled up sleeping bag to reach her bag on the other side of the bed, “I forgot about the towel.”

Looking at the string down her ass that didn’t hide anything I moved behind her. I could even see her ass and pussy and slowly reached out to slip a finger through her slit. She shivered and looked back but didn’t say anything as I kept fingering her pussy. Dan and Will moved closer to watch as I pushed a finger into her slippery pussy to find her hymen missing.

Her pussy squeezed my finger and I pulled it out and pushed my suit down. I moved closer and bent my cock before pushing into her tight pussy. She groaned and shuddered as I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. It was a minute before I was hitting the back of her pussy and pushing. Peg grunted and jerked as her pussy tightened around my cock.

She shuddered as I continued to fuck her and started wailing. I had never had sex before and she felt so good I didn’t even try to hold back and five or six minutes later shoved into her and pushed as my cock jerked. I held her tight as she gasped and spasmed and then I was gushing a stream of cum through her cervix and into her womb.

Peg pushed back as I pumped cum into her and screamed, “YES!”

I spewed and spurted until I was done and pulled out. Dan grinned as he took my place and rubbed her slit, “my turn.”

Peg shivered and pushed back and he pushed his suit down quickly before pushing his smaller cock into her. She sighed and shuddered as he held her hips and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She groaned and kept shaking as he jabbed and humped into her and then fucked her hard and deep. It was only a few minutes before Dan buried his cock and grunted.

His sister jerked and shook as he started pumping cum into her. When he finished Will was waiting as he pulled out. My brother had already pushed his suit down and moved behind her and pushed into her slimy pussy with a groan. Peg sighed and moaned as Will began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She started shuddering and jerking a couple of minutes later.

My brother began to fuck her harder and faster and Peg started to howl. She twisted and shook as Will fucked her and finally shoved into her and held her as he began spewing cum. She shuddered and pushed back when she felt more warm sperm pumping into her and then my brother was pulling out.

I moved forward and grinned as I wiped through her cummy slit and then pulled her back and helped her stand, “thanks Peg, I’ve never done it before.”

She smiled up at me and leaned against me, “It felt good.”

We grinned and I pulled her after me as I headed out, “You can use my towel.”

The stream was a little cold so we didn’t stay in it long. An hour later my brother teased Peg and kissed her before pulling the ties on her bottoms. She chased him and the next thing she knew he had caught her and she was on her back and he was between her legs. Will and Dan fucked her six times each before bed time. I only did her once more and that was slowly.

After eating, Dan and Will cleaned up and I went to zip Peg’s and my sleeping bags together. We were completely naked by then. While she slipped into the sleeping bag I shut the lantern off. My brother and hers were in their bunks talking as I slipped in beside Peg. I took my time and began to caress and feel her.

Her pussy was really slimy from our cum but I liked fingering her through several orgasms. I finally moved over her as I kept kissing her and pushed into her. She sighed and hugged me as I drove my cock deeper. I started to fuck her and she shivered, “my pussy belongs to you Michael.”

I pushed into her and kissed her as I humped and jabbed slowly. She meet each thrust and her pussy began to squeeze and milk my cock. I kept humping her and when she groaned and shuddered I pulled back to fuck her harder with deep thrusts. Peg started convulsing and her pussy tightened as I kissed her and buried my cock.

I began to pump and spew heavy spurts of cum into her. She clung to me until I was done and then sighed and relaxed. I smiled and kissed her before I started fucking her again. I did her four times before I stopped and rolled over and pulled her onto me. For the next week we fucked Peg, Dan and Will did her off and on during the day but I only fucked her in the morning and at night.

We were in our swim suits when dad returned, Dan and Peg’s mom was with him. She pulled Peg aside as we unloaded the food and loaded the plastic bags of garbage. Dad was talking to Will and Dan when I went to check on Peg and her mom. They were in the bedroom and when I opened the door.

Lori, Peg’s mom was bent over the edge of the bed wearing string panties. Peg grinned at me and reached between her mother’s legs to finger her pussy. I glanced back before stepping in and closing the door. I pushed my swim suit down and moved behind Lori and bent my cock and slowly pushed into her.

