Kim seduces her Dad
Title: Father and Daughter incest sex.

Author: Williamburns

This story is all fiction and should be read as only fiction.

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Codes: Bondage/ M/Teen f/f Pissing/ incest/ underage sex.

My name is Ken and my daughter Kim entices me into incest sex. Kim's friend Kelly gets involved later. How this all happened was very surprising to me I never knew my daughter was so sexual.

Its ten o’clock Saturday morning, I'm standing at my kitchen counter having a cup of coffee, wearing only my boxer shorts.

I hear the shower water running. My fourteen year old daughter Kim is up and showering getting ready for the day.

This is the first time I have been alone with her for a full weekend and not sure what to do with her for entertainment. There were no plans made in advance for this weekend.

My Lesbian wife of fifteen years went to visit her girlfriend Linda. I didn't know my wife was a true Lesbian until after our daughter turned four. That's when I wanted to have another child and she refused and admitted she was a lesbian and was in love with her girlfriend Linda.

I don't have a problem with people that have alternate life styles but, when it affects my sex life I do get upset. That's what Jean my wife was doing to our sex life.

To keep everything in order so family didn't know about her love for Linda we stayed married. so kim would have two parents as she grew up. Fuck, I hated this life style and my sex life was a total fucked up disaster. Jean would let me fuck her at times, but fucking a wet wash rag was more fun.

I had a feeling when Jean came back from her visit with Linda our marriage would be over permanently. Just the way things had been going on over the past few years.

Kim also noticed something wrong with her mom and I. This is when Kim became closer and affectionate towards me. This started about age twelve.

There was no doubt in my mind Kim was totally upset with Jean. Kim would come to me most of the time for advice also; I would have to settle mom and daughter heated arguments.

Kim became very affectionate with me as time went on, her kisses were on my lips with arms around my neck. She at times would sit next to me at night when watching T.V. letting me hold her hand, sometimes running my hand up and down her bare thigh.

This morning before Jean left to visit Linda I had to break up an argument between Jean and Kim about Kim's friend Kelly. I had no idea why except Jean said Kelly and her mom were nothing but, trouble.

Anyway the shower stop running and a few minutes later Kim appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. I was thinking about something and not looking at Kim.

I was taking a sip of coffee when Kim spoke.

"Hi Dad, do you like what you see? I'm here for you Daddy. Do what to fuck me? Please Daddy. I want you to fuck me. I heard you and your friend talk about you wanting to fuck me. Don't deny that Daddy."

She was standing in the doorway of the kitchen wearing only a pair of blue bikini panties. Her hair in long pig tails with blue bows tied on the ends, red lipstick and a full big smile.

She was right I did tell my buddy I would love to have sex with her but, never thought it could ever happen.

Kim is three months over fourteen with long legs. She stands about four inches taller than most fourteen year olds. Her tits are nice round mounds like large peaches with puffy nipples. Her belly is flat and a firm round ass. Kim is solid body and weights about hundred five pounds.

When I heard her ask if I wanted to fuck my cock jump up hard and began to fined its way out of my boxer shorts. I also spilled some coffee on the floor from the shock of her comments.

"Holy fuck Kim I can't fuck you. You're my Daughter." I said trembling.

"Yes you can, I'll let you, and really I want you to. I'm on the pill. I fuck my classmates’ whenever I can. Their cocks are small and they don't know how to fuck. They just squirt their cum quickly and they call it fucking." She said looking really sincere.

"Kim what happened? Why are you doing this baby? You know some people would call you a whore or a slut. I could be in a lot of trouble and you also if anyone found out." I said very nervous shaking and lusting for her body. I set my coffee cup down on the counter.

"Daddy trust me no one will know and most of all you haven't had sex with mom in years. You need some good young cunt to fuck like me. I want a hard big cock in my cunt filling me like those young guys at school can't. Yes, I'll be a whore for you. You can even call me a whore, cunt or a slut. I'll even be a cum drinking pig for you." She said looking like she was begging me for attention.

Her thumbs hooked the sides of her panties and instantly she pulled them down and step out of them tossing them on the counter next to me.

Fully exposing her nude body to me and spreading her legs slightly. Fingers inserted her cunt she leaned back some and showed me her pink insides of her cunt.

