I was abandoned before I even became a teenager. I had one friend back then, Roger Harris. He owned a small shipyard with a couple of dry docks that specialized in cleaning the hulls of ships. Mostly he did yachts and tugs and ships like that. He was the one to teach me to dive and before I was thirteen I was an expert.

Beside the shipyard was a marina where a lot of yachts were kept. I had found a small wreck twenty miles off the coast in international waters. From the size and age it was an older yacht. The water around it was only eighty feet deep and I had a few rich guys that wanted to go diving.

It was morning and my day off, I used a small boat I had salvaged when I was fourteen. It was only a twenty five foot sail boat. While they swam the reef I checked the old wreck and saw what looked like an old steamer trunk. I was carrying a large mesh bag folded up and took a minute to move the trunk and slip it into the bag.

I used strong fishing line and tied it to the mesh bag and to a small red marker balloon I inflated. That was when I saw the shark and went to warn the divers. Sharks normally don’t bother divers but these guys were paranoid. I kept them together as we started for the surface and made sure the bang stick I was carrying was ready.

One of the guys panicked when the shark turned to swim closer and I turned to grab his leg to keep him from going up to fast. I jabbed out as the shark turned and struck into the gills as the charge went off. I was cursing as she thrashed around and rolled belly up. I kept them calm until we broke the surface and shoved the idiot to the rear boarding ladder, “get in the boat.”

They struggled out of their tanks and into the boat. I was last and glanced around to see the marker balloon a hundred yards away. They were still upset and demanded we return to shore so I set sail. After I dropped them off I recharged and cleaned everything. I thought and put back out, the marker was still bobbing when I reached it and dropped sail.

I used a boat hook to catch the line and moved to the rear of the boat as I began to pull it up. When it finally broke the surface I took my time and carefully pulled it into the boat. It almost felt like it was ready to fall apart as I put everything away and headed back in. I left the boat anchored to one side of the shipyard and headed home.

Home... home was an ancient looking yacht about eighty feet long with the last twenty feet broken and falling on the ground. It was beside the shipyard fence and behind racks of smaller boats. It was something Roger had given me when I was younger. I climbed the stairs onto the deck and smiled at the two eighteen year old girls on the front deck.

They were wearing string bikinis and laying out getting a tan. Everyone knew Crystal and Abby were lovers. Crystal was Roger’s baby sister and Abby was the daughter of a rich friend of his. I had grown up with both of them and was the same age, “one of these days I am going to molest one of you and lose my cherry.”

They lifted their heads to look and then grinned. Crystal moved her top so her nipples were visible, “you keep promising that.”

I grinned as I headed towards the door, “I hope you didn’t let Bob out, there is a female in heat in the yard somewhere.”

I caught my large Manx as he tried to escape and turned him around, “sorry stud but if you want her, she better come calling.”

I glanced at the note on my refrigerator and sighed, it was from Roger. He was asking if I would do an underwater evaluation on a yacht in the morning. I picked up the UHF radio, “Roger?”

It was a moment before he answered, “hey kid, that damn Stephen called in sick.”

I sighed, “I’ll be there.”

“Is Crystal there?”

I shook my head, “On the front deck with Abby.”

There was a long pause, “bed her kid.”

I was shocked and looked at the radio for a minute before grinning, “tempting thought. If I tried, it would have to be both of them.”

“Ha, good luck.”

I set the radio down and cleaned up and changed Bob’s litter box before starting dinner. I tossed a large piece of raw fish onto his small plate and set it on the floor. I glanced at the door when Abby opened it and they came in. I smiled as I turned back to cooking, “you two saved me a trip to the store.”

They grinned as they started helping me. We were sitting at the table eating when I stopped and looked at Crystal, “Roger told me to bed you.”

She looked at me as Abby looked back and forth. She frowned, “he and dad got a little loud last night.”

I shrugged, “I won’t do anything to hurt our friendship.”

I smiled, “even though I would love to use you all night.”

She grinned as Abby laughed and rubbed my chest, “use Us all night?”

I turned and reached behind her neck and undid the bikini top and pulled it down, “yes.”

She laughed with Crystal and didn’t try to cover her nipples. I reached over to undo Crystal’s to and went back to eating as they looked at each other. I tried to change the mood by telling them about the shark. Instead they grinned and bumped my shoulder, “was it a treasure chest?”

I smiled, “I wish, it looks like an old steamer trunk.”

They looked at each other and spoke together, “treasure!”

I laughed, “It was down there probably sixty years so any clothes will be ruined.”

They pouted and then grinned and Crystal looked at me, “I bet it has jewelry.”

I shrugged, “I’ll opened it tomorrow.”

Abby bumped me again, “you could bring it over tonight and we could help you look through it.”