She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and I was surprised she was as tight as Peg. I started to fuck her as she pushed back and it wasn’t long before I was burying my cock in her. Lori jerked and thrust back hard as her pussy clenched. I kept fucking her as she moaned and cried out into the sleeping bag on the bed. Peg pressed against me, “you need to cum.”

I nodded and started to fuck her mother with long, deep thrusts. Lori screamed and began to jerk as her pussy grabbed at my cock. A couple of minutes and I was grunting as I suddenly buried my cock and began to spew strong gushing spurts of cum. Lori shuddered and pushed back as I pumped warm sperm deep inside her and a few moments later I was done.

I pulled out and Lori collapsed onto the bed and then rolled over. She smiled and sat up as Peg lifted her legs and helped her into her skirt. I pulled my suit up and a minute later we walked out, dad was waiting and they left. His tail lights were still in site when Dan turned and reached for Peg, “I’m horny.”

I grinned as Peg took his hand and pulled him towards the wooden bench on the porch. A minute later and we were naked and Dan was fucking his sister as she straddled the bench. She was pushing back and shuddering as he held her hips. She reached to pull Will closer before stroking his cock and putting it in her mouth.

He started to fuck her mouth as her brother fucked her with long strokes, pushing her back and forth between them. Since they hadn’t fucked her today they didn’t last and shoved into her almost at the same time. Dan spewed his cum in her pussy as my brother pumped spurts into her mouth and down her throat.

I waited until they were done, “Meet us by the stream guys.”

I pulled Peg up as Dan and my brother grinned and headed around the cabin. I sat and pulled Peg back to straddle me before fitting my cock to her cummy pussy. She wiggled and pushed down before I laid back and pulled her down onto me, “your mom?”

She started rocking and her cummy pussy began to squeeze my cock, “She brought my birth control and when I turned to bend over and put them in my bag she saw my pussy and knew you were fucking me.”

She shuddered and jerked erratically and I waited until she took a deep breath and started fucking my cock again. She kissed me, “Mom gets really horny and hasn’t had sex for a long time. I told her I was letting the three of you fuck me and that my pussy belonged to you. She asked if I thought you guys would fuck her.”

She shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock and kissed me before continuing, “I took her skirt off and was just going to get you when you came in. She is coming back later to spend the night and tomorrow and tomorrow night.”

I grinned as I sat up and stood with her impaled as she wrapped her legs around my waist, “you can have a break until she leaves and then we can start fucking you again.”

I walked into the cabin and back to our bed before sitting and then rolling until she was under me. I kissed her and began to fuck her with long thrusts. It was a minute before she began to wail and howl as her tight pussy milked my cock each time I shoved into her. It was a few minutes before I kissed her again as I buried my cock and began to pump spurts of cum.

She jerked and tilted her hips as she hugged me tight until I was done. I pulled out and moved off her before pulling her off the bed. I pulled her against me, “don’t tell Will or your brother about your mom coming back. I’ll tell them you need a break so they need to wait to fuck you.”

She grinned up at me and gave me a hug before we left and went to find our brothers. They frowned when I told them Peg needed a break but didn’t say anything. We played and enjoyed the water before heading back to the cabin at noon. Right on time Peg’s mom pulled in and stopped, Dan and Will ran to get their swim suits.

I held Peg against my side as Lori got out and grinned as she walked to me. She caressed my chest and looked at Peg, “my pussy belongs to you too Michael.”

I grinned and looked at the cabin door, “which do you want first, Dan or Will?”

She giggled, “both.”

I turned her and started undressing her as her son and my brother watched. I pushed her towards the cabin, “you can use our bed.”

Peg hugged me as Lori grabbed Dan’s hand and then Will before pulling them into the cabin. I kissed Peg, “want to go watch?”

She grinned and nodded and I took her hand to lead her in. I put my arm around her waist as we looked at her mother straddling Will with Dan behind her. I grinned and squeezed Peg, “I get your butt the first time.”

