I started college when I was fourteen, I went to a major university on a full scholarship. It wasn’t that I was a genius, I was only borderline. What made me special was I had a very good memory for what I read and I read very fast. My dad had left right after I started college and mom was busy with my younger brother and sister.

As the years stretched out my dad became disappointed in me. I think he wanted me to be a doctor or someone famous. I guess I was in a way, at sixteen I spent a summer doing a dig with an archeologist. I found an undiscovered site worth millions.

At seventeen I interned on wall street and made a name by earning two and a half billion in one month, two percent of that was what I earned. At eighteen I was with another archeologist and found undiscovered tombs under an ancient temple worth hundreds of millions. At nineteen I found undiscovered ruins under water in the Mediterranean.

By that time I was working on my second masters degree. I also tested a deep diving suit I designed and made. After six years of being away and hardly ever seeing my family it was nice coming home. When I knocked on the front door it was early Saturday morning. Mom opened the door and her eyes lit up and she leaped into my arms, “Ryan!”

I hugged her and swung her around, “mom!”

She laughed and kissed me as I set her down. I looked up to see Lynn and smiled. She was stunning as she screamed and ran to me, “RYAN!”

I caught her in my arms and gave her a hug while trying to ignore her body against mine. I gave her a kiss and looked around, “Where’s Rob?”

Mom sighed, “out with friends.”

I smiled, “I’ll see him later.”

I bent to grab my suitcase and mom and Lynn pulled me into the house. Of course my room was the guest bedroom now. When I came back out mom was in the kitchen and turned to smile, “I’m glad you came home this summer. You can meet Howard.”

I smiled as I sat and pulled Lynn onto my lap, “Howard is the man you have been telling me about?”

Lynn was nodding as mom blushed, “Yes.”

I looked at Lynn, “I was actually thinking of a vacation this year.”

Lynn grinned, “Where?”

I smiled at mom, “I bought a place in Bahama off a beach.”

My sister’s eyes brighten and mom sighed, “I can’t...”

I frowned, “why?”

She smiled, “Howard?”

I grinned, “Topless bikinis to tempt him.”

Lynn giggled and mom grinned, “I wish.”

I sighed, “Well, Lynn and Rob can come and you can bring him down for weekends.”

Mom and Lynn were quiet and I looked back and forth, “What?”

Mom sighed, “Your brother is leaving to spend the summer with your father. He has been spending a lot of time with him.”

I looked back and forth before nodding, dad didn’t even write to me anymore. Lynn wiggled in my lap, “can I bring my girlfriends?”

Mom grinned, “Tamara and Jenna should liven things up.”

I grinned because I remember some of the pictures Lynn had sent, “they need permission and passports.”

I pulled out my laptop after dinner and a small projector. I was going to show mom and Lynn all the pictures I had taken over the years. Rob had come home and sneered at me before telling mom he was leaving early to go to dad’s. I don’t think he liked my remark at his truck when I told him to grow up or pay for his own college.

I had just sat back down when Tamara and Jenna showed up with their parents. Mom made drinks and we made room. I think their parents wanted to talk to mom about me but they sat back and watched the slide show. It started with a much younger me in college and then things livened up with the pictures of me in Egypt.

I started telling them about the dig and the find. They were surprised at the pictures of the burial chamber with the treasure. From there it went to wall street which was boring. Then the pictures of the temple came on and the treasure tombs I had found. After that it was the under sea ruins. When it ended mom kissed my cheek and stood to fix drinks.

Lynn was grinning at her girlfriends and kept whispering to them. It had been a long day for me and I went to bed. It took a week before we were ready to leave, Mom and Howard were coming with us for the weekend. Tamara and Jenna’s parents were more than eager to let the girls go for the whole summer.

We flew in a small chartered jet and landed mid morning. It was already warm out as the two cars dropped us off at a large stone house just off the beach. It was a four bedroom house that had a lot of open space for air flow. I ignored the crates in the garage and opened all the doors and windows.

Mom and Howard took a room and the girls took another and I tossed my bag in the master bedroom. It already had a couple of boxes of stuff next to the door. It took the rest of the day to unpack. Everyone went out to the beach as I worked on moving furniture and unpacking boxes.

I set up the extra bedroom as a workroom and unpacked the crates in the open garage. Inside was a lot of smaller boxes, each held a certain type of diamond, blue, pink, yellow... I went out and bought a car before buying dinner and coming home. It took another day of shopping to start settling in, the girls, mom and her boyfriend spent it on the beach.

I finally started to relax after taking mom and Howard to the airport. Lynn came to sit on my lap as I sat on the patio over looking the beach and the ocean. She sighed and leaned back, “This is great.”

