Pammy has more fun with a guy she met on the bus
Fun on the Bus Chapter II
Once again this is pure fiction. It didn’t happen to me or anyone else that I know of. If you don’t like stories about young girls having sex don’t read any further. If you like my story please let me know at pammy2288 at
Every day I would get on the bus heading home hoping that Ray would be there but for several days he wasn’t. Then one day, there he was, a big smile on his face as he first saw me. There only seat was next to him so I headed his way.

“Is this seat taken?” I asked.

“No,” Ray replied.

Apparently the young couple seated across from us worked with Ray because they continued a conversation about business stuff I had no knowledge of. I couldn’t take my eyes off the young lady because she was beautiful. Late twenties, maybe Cuban or some South American. Very nice cloths, very well fitted and very tight. Large breasts that seemed to signal me but I don’t know what she would have done if I had moved over and sat on her lap. I was very quiet till we approached my stop but as I got up I said,

“It’s been fun listening to you all talking about something I don’t have a clue as to what it was.”

They all laughed and as I left the seat I heard Ray say,

“See you guys tomorrow, this is my stop too.”

My pussy tingled as I walked off the bus, thinking that it might have a tongue in it in a few minutes. I didn’t turn to say anything to Ray until we were well away from the bus, not wanting his friends to know we knew each other.

“You’re walking pretty fast young lady,” Ray said as he started walking beside me.

“I’m in a hurry,” I replied.

“How come?”

“I need a toy in my hand,” I said as I looked at him with a grin.

Ray didn’t say anything as we left the sidewalk and entered the park. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to play. As we approached the path up to the wooded area I thought, it’s now or never. I didn’t say a word, just walked up the path. I didn’t turn around, didn’t have a clue until I heard a stumble as he tripped over a tree root. YES I thought to myself, he’s behind me. When I got to the downed tree I turned and in a provocative stance put my hand out and wiggled my finger inviting him to join me. As I sat down, there were his bulging pants, right in front of my face. I put my mouth over the bulge as I ran my hands up the inside of his thighs and massaged his balls. He was undoing his belt and shortly his pants fell to the ground, followed by his undershorts. There was that beautiful hard black meat right in front of my face almost begging me for some attention. And attention it got.

My hands began stroking, my tongue began licking and my man began moaning. And I should add my pussy began weeping. I so liked this cock, the feel of it, so hard but also so soft. The shape of it, long and thick with a bike racer helmet head. I thought to myself that if this relationship lasts long enough I will learn how to deep throat my toy. After about 10 minutes of me sucking and playing, my pussy told me it was time for her to get some attention. So as I had done before I pushed a couple of fingers deep in and got them wet with my sauce then reached up for Ray to suck it off. He did and stepped back to allow me to assume my position on the log. In seconds his mouth was on and his tongue was in my cunt.

Oh Ray was sooo good at what he was doing. His lips pulled on my clit, this tongue licked in and around my love hole and its protruding lips. My girl juice was beginning to flow and I was almost out of my mind in pleasure. When my climax hit I almost fell of the log. My squirting began and filled my lover’s mouth and splattered his face. I just about passed out. Ray held me until I regained some composure and I sat up, ready to give him the same attention.

Ray helped me move back to my seat on the log. His cock was rock hard as I began to stroke it. I looked up and gave him a big smile as it found its way into my mouth. One hand was stroking his balls as I began rapidly stroking and sucking his love tool. It wasn’t long before my reward was filling my mouth. Big streams of cum shooting down my throat faster than I could swallow it. The best part of sucking a cock is this last 30 seconds or so. When Ray pulled back, signaling me that there weren’t no more I gave him this biggest smile while enjoying the final taste.

As we were walking down the sidewalk towards home I was thinking, this was Tuesday, my 13th birthday was Saturday and at that moment I decided I wanted Ray’s cock to be the one to take my cherry. In the year and a half I had been sexually active I had never been fucked, except in the mouth. I wanted that pleasure for my birthday. My thinking was interrupted as Ray said,

“I’m leaving tomorrow on a business trip and won’t be home until Friday.”

Oh shit, I thought to myself, I probably won’t see him until Monday. Unless,

“Can I come over to your place on Saturday afternoon for awhile?” I didn’t tell him the real reason.