"Do you like my cunt Daddy? Fuck me Daddy. I know mom doesn't fuck you and she hasn't for years. She's in love with that cunt Linda. I know more than you think I do about those to cunts." She said.

"Kim this too much for me right now I don't know what to say I'm....... so overwhelm with your sex baby. I...I want you Kim, yes I do. Oh fuck. Yes I'll fuck you."

I said not really believing I said that statement.

Kim took my hand and let me to my bedroom, I watch her beautiful young ass in front me as we walked. My cock very rigid, sticking straight out like a flag pole waiting for a flag to hung on it.

We walked into the bedroom. Kim immediately turned the picture of Linda and Jean over that was on our dresser.

"I hate that fucking picture of those two cunts’. Why would a woman want to be fucked with a fake cock instead of a real one, I just don't understand."

Kim jumped on the bed opening legs wide then pulling them back at the knee. Raising her arms in a motion wanting me to come and lay on top of her.

"Come to me Daddy, fuck me. We have this whole weekend to fuck. Let’s not waste anymore time. Stick that hard cock in my cunt." Smiling as she spoke.

Kim took my cock in her hand and guided my cock into her wet cunt. I never thought a young girl could be wet inside as Kim was.

"I want you deep in me Daddy, all of your cock deep. Then fuck me like a whore and don't stop till you give me all your hot cum."

Fucking her was a pleasure. I didn't care or think what could happen and really didn't give a fuck. All I want was Kim's wetness wrapped around my cock.

Her hips lifted as I told her I was cuming. She was fucking me as hard as I was fucking her. It was two weeks since I jacked off my cock. I had a full load of cum for my sweet loving Daughter. My little whore.

"Kim I'm Cuming. OH KIM baby, yes fuck me baby fuck my cock." I said closing my eyes as I spend my seed into her cunt.

"Fuck your little whore Daddy, fuck me, fuck my cunt. Fill me with hot cream. I want to be your slut whore. Mommy doesn't want you. I do Daddy. I want to fuck you all weekend. Say yes Daddy. Say you want me to fuck all weekend."

Yes, Kim I answered her.

When we were done fucking I rolled off her body and she quickly turned placing her mouth over my cock and sucking and cleaning my cock. Taking time to tongue my pee hole then sucking more cum from my cock.

She was right Jean didn't want me or Kim all she wanted was Linda.

Kim had opened my eyes to something wonderful. Kim was more of a woman then a fourteen year old girl.

I ask Kim were she learned about all this type of sex. Her answer, I read a lot. I use your computer when mom's taking to Linda on the phone, she's talks for hours sometimes.

"Daddy I know it's called incest. I don't think of it that way, I call it taking care of needed family business. You’re in need. I'm the solution for your needs and love doing it Daddy. You’re not angry with me are you?" She asked looking down and rubbing my ball sack.

"No Kim I'm not angry with you just quite surprised you are so forward and sexual. Yes, I enjoyed fucking you Kim and very glad you opened my eyes to my stinking marriage with Jean." I couldn't even say wife or mother to Kim.

After I fuck Kim we stayed lying in bed. I fondled her tits rubbing her nipples and playing with Kim's body as if I was a love struck boy. She told me a little about her friend Kelly and why mom hated her and her Aunt Lisa. Kelly was being raised by her aunt Lisa, Kim didn't elaborate and I didn't ask.

Kim went on to say that Jean about a year ago made advances on Lisa thinking she was an easy target for a lesbian affair. Lisa made it very clear to Jean she was not a lesbian. There was more and it involved Kelly being a whore and inviting Kim to a sex party. The party according to Kim did take place and Jean somehow found out about it. Jean then made Kim stop seeing Kelly although; Kim kept seeing Kelly on the sly she was her friend.

Chapter Two.

"Dad, can Kelly come over later tonight for awhile. You can meet her and see that she is really nice. Please Daddy with sugar on top." She asked stroking my cock.

"Yes, she can. No telling her what we are doing Kim." I said.

Kim lay on top of me kissing me hard rubbing her cunt against my thigh back and forth like she was fucking my thigh.

"Daddy will you go and get some porn movies, nasty ones. We can watch them together. I would like to see some on our big screen T.V. big cocks fucking cunts. Oh that would be so hot, I'll fuck you again while we watch them if you want. Mom never watched porn movies with you." Her look was very intent and honest.

Why I agreed I don't know. Forty five minutes later I was in a porn shop looking at porn movies.

