Mom and son.......
Son1: Chan
Son2: Jack

MOM: Your father will be released from prison by this year after his 15 years of jail life.....

Jack: ho! It is good to hear !!
I have an idea to suprise him mom...

Mom: whats that honey ??

Jack: we should Fuck immediately and suprise him with our new baby brother !!

Mom: ho! Jack baby! You itself a big suprise for him boy!!

Jack: how mom ??

Mom: you just born to me and to your big brother...
Actually Chan is our only child......

Chan: yes! My son Jack !!
Iam your father ....

Jack: what the Fuck !!.....

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2014-01-06 22:22:16
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2013-12-10 07:27:00
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2013-10-26 09:55:23
zDCviq Looking forward to reading more. Great blog post.Much thanks again.

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2013-10-24 18:41:08
What the fuck is wrong with you? i can't even understand this shit.

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2013-07-14 21:13:26
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