I sighed and Crystal whispered something in Abby’s ear. She looked at me, “if we find jewelry you can fuck us.”

My mouth dropped open and then I grinned, “all night?”

They laughed and nodded and I stood, “you get to do dishes and don’t give Bob the spiced fish.”

I had to use one of the dock carts to move the trunk. Crystal and Abby were waiting on what was left of the after deck as I pulled the trunk up the stairs. I frowned at the two large locks holding the trunk closed but one hit from a hammer broke each one. I turned the trunk on end and opened it and water flooded onto the deck.

I was a little surprised at the condition of most of the clothes. The girls frowned when they saw that the clothes were mens clothing. There was another locked compartment but I opened the smaller drawers first and grinned as I pulled a handful of diamond cufflinks out. They laughed and helped me with the other drawers.

We found tie pins and tacks as well as a few rings before I frowned at a wrapped package in the bottom of the trunk. I pulled it out and unwrapped the fragile cloth to find plastic wrap. It was wrapped around what I thought was a marble chest board. It took a lot to remove the plastic and I stared at the Jade and Jet squares before opening a side drawer.

I pulled out gold and ruby chest pieces as the girls stared wide eyed. The other drawer held tarnished silver and sapphire pieces. The girls grinned at each other and Abby giggled, “we are getting our belly’s filled with cum tonight.”

Crystal nodded and bumped my shoulder as I closed the drawers and used the hammer to break the lock on the last compartment. Inside was more plastic wrapped pouches, one look told me the pouches had probably been velvet. I pulled one pouch out and carefully removed the plastic before opening the pouch and looking inside.

I was more than surprised and Crystal bumped my shoulder again, “Well?”

I looked at her before spilling several large cut diamonds onto my hand. The girls stared and Crystal touched one with the tip of her finger, “is it real?”

I shrugged, “How would I know?”

I poured the diamonds back into the pouch. I closed it before starting to open the other pouches, by the time I was done I was a little numb. We carried the pouches of diamonds, the chest board and all the mens jewelry inside before I locked the door. I had almost forgotten about the girls and went to wash.

When I walked into my room it was to see Abby and Crystal naked on my bed and I smiled, “really?”

They laughed and held out their arms, “really.”

I stripped and crawled into bed and between Crystal’s legs as she lay back. I looked into her eyes as she calmly put her arms around me, “really?”

She smiled and pulled me down for a kiss, “yes.”

I smiled and looked at Abby before grinning and kissing down Crystal’s body. They both laughed as Crystal opened her legs wider. I opened her bald pussy and licked through it and pushed my tongue into her. She shuddered and moaned as Abby snuggled against her to kiss her and cup a breast.

I nibbled on her inner lips and kept licking her before finally covering her clit. I sucked and used my tongue before nibbling. Crystal jerked and shuddered and wiggled and squirmed before twisting away suddenly, “aaaahhhhh!”

Abby laughed, “silly witch, I told you Flint would do that.”

Crystal was panting and grinned as I rolled her onto her back again. I moved up and gave her a kiss, “last chance.”

She grinned and reached between us to position my cock and I pushed and then wiggled before I was suddenly pushing into heaven. She was warm and velvety and her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock gently. I shuddered with her before I kissed her and began to fuck her slowly, each thrust pushed my cock deeper.

It wasn’t long before I was pressing against the back of her pussy. She was moaning and shuddering as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. Abby was softly caressing and rubbing my back as I continued to fuck Crystal with slow, deep thrusts. She jerked and lifted her legs and wrapped them around me.

Her warm, slippery pussy was squeezing and spasming around my cock. I felt something give and pushed into her deeper as I shuddered hard and buried my cock. I kissed Crystal as my balls churned and my cock throbbed and then I was spewing a huge stream of cum. She wailed and was kicking in the air as she felt the warm eruption of sperm pumping into her.

I spurted again and again until I was done and my cock was only throbbing. I slowly relaxed and kissed her before pulling out. I lay beside her and caressed her pelvis, “thank you.”

She grinned and turned to look at Abby, “We are doing that again.”

Abby grinned, “it sounded like you enjoyed it.”

Crystal looked at me and smiled, “oh yeah.”

Abby moved over her and pushed me back before straddling me. I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples, “your turn?”

She lifted up and reached for my cock, “yeah.”

I looked down to watch as she positioned my cock and pushed and wiggled and squirmed. Slowly her extremely tight pussy was impaled and she groaned and panted before leaning forward. I held her hips lightly before caressing them, “relax and give it a minute.”

She sat back and looked at Crystal, “I feel really full.”

Crystal turned onto her side and reached out to caress her hip, “wait until he cums.”

Abbey smiled at me, “it should be fun.”

