As concessions are made, another invitee joins the excitement.
Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. This chapter involves graphic sexual descriptions of two adult men having sex with two underage teenage girls. The whole of this novella consists of multiple adult men having sex with multiple women, including underage teenage girls, written in a similar fashion. If the topic is not of interest or is offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

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- seltra

- - -

Darkness blanketed the world as Rick slept, his two young, feminine companions only a room away. Dawn was barely a thought. A faint glow on the horizon was the only indication that light would ever return. Even at that, it was filtered as rainclouds continued to hover menacingly above the city, further darkening the motionless city. Still, not everything’s idea of using use the shadowy night to their advantage was the same.

Rick’s bedroom was no exception to the shadows that were made blacker by the overcast sky. It lay dark and still at this very unearthly hour, lighted only by a streetlamp shining dimly outside, its suppressed glow streaming through a thin part between Rick’s window curtains. It was under these conditions when a slight squeak from his doorknob penetrated the night air.

The sound registered in Rick’s mind, causing him to stir and partially awaken, but he dismissed it at first to the apartment building shifting. When it was followed by the subdued creak of a hinge and then the soft, subtle landing of a woman’s footstep, Rick cracked open his eyes.

The hourglass silhouette of an adolescent woman could just be seen in the dim lighting. Slowly and precisely, the sensuous figure shimmied through the narrow opening the door now made, entering his room. Carefully, she resealed the door behind her, limiting the noise it made. When she was satisfied with the door, she lowered herself to the floor, slinking noiselessly across his bedroom floor towards his bed.

Rick smiled, laughing soundlessly to himself. She has no idea I’m watching her, he mused. This is gonna be a lot of fun. She crawled across the floor, shifting her weight with exact muscle movements between hands and knees to prevent a betraying squeak from the floor. Her movement was so fluid that she made the complicated task seem effortless. He knew innately she was well-practiced at this and was very impressed at her ability to creep so stealthily.

She crossed through the thin beam of light penetrating Rick’s bedchamber. Even in the dimness, her hair shone as the streetlamp illuminated it. As she moved through it, her body was revealed – only a few inches at any given second – and he watched with eager anticipation. She wore no clothes, with one exception. Rick recognized the light blue hip-hugging panties around her waist. The whole scene was erotic for him and his manhood began to inflate expectantly.

He began thinking of the first couple nights Adelle had arrived and her ability to move throughout the apartment without detection. He watched this young woman now, moving with the same precision, closing in on where he slept – or where he was supposedly sleeping. Aw, must be lonely out there without me, he pieced together. Here she is, sneaking away from Lindsey, just to be with me.

Finally reaching his bed, she raised herself to kneeling. He shut his eyes, feigning sleep, once he could hear her nervous breathing. He wondered why she was investing so much effort not to be caught. Still, he decided to play along. He heard the soft rustling of her hand slipping under the fabric. He watched as the lump underneath the blankets forced its way towards his bulging organ.

Concentrating on being even more devious than her, he moved his hand to intercept. He was, of course, sleeping naked again, and he allowed her to reach her prize, but the instant her slender fingers touched him, he sprung his hand forward, capturing hers. She gasped loudly and brought her other hand to her mouth to stifle her vocalized surprise.

“Gotcha!” he whispered excitedly. “Just couldn’t leave me alone tonight, huh, Sweetie?” he asked.

“Um... I...” she began, tripping over her own explanation.

Rick apologized and explained, “Sorry; heard you come in. Sometimes I can sleep rather lightly. How do you think I heard you rubbing yourself that first night you were here?”

She hesitated a moment and whispered, “The first...? Oh...” She loosed a faint giggle thinking about that first evening.

Relaxing his grip around her hand, he brought it further under the covers until she could grasp him fully. “Is this what you’re looking for?” he urged. A tentative grip surrounded him, beginning to stroke affectionately. “Hmmm...” Rick mumbled as quietly as possible, a pleasurable relaxation filling his body. “Ohhh... Addy...”

Her fingers hesitated for a split second. He heard her open her mouth to say something, but she stopped short. Instead, she leaned forward, kissing him meaningfully while her skillful fingers continued to grasp his sensitive digit. In response, Rick opened up his bed for her, wrapping her up in his arm and guiding her onto the mattress beside him. She didn’t lose her rhythm for a second.

She burrowed herself up against him, her soft mammary bulbs pressing desirously against his bare chest. Rick’s senses basked in the smoothness of her wonderful teenage skin pressed against him. Wrapping her firmly in his arms, he kissed her passionately, their tongues beginning to dance freely in the other’s mouth. He combed his fingers into her sweet-smelling hair, beginning to press his lips over her face and neck, happily accessing every inch of skin they could.

All the while, she continued to stroke him, his erection becoming firmer and firmer with every pass of her gentle hand. Her other arm found a path beneath his stripling body and held him close to her with the entire lustful passion igniting within her. A trickle of fluid found its way out from the tip of Rick’s swollen phallus, and she used it to lubricate the friction between her hand and the stiffened flesh it gripped.

Guiding his hands across her silky, nubile skin Rick blazed trails of love and desire, exploring all of her strong, pubescent physique offered to him. He grasped tenderly, but firmly at her supple breasts, filling his hands with her womanly chest. His thumbs brushed over her stiffening nipples, causing her body to lift from the bed in excited shock every time. He kissed her unendingly, offering her his love, while she prolonged her workmanship on his now fully-expanded penis.

“Oh, Rick...” she seethed desirously between kisses, “Make love to me... Put your...cock in me...please...”

His want to ravish her body increased, but he resisted, “All in good time, Sweetie. Let’s make sure you're ready first.”

“Ohhh...I am ready!” she insisted, but he resisted her pleas. Instead, he led one of his hands down her sultry body and underneath the restricting underwear shielding her feminine gem. He trailed his fingers across her firm pubic mound, exciting the smooth skin he found there.

Her lust was redoubled as the tender folds defending her erogenous canal spread permissively for his fingers. Once inside, they explored her interior liberally, drawing out pleasured gasps and grunts from deep in her lungs. Her free hand disappeared from around his manly rod and gripped him around his back, her nails digging in emphatically, closing the distance between them.

He kissed her lips deeply again as she moaned into his mouth, revelling in the tender loving he gave to her. The gentle play between his fingers and her vagina and the longing kisses he gave her began to reach an impasse – one that would rupture into an exhilarating climax given enough pressure. Rick’s thumb then reinforced his fingers’ attack by concentrating on the stiff little nub hovering near her precious treasure. Again and again he circled. With the added clitoral stimulation, her sexual release didn’t take much longer.

“Rick...I’m gonna... Oh...yeah...!” she began to squeal. “Keep going...keep going...! Gonna cu-...ah... Ah...! AH...!” Covering her mouth quickly with his free hand, Rick suppressed the noise of her orgasm. He could feel a fresh cascade of liquid bathe his fingers as she descended into the depths of pleasure.

As her euphoria settled, the youthful female removed her hand from behind him and then clutched the hand which had just pressured her into sexual bliss. She brought it up between their faces, licking and sucking her own juices from off his fingers. “Mmmm...” she moaned, “the taste of my own cum.”

If there were ample light, she would have seen his confused face. “Sweetie...wha...?” he began, not knowing quite how to ask her about her surprising behaviour. “Do you somehow get some sort of pleasure from tasting yourself?” he questioned. In all the time they’d spent together over the last few days, he’d never known Adelle to act so kinky. While it certainly wasn’t the most awkward thing she could do, it wasn’t ever something he’d ever really been into.

She giggled. “No, not really,” she confessed in a hushed voice. “But it does turn me on a bit, knowing that I've cummed. I do like the taste of a girl’s cum more than a guy’s. Besides,” she answered, reaching down to his rigid pike again, “it means I’m now ready for find its way in there.”