I hugged her and tried to ignore my growing cock. She looked into my face, “How many girlfriends have you had?”

I smiled and glanced at Tamara and Jenna as they came out after cleaning up after an early dinner, “I was to busy for girls. Besides, in most of those countries a guy could be stoned or castrated for touching a girl.”

Lynn grinned and reached back to undo her bikini top string, “Then you need to explore three horny girls over the summer.”

I looked at her pink nipples before looking up into her face. She grinned and wiggled, “I get this first.”

I cupped her firm breasts and rubbed the nipples before bending and sucking on one. Lynn shuddered and moaned and I grinned before pulling the two strings on her hips to untie her bottoms. She lifted slightly as I pulled her bottoms off. I cupped a breast and rubbed the nipple with my thumb as my other hand caressed down her body.

She moaned as she spread her legs and my hand cupped her pussy. I slipped a finger in her pussy and began fingering her and rubbing her clit. Lynn wiggled and squirmed as she started to breath harder. Tamara and Jenna were grinning as my sister shuddered and let out a moan. She twisted and moved off me before turning to pull my shorts off.

She straddled me and guided my drooling cock to her shaven pussy. She wiggled to help force my thick cock into her tight pussy and groaned as her pussy was stretched. She sank down until my cock was all the way inside her and leaned against me breathing hard. I hugged and caressed her before holding her hips and pulling them back and forth.

Lynn gasped and jerked as the head of my cock rubbed on her cervix. She started rocking and thrusting and a minute later shuddered as my cock pushed her cervix open. I cupped her breast and bent to suck on her pink nipples and Lynn jerked and spasmed as she wailed. She kept jerking and shaking as she fucked my cock erratically.

It was a couple of minutes before I pulled her hips down and held her as I started spurting a solid stream of cum. She clung to me and shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my pumping cock. When I finally stopped cumming she sighed and turned her head to kiss me. I caressed her hips and grinned, “thanks little sister.”

She grinned back, “that was your first time wasn’t it?”

I nodded and she laughed as she turned her head to look at her girlfriends. They grinned and she stood before moving off me and turning to pull me up, “You are going to be so much fun to teach.”

I grinned, “I happen to enjoy learning.”

They laughed as Lynn pulled me into the house and back to my bedroom. Tamara and Jenna followed and jumped onto the bed as my sister turned me, “Lick Tam.”

I grinned as they pulled their bikinis off and laid back. I moved onto the bed and between Tamara’s legs, “I guess I should listen to the teacher.”

They laughed as I opened her shaven pussy. I licked through it before pushing my tongue into her. I nibbled on her labia and moved to cover her clit before licking and teasing it. I kept doing that as she began to lift and thrust her hips up. She kept shuddering and jerking and finally twisted away, “no more!”

Lynn and Jenna laughed and my sister pushed me up the bed, “On your back.”

I turned and laid back as Tamara moved over me to give me a soft kiss. She sat up and straddled me before lifting up. Lynn lifted my cock and then Tamara was wiggling and pushing and shoving until my cock pushed into her. She grunted as it spread her tight pussy and started stretching her as she pushed it deeper.

She stopped when I was all the way inside her and shuddered hard. She grinned and started thrusting back and forth. Jenna laughed as she moved closer and bent to kiss me. She straightened and then turned and put one leg over my head. I groaned as Tamara’s pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock and reached up to pull Jenna’s pussy down.

I sucked on her clit before licking her as she shuddered and started thrusting back and forth. I kept licking and started nibbling as Tamara became erratic. She jerked and thrust down hard to shove my cock deeper into someplace a lot tighter. She wailed and jerked as she wet me and her pussy rippled around my cock.

Jenna was shuddering and thrusting back and forth jerkily as she squirted a little. I pushed my tongue into her and she screamed as she bucked and wiggled around before throwing herself off me. I reached for Tamara as she spasmed and shook and pulled her down before rolling. I fucked her hard for a minute as she wailed and lifted her legs.

I buried my cock and held her shaking body as I groaned and began pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked and shuddered as her tight pussy clenched and held my spewing cock. It was awhile before I stopped cumming and she sighed and dropped her legs to the bed. She was panting as I kissed her and slowly pulled out.

Lynn pulled me up to my knees and stroked my slimy cock before pushing me towards Jenna. She was laid back with her legs spread as she fingered her pussy. I kissed my sister and moved over her friend. I kissed her before lifting up and forcing my cock into her. She grunted and spread her legs more as she pulled on me.