I was set up by Kim. Kelly’s Aunt Lisa was working the porn shop. I didn't know her but she knew me from pictures Kim showed her. Lisa, a nice attractive big tit blond wearing a short skirt and heels was working the counter. She watched me for awhile as I looked confused over the selections of porn movies.

Lisa came to help and suggest some movies. I talked with her about some porn movies and after short time I was buying a movie she had behind the counter. She told me it was hot, filthy and just a bit shy of being illegal. I made my purchase and left.

On the drive home thinking of Kim not as my Daughter any longer but as young sex cunt, whore as she said and the words she had said.

"We can fuck all weekend. Mommy doesn't want you. I do Daddy."

Yes, I was going to fuck her all weekend, I would fuck every hole she has, more than once. Kim had me in a lust for sex I never knew I had.

I got home and Kim was waiting for me when I entered wearing a very short blue summer dress. Wearing her three inch black heels she had from a wedding she attended. She undone her pig tails and her long hair now flowed over her bare shoulders looking very sexy. Lipstick and eye lined enhancing her beautiful face, still bra less and her nipples protruding through her dress.

Kim lifted the hem of her dress above her stomach showing me her young small patch of pubic hair on her cunt.

"Daddy I hope you like what you see? I did this just for you. Daddy." She said smiling rubbing her cunt with one hand.

I put out my arms and she ran to me. I hugged and kissed her mouth like a man in need of some hot filthy sex. Fuck I wanted her real bad. Now nothing would stop me until I filled her cunt with my seed.

"Daddy lets watch the porn movie and we can fuck some more. I'll suck your cock and you can come in my face I know you would love to do me that way Daddy?" She was wild with desire.

I went to the refrigerator and took out a couple of beers, I drank one quickly to steady my nervous.

Kim asked if she could have some wine. I didn't deny her any wine. I mixed it with some white soda.

The glass was quite big, she drank half and I filled it again, another big swallow, and a refill. I wouldn't let her get drunk but, she would be relaxed.

We went in the living room with our drinks and I put the porn movie in the DVD player and turned on the television.

"Daddy lets watch the movie naked, I love being naked. Daddy, do like me being a whore for you? You can fuck me the ass later if you want. She said pulling her dress over her head.

I started my second beer and Kim sipped on her wine as the movie started. All I could see in the first movie was three huge cocks fucking a young girl and her taking three full loads of cum in her face.

Kim turned and pulled my cock from between my legs and began sucking me. My hand went to her cunt and I was fingering her cunt. Her cunt was soaking wet with her juices.

"Daddy, jack off and cum in my face, Please."

She sat on the floor leaning back legs spread showing me her wet cunt. I stood over her and pumped my cock hard bending over close to her face and unload a stream of white warm cum on her face.

"WOW! Daddy that was fucking awesome. Let me suck your cock now."

She said moving up to take it in her mouth.

Kim sucked my cock while rolling my balls in her left hand working her tongue in the tip of my pee hole.

Oh it felt so good as I watched her sucking me. She looked so beautiful with my cock in her mouth.

The beers that I drank took the edge off my nervous feelings I had earlier. I wanted Kim more now, I wanted to suck her cunt devour and tongue the insides of her fuck hole. I stop her from sucking my cock and had her sit up on the sofa spreading her legs wide.

My mouth and tongue went to work on Kim's cunt splitting her cunt lips with my tongue forcing it in deep. My mouth closed on her cunt sucking hard tasting her cunt juices. Soon I felt her body tense as she went into a deep long orgasm.

“OH fuck Daddy. Yes, oh, yes suck my cunt, I'm your baby whore. Make me cum."

Kim's legs were wide and her hips were moving against my mouth as if she was fucking my tongue.

I brought her to a climax that took her breathe away for a few minutes as she lay back rolling her eyes at me.

"Fuck Daddy, you sure know how to eat cunt. I love you Daddy I really do."

"Yes Kim I’m sure you do.” I said.

Chapter Three

We decided to order a pizza. Then we showered together playing with each other’s bodies. A quick hot shower really felt good on my tired body. Done with our shower we dried off and waited for the pizza.

While we were waiting Kelly called saying she would be over after nine because her Aunt had to work late. Kim told Kelly that wouldn’t be a problem.

The pizza came and we ate. I had another beer and Kim had more wine.