He kissed her lovingly again, stroking her body and reinvigorating her senses. She groaned with desire. “Hm,” he delayed, “I don’t know. Are you wet enough?”

“Oh...I’m wet...” she breathed desperately. “I'm so wet... I want your cock in my pussy. I want it in my so bad!” She pushed him back so that he was lying down on the bed. In the darkness, she quickly straddled him and reached between them to guide his inflexible staff inside her delicate, womanly sheath.

“Ohhh...” she moaned. “I always love that part. It feels so damn good when a cock goes in – especially one as big as yours.” She began swaying herself forward and back, gyrating slightly to fit his bulbous appendage deeply within her teenage cove. “Oh, damn it... Mmmm... good...” she continued groaning.

Rick was increasingly astonished at her eagerness, but complied willingly. The grip of her tight pubic channel was sensational and enough to force him to forget her strange attitude. He thanked her for the right to be inside her with his hands by beginning to search her skin in the dim light, starting with her beautifully crafted legs. Across her sensual body they wandered, fondling every curve of hers he could get his hands on. He squeezed her ample, round teenage breasts when he found them, their size feeling full and ripe.

He found he couldn’t get enough of their delectable weight in his hands. As she continued to force herself against him and moan, he wrapped his arms around his adolescent midnight lover, compelling her down towards him. All around him, her hair fell, brushing sensually against his body. He took her sensitive areolas into his mouth, teasing and sucking on them, kissing them tenderly, enjoying the delighted coos and sighs that she vented with increasing volume as he did so.

“Shhh...” he insisted, not wanting to interrupt her friend’s slumber in the other room. “You’ll wake up Lindsey, Sweetie.”

She slowed, catching her breath. “I wouldn’t worry about that,” she giggled mischievously. “Besides, she’s a deep sleeper. Now just sit back and relax; enjoy my body, Rick. I'll take care of this.”

Her pace sped up and she began thrusting forcefully against his torso, grinding her pelvis into his. Rick sensed she was approaching another orgasm, knowing her pubic bud was being pleasurably squeezed between them. The youth sharing his bed began digging in her hands urgently into his chest, expressing her enjoyment as her moans became suppressed cries of pleasure. How he wished he could see her face contort with delight, but the darkness wouldn’t allow it.

He accepted her advice and began enjoying her body thoroughly, although the noise they were creating still made him nervous. How could Lindsey not wake up to the constant thud of his bed against the wall every second or so? How could his lover’s high-pitched, thrilled groans not go unnoticed?

The young woman atop him began to tense up again. “Ohhh...Rick...!” she cried, breathing heavily. Hoarsely, she whispered, “Oh, I’m cumming again... I’m cumming...again... Oooh...DAMN IT... YEAH...!” Another orgasm blasted around inside her juvenile body. Her shivers became tremors, her muscles spasming out of control as she enjoyed the pleasure their union induced. “Mmmm...” she sighed, her arms giving out as she lay down on his chest. “That was one of the best ever!”

Embracing her, he held her close to pacify her shaking body. “Sure felt like you enjoyed it,” he acknowledged.

She sat back up again, restarting her actions. “Now, it’s your turn,” she promised. She had her body positioned perfectly on him for maximum treatment. They held hands briefly while she thrust her curvy body against him. The impulses flooded Rick’s mind with the most exquisite sensations. She took his hands, holding them against her breasts and encouraging him to play as he saw fit. She then leaned back, continuing to press herself into him, and fondled the tender pocket housing his testicles.

Her expert method of pleasing him didn’t take long to fill his being with exhilaration. He felt a buildup, beginning underneath his teenage lover’s touch. It filled every extremity before releasing itself up into her squeezing womb. An eruption of his seed slathered the muscular walls of her womanly interior. It was so intensely erotic that he swore he lost consciousness for a moment.

“OHHH!!!” he moaned forcefully, attempting vainly to hush himself. “HMMM...!!! OH, ADDY...!”

As the emotion ebbed, she lay down on him again, kissing him tenderly and lovingly. He felt her hair settle all around them. “How was that?” she asked him, their lips meeting tenderly.

He replied in all honesty, “I can’t believe how good that just felt. Sweetie...” he sighed, cupping her face and kissing her tenderly again, “I love you. You’re such a beautiful girl. You know how to please a man and keep him coming back for more.” She giggled in thanks, dismounting him and cuddling up to his strong and chiseled frame. He snuggled against her, spooning their naked bodies together and pulled the covers around them. He kissed her shoulder and neck gently. “I love you, Adelle.” A finishing kiss he placed on her cheek.

She nestled herself in tighter against him, cooing softly, “I know,” and wrapped her arms around his. They drifted off to sleep, the soothing touch of their bare skin placating their lustful desires for the time being.

Hours later, light from the sun still contended with the rainclouds hovering over the city, struggling to illuminate a slumbering weekend world. Still, the light had increased gradually until it was adequate enough to brighten Rick’s bedroom. Rick remained asleep alongside a beautiful teenage treasure, encased lovingly in his arms, sharing the slumber with him. Neither awoke when Rick’s bedroom door had creaked open again and another young woman had entered.

She leaned against the doorframe, observing them. Around her waist, a pair of blue, hip-hugging panties held her snugly. In the melancholy light, her bright, blonde hair still glistened as she tilted her head.

“Am I interrupting anything,” she asked, giggling at their united posture.

“Hmmm...?” muttered Rick after a second, waking slowly. Groggily, he opened his eyes. Adelle stood in the doorway, much to his surprise. As his eyes focused on her, his brain registered that something wasn’t right.

“I asked if I was interrupting anything,” Adelle repeated, grinning smugly at him, folding her arms together.

Wondering how Adelle was across the room when he had just made love to her during the night and was cuddled up to her now, he looked down at the teenager he held tightly against him. He recognized the black hair, the olive skin and the sensual figure of—

“LINDSEY!!!” he cried out in terror, jumping back to the far side of the bed.

She was already smiling coyly up at him. “Good morning,” she offered concisely, a grin growing from ear to ear.

Rick looked back desperately at his teenage girlfriend. “Adelle, I... I mean... I thought you were...” Rick’s stammering provoked an amused giggle from both girls.

Shaking her head, Adelle asked, “You thought what? You thought it was me that came in here last night?”

“Um... Yeah...” was all Rick could mumble back. He lowered his head, looking shamefully at Lindsey. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. I didn’t know.” Lindsey just continued to stare at him, her pursed lips showing she was also waiting expectantly for an explanation. “I guess I should have known,” Rick sighed, looking at Adelle again. He gestured to Lindsey and confessed, “You’re not as aggressive as she is; no offence.”

“None taken,” both girls answered.

He looked to the floor. There lay a pair of blue hip-hugging panties, nearly the same design as the ones Adelle wore. He sighed in embarrassment at his mistake.

Adelle bounded across the room, her teenage breasts swinging freely with each step. “Don’t worry, Rick. We made a deal.”

“A deal?” Rick was now completely bewildered.

“Mm-hmm,” Lindsey confirmed, sitting up. Adelle climbed onto the bed behind her friend and leaned her exposed body over Lindsey’s bare skin. “She’s wanted to have a fun night with my boyfriend for a while now.” Rick listened intently. “If there’s one rule we have as friends, it’s not to steal someone else’s boyfriend.”

Squinting his eyes in question, he scrutinized the two young maidens. “But...” he stammered, “I’m coming up to the cabin, anyways. She’d eventually get to have sex with me.”

“That’s different, though,” Adelle explained. “That’s a given. When we’re up there, it’s all just for fun.”

Rick nodded slowly, not entirely comprehending their logic, but accepting the idea.

