School was finally out and I was free, well almost. Mom was taking me, my sister Ashley and her friend Mina out to my grandfather’s ranch for the summer. My name is Trent and I’m sixteen, Ashley is fourteen, the same age as her friend. I finished loading the SUV as Mina’s mom giggled and whispered and hugged her daughter.

I sat in the front seat beside mom and Ashley and Mina were in the back seat. We had only been on the road a few minutes when I glanced back to see both my sister and her friend naked. Ashley grinned at me and spread her legs to show her pussy before slipping a finger through her slit. I turned in my seat to watch as she kept fingering herself.

It was a couple of minutes before she began to pant and shudder. Her pussy looked puffy and she scooted forward to the edge of her seat. Mina was watching her and grinning as Ashley started slipping a finger into her pussy. I glanced at mom as she smiled and realized she had moved her mirror to watch my sister. My cock was hard and drooling as I kept watching.

I finally turned and opened my pants before pushing them down and off. Mom looked at my cock and I saw her eyes widen but she didn’t say anything as I stroked it. I stopped as I turned to Ashley and undid my seatbelt before crawling between the seats. I knelt in front of my sister and between her legs as she stared at my cock and continued to finger her pussy.

I pulled her out more and bent my cock to rub the head through her slit before fitting it to the entrance and pushing. Ashley groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I shuddered and held her hips as I pulled back and began to fuck her. She slowly rubbed her clit as I fucked her warm pussy with long thrusts.

Mom didn’t say anything as I kept fucking my sister and Mina leaned against her to look between her legs. Ashley’s pussy felt soft and velvety as I continued to fuck her and press. A couple of minutes and she wailed and convulsed. Her pussy spasmed and milked my cock as I buried it and humped in and out.

I had never done this and thrust into my sister and pushed before suddenly spewing a huge spurt of cum. Ashley howled and jerked and bucked as I kept pumping warm sperm into her. When I was done I pulled out and Mina scooted forward and spread her legs. She fingered her pussy as she stared at my slimy cock.

I moved over between her legs and rubbed my cock through her slit before pushing into her. She jerked as her pussy clenched and I held her waist before beginning to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shaking. I kept fucking her slowly and it was a few minutes more before I was pushing all the way into her.

Mina howled and bucked as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

She twisted and thrashed around as I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes. She was incoherent as I began to rub and finger her clit. She wailed as her body jerked and spasmed while wetting me. I thrust into her and held her as I began to pump more gushing spurts of cum. Mina shuddered as her pussy tightened and milked the cum into her belly.

When I was done I pulled out and Ashley giggled. Mom laughed as she looked back using her mirror, “that is making me horny.”

I grinned as I looked at my still hard, slimy cock, “pull over and come back here.”

I was half joking but mom pulled over and I looked at her as she turned to crawl between the seats, “move over Ashley.”

She sat between my sister and Mina and wiggled out of her panties and pulled her skirt up around her waist. She spread her legs and put one over Ashley’s leg and the other over Mina’s. I grinned and moved in front of her and rubbed her pretty trimmed pussy. I fingered her clit before positioning my cock and pushing.

Mom groaned as my cock pushed into her and I began to fuck her. I did it slowly with deep thrusts and went back to fingering her clit as she shuddered. I ignored Ashley and Mina beside her as I fucked her and she began to moan and pant. It was a few minutes before she stiffened and then wailed as her pussy tightened, “aaaahhhh!”

She twisted and turned but I held her and continued to plant my cock and push until I was fucking all the way in and out. She kept cumming like that every few minutes and I started to fuck her harder. It was awhile before I buried my cock as my balls churned and my cock throbbed.

Mom stiffened again as my cock swelled and tilted her hips before I was suddenly gushing cum into her. She screamed and jerked as warm sperm pumped into her and kept shuddering as I spurted and spewed until I was finished. I pulled out and mom sighed and relaxed as I grinned and turned to crawl into the front seat.

