Brazos isn’t really that old of a colony. It is a hard life sometimes and there are four or five women for each man. Mostly because running a ranch with Beefalants isn’t easy and can be very dangerous. They are engineered cattle that are as large as old earth elephants. Besides the tender meet is the hide which is very soft and supple with fur that is very soft.

There are also large predators like the Lizard Cats and Leach Bats. Our ranch wasn’t the largest, it was only a quarter million hectares. One thing it did have was a lot of rivers and a few small lakes. My name is James Mathew Dillon and my sixteenth birthday is today. I have one younger sister and five half sisters.

I had planned to slip out early and spend the day at my favorite lake. The genetically engineered trout we had introduced were in season and I wanted to try my luck. I slipped out of bed and dressed quietly before grabbing my pistol belt. I put on my pack and lifted the new rifle from the rack beside the door, I walked through the quiet house to the kitchen.

I grabbed a chiller with a water filter before heading out, I had come home late from riding as a herd guard and just gone to bed. When I opened the front door my dad cleared his throat from the front room and I started and he grinned, “Happy birthday.”

I grinned, “Thanks. I was going to try my luck with the trout.”

He smiled and I glanced at the hall as two girls I knew stood there. I looked at them and back at my dad before sighing, “Already?”

He nodded, “They have been waiting.”

I looked at the girls, “dress for the outdoors and meet me at my jeep.”

I looked at dad as they turned and headed back to a guest bedroom, “The colony council aren’t even waiting.”

He smiled, “You have known about them since you were ten.”

He tossed a small screen pad, “You have to pick three more.”

I glanced at the screen before putting it in my shirt, “Why three, I thought...”

Dad shook his head, “a lot of men and boys have tested infertile.”

I shook my head, “They want to keep using hover cycles even after being told of the radiation leaks.”

I finally shrugged, “Uncle Josh wants the week off. Aunt Tess and Maria are getting close to having their babies.”

Dad smiled, “I know, he called.”

I nodded as the two girls came out followed by mother Debra, “I was going back out tomorrow morning.”

Debra frowned, “The girls...”

Kate cleared her throat, “We don’t mind.”

Sandy was nodding as she adjusted her pistol belt, “actually we like cattle guard.”

Debra sighed as they walked towards me and I opened the door. Jeep is a misdescription, a jeep as a very rugged hover vehicle that can seat nine in three rows of seats with a large cargo area behind. I glanced at the girls as I headed towards the lake, “I haven’t seen you girls in awhile.”

Kate smiled, “Your mothers kept us up to date on you.”

I smiled, “tattle tails.”

Sandy grinned, “Tracy told us to try to get you to work on your microbiology.”

I grinned, “I do, I just don’t tell her.”

Kate glanced at me, “we had the colony doctor remove our hymen.”

I nodded, “I know, they are required to tell me.”

They blushed and I smiled again, “we can have sex when we get home later.”

Kate and Sandy both grinned and Kate leaned over and rubbed my cock through my pants, “or while you fish.”

I shuddered and pulled the screen out and handed it to her, “Dad said I had to pick three more girls. You and Sandy look through the list and then we can all decide.”

They looked at each other and put their heads together as I concentrated on driving. After I parked the jeep I put up the predator screamer. The screamer was an alarm, it used ground radar to detected animals moving around and went off if anything came close that was over a certain size. I pulled out my fly fishing pole and my gear and walked down to the shore.

I looked around at the water weeds and started fishing. My first catch made the reel scream as the line went out and the fight began. I pulled in five trout, each over twenty pounds before I cleaned them and went to put them in the chiller. I glanced at Kate and Sandy sunbathing in the back of the jeep and shook my head, “I am going to fuck one of you.”

They both grinned but didn’t opened their eyes. I used the small tank of water on the jeep to wash before undressing and climbing into the cargo area. They opened their eyes and grinned as I knelt and reached out to open Kate’s legs. I laid down and smelled her pussy before licking through it. She shuddered and lifted her hips as I pushed my tongue inside her.

I nibbled on her labia and then her clit which made her gasp and shudder. I started teasing and wiggling my tongue on her clit before covering it and sucking. I kept licking, nibbling and teasing her and she shuddered, jerked and spasmed before finally twisting away. Sandy laughed, “He won the first round Kate.”

Kate shuddered and groaned as I crawled up her body and kissed her. I lifted up and she reached between us to position my cock. She groaned as I slowly forced her pussy open and sank into her, “The doctor report said you were big but damn!”