“Anyways,” Adelle continued, “after you went to bed last night she was begging me to let her try your cock out. I refused, telling her that you’re my boyfriend. She has her own if she wants to get laid.”

“Ok...” Rick was slowly putting pieces together. “So...?”

“So,” completed Lindsey, “I made the deal with her that she could hook up with my boyfriend if I could hook up with hers.”

“I see.”

Adelle giggled, “It probably won’t be as good as making love to you, though, Rick. I’ll bet his cock’s not as big and that he wouldn’t know what to do with it anyways if it were.”

Lindsey shot her a dirty look, but relented. “Yeah, it’s true,” she confessed. “Getting some action from you was actually better, Rick. His cock feels good, but yours is way bigger.” Rick smiled at the compliment. “It feels so much better!” Lindsey finished with a giggle and an anxious stare at the covers that concealed his equipment.

Laughing softly, Rick shook his head. “So I was just a fair trade last night, huh?” Gazing at their two nude bodies, he could feel his privy member growing underneath now that he was relaxing from the unexpected surprise.

“Yup,” they agreed in unison, smiling with anticipation.

“I see,” he repeated. “Well, I guess, since we’re all here,” he began, climbing onto his knees and exposing his body to the morning, “we might as well make a good payment for everything.” Seeing his solidifying manhood, both girls’ eyes widened expectantly. Adelle smiled widely. Lindsey licked her lips. “Who’s first?” he offered.

Pushing her friend aside, Adelle announced, “Since you screwed Lindsey’s brains out last night, I am. Trust me; I know. I was listening.” Lindsey scoffed and shoved her back in objection, but giggled, and allowed her teenage friend to crawl across the bed to share an intimate moment with her adult boyfriend.

Adelle and Rick knelt in front of each other, hugging tightly and kissing one another passionately. Their hands rubbed one another’s skin, enlivening each other’s sexual senses. Within seconds, Rick felt his strong digit finish filling with blood and expand to its full nine inches. When Adelle’s fingers began fondling it lightly, Rick responded by cupping her firm breasts and gently pinching her nipples.

Finally, Adelle broke their arduous embrace. “Oh...Rick...” she murmured, “I’m so wet... My pussy just can’t stay dry for a second when you kiss me and when you touch me.” She kissed him deeply again, her tongue intruding far into his mouth as she moaned lightly. “I love you, Rick,” she said at last.

“I love you, too, Adelle,” he promised, guiding her as she lay back on the bed. “Let me show you how much.” As she spread her legs widely for his body, he fitted himself squarely between them, still kneeling on the bed. Carefully he positioned his masculine staff against her. Before he entered her adolescent cove, they looked meaningfully at one another, as if reading the other’s thoughts. Immediately, their attention turned to Lindsey.

She had retreated to a corner of the bed, watching them intently. Her fingers amused themselves with her own fifteen-year-old womanhood. “What do you think you’re doing, Lin?” Adelle asked her friend.

Lindsey’s fingers stopped. “Huh?” she responded.

Pointing at her face, Adelle insisted, “Get your pussy over here!”

A smile filled Lindsey’s face. “Really?” she asked. “A threesome – with you two? Yes, please!”

“Yeah?” confirmed Rick. “Well, better do as she says or she might not let you near me again until the cabin.”

Scrambling furiously for Adelle, the black-haired beauty straddled the fourteen-year-old’s mouth, lowering her private opening to her friend’s maw. Adelle wasted no time before grabbing Lindsey around her legs and pinning the older teen to her face.

“Ahhh!” Lindsey gasped as Adelle’s lips and tongue made contact. Immediately after she moaned, “Ohhh... Addy...” She leaned forward, falling onto Rick for support. “Damn, you pussy...girl...! Oh...!”

Rick steadied Lindsey’s fifteen-year-old body, kissing her and caressing her smooth skin. As his hands reached her breasts, Lindsey began gasping again, her mind drowning with elation. Once she was adequately balanced, Rick completed his union with Adelle’s fourteen-year-old body.

Slowly, he thrust his turgid pole into her as deeply as he could, eventually feeling her cervix resist his advance. “Mmmm...!” she groaned from between Lindsey’s legs. “Ohhh! Rick...! Uhhh...!” Feeling her body tense as she accepted his entry, he began withdrawing then pressed himself back into her velvety depths, repeating the process over and over again.

With one hand, he held Lindsey firmly in place, caressing her curvaceous body, enjoying every inch of her silky skin. The other hand he placed on Adelle, his fingers rubbing her sexual button slowly, increasing her pleasure and enjoyment as he rocked his hips back and forth. Lindsey’s hands explored Rick, sometimes gripping him for support when the satisfaction in her body began to overwhelm her. She moaned as she pressed her pubic mound against Adelle’s mouth, not wanting to miss out on a single, stimulating pass her friend was making. Below them, Adelle gnawed gently on Lindsey’s ripening womanhood, wanting to excite her friend endlessly. She breathed labouriously as Rick excited her body, both inside her delicate channel and out. All three moaned and appealed to the others for greater pleasure.

Groaning in pleasure between kisses with Lindsey, Rick muttered, “Mmmm... Oh...oh, Adelle... Oh...Sweetie... I love it...inside you...! Oh...Lindsey... Your body! Ohhh...! Hmmm...!”

“Rick... Oooh...” Lindsey revelled, “keep...keep! I love your hands...! Oh...Addy...! Eat me...! Keep pussy...! Ohhh...Addy...! Hmmm...! two... good...!”

“Oh, Rick...! Oh...Rick...! Mmmm...! Don’t stop...Rick...!! Yes...! Love feeling...your cock... Oh, Lindsey...! Your good...! Mmmm...!” Adelle echoed underneath them.

The trio continued to pleasure one another for another few moments before Lindsey’s breathing became rapid and shallow. She leaned fully on Rick, her arms wrapped around him, her hands clasping him desperately. Rick knew she was approaching an orgasm. He rubbed her more passionately, focusing on gentle, but firm, pinches to her nipples. He felt Adelle beneath them as she increased her effort to please her friend, as well.

“Oh...! Ohhh...! I’m cumming...!” Lindsey grunted, nearly hyperventilating. Her voice continued to crescendo before disappearing completely. “Oooh...! Damn it...damn it...DAMN IT...! AH...! AHHH...!!!” Her grip on Rick tightened, almost throwing him off balance. Tremors shook her body violently as the climax exacted its toll. Several seconds later, air blew out suddenly from her lungs as her chest heaved, struggling to regain its regular pattern.

Almost immediately after, Adelle began grunting in increasing euphoria, her voice almost sounding like cries and sobs underneath Lindsey’s body. “Ohhh...! Keep going...keep going...! Rick...! Oooh...! Lindsey...! Yes...! YES...!!! CUMMING...! CUM-! CUM-! OHHH!!!” She released her hold on Lindsey and held onto Rick’s hips, urging him to thrust deeper and harder. All around Rick’s bold phallus, Adelle’s pelvic muscles clenched him strongly, tightening her already-constricting vaginal walls. Her body shook with satisfaction and delight as her orgasm electrified her every nerve before the feeling subsided.

Having felt both their bodies shake in ecstasy filled Rick’s mind with only one desire: his own sexual fulfillment. He filled his mouth with Lindsey’s wonderful breasts, tasting the sweet skin of her areolas. The pungent aroma of both pubescent women’s orgasms filled his nostrils, removing his want – his very need – for anything but satisfaction. He heard the other two teenagers steadying their breathing, their moaning subsiding into the coos of an afterglow.

Regaining their bearings, they began to caress his body. He felt them press their bodies against his own. Their soft, womanly hands touched him, stoking his desire wherever they went. Lindsey kissed him passionately, their tongues grasping wildly at one another. Adelle pushed her pelvis against his, helping him to drive his manhood – aching with want – deeper and deeper into her precious canal. The feelings were overwhelming him. He wouldn’t last much longer.