I started to fuck in and out slowly to work my cock deeper. Jenna’s pussy was stretched around my cock and kept squeezing it. She started shivering and shuddering as I finally pushed against the back of her pussy. I kissed her passionately before pulling back and fucking her with long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out of her.

She started shaking and then she was bucking and twisting around under me as she wailed. I thrust into her and held her for a minute as her slipperier pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I slowly jabbed and humped into her and she arched her back and howled as she squirted. After a couple of minutes I went back to long thrusts.

Jenna stiffened and lifted her legs before spreading them, “fuck me!”

Lynn and Tamara laughed as I kept fucking her with long strokes. I waited a minute before shoving into her and fucking her with short, hard jabs. Jenna clutched me tight as I fucked her steadily and then I was burying my cock in her as I started spewing cum. She jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy tightened and clenched around my cock.

I put six spurts in her before I stopped cumming and sighed. She relaxed and dropped her legs to the bed. I pulled out and grinned as I reached for my sister. I fucked each of them three times before falling asleep. I woke to daylight in my window and looked at my naked sister half on me. I rubbed her butt and she groaned, “Not again, do Jenna.”

I grinned and shook her, “time to get up teach.”

She lifted her head and looked around before groaning, “I hate mornings.”

Tamara and Jenna snickered as they rolled out of bed. I rolled and ended up between Lynn’s spread legs, “Get up or I’ll start fucking you again.”

She grinned as she wrapped her arms and legs around me, “you ran out of cum last night.”

I laughed and gave her a kiss, “today I am giving the three of you classes.”

I rolled and she let me go. I climbed out of bed and headed into the bathroom and then the shower. The three girls slipped in with me and my sister rubbed her breasts on my back, “What are you teaching?”

I grinned as I started soaping Tamara’s front, “How to map and cut diamonds.”

When I showed them the six beautiful necklaces I had made they were more than ready to learn, I stopped at noon and stripped them. We had lunch before I led them out to the beach. Five minutes later they were wet and laid back to tan. For the next week I fucked the three half the night, give them classes in the morning and laid out on the beach during the afternoon.

Mom and Howard arrived Friday afternoon and I went to get them. Mom was quiet as I brought her home. The girls had agreed to sleep in their room while mom was here. They were on the beach as mom went to change. She went out to the beach as I sat in the shade of my umbrella and sipped iced tea with Howard.

He finally sighed, “Your brother called to tell your mother he wasn’t coming home and never wanted to see her again.”

I looked at him, “Why?”

He sighed, “Your father has been talking to him and I guess he thinks life would be better with your father.”

I sat back and then shook myself before going into the house. I used the phone and called my father. When he answered I was ready, “It’s Ryan.”

“What do you want?”

I smiled to myself, “Since you want Robert and think I wasted my time, you can pay for his education. Don’t call or ever try to contact me again. As far as I’m concerned you’re a loser and an asshole.”

I hung up and turned to see mom and Lynn standing in the doorway. Mom sighed, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

I shrugged, “Its way past time I told him what an asshole he is.”

She smiled, “True but your brother...”

I held up my hand as I walked to her, “Had his chance, I told him and gave him enough warnings.”

I caressed Lynn’s hip, “and I won’t hide things. Lynn, Tamara and Jenna have been teaching me about sex and sleeping with me.”

Mom glanced at my sister before smiling, “I thought she would sooner or later.”

Lynn went from biting her lip to grinning and mom sighed before turning to look out at the beach, “It’s nice here.”

I put my arm around her waist, “you and Howard could retire.”

She grinned, “We would be bored in a week.”

I pulled her out the door, “not if you had something to do.”

I grinned at Howard, “Have you ever seen the castles in Germany or visited the ruins in Greece?”

Mom laughed and bumped me, “We can’t afford...”

I turned her to face me, “I can. Talk to Howard, you should be enjoying your life.”

Lynn laughed and kissed her before pushing her towards Howard, “Have sex and talk to him while I drag Ryan away for a class.”

Mom laughed and waved her hand as my sister grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the house. She stripped her bottoms off as I undid her top. She grinned and pulled my shorts down, “I wouldn’t mind seeing those places.”

I sat her on the edge of the bed and pushed her back as I knelt, “We could visit a few places if you think you have me trained.”

I licked through her pussy and she shuddered, “I think you are training us.”

I grinned before sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue against it. It took several minutes before she was convulsing and howled as she squirted. I grinned as I turned her on the bed and moved between her legs. I pushed into her and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. A minute later her howls were back with screams and wails.