I looked at her sitting with her leg up on the sofa showing me her red cunt lips. I asked if her cunt was sore from all the sucking and fucking we did.

"No daddy but, I would like you to shave my cunt before Kelly comes over. I want to show her my bald cunt."

"What? Show Kelly your cunt. Why?" I was very nervous and somewhat scared.

"Daddy Kelly is okay we have a surprise for you. Don't get all fucking upset please. I know this is a real new to you but, her Aunt Lisa knows about Kelly and I so go along with it."

I looked into those beautiful brown eyes of Kim's, they were so sexy and the beers I had began taking control. My lust for Kim was high and now I didn't give a fuck what happened.

"Kim I want to meet Kelly's Aunt Lisa." I said rather harsh.

"Daddy you did today at the porn store. She sold you the porn movie. Don't be mad, it was her way of getting back at mom over the lesbian thing. Dad you have to know about Kelly like her Aunt Lisa does. Kelly has some weird tastes in sex." she said.

"What kind of things." I asked not knowing what to expect for an answer.

"You'll see later it's a surprise. PLEASE, just go along with me on this okay. Please."

"Yes I said." I finished my beer and opened another. I wasn't drunk but, feeling very carefree.

"Now let’s go and shave my cunt before Kelly gets here."

With a new razor and some cream my wife used I was ready to shave Kim's cunt. On the bed with her legs spread wide I creamed her cunt and began shave my daughter's cunt not only her cunt I went down around her asshole leaving her smooth and clean. After shaving her I oiled her cunt and body.

I moved my hand softly and slowly around her asshole then slowly I inserted my middle finger in her asshole.

“MMMMM Yes, Daddy that's the next hole I want you to have. I want you to fuck my asshole." She said.

My cock was rock hard. My thoughts were to take her, fuck her. Fuck her asshole hard. I was in lust for her body and wanted her now. My thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing. It was Kelly she was on her way over.

I put on my jeans without any under wear. Kim slipped on her blue dress naked underneath. Then her and I cleaned up the bedroom and put towels in the wash and went back in the living room to wait for Kelly.

We watched some more of the porn movie as I drank another beer and Kim had another glass of wine while we waited. Ten minutes later the doorbell rang and Kim let Kelly enter.

Kelly caring a small overnight case for her stay with us. Kim introduced her to me. Kelly smiled.

"Hello Ken. I hope you don't mind that Kim and I are friends. I really like Kim, she is so nice." She said looking right into my eyes.

"Kelly I'm not the enemy it's my wife." I said.

Kelly fifteen years old with dyed white hair with pink streaks running throughout her hair. Wearing short jean skirt showing her long legs. Her waist band of her skirt just covered her pubic hair. Her top was so revealing her tits could be seen through the material of her form fitting top. From the top of her skirt to her bottom of her blouse her stomach was exposed.

I guessed her height about five foot two and about one hundred pounds. She looked sexy, very cute, with beautiful brown eyes.

"Oh my you’re watching a fucking porn movie. That's awesome, cool, Kim, is there a lot of fucking and big cocks in that movie?" She asked.

"I'll tell you later, did you bring your stuff Kelly. Kim asked.

Kelly nodded yes. "Did you tell your dad yet? I'm so excited Kim I hope he don't mind."

"Dad this is the surprise I told you about. Kelly likes to do bondage and being spanked. She's a fucking whore dad…… Aren't you Kelly? I told her you would do it to her. I'll help. Please dad." Kim and Kelly standing side by side like statues waiting for an answer from me.

"Mr. Ken, sir. I'm a whore like Kim said. You can fuck me and I'll never tell anyone. Please, it’s okay.

My cock was hard pushing against the front of my jeans. I was intoxicated not from beer but with lust for the two girls, fucking Kim several times today seeing her naked and her filthy taking mouth had taken control over my common sense.

I agreed breathing heavily that I would participate in their sexual perverted desires. I would fuck Kelly knowing it was wrong.

I sat and watched as Kim took charge over Kelly. Kelly stripped naked. Kim placed a pillow over our coffee table that was centered in front of the big sofa. Kim took out some ropes out of Kelly's overnight bag. She tied Kelly's hands together at her wrists. Kelly laid face down over the table pillow under her stomach. Kim tied the rope to the center leg on the sofa, stretching her arms full length.