With his last few thrusts, Rick groaned, “OHHH...! DAMN IT...GIRLS!!! FEELS...SO...GOOD...!!! I’M...CUMMING...!!! HMMM...!!! HMMM...!!! UHHH!!!” Releasing the pent-up fluids inside him, Rick filled Adelle’s feminine trove once again. He breathed heavily as his climax ebbed.

He looked up. Lindsey had moved back a couple feet, allowing the two lovers to see one another fully. Rick laid down on Adelle – being careful not to injure her – and kissed his teenage companion with all the love he possessed. She returned the adoration with equal passion.

Straightening up and removing his softening pole from Adelle, Rick sat on the bed. He looked at the two others that shared his bed and heaved, “Oh...girls... Damn, that amazing...”

“I think so, too,” Adelle chimed in.

Lindsey added, “Me, three.” All filled their lungs with oxygen for a moment before Lindsey included, “I think we’ll have to do that again sometime.” The other two chuckled. “Besides,” she continued, “I want to know what it’s like to cum when I’m on the bottom there.”

Adelle giggled at her. “I only cummed because you were cumming,” she confessed. “Your pussy tastes so good. The only thing better is when I taste your juices.” Lindsey blushed at the compliment. “I love it when you shake the way you do. It’s like you’re vibrating. It’s so hot. If I’m anywhere close to getting off, I usually do.

“Well, you’re just so good at eating pussy that any girl will cum after you’ve done it for a while,” returned Lindsey. Now it was Adelle’s turn to blush. “Seriously, you’re, like, the best at it. You know exactly how to get a girl off. It’s no wonder I start shaking.”

Rick smiled at their immoral conversation. Catching Adelle’s attention, he informed her, “You do it, too, you know, Sweetie.”

“What?” she asked him.

Rick raised his hands and shook them in the air. “Vibrate like that,” he explained. Adelle giggled and blushed again, turning away from his adoring stare. “It’s ok; I find most girls do.” Adelle and Lindsey looked at one another and giggled. Lindsey confirmed Rick’s description of Adelle’s orgasm. Rick added, “I love it when that happens; lets me know I’m going a good job.”

Beginning to crawl towards Rick, Adelle answered, “You always do.” She winked at him to emphasize the point. He winked back. When she reached him, she bowed her head, encompassing his shrunken member in her mouth.

He placed an encouraging hand on the back of her head, but he remained confused. “Adelle...? Sweetie...what...?” He gave into the pleasure. Although out of commission, Rick’s sexual spear hadn’t lost feeling yet. He could sense it regrowing under Adelle’s expert care.

She removed his expanding rod from her mouth and looked up. “Well, come on,” she encouraged. “Lindsey said she wants a turn on the bottom. I’ll bet she’s dying to get your cock back in her pussy.” She lowered her fourteen-year-old mouth and began fellating him again.

“Sure as hell, I am!” Lindsey confirmed excitedly, crawling forward to assist Adelle. “It’s even better than when you eat me out, Addy – and that’s saying a lot!”

“Hmmm...” Adelle muttered with Rick’s hardening sex in her mouth.

Lindsey began running her hands over Rick’s mature body. “Besides,” she shrugged, “we need you in tip-top shape for going up to the cabin.” She encircled her arms around his neck and kissed him lightly. “We should get your stamina up. Remember, there’ll be six girls up there, not just two.” She kissed him again.

Rick brought his hands up, feeling Lindsey’s sexy, fifteen-year-old body. “Can’t wait,” he admitted with a mischievous smile. As his hands rubbed Lindsey’s breasts, it triggered a moan within her. She again told him how skillful he was at foreplay as she leaned her head back and enjoyed the feelings his hands ignited in her skin.

After only a couple moments, Rick’s manly appendage was prepared to enter a woman once again. Jeez... he chuckled in his mind, I don’t even need Jiz’s pills to get this guy ready when there are two of them.

Adelle scurried out of the way as Rick laid Lindsey down on the bed in her place. As Adelle had done before her, Lindsey separated her legs, allowing him full access to her petite sexual cavern. As Rick readied himself to enter her, Adelle crawled over Lindsey’s head, lowering her groin to her friend’s mouth. Adelle groaned in pleasure as Lindsey grasped the blonde-haired teen’s sensitive folds with her lips. At that moment, Rick gave a gentle, controlled thrust, his stiff penis forcing his way upwards into Lindsey’s slick vagina. This time, it was both Rick and Lindsey’s turn to moan in delight. The three participants enjoyed one another’s bodies once more, re-enacting the scene that had played moments ago, though with Adelle and Lindsey now in opposite places.

Lindsey was once again the first to climax. As her body shook, the firm grip of her hands on Adelle’s body increased. Between Adelle’s legs, Lindsey’s actions grew in emphasis. Soon, Adelle was reeling with an orgasm in unison with her black-haired friend. Hearing the two of them cry out in desperate pleasure fueled Rick’s physical yearning. All at once, he, too, was feeling his body fill with gratification.

Once all three had their senses restored to them, Rick laid down on his bed. In right arm, Adelle curled up next to him. The blonde fourteen-year-old lovingly kissed his chest and pacified his emotions by playing with his chest hair. In his left arm, Lindsey cuddled up, sighing contentedly. The black-haired fifteen-year-old also rubbed her hand along Rick’s toned chest, her fingers enjoying the ridge of every muscle. Rick took a deep breath, savouring their light touches on his skin and feeling their young, tender bodies pressed against him.

“I wish this could last forever,” Lindsey sighed at last.

“I know, Lin,” agreed Adelle, “me, too. It’s just so much fun.”

Rick hummed softly. “It’s the best weekend I’ve ever had, that’s for sure,” he stated. It was true. There had been a couple of times where Rick had found himself involved in a threesome. This, however, was different. One of the women – a young woman at that – he found himself loving dearly. The other was his lover’s good friend. Both were fresh, easily-excited teenagers. How could he even imagine anything better?

“At least we get time at the cabin,” Adelle chimed in, wrapping her arm around Rick’s chest and hugging him tightly. “That’s always amazing.”

Lindsey giggled, “Yeah.” She hugged Rick from the opposite side. “That’s going to be awesome!” All three were silent for a moment, basking in their mutual afterglow. Finally, Lindsey asked, “Have you two figured out how you’re going to keep dating when your parents get back, Addy? I doubt they’ll just let Rick pick you up night after night.”

Rick grimaced. Adelle passed a heavy sigh. “Well, no,” she confessed, disappointed. “I mean, we have an idea, but I don’t know how well it will work.”

“What’s that?” Lindsey inquired enthusiastically.

“Well,” the nude fourteen-year-old began, “I was thinking that I could say that I’m going to hang out with you guys. Then, someone can drop me off here or something.”

Although he wasn’t looking, Rick could feel Lindsey’s face muscles tighten as she smiled. “Sure!” she exclaimed happily. “That’ll probably work. I’m sure someone in the Sisterhood who can drive wouldn’t mind dropping you off here at all.” Lindsey’s hand journeyed down Rick’s chest until her fingers wrapped around the crown of his softened manhood. “There’ll probably have to be some payment sometimes,” she added.

“Alright, alright,” Rick agreed, scooping her hand away from his groin and placing it back on his chest. “I think I can take care of that.” He started digesting Lindsey’s words. “What do you mean by a ‘Sisterhood’, Lindsey?” he questioned.

The naked fifteen-year-old giggled, joined by Adelle a second later. “Oh, I’ll let Adelle explain that one.”

“Lin!” Adelle objected. “I think you should. You’re the one who got me involved.”