She was kicking in the air as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I could hear mom wailing and howling as I fucked Lynn hard for a minute. She clutched me when I buried my cock and pushed against her cervix, “yyyeeeessssss!”

It was echoed a moment later by mom and I grinned as I went back to fucking Lynn hard and deep. It was quiet when I finally pushed into my sister several minutes later and held her as I gushed large spurts deep inside her. Lynn clung to me and sighed as she relaxed and cum began to leak around my cock.

When I stopped cumming I pulled out and caressed her tummy, “loud slut.”

She grinned, “I take after mom.”

I laughed, “I heard.”

I moved off the bed and turned to pull her off with me, “Leave the top off.”

Lynn laughed as she put her bikini bottom on and I put my shorts on. I put my arm around her waist, “I’ll get you a few string bikinis.”

She bumped me and I grinned as we walked out onto the patio. Tamara and Jenna were grinning when they walked towards us from the ocean. I kissed Jenna first and undid her bikini top before turning to Tamara. She turned so I could untie her top and pull it off. I glanced back as mom and Howard walked out.

Mom blushed and Howard grinned and turned to untie mom’s top. Lynn and I laughed at the same time and mom shook her head. I started for the ocean and pulled Tamara and Jenna with me. Lynn ran to catch us and grabbed Jenna’s hand, “So are we going to go to Europe?”

I glanced at her when we walked into the surf, “if you can convince mom and Howard to retire and come with us.”

Jenna laughed and pulled me towards her as she turned. I let Tamara go and pulled Jenna against me, “yes?”

She pressed her breasts against me, “they don’t wear bikinis in Europe.”

I pulled the strings on each hip and pulled her bottom off, “nope.”

Lynn and Tamara laughed and pushed us into a wave. I chased them as they shrieked and screamed. When we waded ashore mom was sitting on Howard’s lap smiling peacefully. Jenna pulled me after her towards the house as Tamara and Lynn laughed and followed us. It was a fun evening and we grinned each time mom wailed or howled from her bedroom.

The next morning mom walked into the workroom and gasped. Lynn and the girls looked up from what they were doing and I smiled as I sat back, “want to wear just a diamond necklace while you get a tan?”

She grinned and came to look at the necklace display. She hesitantly pointed to one that was silver and more elegant, “that one?”

Jenna stood and came to put it on her and kissed her cheek, “we are cutting a few diamonds so no loud howling...”

“Or wailing...”

“Or screaming...”

Mom grinned, “we’ll do it outside.”

She laughed as she walked out fingering the necklace. We stopped at noon and went to make lunch. Mom was walking around in the kitchen wearing nothing but the diamond necklace and Howard sat watching her. The girls grinned and went to help and mom sat in his lap as I sat across from them. Mom looked at me, “we talked and decided to accept your offer.”

I grinned, “go home Sunday like you planned and pack everything.”

I looked at Howard and then at mom, “come back as soon as you can and we’ll make a few reservations.”

I stood and looked at Howard, “take a walk?”

He smiled and stood to follow me out. He walked beside me as I thought of how to put it. I finally just took a breath, “you like my mom a lot.”

He nodded, “I can’t stop thinking of her.”

I smiled, “I haven’t told mom but I already started an account for her. Stocks from several companies have been paying dividends into it since I was seventeen. She will never have to work another day if she doesn’t want to.”

Howard looked at me, “why tell me?”

I turned to head back, “because you like mom and were worried about how to pay for everything.”

I glanced at him, “marry her.”

He frowned, “ and live off her?”

I cleared my throat, “no, me and the tombs and ancient...”

He laughed and turned to me and I smiled, “want me to save it or buy something to make more money I won’t spend?”

He finally nodded, “I’ll think it over.”

I nodded and we went back, I made a few calls and that afternoon a armored car arrived. When it left it was with the diamonds. I watched my sister and the girls pull mom out to the beach to lay out and sunbathe. After mom and Howard left I began to make calls and arrangements and the girls continued to drain my balls.

I was ready when mom and Howard arrived on Friday and we met them at the airport for a first class flight to Germany. All summer we traveled and by the time school started we had mom and Howard all set on their travels. I returned home to mom’s with the girls so they could start school. They spent more time at our place than at their homes.

Halfway through my brother’s first year in college he came home to apologize. I guess he woke up to the fact that all the nice things that had been given to him had come from me. Mom and Howard had gotten married a few weeks before and we were getting ready for Christmas.

Tamara and Jenna’s parents had resigned themselves to the fact that their daughters both wanted to stay with me and they moved in. Every summer until the girls graduated we moved south to my other house. After that the girls took turns getting pregnant as we went around the world.
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