I pulled on my pants and slid over and started the car. I glanced back as I began driving and the three of them were leaning together. It was another hour before I turned in at the dirt ranch road. When I stopped in front of the wide house mom climbed over Mina and got out. My sister and Mina blushed but didn’t get dressed and climbed out after her.

I got out and looked around as mom walked into the house. Ashley and Mina looked around as I went to get the bags. Mom came out and walked to us, “the cabin on the other side of the pond Trent.”

I looked at her and she grabbed Ashley and Mina’s hand before walking towards the pond. I struggled after them with the bags, when I got there the door was open and they were flipping the large mattress on the bed. I set the bags to one side as mom finished and went to check and clean the bathroom.

I was looking at my sister and Mina as they unpacked and put clothes on a long shelf to one side or hung things up. I pulled my pants off and reached for Mina when she came close. She grinned as I pulled her to the bed and laid her down before moving over her. Ashley laughed, “Trent is horny again mom.”

Mom stuck her head out of the bathroom door as I lifted and pushed into Mina. I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts as mom and Ashley watched. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and her pussy milked my cock. I kissed her as I buried my cock and began to hump and grind.

She wailed and started kicking in the air as her pussy spasmed around my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

She never stopped as I went back to fucking her with long strokes. Her warm pussy was slick and continued to squeeze and milk my cock. It was awhile before I felt my balls churning and thrust into her and pressed against her. She howled and lifted her hips as I began to spew more cum, “yyyyeeeessssss!”

I kept kissing her as she jerked and convulsed while her pussy milked my cum into her. When I was done I pulled out and moved to her side to caress her pelvis and then a breast before looking at mom. I fucked them once more each before dinner. Grandfather seemed happy to see mom and delighted Ashley and I were there.

Mom, my sister and Mina stayed naked and he never said a word. After dinner he took a walk with me to show me the barn and the milk cow and the horses I would have to take care of. He smiled when we were done and looked at me, “you fucking your sister and her friend?”

I hesitated before nodding and he grinned, “make sure they use birth control.”

I grinned and nodded and he looked into the corral we were standing by, “your mother was wild when she was your sister’s age. Wanted to be a nudist and had me build that cabin for her. Her mother didn’t mind so I never said anything. Tell the truth I like looking at naked girls as much as the next man. She changed for your father but we knew it wouldn’t last, she has always been a horny bitch.”

I looked at him and he sighed, “At least he left after your grandmother passed.”

I smiled, “I’m not checking to see if mom takes her birth control.”

He looked at me for a minute before laughing and slapping my shoulder, “knock her up Trent.”

I grinned and we turned to walk back towards the house. He went in and I turned and headed towards the cabin where mom, Ashley and Mina were sitting on the porch watching the sunset. I pulled mom up and after me as I headed towards the bed. She giggled and pressed against me when I turned and I kissed her.

I pushed her into the bed before stripping and stalking after her. I rolled mom onto her stomach and spread her legs before moving between them, I pushed and shoved into her before kissing the back of her neck. I started to fuck her with deep thrusts as she tilted her hips and pushed back.

It wasn’t long before her pussy began to clench and squeeze my cock as she moaned louder. Ashley and Mina crawled on the bed beside us as I fucked her harder. She started kicking the bed and thrashing around as she wailed, “Trent!”

I buried my cock to press into her and hump and she twisted and jerked as her pussy spasmed. I went back to fucking her and a few minutes later she howled, “aaaahhhh!”

I fucked her hard for a couple more minutes and shoved into her at the last second to pump and spew another load of cum. Mom screamed and shuddered as she lifted her hips and tilted them, “YES!”

When I stopped cumming she was panting and dropped to the bed and I pulled out. I rolled over and reached for my sister, “come here you.”

She laughed as Mina giggled and mom turned her head to grin. I fucked them twice more each, the last time I went from one to the other until I buried my cock in mom and spurted cum into her belly. I woke to faint daylight and warm, naked bodies around and on me. I shifted and slipped out of bed and went to pee before coming back into the room.