Laying over the table knees on the floor a rope place above each of Kelly's knees then her legs spread wide the ends of the rope now tied around the outside legs of the sofa.

Kelly's ass crack spread open and her glorious brown bud was in full view. My cock was throbbing wanting to fuck that tight asshole of hers.

Kim retrieved a tube of lube from Kelly's bag. I watched as Kim lubed Kelly's ass crack working the lube in her asshole and down into her cunt. Slapping her ass several times, as she spank Kelly she would work two fingers in her asshole opening her.

My cock was so hard it hurt. The site before was extremely hot.

"Kelly are you ready to be fucked? My dad’s cock is hard and ready to go up your asshole. I know you want his cock fucking your ass you told you wanted him to fuck you. Are you ready you fucking whore?" Kim asked rubbing Kelly's cunt.

"Yes I’m ready. I want Ken's cock in me. Fuck me Ken. Fuck me in my dirty asshole. Fuck me I want your hard cock in me I'm so ready." She said in a very passionate manner.

Kim move to the side one hand of hers on each of Kelly’s ass spreading it wide for me to enter. I watched as my long slender cock slowly entered into her now gaped asshole. Deeper and deeper I enter her tight asshole. Kelly began to moan when I began fucking her tight asshole. I rode her like a dog fucking a bitch in heat.

Fucking Kelly was a pleasure it wasn't long and I came hard pushing my cock deep in her asshole. I filled her bowels with my hot cum. She moaned in delight. I pulled my cock out stood up and step back. Breathing heavy as Kim untied Kelly. Kelly sat on the coffee table facing me reaching for my cock. Cum leaking from her asshole as she sat down to face me.

"Let me suck you Ken. I'll clean your cock. You know I'm a whore just like your Kim." She moved forward towards my cock.

"No, Kelly I have to piss my bladder is full I need the bathroom." I said.

WOW! Awesome. PISS ON ME, PISS ON ME PLEASE. Kim please tell your dad to piss on me. You know I like it."

"Dad piss on her, piss in her face she really does like, do it dad. Kim naked jumping up and down all excited waiting to see if I would.

I didn't care I aimed my cock at her body and began to relief my bladder. Pissing on tits, and as the stream increased I flooded her face, stomach and cunt. Kelly opened her mouth when my stream of piss hit her face. She swallowed my piss.

I was totally exhausted my cock was sore and completely drained of cum and my bladder empty and I was panting like I had ran long distant race.

"Dad, Kelly and I will clean up this mess go lay down and rest."

Kelly naked as was Kim came and kissed me hard on the mouth. They thank me for being a great sport.

I went to my bedroom half drunk thinking I was totally fuck. If anyone ever found out about this I was a dead man.

I don't know what the girls did the rest of the night and really didn't give a fuck. I loved everything I done with the girls no matter how disgusting and filthy it was. Fucking my daughter was incest but, it was the best sex I ever had. I passed off to sleep.

I and the girls slept late Sunday morning. When I awoke I went into the kitchen to make my coffee. I was in the Kitchen naked when Kelly and Kim also naked walked in. For the first time I saw Kelly standing naked next to Kim. They looked so lovely and desirable. Both girls’ young puffy tits with hard nipples looking like they needed attention.

Kelly spoke first. "Ken thanks. I hope you’re not mad at me, But I love what you did to me. I would love to do it again."

Kim followed with. "Dad everything is okay. Kelly's Aunt Lisa knows about what Kelly and I do together. You really have to meet her Aunt Lisa. Please don't worry."

I did worry about the sex I had with the two girls’. That was until Jean came home with her girl friend Linda.

Linda stayed with us a couple of days. After a long talk we agreed the marriage was over. Jean wanted a divorce and nothing else. I would have custody of Kim the house and half of the saving accounts. Jean only wanted to be free to live her life with Linda.

Kim and I weren't upset with her decision. There was no turning the marriage around so we did the next bear thing we could do as a family falling apart. We wished her well and help her with the transition into her new life.


After Jean moved out I knew only one thing was about to happen and it couldn't be stopped. Kim and I resumed our incest sex. Kelly would be involved along with her Aunt Lisa. I was introduced to Kelly's Aunt Lisa a week later.

I found Lisa is a very perverted sexual woman. Now I know were Kim got her sexual education from. WOW!


Wet and sweet all the time

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