Lindsey countered, “Yeah, but he’s your boyfriend.”

Rick tilted his head, looking expectantly at Adelle. “Hmmm...” she resisted, “I think we should just show you tomorrow.”

“Seriously?” scolded Rick. He looked at Lindsey who just shrugged. “You’re seriously going to make me wait that long?”

Adelle reached out, turning Rick to face her again. She kissed him tenderly. “Don’t worry,” she promised, “we’ll fill you in on all the details. It’ll be worth the wait.” With that, both nubiles curled up to him more tightly, pressing their soft, young breasts into his torso and pulled the covers over the three of them. The youthful beauties he shared his bed with each closed their eyes, preparing to nap for a while.

Rick looked at the clock. It wasn’t 9:00am yet. What a freaking amazing way to start a morning, he reflected before settling his body down and fading into sleep himself.

After a couple hours, he woke up and registered the time. The clock read 1:33pm. The digital readout seemed to cue his stomach and it rumbled instinctively. Both Adelle and Lindsey were still curled up against him, breathing peacefully. “Hey, girls,” he announced softly. Groggily, they lifted their heads and looked at him. Though they were resting, it was clear that neither was asleep anymore. “I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Anything specific you want for lunch?”

They began sitting up, encouraging him to surprise them again. “You’re a great cook, Rick. It’ll be great. I’m not worried,” Adelle dismissed. “Besides,” she added, “I need a shower. I’m getting kinda gross.”

Rick chuckled as she kissed him quickly and left the bed. He watched her walk, enjoying her mouth-watering womanly figure swaying with each step. He was convinced that her body was the absolute definition of feminine perfection. Just watching her sensual frame aroused him. He felt a manly growth underneath the covers.

As she reached Rick’s bedroom door, Adelle turned back. “Coming, Lin?” she invited.

Giggling, Lindsey assured her, “I’ll be right there.”

“Ok.” In an instant, his adolescent girlfriend was around the corner and in the bathroom.

Lindsey turned to face him. “Now, as for you...” she stated.

“Wha...?” Rick began, confused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean this,” she indicated, lifting the covers. Rick had almost grown to a full erection again. “I think this needs to be taken care of.” Their eyes met again as Lindsey’s fingers enveloped his phallus. “Getting a little turned on just watching Adelle, are we?” She began rhythmically stroking him.

Rick groaned, revelling in her expert treatment to his body. “ did you know?” he asked.

She giggled. “I didn’t,” she declared. “It was just a guess. I see the way you look at her, though.” He found her perception quite astonishing and smiled knowingly at her. She grinned back and scoffed, “This is going to take way too long.” She lowered her head and nearly devoured his rigid pole.

Lindsey’s movements were timed precisely. Rick lay back, caressing her body as she sucked and twirled her tongue around his manhood. Before long, pressure began building again. “Oh...yeah...!” he groaned. “Ohhh...Lin... Hmmm, Lindsey... Mmmm... Yeah...oh... Oh, I’m cumming...ohhh... I’m...cumming...! MMMM!” What little fluid he had left squirted into her pubescent mouth.

Swallowing, Lindsey said, “There; that’s better.” She patted his shrinking penis gently. Rick chuckled and thanked her. She kissed him quickly and responded, “No problem. Now I need to go do the same thing to your girlfriend.” Laughing, Rick watched the curvy, olive-skinned teen as she hopped off the bed and dashed for the bathroom, her dark hair trailing noiselessly behind her.

Rick breathed for a few minutes before getting out of bed. Yeah, he assured himself, definitely the most amazing way to start a morning. He pulled a pair of boxers up around his waist and headed for the kitchen.

He set to work preparing some food. With quick proficiency, he made a salad and assembled a BLT for each of them. While he worked, he couldn’t help but overhear the two young women down the hall. Every couple of minutes one of them ended up squealing with pleasure, her voice echoing down the hallway. It didn’t take a lot of imagination for Rick to understand what was going on in his bathtub. He heard the bathroom door open just as he swallowed another pill to keep his sexuality going.

He began setting the table as Adelle and Lindsey left the bathroom and walked down the hallway – entirely nude – to the living room.

“Yeah, but you’re the one who cried when her pussy was popped,” Lindsey was saying to the blonde. Rick glanced up at them, curious about the topic of conversation.

“Yeah, but it hurt so damn bad!” defended Adelle emphatically. “You try having that guy’s cock shoved up inside you.”

Reaching down to her exposed pubic mound, Lindsey touched herself. “Mmmm...” she sighed, closing her eyes as she reminisced. “I did. It was amazing.”

“Yeah, after he got you wet. Try having it happen before.”

Lindsey opened her eyes and stared at her friend. “I thought he ate you out first.”

“No,” Adelle complained. “He was just too anxious, don’t you remember? There was no foreplay, no taking his time or anything. He just climbed on top and shoved his prick into me. I was nervous. I was almost dry as dry can be.”

Contorting her face into a grimace, Lindsey realized the discomfort her friend must have felt. “Ouch.”

“Tell me about it. You were there. You saw.”

“Well, he was big. Plus, it was your first time. I thought that’s what was bothering you. Why didn’t you ever tell me this before?”

“I tried, but you always ignored me and told me to quit whining.”

Rick was imagining Adelle’s discomfort as well. Could her first experience with sex possibly have been so cruel? He pushed the thoughts aside and asked them, “You girls ready for lunch?”

They looked his direction as though noticing him for the first time. “Yup, for sure!” Adelle agreed excitedly. They both smiled at him. “We’ll just throw on something to wear and be right over.”

Agreeing, Rick informed them that he wasn’t quite finished with the meal’s preparations yet, and encouraged them to take their time. The youthful vixens disappeared into the living room – where Rick soon heard them moaning again. Rick looked through the second entryway into the living room from the dining room. Sure enough, two teenage girls were mutually pleasuring one another with oral sex. He chuckled to himself, shaking his head in disbelief. This was one weekend he wouldn’t soon forget.

A few minutes later, they bounced around the same corner towards the dining table. Each wore a small, form-fitting pair of white panties. The three sat down and ate. Unable to contain his curiosity any longer, he asked them, “So, what was that all about earlier?”

The adolescents glanced furtively at one another. Lindsey answered him, “Oh, just talking about when Adelle lost her virginity, that’s all.”

“Gotcha,” Rick said, nodding. After finishing a bite of his sandwich he commented, “Sounded like it kinda sucked.”

Lindsey opened her mouth to respond, but Adelle jumped into the conversation too quickly. “Yeah, it really did,” she affirmed.

“Sorry,” Lindsey apologized, shrugging her shoulders. “Didn’t know your pussy wasn’t ready or I would have told him to stop.”

His interest deepening, Rick asked, “Who was it? Anyone I know?”

Shaking her head, Adelle answered, “No; a friend of one of Lindsey’s older sisters.”

“How old was he?”

Adelle thought for a moment. “Well, it was last year. I was thirteen so I guess he was, like, either twenty-one or twenty-two?” She looked at Lindsey, who nodded in agreement.

“Ah,” Rick muttered in understanding. “One of those overeager buggers, huh? Couldn’t wait to shove his dick into anything with a vag?”

The girls giggled. “Pretty much,” Adelle agreed. “I thought he was going to lick my pussy or something first. Nope; just went for the glory. It hurt like hell.”

Under his breath, Rick mumbled, “I’ll bet; stupid bastard.”

“Mm-hm,” his girlfriend agreed with her mouthful. After she had finished swallowing she added, “Almost made me never want to have sex again. He didn’t even give me an orgasm and actually refused to get me off after. I thought if it was always going to be that pathetic, it’s overrated.” She looked deeply at Rick. “But, I decided to try again a couple weeks later. That guy was much better. I found I really enjoyed it.”