“Yeah, I guess that would be good.”

Good? Good doesn’t even begin to describe what it means, I thought. I gave his hand a big squeeze as we parted and I headed for home. I was a happy girl. The it hit me, that meant four days to wait. I checked a couple of houses where I had friends that liked to play but didn’t see that anyone was home. Then I came to Sara’s house and saw her car in the driveway. My pussy began to tingle thinking of her tongue working me over.

Sara is about 40, nice looking lady whose husband left her for a young twat a couple years before. We first met when I ran into her cart at the grocery store and found we were neighbors and things went on from there. I decided if she was interested in playing so rang the door bell. The lady came to the door and when she saw me her big smiles said Oh am I glad to see you.

I was invited in and we hadn’t even gotten to the living room when she turned, grabbed me and planted the biggest kiss I had ever had on my mouth. When she broke it she asked, “Should we go straight to bed?”
I took her hand and led her down the hall. As we entered her bedroom I started taking off my cloths and by the time I got to the bed I was completely nude. Sara was just as fast and started pulling down the sheet and covers. I jumped in and she was right behind me. For several minutes we kissed and played with each other’s boobs. In unison our hands moved down the others bodies to our love zones. Fingers rubbed and entered and flicked clits. I was headed down to kiss her pussy but she beat me to it. So I laid back to enjoy another pussy licking. Ray was very good but Sara was better. Knowing what it felt like to be really pleased with oral sex told her what to do to please her partner.

I don’t know how many times I climaxed in the next 20 or so minutes but it was several. I know I was wet and Sara was very wet from my squirting. After I recovered from a very strong one I put my hands on her head and told her it was my turn. We traded places and I noticed where her pussy had been the sheet was very wet. As was her cunt.

I decided to do clean up first so began by licking up and down the inside of Sara’s thighs ending up licking outside her pussy lips and up and down her love hole. After several minutes of this I grabbed her clit between my lips and pulled as I flicked it with my tongue. I knew from past times with Sara that this drove her wild, and once again it did. My lady was flopping around on the bed making it difficult for me to keep her clit in place. She began moaning loudly and slapping the bed with her hands. And then the torrents started. Great gushes of lady love juice came out of her pussy like a fire hose. I held my mouth a couple of inches away and swallowed as fast as I could but wasted some. Four or five squirts and Sara was done. Unlike me who can go on for several times, once she climaxed she was done. She sort of passed out. I continued to lick her pussy until there was no more juice then moved up and cuddled with my lover.

After another 10 or so minutes Sara began rubbing my back. “Little girl, you are better at this than any other lover I have ever had. I am so glad you came into my life, even though I could spend a long time in prison if anyone ever found out.”

Like I had said to other lover’s who had indicated concern like this I replied in a whisper, “I’m not going to tell anyone, are you?”

With sort of a laugh she replied, “Of course not.”

The rest of the week went by very slowly without any activity except with myself. I had various toys I played with as I dreamed about what it was going to feel like to have Ray’s big black cock in me. Finally Saturday came and started to get ready for the hoped for phone call. I showered, shaved my pussy again, put on some fragrance and dressed. Mom was reading the paper as I fixed myself some breakfast and then asked, “What are you going to do today?”

“I don’t know for sure, Lois mentioned something about going to the Mall but I don’t have any firm plans.”

“Well, I’ll be home around six and we’ll get ready and go out for birthday dinner, OK?”

“That will be great,” I said.

Mom left for work and I fidgeted around for the next hour or so, changing my cloths several times till I finally got it right. I ended up with a white blouse with a collar and no bra. If I rubbed my boobs the nipples made peaks in the fabric. Short skirt and no panties and flip flops completed my outfit. And then my cell rang and it was Ray.

“Hello,” I said.

“Hi little girl, would you like to come over for a while?”

“Do bears live in the woods?” I said with a laugh.

Ray laughed too as he said, “See you in a bit, the door is unlocked.” and hung up.