She grinned and then laughed as Lori wailed and began shuddering hard. Our brothers were fucking her slowly with long thrusts and she spasmed and shuddered the whole time while wailing or howling. She jerked and shivered when they both buried their cocks and began spewing cum in her. I grinned and turned to kiss Peg, “time for lunch.”

I pulled Peg out and we found five instant soups before putting water on to heat. Dan and Will came out a few moments later and then Lori who grinned as she wiped her leaking pussy. After lunch we left the cabin and pulled her around showing her everything. Will and Dan fucked her bent over boulders and trees, in the stream and on the bench on the porch.

I waited and watched with Peg until after dinner. We watched the sun set and Dan and Will went to the camp shower and Peg and I pulled Lori after them. I washed her and her mother together and then led them to the bedroom. Our brothers were already in bed as Peg climbed in and then Lori.

I shut the lantern off and joined them before moving between Lori’s legs and kissing her as I pushed into her hot pussy. I started to fuck her slowly and buried my cock each time as I kissed her and humped. It wasn’t long before she was panting and spasming as her pussy grasped at my cock. She stiffened and then began jerking and wailing.

She kept doing that as I fucked her for another fifteen minutes before pushing into her and cumming in thick spurts. When I stopped cumming I kissed her before starting to fuck her again. She groaned as her pussy squeezed my cock and Peg giggled. I fucked Lori four times before I let her sleep.

Peg snuggled against her mother as I held her and cupped a breast. The next day our brothers fucked her at least eight times each and I did her once. I fucked her six times that night and washed her with Peg in the morning before she drove off.

The summer was perfect, we fucked Peg during the week and did anal when she had her period. On the weekends we fucked Lori, I knew before the first month was over that she was pregnant but she didn’t say anything. A week before summer was over dad brought us home, the first thing we noticed was the woman with mom in the kitchen.

Dad blushed as Will and I looked at him and mom cleared her throat, “this is Teresa and she is living with us now.”

I looked at Will and then smiled as I walked straight to Teresa and embraced her and gave her a soft kiss, “hi mom.”

She blinked and blushed before looking at mom who was blushing too. I grinned, “Will and I will be spending a lot more time next door with Lori and Peg.”

Mom looked at me and then Will before looking at dad, “Lori is pregnant.”

I saw dad looking at me and I let Teresa go to hug mom. I let her go, “you three are having sex and so are we.”

Mom grinned as Teresa giggled and pulled Will into a hug, “studs like their father.”

After we put everything away Will left to go play video games with Dan. I followed but wasn’t planning on playing games. We came in into Dan’s house to hear Peg talking to someone on the phone. I caressed her hip as I walked past her and headed towards the kitchen. Lori smiled when she saw me walk in and turned back to the large pitcher of ice tea she was making.

I put my arms around her and held her against me, “when are you going to tell Dan you are pregnant?”

She looked back and smiled, “in a day or so.”

I kissed the back of her neck, “now that we are back can we still have sex?”

She laughed as she turned, “as much as you want.”

I glanced at Peg walking in, “move Peg to your bed and I’ll start sleeping with you every night.”

Peg grinned as she came to hug me, “Dan wants to fuck me.”

I grinned, “it is Thursday but you ladies should alternate days to make it fair.”

Lori looked towards the doorway, “DAN!”

My brother and Dan appeared and Lori smiled, “Peg and I are alternating and today is my day.”

They grinned and started towards her. I kissed her neck and gave her a push, “have fun.”

She was stripped before she even reached the hall. Peg giggled as I held her against me and looked up as I bent to kiss her. The next years were fun and interesting, Lori and Peg continued to service my brother and Dan until they went to college. I stayed and went to a trade school before getting a job.

Lori got pregnant a second time and the check showed both daughters were mine. Peg waited until she graduated before getting pregnant but made sure I was the only one fucking her without protection. My brother never moved back and found a willing girl while in college. Dan joined the Army and married a woman while overseas.

Peg and I are married now but her mom and my daughters live with us and I stilled fuck her right beside Peg in our bed.
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