“Glad you changed your mind.”

“Me, too.” Adelle leaned over the corner of the table towards him. Rick leaned back towards her, kissing her mouth quickly.

Lindsey dropped her fork. “Ugh!” she complained. “Seriously, guys; I’m eating here. Do you mind?” They started laughing and looked over at her. “Sex in front of me is one thing, but could you be all lovey-dovey and disgusting like that later when I’m not around?” Her request just made them laugh all the harder.

When she regained composure, Adelle looked at her lover again. “So,” she asked him, “do you think you’re ready for another round after this? I know I can’t wait.” He smiled, leaning over and kissing her tenderly again. Lindsey pretended to gag. “Actually, how does all afternoon sound to you?” Adelle hummed.

“Sounds wonderful,” Rick agreed. “I just hope I can keep up. You’re really giving my little guy a workout.”

From across the table, Lindsey scoffed. “Well, if you call that a ‘little’ guy.” Rick chuckled at her objection. “Don’t tell me you’re getting tired,” Lindsey rued.

“Well, kinda yeah,” Rick sighed. “Remember, you girls are, what, twelve years or so younger than me? I’m getting old here.”

“Nah,” Adelle giggled. “Of course, if you don’t want to anymore...”

“Oh, I didn’t say that!” promised Rick.

“What about your friend?” Lindsey posed.

In surprise, Rick looked at her. “You mean Jiz?” He and Adelle exchanged curious expressions.

“Yeah,” Lindsey agreed. “He’s the one coming up to the cabin, too, right?”

Nodding, Rick confirmed, “Yeah, but wouldn’t you rather it be your boyfriend?”

“Pfft,” spat Lindsey. “Nah. In the first place, he doesn’t drive. Second, I’m up for getting it on with some other guys instead of just him. Besides, I think he’s off on a football game this weekend or something anyway.”

Rick raised an eyebrow. “You ‘think’?”

Lindsey giggled and admitted, “Yeah. We’re boyfriend-girlfriend, but we’re really not that close. We mainly just get together to have sex. We more or less stay out of each other’s lives beyond that.” Rick looked sideways at the blonde teenager who rolled her eyes and nodded solemnly. Lindsey continued, “Hell, I’ve been thinking of breaking up with him anyway – or getting him to break up with me. What better reason would he have than me telling him I cheated on him with a couple guys while he was away this weekend?”

“You cheat on him with a couple guys when he’s away any weekend,” Adelle added. “You cheat on him with a couple guys even when he’s not away for the weekend.”

A smile crossed Lindsey’s face before she burst out laughing. “Alright! So, I’m damn horny; so, what?”

Shaking his head in disbelief at Lindsey’s loose morals, he relented, “Alright, well, if you don’t think your boyfriend would mind.”

“Meh,” shrugged Lindsey. “I couldn’t care less if he did mind.” Both Rick and Adelle chuckled at her apathy.

Shifting his eyes to Adelle, Rick asked, “Is that alright with you, Sweetie? Do you mind if Jiz joins us?”

Smiling excitedly, Adelle agreed, “Well, we could just wait for the cabin.” Lindsey cleared her throat loudly in protest. The fourteen-year-old giggled, “But, I think someone wants to make sure she gets her fill of cock this afternoon.”

“Damn rights!” Lindsey agreed.

Rick laughed. “Alright, alright.” He stood and began collecting plates and cutlery since all three had finished eating. “I’ll put things away or in the dishwasher and I’ll call him right after. How does that sound?” The two teenagers squealed gleefully. To hurry the process, both Adelle and Lindsey joined him.

Soon, the chores were taken care of. “Alright; here I go,” he announced as he retrieved his cell phone and dialed his friend’s number. As the girls ‘occupied’ themselves on his couch, Rick walked down the hallway and into his bedroom.

After a moment of electronic buzzing, Jiz’s voice answered the opposite end of the call. “Yo, dude!”

“Hey, Jiz,” Rick replied. “What’s up?”

“I think the question is what’s up with you.”

Rick tried interpreting his friend’s answer for a moment. “Huh?” was the most intelligent question that came to mind.

Jiz sighed on the other end. “Seriously, dude. I don’t know why you’d be calling me.” His voice became more intense, though he kept his words ambiguous. “Don’t you have a sweet young treat – that you’re not willing to share I might add – ready for action at a moment’s notice?”

Rick understood why his friend was dancing around the subject and, instead, using euphemisms instead. Chuckling, he began, “Well, I—”

“Exactly!” Jiz expressed in a joking tone. Rick laughed heartily. Laughing as well, Jiz asked Rick, “Why the hell are you calling me up?”

“Well, I was actually wondering if I could get your help with something,” Rick explained covertly.


“Yeah,” confirmed Rick. “Don’t just jump to conclusions, man.”

“Sorry, dude,” Jiz laughed. “What do you need my help with?”

“Well, let me put it this way: you’re going to need your ‘medication’. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be caught without it.”

There was a moment of silence before Jiz answered. Rick could just hear the wheels in his head turning. “No...” his friend answered. “Are you freaking serious, dude!?”

Choosing his words carefully, Rick answered, “I’ve started another ‘project’ that the first one led me to. I think you’ll like some of the, um, ‘inner details’ of this new one.”

On the other end of the line Jiz breathed deeply and slowly. “So, basically, our little week in the lap of luxury starts a day early,” he affirmed.

“More or less, yeah,” agreed Rick.

“Dude, I’m on my way up now!” Jiz hung up abruptly and Rick laughed again at his friend’s eagerness.

Walking back into the living room, Rick found both Lindsey and Adelle stark naked again. Their hands were running sensually across one another’s bodies as they kissed one another deeply and passionately. Lindsey cracked open her eyes. Seeing Rick in the doorway, she broke away from Adelle.

“So?” she asked. “Is he coming up?”

“I don’t think the entire American army could hold him back,” Rick joked. The girls giggled. Before they could settle themselves down, Rick heard a knock on his door. He looked at the girls expectantly, raising his eyebrows in pretended wonder.

Rick peered through the peephole. Jiz’s anxious face stared back. He chuckled and opened the door for his friend.

“You made good time,” Rick complimented.

“Where the hell are they!?” demanded Jiz in a hoarse whisper.

Rick chuckled at his friend. “Well, hello to you, too!” He closed the doorway.

Jiz smiled. “Sorry, dude. Hi. Now, where the hell are they!?”

A slight womanly moan filled the air. Jiz’s eyes widened as he looked towards the living room. He looked back at Rick, his jaw dropping. Rick nodded back towards the sound’s origin. Almost in a daze, Jiz walked towards the entrance to the room. He stopped dead in his tracks. Walking up behind him, Rick rested his sights on the girls. Once again, they were engaging one another in mutual cunnilingus with Adelle perched on top of her fifteen-year-old friend below.

“Oh, hell...” Jiz exclaimed breathlessly. “I’ve died and gone to heaven... Holy...crap...”

Adelle looked up, fixing her eyes on Jiz. Lindsey peered out from around the younger maiden’s body. “Well, mister,” she invited, “are you going to just stand there, or are you going to join us?”

Slowly, Jiz turned to look at Rick, staring at him with a bewildered expression. Rick gestured with his head towards the two youthful minxes, giving the permission which Jiz didn’t particularly require in the first place. Without another word, he moved quickly across the living room towards Lindsey and Adelle, removing his shirt as he walked. Breaking their embrace, they welcomed him openly.

Jiz sat on the couch between the two gorgeous teens. Each of them slid herself against him, reaching out with their hands and touching his chest gently. Jiz first leaned over and kissed Lindsey, then Adelle. The girls’ hands made their way towards his pants. Rick watched as they cooperated in unfastening Jiz’s belt and then his pants button. Lindsey then held the jeans in place as Adelle slowly unzipped them.