Her pussy rippled before she shivered and slowly began to rock. I cupped her breasts as she started to twist and roll her hips, pushing down each time she sat back. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and started shuddering as her pussy grasped my cock. She squirted and wailed as she began to wiggled more, “aaaaahhhhhhh!”

Finally my thick cock was hitting and pushing against her cervix. Abby convulsed as her warm, slippery pussy spasmed and milked my cock. She howled and twisted and wiggled and squirmed, all while squirting and wetting me. I shuddered and grinned as Crystal giggled and Abby jerked and screamed.

I finally pulled her down and shifted around before starting to fuck her tight pussy slowly with deep thrusts. I kept kissing her and she lifted her legs to wrap them around me. She shuddered almost violently and screamed again as she squirted and clutched me, “Flint!”

I fucked her with deep thrusts and began to press and hump each time I buried my cock. It was another couple of minutes before I grunted and hastily thrust into her and held her. My cock throbbed and jerked before gushing a huge stream of cum. Abby lifted and spread her legs as her pussy tightened, “oooohhhhh!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was finished. I kissed Abby softly after sighing and she smiled and relaxed on the bed as she panted, “damn that felt good.”

I grinned as I pulled out and rolled onto my back. Crystal rubbed my chest, “take a break, its our turn.”

She turned around and moved over Abby and straddled her head. I grinned as they started licking each others leaking pussy. I glanced up at Bob by his window perch and then turned to watch the girls. It was a little while before they stopped and Abby grinned as she rubbed my chest and stroked my still hard cock, “do me from behind.”

I fucked the two of them six times before we went to sleep. I woke to Bob on my chest purring and looking into my face. I smiled and pet him, “okay, let me up and I’ll feed you.”

Today was his red meat day and he got a strip of beef before I cleaned his box and went to shower. I glanced at the two girls still sleeping in my bed before reaching in to rub Crystal’s butt, “Hey.”

She lifted her head and looked at me and I grinned, “clean up the mess on the after deck?”

She turned and went to her elbow, “what are you going to do with the treasure?”

I shrugged, “find a buyer for the diamonds and keep the rest.”

Abby turned, “what are you going to do with the money?”

I smiled, “go to college and buy two or three ladies for Bob.”

They laughed as I waved and headed towards the door. I guess I should have known what the girls would do. I mean I have know them most of my life. I met Roger on the dock beside a large yacht and he gestured, “we need to know how bad the bottom is.”

I nodded as I sat on the edge of the dock to put my flippers on, “what are you going to do about Stephen?”

He snorted, “fire his ass, this is the eighth time in three months.”

I checked the regulator and put my mask on, “you remember that yacht I found and claimed?”

He grinned, “find anything good?”

I nodded, “diamonds.”

I looked at the cold water, “I took Crystal and Abby to bed last night too.”

Before he could say anything I turned and dropped into the water. I used the underwater camera to take pictures as I check the hull from the stern to the bow. It was awhile before I came up and moved to the ladder. Roger was still on the dock and had a big grin. I threw my flippers up and held the camera up for him to take.

I climbed up onto the dock and pulled the air tanks off, “It is bad, you’ll need to use the dry dock.”

He ignored the ship, “dad wants to know if you think Crystal would let you bed her again.”

I smiled as I grabbed the air tanks and my flippers, “I hope so, they both took turns until they wore me out.”

He laughed as I headed towards the dive shed to charge the tanks and clean everything. When I walked onto the after deck it was clean with the clothes that had been in the trunk spread out to dry. The trunk was wide open with all the drawers pulled out. When I opened the door it was to see an older man in the lounge with Crystal and Abby.

He was looking at several diamonds and barely glanced up. I looked at the girls, “what’s going on?”

Crystal grinned, “a possible buyer.”

I looked at the man and walked in to lean back against the counter. I glanced at a grey spotted Egyptian cat and blinked as Abby giggled, “that’s Cleo and she’s in heat.”

I looked at her and she grinned with Crystal, “Bob chased her and Tiger, a grey stripped Manx female into the bedrooms.”

Crystal glanced at the man, “we also found a silver Bengal, she’s probably with Bob waiting for her turn.”

I grinned and then looked at the man as he sat back and nodded to Crystal, “they look very good and I’ll buy all you have.”

I opened my mouth but Abby beat me as they started bargaining. I finally turned and just went to bring out all the diamonds. I found Bob in the bedroom laying with a large stripped cat and another silver and black spotted one on the pillows and smiled, “having fun?”

He meowed and looked pleased with himself which made me grin before leaving. I glanced at the girls as they sat and watched him check each diamond, write something down and drop it into a velvet bag. I pulled out the old chest set and began to clean it until Abby stopped beside me.

I glanced at the man, “can we trust him?”

She smiled and pressed against me, “yeah, dad suggested him after I told him I was sleeping with you.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I’m sure he will wait a few days to see if we are really having sex.”