I grinned as I gave her a kiss and started to fuck her. It wasn’t long before I was hitting her cervix and she jerked. Her pussy was slippery but kept squeezing my cock as she began to shudder and jerk. I started fucking her harder and Kate put her legs in the air. She was wailing and spasming as she kicked and twisted around under me.

I buried my cock and pushed against her as I started to gush cum. She screamed as warm sperm poured into her and clung to me as I continued to spurt. When I finally stopped cumming she shuddered and let her legs drop, “Damn that was good.”

Sandy laughed as she turned and rubbed my hip, “can you do me now?”

I kissed Kate before pulling out of her tight pussy and turned to push Sandy onto her back. I gave her a kiss before moving down her body. I stopped to suck on each of her pink nipples before moving further down. I opened her pussy and licked through it before starting to nibble and tease her clit. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and twisting away.

Kate laughed and Sandy grinned as I moved up her body. I kissed her before lifting up and letting her guide my cock, I pushed while she wiggled and pulled on my hips and finally pushed into her tight pussy. She groaned and tried to spread her legs more as I began to fuck her deeper. It wasn’t long before she wailed and thrashed around as she squirted and wet me.

I continued to fuck her as she jerked and convulsed and it was a couple of minutes before I pushed all the way into her. I held still and kissed her as I pressed into her and rubbed, Sandy spasmed as her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I pulled almost out of her before beginning to fuck her slowly. She howled and kicked in the air as she kept convulsing.

Every other minute she would stiffen before squirting and thrashing around as she screamed. I finally pushed into her and held her as I began to pump spurts of cum. She lifted and spread her legs as she wailed and spasmed. I pumped and gushed and spurted large jets of cum into her.

When I stopped, she jerked and shuddered for another minute before sighing and slowly relaxing. She grinned as she turned her head to look at Kate, “That was worth waiting for.”

They both giggled and I laughed before kissing Sandy and pulling out. I moved back and got dressed before heading back to the lake. I stopped around noon and cleaned the fish before putting them in the chiller. I glanced at Kate and Sandy in the last row of seats. They were looking at the screen and whispering to each other.

I smiled and put my fishing gear away and climbed up behind the wheel. I shut the screamer off before starting back to the ranch house. By the time we got back the girls had gotten dressed and slipped back into the front seat with me. Dad had anticipated me catching fish and had everything set up for a fish fry.

Kate and Sandy’s parents were there, their mothers were relaxing on the patio with mine and their fathers were with dad. I let dad take the chiller and the fish before Kate and Sandy pulled me back into the house.

Kate sat me between them and turned on the screen, “This is Silvia, she is our age and in our class. This is her medical bio. She is smart and is studying to be a teacher. She also likes the outdoors like us.”

I looked at Sandy, “Do you like her?”

She nodded, “We have only met a few times in person but she was nice.”

I looked at Silvia, she had black hair and a nice body. I nodded and sent the requested acceptance before handing the screen to Kate again. She grinned and flipped through several girls to a white haired girl, “this is Frost, we have met her several times and she is almost a tomboy. She is studying to be a Vet.”

I looked at Sandy and she grinned, “She is wicked cool.”

I laughed and rubbed her nipple through the shirt, “okay.”

The next girl was a reddish blonde named Ginger. Kate grinned as I looked at the picture, “Isn’t she your cousin?”

Sandy laughed, “Yeah and she was drooling over you.”

I looked at her and then at Kate, “She’s under the age...”

Kate shook her head, “The council lowered the minimal age for girls to fifteen with a waiver from her parents.”

I looked at Ginger, “What is she studying?”

Sandy grinned, “Mechanics.”

I nodded and sent the acceptance, “now, find out when they can get here. Remember we will be out with the herd for the next week.”

I stood and stopped to bend over and kiss each of them. I went out to help grill the fish with the men and the girls brothers while our sisters and mothers slipped into the house. Dad and Kate’s father tried to get me to drink beer but I had never liked the taste. We grilled, deep fried, pan fried and sauteed the fish as the women made other dishes.

I slipped away before the men got to loud and went to pack for the next week. I glanced at the door when Kate stepped in, “Their here.”

I raised an eyebrow and she grinned, “Silvia, Frost and Ginger.”

I nodded, “I was thinking of leaving tonight.”

She smiled, “We are already packed.”

I grinned, “I’ll be a minute and then we can go.”