I was really tempted to fuck someone but got dressed and left. I found grandfather waiting and he smiled, “Have a nice night?”

I grinned, “yeah.”

He watched as I tried to milk the cow and gave me hints and advise until I got the hang of it. After that I fed the horses and the chickens and collected the eggs. I checked the eggs and put the fertile ones in an empty incubator and kept the rest. I found mom and the girls in the kitchen when I came in and they grinned.

I put the eggs in the extra refrigerator before washing my hands. I grinned and caught mom after I dried my hands. I held her against me and kissed her passionately. Ashley and Mina laughed and mom grinned, “horny again?”

I turned her and bent her over the counter. I opened my pants as she looked back and rubbed the head of my cock through her slit before pushing into her. She groaned as I held her hips and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Grandfather chuckled as he walked in and sat at the kitchen table, “Trent is going to knock you up honey.”

Mom shuddered as her pussy tightened and looked back. She blinked as what he said registered and looked at me in surprise. I buried my cock in her and reached around to finger her clit, “I have to make sure Ashley and Mina take their birth control but I’m trying to get you pregnant.”

Mom groaned and shuddered as she pushed back and her pussy squeezed my cock. I pulled out and turned her as she stood. I lifted her onto the counter and moved between her legs and pushed my cock into her before pulling her off to impale her. Mom grunted and hugged me tight as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I turned and walked out of the kitchen and into the front room. I knelt in front of the big fireplace and leaned down to lay mom on the sheep skin rug. I kissed her before I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She kept her legs wrapped around me as I fucked her and her pussy rippled and grasped my cock constantly.

It was a few minutes before she shuddered hard and wailed. I shoved into her and began to hump, press and grind. Mom started to jerk and spasm before she began convulsing. I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep. I kept it up as she howled and screamed and squirmed while I fucked her.

When I buried my throbbing cock she lifted and spread her legs while she tilted her hips, “TRENT!”

I held her tight and kissed her as I gushed cum against her cervix and into her womb. Mom jerked and shook as her pussy squeezed and milked the cum out of my cock and into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed as she caught her breath. I humped and she shuddered as she clung to me, “ooohhhh!”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out, “I hope it is twins.”

She laughed as I sat beside her and turned to caress my hip, “well I am a farmer’s daughter and everyone knows we love to fuck.”

I grinned and rubbed one of her nipples before standing and going into the kitchen. Grandfather chuckled and nodded to the chair across from him. I sat and patted Ashley’s butt as she walked by, “Mom will be a few minutes.”

She grinned, “yeah, we thought so.”

Mina laughed as she went back to looking out the window, “what do we do today?”

I glanced at my grandfather, “lay out and get a nice tan?”

She turned and Ashley giggled, “and you fuck us every time you get horny?”

I grinned, “only if you ask during the day, otherwise I’ll just do you at night and maybe in the morning.”

They grinned as they looked at and spoke at the same time, “Deal!”

Grandfather chuckled as he stood, “have breakfast and meet me by the barn.”

It was like a whole new world, most of the day was spent learning how to make different kinds of cheese. My grandfather even traded cow milk to a neighbor for goat milk. He also showed me how to make different flavored ice cream. I came in at noon and found mom and fucked her on the porch.

After dinner the girls cleaned up while I fucked mom again and then I pulled the girls out with mom and went back to the cabin. Mom went to lay on the bed and rub her pelvis as I undressed and stalked after Ashley and Mina. We knew mom was pregnant when she missed her period.

It was a fun summer, the girls got to swim and ride and walk around naked. Before summer ended Mina’s mother came out with her things. Mom and her had talked and Mina’s mom had a new guy so she let Mina stay with us. We rode a bus to school and back everyday and later went to the local college.

Grandfather lasted another ten years before dying. Mom had a son and then a daughter followed by twin daughters. Mina and Ashley stayed with me and got pregnant on their eighteenth birthdays.
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