A gym shower playtime story
I first noticed Jack in the locker room. He came in while I was getting into my gym clothes. I didn't really take particular notice, since I obviously see lots of guys in the locker room, and occasionally appreciate their good looks. Little did I know how much I would appreciate Jack's. I finished getting ready, closed up my locker, and headed out of the locker room.
As I was resting in between sets of leg lifts, I saw Jack again. He was in the middle of a set and glistening with sweat. I thought about how long it had been since I'd been attracted to a man, much less actually been with one, and felt a small stirring in the pit of my stomach. As is common for me, I was already a bit horny, given how long my wife and I often went between having sex. I was sure at that point that I would have to get off soon, or else I'd be pitching a tent for the rest of the day. I finished my workout shortly thereafter, and headed back into the locker room to get cleaned up.
I stopped for a minute on the way down and took a piss, and by the time I got back down to the locker room, Jack was already there, beginning to get undressed. I went to my locker and stripped down, trying to hurry since my cock was starting to get hard. On my way into the showers, I glimpsed Jack walking behind me, and immediately sized up his more than ample cock and flat belly. He was very cut, and I figured there was no way he would be interested in anyone who was a bit overweight like me. I made my way to the last shower on the left (for more privacy). When I was pulling the curtain closed, I just happened to catch Jack's eyes, as he was entering the shower across the way, and lingered there for just an extra second. I thought I caught the faintest hint of a smile as he pulled the curtain in front of him, but dismissed it as nothing.
I turned around and flipped the shower to its hottest setting and went about the business of washing myself, caressing every part of my body as I did so. Now that I was cleaned up, and horny as fuck to boot, I put some body wash in my hand and started slowly stroking my now hard seven inch dick. I soon lost myself in fantasies about Jack's hard body pressed against mine, kissing me passionately, and only came back to reality when I heard a curtain move.
I turned around and almost broke my nose on Jack's cheekbone as he slipped into my shower stall. Startled, I tried to protest, but he just grabbed my cock and kissed me. I gave in, and responded in kind, running my fingers through his hair and pulling him towards me as our tongues duelled vigorously. I pulled away and began kissing my way downwards, wanting to feel that gorgeous cock in my throat. I kissed his cheek, and bit his neck, then stopped to tongue his nipple for a minute. At that, he let out a gasp, closed his eyes, and urged me downwards, putting pressure on my shoulders. I took my left hand off his cock, and as my head went down, it went up to replace my tongue on his chest. As I neared his package, I could still faintly smell his sweat, which only encouraged me more. I licked down the top of his shaft, pulling back his foreskin when I got to the tip, and lightly flicked my tongue back and forth across his frenulum. I then proceeded to swallow his cock whole while I gently fondled his balls. Bobbing my head up and down on his hard cock, I caressed his chest and worried his nipples with my fingertips.
After a few minutes of this, I couldn't stand it any more, and had to move back up to kiss him again. As we made out, we stroked each other's cocks and I pressed him against the wall of the shower.
I had to have him inside me, so I turned my back to him, and holding his cock with one hand, leaned back to kiss him as I lined him up with my asshole. I leaned forward and he grabbed my hips and in one smooth motion, pushed his cock past my sphincter and deep into my ass. He pulled out slowly and began fucking me steadily, increasing the pace gradually. I braced myself against the opposite wall and pushed my ass onto his cock in time with his thrusts. As I was getting closer to cumming, he reached around and began rubbing around my cock and playing with my balls. I wanted to cum with him though, so I leaned back and kissed him over my shoulder again, arching my back so I could ride his cock at the same time. We stopped kissing for a moment and I began slamming my ass onto his cock faster and faster, and he whispered in my ear "Do you want my cum in your ass, or your mouth?" I turned back towards him and mouthed "My Ass" and then nibbled on his ear. This was obviously what he had wanted to hear, because he grabbed my hips again, and as we were kissing, pulled me towards him harder and faster than ever. Only moments later, he broke away from our kissing and slammed his cock deeper than ever, hitting my prostate so hard that it pushed me over the edge. As I attacked his mouth in a fit of passion, my cock pulsed nearly in time with his as he pumped hot ropes of jizz deep into my man cunt.
I leaned back against him, exhausted, and nearly fell down as aftershocks shuddered through my body. We stood there for a minute or so, until his cock softened enough that it slipped out of my ass, and I finally turned around to face him again. We shared a look, and one last long lingering kiss, and he poked his head out of the stall to make sure the coast was clear, and then he left without another word. I cleaned myself up again, got dressed and went back to my normal routine and I only saw Jack from afar after that.

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2013-01-14 01:08:41
Good job making it aapper easy.

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