I finished packing and grabbed my rifle from the rack beside the door. I slipped out and found five large sturdy packs already in the jeep. New looking rifles were in the side boots beside the second and third row of seats. I slipped mine in beside the driver’s seat and set my pack in with the girls.

I went back into the house to get the girls and walked straight into all the moms and girls gathered around in a group. Momma Tracy pulled me against her hip, “Kate and Sandy were telling us about their first time.”

I blushed as they laughed. Momma Debra came to kiss my cheek, “You know it is required honey. Besides they said it felt like you were already trying to knock them up.”

I grinned as I looked at Kate and Sandy, “I was.”

They laughed and mother Jill came to kiss me. She caressed my face, “while you are out, think about where you want to build your house.”

I looked at the five girls, “I’m sure between them I will be told where it should be built.”

Everyone laughed and Kate led the way to me, “We better go so your uncle can leave the herd.”

The long ride out was mostly quiet with Silvia, Frost and Ginger telling me about themselves. I pulled up next to the long line house. Once upon a time they would have called it a large recreation vehicle. It also had a long trailer that was mostly for maintenance and drones. I grabbed my rifle as I stepped out of the jeep and waited for my uncle.

He looked back from the jeep he was packing and grinned, “Thanks James.”

I smiled and nodded as aunt Tess and Maria came out of the line house. Tess waved, “thanks James.”

I nodded and looked at my uncle, “anything I should know?”

He looked towards the huge herd settling in for the night, “Yeah, watch them close tonight. I think I saw a couple of leach bats scouting the herd.”

I frowned, “okay.”

The girls started carrying packs into the house as I watched my uncle leave. I went to check the ten drones before sending them out around the perimeter of the herd. I went in and sat at the control console and as each drone reached its position I turned on its laser link and then switched on their remote radar. Sandy rubbed my shoulders, “What did your uncle say?”

I glanced at her as the other girls listened, “He thought he saw a couple of leach bats.”

She hissed as Silvia cleared her throat, “I have studied their habits. If they are coming, they will follow the closest water course and hit the herd at the closest point.”

I opened my mouth to say something when Frost broke in, “are your drones programed to emit sonics?”

I smiled, “They are only sentry drones.”

Ginger grinned, “I could throw together small speakers and set up a sonic system for them.”

I shook my head, “That would be good for tomorrow or another day. Tonight we do things the old fashion way.”

Sandy pulled on my shoulder, “Then before we start patrolling you need to take one of the girls to bed.”

I stood and turned to caress her cheek, “Remember what I told you in my messages?”

Kate sighed, “We remember James but Silvia, Frost and Ginger need to be confirmed.”

I sighed, “I know and I intend to make sure it is done before the sun rises.”

I smiled at the girls, “I hope you girls don’t mind waking up to me licking your pussy.”

They grinned as I went out and started a long patrol around the herd as they settled in. If there were leach bats they would be coming around the middle of the night. When I slipped into the line house forty minutes later Kate stood from a nearby chair and kissed my cheek, “My turn.”

I opened my mouth but she had already slipped out. I glanced after her before turning as Silvia slipped her hand into mine, “Come fuck me.”

I let her pull me to the couch and turned her and kissed her before starting to undress her. I sat her down before stripping and kneeling. I pushed open her legs as she sat back nervously. I leaned down to smell her pussy before opening it and licking through it and then grinning, “nice.”

She blushed as I went back to licking and then nibbling. I used my tongue to tease her clit and then covered it and sucked. I nibbled on her inner lips and pushed my tongue into her. Her hymen was missing which I thought was a good thing. I kept teasing her clit with my tongue while sucking and after awhile she shuddered and jerked before twisting away.

I grinned as I stood and turned her on the couch. She lifted one leg and put it over the back as her other leg dropped off the couch. I moved over her and kissed her as I pushed and wiggled my cock into her. She groaned and hugged me as my cock stretched her tight pussy and I started to fuck her slowly.

I took my time so it was a couple of minutes before I was all the way in her. She was shaking and her pussy was a lot slipperier. When I pushed into her a minute later she wailed and began bucking and thrashing around as her legs wrapped around me, “oooohhhhh!”

I kissed her and fucked her hard for a minute. I slowed and buried my cock before starting to jab and hump into her. Silvia began to convulse as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. She lifted her legs and howled as she thrust up and bucked, “aaaahhhhh!”

I laughed and kissed her passionately as I fucked her with deep, firm thrusts and then shoved into her and held her a minute later. She lifted her hips and sighed as warm cum exploded in her. I pumped a huge stream of cum again and again until my cock was only jerking and throbbing.