They have talent, Rick observed, chuckling to himself. It looks like they’ve had some practice at that one.

Both of them helped Jiz remove the clothing along with his shoes and socks. His precious manhood burst out from beneath his underwear. Already, his erection was nearly complete. With one hand caressing each of the pubescent sylphs, Jiz eased into their treatment. Adelle leaned forward, rubbing his chest passionately before she and Jiz kissed one another as passionately as though they were old lovers. Lindsey lowered her head, wrapping her petite mouth around the manly club Jiz owned.

“Mmmm...!” Jiz groaned as Lindsey began sucking gently. He intertwined his fingers into her midnight-coloured hair, urging her to continue. He began breathing heavily, trying to process all the stimulation. He broke his lips’ dance with Adelle and grunted, “Damn...dude...! Is this what...ohhh... Is this what you’ve been...up to...? Uhhh...”

Rick was enjoying watching every moment as both of his guests pleasured the new arrival. “Something like this, yeah,” he teased. “You ain’t seen nothing yet, man.”


Chuckling, Rick confirmed his friend’s adaptation to the statement. Rick leaned on the wall, taking in the whole scene. Jiz clenched and tensed as the girls worked their teenage magic on him. Observing his friend’s face, Rick wondered if this was exactly what he himself had looked like all through morning earlier and the evening before.

With a pop, Lindsey released Jiz’s solid digit from her mouth. “Oh, no...” Jiz cried, staring at her with anticipation. “Don’t give up now. He’s got lots of wear and tear in him yet.”

Lindsey looked up with playful defiance at Jiz. “Sorry, playboy,” she denied. “I’ve done my part. I think someone else needs to do theirs. Beauty before age, of course.”

With surprised eyes, Jiz first looked at Adelle (who pursed her lips and nodded) then at Rick (who just shrugged). “It’s all up to her,” Rick offered. “I have no objections.”

Adelle bit her bottom lip and looked at Rick with a thankful expression. Without a word, she gave Jiz a seductive smile and then straddled her fourteen-year-old frame across his lap. She lowered herself onto his legs, reaching down and aiming his sex organ to unite with hers. They both groaned in delight as the rigid pole entered her.

“There you go...” she whispered to him, fitting her vaginal walls around the visitor. “That’s a good boy... Slide that cock up nice and deep now...” She placed her hands on his shoulders and started rocking gently. He took her into his hands, holding her gently on her ribcage. She began grinding herself into his body. “Oooh... Oh, Jiz...!” She increased the force she used, thrusting against him more intensely. Tilting her head back slightly she gasped, “Mmmm... Yeah...! Jiz...!”

Rick watched with rapt interest. There was no jealousy in him. He had no malice towards his friend, even though Adelle was his personal lover. She was being pleasured. That, to him, was the most important detail.

“So, how’s teen pussy, man?” he posed to his almost inattentive friend. “Do you find it to your liking?”

Jiz was occupied feeling Adelle’s lithe body, staring at her as though memorizing every contour her young figure possessed. “Uhhh...” he groaned with his mouth agape. “Uh...huh...” Adelle continued to make love to his friend, both of them expressing their delight very vocally.

Catching Lindsey’s attention, Rick motioned towards his bedroom. She giggled and quickly leapt off the couch to follow him down the hallway. As they reached his bed – Lindsey stripping Rick’s boxers from his body – he commented on how effortless she and Adelle removed Jiz’s clothes.

“Pretty good, huh?” Lindsey gloated, climbing onto his bed, staying on all fours. “It’s a little trick we’ve learned. We’ve certainly done that a time or two. Guys are usually pretty impressed.”

Rick chuckled, “I know I was.” Just watching his friend and his teenage lover begin to have sex in the other room had certainly turned Rick on. Even before they had made it to his bedroom, Rick was again sporting a powerful erection.

Lindsey watched it for a moment, stroking it gently. “I think he’s ready for some more,” she encouraged, her emerald-green eyes boring into his. “What about you?”

“Hmmm!” Rick answered anxiously and climbed onto the bed with her. She stayed on her hands and knees, forcing her rear end into the air, allowing Rick a perfect view of her marvellous curves.

“Damn, you’ve got a fine ass back here!” he gasped, crawling behind her.

She chuckled. “It’s one thing I’m proud of!” she answered. “For a gymnast, curves are almost inevitable. Our legs need to be good and strong.”

“You’re a gymnast?” Rick asked, surprised. “I didn’t know that.” He began stroking her youthful body, fondling her breasts with care. “Explains these painfully gorgeous curves you have.”

She began cooing as he played with her mammary tissues. He pinched her nipples tenderly with his thick fingers and she gasped instinctively. “Oooh...Rick...” she sighed. “Do me... Do me doggy-style...!”

“Seriously?” The skin around Rick’s manhood tightened just thinking about it.

“Yeah...” she breathed. “That’s why I’ve got my ass in the air, duh! Addy says you’re good from behind. She said you can hit a girl’s g-spot just right.”

Rick smiled. “I can certainly try,” he vowed. Closing the distance, he asked jokingly, “Are you wet enough?”

“What?” she snapped back playfully. “Uh...yeah! I’ve been wet since Addy walked into the bedroom this morning. Hell, I don’t even think I’ve actually been dry since I walked in your door!”

Laughing quietly, Rick relented, “Alright, alright. Just making sure.”

“Just get that cock in me!”

Aiming his masculinity, Rick pressed himself deeply into Lindsey’s warm, slick interior. He began thrusting. Lindsey’s groans became fervid as his impulses increased in speed and strength. Anxiously, she pressed her teenage body back against him. Together, they found a rhythm, their loins slapping together with each thrust.

Lindsey breathed labouriously into the mattress below her. “Ohhh...! Oh...oh...mmmm! Hmmm...yeah...! Rick...! Oh, yes...! Yes...! Oh, Rick...!” she cried as her desire took hold of her. Every pump Rick made into her tight chalice pushed her face deeper and deeper into the covers on his bed. Still, she entreated him for more.

“Oh, Lindsey...! Ohhh...Lin...! Ohhh...mmmm...! Yeah...! Oh, hell yeah...!” he answered as his animalistic needs took over his thoughts. The velvety feeling inside her was overpowering. Rick couldn’t get enough! He pressed his solid rod as deeply into her as possible.

“Oh...that my... That’s my...g-spot...! Oh, Rick! OH...RICK! DAMN IT...! You’re making me...C-CUM...! AH..! AH...OOOH...OH!!!” Lindsey balled her fists, scooping up a handful of his bedding in each as her body tensed and contorted with the orgasm. Rick continued his loving assault mercilessly, filling his womanly companion with all the pleasure he could.

Several seconds later, she gasped for air, her mind returning from the euphoric climax. Rick slowed his thrusts. Leaning over her, he asked, “So, that was pretty good?”

“That...was!” she wheezed between shallow breaths. She crawled forward a pace, pulling her delectable flowers away from him. Rick was about to object when she flipped onto her back and spread her legs, reaching them high into the air. He grinned wickedly as he brought his body close to hers. She arched her legs up around his shoulders as he pressed himself once more into the waiting crevice her body housed. The way her legs were stretched tightened the petite hole.

“I could get used to this,” he groaned deeply, his 27-year-old manhood disappearing into the sweet fifteen-year-old below him.

“Your turn, Rick,” she offered. “I’ll cum again when I feel you cumming.”

He leaned forward, beginning to thrust again. Lindsey closed her eyes, her face squinting with pleasure. She fondled her breasts, stimulating her own nipples as he began sliding his sexual prowess inside her.