I ran out the door and almost ran to his house. I didn’t want to appear too eager. I opened his door and didn’t see him around anywhere. I crept down the hall and peeked in his bedroom. There was the man, stark naked lying on his bed stroking his big black cock. He smiled and I smiled back as I ripped of my three pieces of cloths. I looked at this hunk and then laid down on top of him, mouth to mouth and buried my tongue in his.
We kissed awhile and then I scooted down and gripped his cock between my legs, tight up against my pussy. I lifted my ass up and down, jacking him off for awhile and then stopped.

“You know today is my birthday, right?” I asked.

“Yes, and Happy Birthday,” he replied.

“And you know what that means don’t you?”

“No, I don’t, what does that mean?”

“That means today you get my cherry, when I leave here I’ll be a virgin no more.”

“Are you sure little girl?” he asked.
“Yes, I’ve thought a lot about it and I want you to do it, please,” I said like I was begging for an ice cream cone.

“How do you want to do it?” he asked. “With you on your back I would be in control of how fast you took me but with you on top you would have control and could take me as slow as you wanted.”

“You on top, I trust you to not hurt me too much.”

With that he rolled me over on my back and slid down and kissed my pussy. “I get one last chance to devour a virgin love hole before I do it, OK? He asked.

I pushed my pussy up against his face in answer. His tongue and lips did their job and I was squirting love juice in no time. All I was feeling was wonderful and all I was thinking was I want to be fucked. Finally I begged, “Please, now, do it now!”

Ray moved up and rubbed my pussy with his hard cock. Then he pressed the head against the hole and gently entered just a bit. It felt wonderful so far. Then he pushed a bit more and I was starting to feel filled. A bit more and I began to realize how wonderful fucking was going to be. And then I could feel the head of his big cock press against the restriction.

“Are you ready, I think I’m there?” Ray asked.

“Yes,” I whispered, “Please do it.”

With that I pushed my pelvis up just as he pushed in and the sharp pain told me I was no longer a virgin. Ray stopped and asked if I was OK. The pain was very strong but I said, “Yes, just fuck me.” I was at the high point of a girl’s life. I wanted it so bad but was also a little uneasy. I relaxed as best I could as Ray began to push harder and began his chore. After a few minutes the pain mostly went away and I began enjoying what a man and a woman do. Ray at times moved in and out of me very slowly and then he would hammer away. I don’t know how many times I climaxed but it was several. After maybe 10 minutes he asked,

“Are you on the pill?”

“No,” I replied.

He pulled out of me and reached over into a drawer by the bed. He handed me a condom saying, “We don’t need to get you pregnant your first time do we?”

“Good thinking, I whispered, “But we don’t need to get me preggy the second or third time either.”

Our love making continued and I really enjoyed it in spite of the occasional pain. Ray would fuck me a bit and then stop with his cock buried in me, which was quite enjoyable. He did this 3 or 4 times over the next 30 minutes telling me he stopped so he would cum. I rode him cowgirl which I learned to really enjoy because I could move my hips in circles and sideways and front to back giving myself all kinds of pleasure. The he rolled me over on my side and rolled me over so we spooned and he pounded away. And then as he was fucking me really hard doggy style he started moaning and muttered “I can’t stop this time,” and with a yowl he pushed his cock all the way in me and stopped. My cunt was so full I was on a cloud from the wonderful feeling.

The big cock was removed from my cunny and I watched as my man pulled a very full rubber of his cock. He smiled and asked, “Do you want this and will you clean me up?”

I told him to hold onto it as I moved over in front of him down on my elbows. I opened my mouth and immediately had his cum cover cock down my throat. I sucked it a bit then he pulled it out so I could lick it off. Then I laid back and opened my mouth. I got a big smile as he emptied his cum into it.

Ray lay down next to me and we cuddled awhile before he asked me if I was alright and if it was good.

“I am OK fine and it was wonderful,” I replied and planted a big kiss on his lips.

I was just enjoying being with him and laying by him with his arm over me when I saw the clock telling me it was almost 6. “Shit,” I said as I got up and out of bed, “Mom will be home any minute and we are going out to dinner.”

I was a little woozy as I got into my cloths. Ray asked if I was alright and things straightened out and I said I was fine. I kissed him and headed out the door. As I ran home I thought to myself, you have been a cum bucket for about 2 years, now you will probably become the town whore.

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