She dropped her legs to the couch and held me as her arms absently rubbed and caressed my back. I gave her a soft kiss before pulling out and moving off her. I sat beside her and cupped a breast, “go rest.”

She grinned and held my hand, “thank you James.”

I nodded and stood to get dressed and when Kate came in I headed for the door. She grinned as she stopped me for a kiss, the drive around the herd was quiet and gave me time to think. I stopped by the river to one side of the herd and under the two half moons I looked out. I almost missed the first leach bat as it dropped towards me.

I drew my pistol and fired in one motion. I fired six times rapidly before holstering my pistol and grabbing the rifle in its scabbard. I hit a switch on the dash of the jeep before jumping out. The whole area around me lit up brightly as several sun flares shot straight up a few hundred feet. I lifted the rifle as I picked targets and started shooting.

One after another the bats fell until the rest of the flock fled. I glanced at the herd in the distance to see them on their feet milling around. I slipped the rifle back into the scabbard after reloading it and started dragging the leach bat carcases into a pile. I patrolled around the herd until they calmed and laid back down and then headed for the line shack.

When I walked in all the girls were up and waiting. I smiled as I put the rifle in the rack, “I caught the bats by the river. I got several and the others left so we should be fine for the rest of the night.”

Sandy and Kate looked at each other before heading for the door. I sighed, “At least use the thermal reader.”

Sandy grinned as she stopped to kiss me, “we will. Do Frost and Ginger.”

I turned as the other three girls grinned and Frost and Ginger came to pull me towards the bathing room. They stripped me and pushed me into the shower before undressing. I made sure to wash myself good and then the two girls were under the water with me and started cleaning me all over again. I finally shut the water off and pulled them out.

I pushed their hands away and dried them before myself. I pulled them back to the bedroom where Silvia was already in bed. I smiled as I pushed Ginger in and sat Frost of the edge. I knelt between her legs and pushed them open before leaning in to start licking her. I pushed my tongue into her and found her hymen missing like Silvia’s.

I started teasing her clit and sucking on it and it was a couple of minutes before she was thrusting up and shuddering. She moaned and kept thrusting her pussy up as I continued to lick her and finally she shuddered hard and pushed my face away. I grinned as Silvia and Ginger giggled and turned her before moving over her and between her legs.

I pushed into her slowly and groaned at how tight she was. She pulled my face down to kiss me as I began to fuck her. I used slow thrusts and enjoyed the way her tight pussy kept squeezing and gripping my cock. I buried my cock and began to hump and press as she wrapped her legs around me and cried out.

A few minute later she was convulsing and moaned as she kept wetting me and her pussy spasmed and tightened. I pulled back and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts and Frost howled as she lifted her legs and spread them wide, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I kept planting my cock firmly as I pushed into her and sank deeper. She was clutching me and whimpering as her body jerked and twitched uncontrollably. I fucked her hard for another minute and thrust into her as my cock began to throb. Frost grunted and looked at me with wide eyes, “oooohhhh!”

I kissed her as I began to spew strong gushes of cum. She jerked when she felt the first warm flood erupting into her and then sighed and tilted her hips. She hugged me as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock. When I stopped cumming she dropped her legs to the bed and shuddered. I kissed her again and pulled out before turning to Ginger.

I was moving down when she laughed and reached for me, “No you don’t, I want you to fuck me.”

I grinned as I moved up between her legs and gave her a kiss, “Are you sure?”

She grinned and reached between us, “Yes.”

I pushed into her tight pussy and wasn’t surprised that she didn’t have her hymen either. I kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly. She sighed and relaxed as she started caressing my sides and back. Her tight pussy felt warm and slippery as it kept squeezing my cock gently. It was a couple of minutes before her hips were lifting to meet mine.

Five minutes later she stiffened and then went wild, bucking and wiggling around as she wailed and howled. I held her and fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes before slowing. After that I fucked her slowly with deep thrusts as her pussy spasmed and tightened around my cock. It took awhile to cum and Ginger had finally wrapped her legs around my waist.

She was tossing her head and moaning as her slippery pussy milked my cock. I pushed into her deeper before I began to spew cum. She jerked violently when she felt the warm cum pumping into her and clutched me as her pussy continued to milk it into her, “I’m cumming!”

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed on the bed, “damn that felt wonderful.”