“Mmmm...!” she moaned. “Oh...Rick...! Oh, talk dirty to me! I love it...oooh...when a guy talks dirty...!”

Rick almost laughed. It had been a long time since a girl he slept with had asked him for this. Her request took him totally by surprise, so he said the first thing that came to mind. “You are one horny little teen slut, ain’t ya?” he whispered.

“Ohhh...! Yes...! Yes...Rick...!” she agreed. “Horny...slut...! Oh...! I’m a...a teen...slut...! Mmmm...!” Rick kept pressing his manhood into her, but was again trying not to laugh. This wasn’t something he was accustomed to. “Hmmm...slut... Mmmm...horny... Mmmm...!” she continued to moan with each thrust.

All at once, his orgasm built. His body tensed as the pressure grew inside him. “Ohhh...Lindsey...! I’m gonna cum...! Gonna...O-OHHH...! OHHH!!!” He drowned in the sensation of his last movements.

He barely registered Lindsey’s request. “Keep going! Keep going!” she whispered urgently. “I’m cumming...too...! Cumming...yes...! Ohhh...Rick...! MMMM!!!”

When he opened his eyes at last, Lindsey was looking at him with the most satisfied thankfulness. “Oh...Lindsey...” he sighed. She removed her legs from his shoulders and he leaned down and kissed her passionately.

After their lips and tongues groped at each other for several seconds, Lindsey pushed his head away gently. “Just be careful, mister.” He squinted his eyes at her, confused. “You need to save that for my friend. She is the one you’re dating.” Rick chuckled and dismounted the young maiden underneath him.

He looked over her lithe teenage body. “You really are anxious for sex, aren’t you?” he asked her.

“Yeah,” she confessed with a giggle, sitting up against the headboard. “Adelle’s probably more forward in asking, but once I get started, you can’t stop me. I like to go wild!”

“I noticed!” Rick chuckled. “Does Adelle usually get the guys, then?”

Lindsey shrugged. “I like to try lots of things with a few guys,” she explained. “She likes to try a lot of guys out, but isn’t overly adventurous with them. She has a couple favourite positions where she’s sure to cum, and that’s about it.” Rick nodded in understanding as Lindsey spoke. “She says it doesn’t get boring, though, so all the more power to her.”

“I’m the same way as her,” Rick admitted. “Jiz is actually a lot like you, then.”

“Yeah? I should see what he can do!” Lindsey giggled again. “Speaking of which,” she offered, “I think we should go check on them. Don’t you?” Rick agreed and they walked back down the hallway together.

They entered the living room just as they heard Adelle exclaim, “Ohhh...Jiz...! I’m...cumming again...! MMMM...JIZ! AH...! C-C-CUM...OHHH!!!”

Adelle was on the end of the couch, lying on her back, her legs spread widely to either side. Jiz hovered over her, repeatedly shoving his thickened sex up inside her. Through clenched teeth, he seethed, “ME...TOO...! ADELLE...! OHHH...YEAH...!!!” Adelle’s fingernails dug into his back as his motions became wild spasms. After a few seconds, they began catching their breath.

Finally, Adelle opened her eyes. “Hmmm...” she sighed. “Looks like someone’s here to...try you out, too...”

Jiz looked up and behind him. “Oh...damn...! You two girls are as hot and horny as hell!” He looked back at Adelle. “Try saying that three times fast,” he joked. He withdrew from Adelle’s body and sat on the couch.

Before he was even settled, Lindsey had crossed the room and sat on his lap, straddling his legs. Jiz laughed. “What?” she scoffed. “Aren’t you ready yet? I am!”

“You’re a girl! You’re always ready!” Jiz retorted with a laugh. “I might still be in my 20s, girl, but gimme a break! I ain’t a teenager anymore. I need at least a little time to get ready again.”

Sliding off his legs and kneeling on the floor in front of him, Lindsey brought his limp appendage to her mouth. “Maybe this’ll help,” she posed. Slowly, she began sucking in an attempt to revive his sex.

“Uh...huh...” groaned Jiz. “I think that’ll...probably...oh,”

As his flesh began to harden, Lindsey looked up at Adelle. She removed her project and commented, “Mmmm... I can taste your cum on him, Addy; tastes so sweet!”

“Oh, that’s hot!” Jiz thought out loud, guiding Lindsey’s mouth back onto him. Keeping a hand on her dark hair he encouraged, “Ohhh...yeah... Yeah, baby... Oh, suck that cock hard again... Oooh...yeah...”

Adelle giggled and stood up. “I think we should leave you two alone,” she offered. She walked over to Rick, who wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly. “C’mon,” she whispered. “Let’s get to your room.”

Once they were in, Adelle shut the bedroom door. “So, how was Lin’s pussy again?”

“As tight and awesome as always,” Rick answered her. “There’s only one that I’ve found that’s better – I’m just glad it’s way better!” He winked at her. She blushed, thanking him. “How did Jiz feel with his cock way up in you?”

“That felt great! I can tell he’s had a lot of experience. He knows how to get a girl to cum!” Rick chuckled at her confession. “I think it was, like, three orgasms to one. He cummed twice, I think. I got, like, six!”

Rick bowed his head dejectedly. “Guess there’s someone who does better than me, huh?”

They sat on his bed and Adelle kissed him lovingly. “No, no,” she countered. “They were a bunch of little ones. I like quality over quantity. The six times I cummed with him would have been worth only, like, one of yours – maybe not even that!”

Smiling at her, Rick said, “Well, I’m glad I get something right.” He kissed her long and tender.

She pushed him so he was lying on his back again. She laid her exposed nubile body on top of his nude frame. “You get everything right!” Adelle told him after their lips separated. “Besides, the thing that I think makes you so much better is how much I love you.” They kissed again.

“I couldn’t have said it better! I love you, too, beautiful,” Rick whispered to her. “Lindsey was fantastic, sure, but you’re right; that’s what makes you so much more wonderful and special to make love to. It’s what makes our time making love better for me than having Lindsey ten times over.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” Adelle agreed.

They wrapped their arms around one another again, kissing passionately and deeply. In one another’s embrace, they again found the affection – not just the sex – they were looking for. For the next two hours, Rick and Adelle made love in his room, continually brining one another to sexual fulfillment. The two completely ignored anything else that was happening in the apartment or even the world around them. It was just them. It was pure, unmitigated intimacy that they shared despite their age difference. It brought them so close to one another and filled them with a mutual love and longing that neither could deny.

Still, they had their fun later that evening. It wasn’t until dinnertime that the lovers were disturbed by Jiz and Lindsey. Together, the four made and ate dinner before attending to their ‘other’ physical needs again. All through the evening, the four of them made love in different combinations. Sometimes, it would be a man and a teen pairing off from the other two. At other times, three would band together while the fourth watched. Sometimes, all four would play sex games together, often becoming involved in a continuous, four-person orgy.

Whatever the circumstance, Rick, Adelle, Jiz and Lindsey gave themselves over completely to one another. Eventually, they gained their fill of physical gratification, their activities lasting long into the night.

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LsrZHJ A round of applause for your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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"Still, not everything’s idea of using use the shadowy night to their advantage was the same."

What does that even mean?

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Awesome and well written! I hope your working on the next chapter(s). I think Sexy Lexi should be one of the six girls at the cabin.

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I am a 17 y/o guy. I am not a fan of the... Guys sharing their girlfriend... The boyfriend sharing has no effect. I am just the kind of person who thinks in logic it should be a couple, not...a couple with add-ons. Which is what Jiz/Lindsey are. There should just be Lindsey and Jiz and Rick and Adelle. Although it is one of the best series i have chosen to read especially cause i like the very very few grammatical errors :) keep on writing!

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Kick the tires and light the fires, problem officially sleovd!

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