I snorted, “you two better be using birth control or he will really know.”

She grinned and kissed my cheek before going back to the table. It was almost noon when the man finished and made a call. Abby and Crystal were helping me clean the other jewelry and the chest set and he grinned, “Are you selling the chest set?”

I glanced at him, “not now.”

He nodded and leaned back, “what are you going to do with the money?”

I smiled and set the bishop I was cleaning aside, “college. Invest most in a good company.”

He shook his head and watched us. Ten minutes later there was a knock and Abby answered the door to a young man standing there. The man went to speak to him and accepted a check before walking to me and handing it to me. I was dumbfounded at the amount but managed to thank him before he left.

Crystal and Abby looked smug and pulled me away to go to the bank and then shopping. I thought of the extra cats and stopped on the way home to buy a few more litter boxes. Dinner was strip steak we grilled with both girls topless on the rear deck. I was thinking of the wreck again and ask if they wanted to dive with me next weekend.

After we cleaned up Abby pulled me to the little used lounge and started a movie on the old TV. Crystal kissed her before turning to strip me. Abby pulled her bottoms off and straddled me as Crystal sat beside us. I caressed Abby as she leaned against me and rubbed her bare breasts on my chest.

She grinned and then giggled and lifted to fit my drooling cock to her pussy. She wiggled and pushed and it slid into her and she began to rock and twist, “we aren’t on birth control Flint.”

I looked at her and tried to ignore her tight pussy as she thrusts back and forth to push it against her cervix. She rubbed my chest, “when you get us pregnant everyone will stop bothering us.”

I looked back and forth, “you are doing this just to...”

Crystal touched my lips as she leaned against us, “no. We are doing this because we want each other and you. When you get us pregnant we are going to move in.”

Abby was nodding before giggling, “or buy a new estate.”

I looked at her, “this old boat is still sound, even broken like it is. It has...”

Crystal laughed as Abby began to fuck my cock again, “crying babies? Dirty diapers? Lots of kittens?”

I finally laughed and shook her, “okay.”

Crystal rubbed her friends butt, “get to work.”

Abby grinned as she twisted and rolled her hips and rubbed her pussy back and forth. I shuddered as my cock was squeezed and kept pressing into her. It was a couple of minutes before she began to get erratic and started spasming. Soon she was jerking and thrashing as her tight pussy milked my cock. I groaned as she kissed me and held her down as my cock erupted.

I began to pump a geyser through her cervix and Abby shuddered and wailed when she felt the warm cum, “Flint!”

She jerked around as I pumped and spewed in her and then sighed when I stopped. Crystal waited and then pulled Abby up and then pushed her down on the couch and lifted her legs over an end. Abby giggled and reached up to tug on one of Crystal’s nipples which started them kissing and feeling each other.

I watched and grinned as they began to moan. Abby finally pushed Crystal back, “fuck Flint.”

Crystal grinned as she stalked towards me and bent to lick my cummy cock. She rubbed my chest, “do it from behind?”

I laughed, “go back and start kissing Abby.”

She turned to look before crawling to the couch. I moved after her and rubbed her pussy before fitting my cock and pushing. The girls continued to kiss as I began to fuck Crystal with deep thrusts. Her tight pussy began to grasp and squeeze as she shuddered and pushed back. I held her hips to fuck her firmly with long strokes.

A minute later she howled and spasmed as her pussy clenched and she shoved back, “fffuuucccckkkk!”

I grinned at Abby as I kept fucking Crystal but reached around to rub her clit. She jerked and twisted and slammed back and forth so hard I had to stop and hold on. Abby laughed, “fuck her like a bitch and breed her Flint.”

I started to fuck her long, hard and deep, I wasn’t holding back as I tried to cum. Crystal wailed and screamed as I continued to fuck her and shove against her constantly. It was a couple of minutes before I thrust into her and held her tight as her pussy grabbed my swelling cock. It throbbed and then erupted in a huge gushing spurt.

She yelled as warm sperm was pumped into her and began to shudder as her tight pussy grasped and squeezed. I groaned when I stopped cumming and Abby grinned, “put her on the other end of the couch like me.”

I pulled out and Crystal shuddered before turning to sit. I knelt and put my arms under her before lifting her and carrying her to the other end of the couch. After she was laid back she pulled my face close and kissed me, “give us a half hour and then fuck us again.”

Abby laughed, “I want it hard and deep next time.”

I shook my head and turned to sit on the floor between them. Looking back I miss the boat a little but Abby and Crystal changed my life. Besides both of them having twins, the cats had larger litters than normal so we didn’t stay on the yacht long. There wasn’t much left to find in or around the wreck even though we went through it carefully.

I still have the chest set to remind me and the girls had taken two large diamonds but the rest was gone.
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