Silvia and Frost laughed and she grinned and hugged me before I kissed her and pulled out. I caressed Silvia before slipping off the bed. I went to get dressed and made a call before I watched the drones. It was an hour before Kate and Sandy came in and I stood, “Go to bed.”

They grinned and Sandy came to rub my chest, “did you do it?”

I nodded, “we are legally registered now too.”

I cupped a breast, “Now you can tell me if you kept your implant in.”

She shivered as Kate grinned, “we’ll tell you in a few weeks.”

I growled and reached out to rub her nipples, “in that case I am going to breed you until you tell me.”

She laughed as Sandy shook me and gave me a kiss, “go watch the herd.”

The rest of the night was quiet and uneventful. I came in while the girls were eating breakfast and put my rifle in the rack. I kissed Frost’s cheek when she brought me a bowl of cereal and looked at Kate and Sandy, “I know you have the ranch map I sent you. Bring in the sentry drones and send out the herding drones. Move the herd ten kilometers to the southwest along the trail before letting them browse. I’ll nap while you girls move the line shack and the maintenance trailer.”

I looked at Frost, “keep an eye on the lake, I think we had a spawn of crocfish.”

She grinned, “can I look and maybe try to catch one?”

Kate laughed, “not until he wakes up.”

I smiled, “I don’t think they are very big yet but when I get up we can look.”

I finished eating and stood to wash the bowl and spoon before looking at the girls, “rotate and use the holo conference to do your school work. I don’t want any of our mothers getting angry or upset and taking it out on me.”

They laughed as I headed towards the back and bed. I stripped and crawled into bed and turned as Silvia slipped in with me, “want me to help you get to sleep?”

I grinned, “what did you have in mind?”

She stroked my cock and grinned, “a massage.”

She threw her leg over me and straddled me before fitting my cock to her tight pussy. She pushed and wiggled and my cock spread her open and slowly sank into her as she groaned. I cupped her breasts as she began to rock and started rubbing and playing with her nipples. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her warm pussy kept squeezing and milking my cock.

She became erratic and started to twist and turn as she wailed and jerked. My cock pushed deeper and Silvia screamed as she spasmed and her pussy wet me as it clenched. Her eyes rolled up as her hips thrust back and forth on their own and her pussy rippled and grasped my cock.

She continued to howl as she fucked me and I pulled her down and rolled over before starting to fuck her again. I used long, deep, hard thrusts and she lifted her legs and began kicking and waving them as she clutched me. It was several minutes before I buried my cock and kissed her as I started pumping a gushing stream of cum.

Silvia tightened her hold as her pussy gripped my cock tight, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

When I was done I pulled out and rolled onto my back with a sigh. Silvia turned to put her head on my shoulder and rubbed my chest, “thanks for letting me join you James.”

I smiled and squeezed her, “your welcome.”

I closed my eyes and relaxed and the next thing I knew was Kate shaking me awake. I glanced around and she grinned, “Silvia did a good job of putting you to sleep.”

I grinned, “time to get up?”

She nodded and sat beside me, “you slept eight hours.”

I caressed her bare hip, “any problems?”

Kate grinned, “besides being horny, no.”

I laughed and pulled her all the way into bed and onto her back, “I can help with that.”

She laughed and caressed my face, “I was hoping you would say that.”

I started to move down and she pulled me up and reached between us as I moved over her. I pushed into her slowly and kissed her as I began to fuck her. I took my time and kept fucking her nice and slow with deep thrusts that sank my cock all the way into her. It was five minutes before she screamed and began to wiggle and squirm, “James!”

I kissed her passionately as I fucked her hard, planting my cock and grinding each time. Her pussy was grasping and grabbing my cock as she lifted her legs and wrapped them around me. I continued to fuck her and she began to wail and shudder constantly. Her pussy became a lot slipperier and she was bucking up and spasming as her pussy tried to milk my cock.

By the time I was ready to cum Kate was incoherent and holding her legs up and spread. I pushed all the way into her and grunted as I peed my morning load of cum. She screamed and tilted her hips as warm sperm erupted and gushed into her, “YES!”

I finally stopped cumming and kissed her before pulling out, “stay here if you are trying to get pregnant.”

She grinned as I slipped out of bed and went to wash and came into the kitchen living area after dressing to see it raining. I moved to the control console to check the drones and smiled at what I saw. I turned as Ginger stopped behind me to rub my shoulders, “I added the speakers and sonic emitters.”

I turned and pulled her onto my lap, “I saw.”

Sandy laughed as she crossed the room, “momma Tracy said to make you do your own homework.”

She held out a glass and a couple of pills, “you need to take these.”

I took the pills and looked at them, “what are they?”

Frost laughed from the kitchen, “supplements so we don’t break you.”

I grinned and swallowed the pills and sipped the water before looking at the herd positions again. Frost cleared her throat, “there is a spawn of crocfish and momma is a big one.”

I sighed, “are they old enough to be on their own?”

She nodded as the other girls were quiet. I moved Ginger, “do we have its location?”

Frost frowned, “do you have to kill it?”

I looked at her as I took down my rifle, “you know what the big ones can do. The colony law is clear, if the spawn are old enough to be on their own we cultivate the big ones. How big is she?”

Frost looked out the side window, “twelve meters.”

I looked at her and then at the others, “stay here.”

I shook my head as I opened the door and stepped into the rain, “twelve meters is almost as large as they get.”

I climbed into the jeep and turned on the scanner before heading around towards the lake. As I came close the scanner screamed a warning and I muted it. With the rain the lake would be swollen and the momma crocfish would move away from water if she knew food was near. The herd wasn’t close but the vibrations from them had brought her out of the lake.

I didn’t have to worry about the males because they stayed in the deep water. I stopped when I was almost a hundred meters away. I stayed in the jeep and pulled my rife out of the boot. I aimed through the rain using the thermal sight and squeezed the trigger, as the huge animal thrashed around and died I moved closer. I slid the rifle into the boot and stepped out.

Skinning and cleaning the crocfish took awhile. I washed in the rain and grabbed my rifle before moving closer to the lake. I moved carefully until I saw the squirming mass of crocfish spawn. The plastic bucket from the jeep was sturdy enough for me to scoop several in it before I backed off.

As I headed around the herd and back towards the line shack I sent a message to dad. In the maintenance trailer was the large stasis unit and I packed almost all of the meat in it. I spread the huge hide out on top of the trailer and used cleaning bots before heading towards the line shack.

I opened the door and stepped in, “Frost? I have several of the spawn but don’t know what...”

She jumped off the couch and ran to me, “did you kept them in water?”

I nodded and she grinned, “I’ll be out in a second.”

I went back out and set the bucket to the side before bringing several large chunks of meat back. Frost was doing something by the bucket when I went in. Sandy crossed to me and took the meat as Ginger followed and grabbed my hand, “a warm shower for you.”

Kate chuckled from the holo project she was working on, “followed by hot pussy.”

Sandy and Silvia laughed as Ginger blushed. I put my rifle up and then hung up my weapon belt. I took Ginger’s hand, “a warm shower with a sperm injection is in your future.”

She grinned and stuck her tongue out at the other girls as I headed towards the shower stripping as I went. I let her wash and press against me until I was worked up and shut the water off. I pulled her out and we dried off before I pulled her to the bed. She laid back as I started to moved down to lick her pussy. She laughed and caught me, “no you don’t, I want you in me.”

I moved up and kissed her before pushing into her tight pussy. She groaned and lifted her hips as I kept kissing her while slowly beginning to fuck her. It wasn’t long before I was burying my cock and she was spasming as she cried out, “fuck!”

I grinned and fucked her hard and deep for a minute before burying my cock and grinding. She jerked and shook as her tight pussy grasped my cock. She was clutching me as I pulled back to fuck her with long strokes, planting my cock each time to press and hump into her. It was a few minutes before she was incoherent as she wailed and convulsed, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I started fucking her hard and deep again and a couple of minutes later shoved into her and kissed her. She was bucking and thrashing around as my cock erupted and I spewed thick spurts of cum. She shuddered and jerked as she was filled with warm sperm and then lay back panting, “I love sex.”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and moving off the bed, “strange, I love sex too.”

She giggled as I went to find clothes. I stopped at the control console and checked the sentry drones before putting my rain slicker on and going out to change the cleaning bots for tanning bots. I went back in and sat beside Kate, “dad should be out tomorrow for the extra meat.”

She looked away from the holo she was studying, “keep the hide.”

I rubbed a nipple, “I was going to.”

She shivered as I turned to start my own school work. Every few minutes one of the girls would go look at the control console before returning to their work. I shut my holo down hours later and glanced out to see the rain had stopped. I stood and stretched, “I’ll be checking the herd.”

The colony council finally outlawed the use of hover cycles. The girls and I made a good team, they waited six months before removing their implants and getting pregnant. Our ranch is fairly large and we still spend time out with the Beefalants.
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