The final chapter of Preteen Dream!
Welcome to Part 3 and possibly the final instalment of Preteen Dream. I may continue the series afterwards if the demand is high but for the most part, I will be moving onto a new series, which I will explain at the end of the story.

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Preteen Dream Part 3
Written by Cuddlesthabear

I slowly opened my eyes after a few minutes of resting and stared longingly at the door to the bathroom. My body was exhausted and I found it difficult to summon the strength to move any of my muscles. Forcefully though, I quickly washed my body with the cloth as Charlotte lay against the side of the bathtub.

The water was beginning to grow cold and I could see my fingertips becoming all wrinkly. I prodded Charlotte on the leg and told her to get up so we could dry off. I dragged my body out of the water and shivered slightly as the last remaining drops ran down my back and legs before splashing against the tiled floor.

Charlotte struggled as well as she attempted to climb out of the tub. I helped her over the edge but she stumbled slightly as she made contact with the slippery floor. I quickly caught her and laughed tiredly as I held her upright. I grabbed a big pink towel that was resting on the towel rack in the corner of the room.

I moved quickly back over to Charlotte and began to rub her body dry with the towel. I began with her arms; I wrapped the towel around them, and began to rub up and down quickly in order to dry her. I continued to dry before stroking her skin with my hand to make sure that she was properly dry.

I then moved onto her chest; I wrapped the towel around her body, and began to rub all over, taking extra care as I rubbed her slightly raised mounds. I gently stroked her body checking for any damp spots before moving onto the next part of her body. I could hear Charlotte moaning softly as I caressed her body gently with the towel.

I finished drying of the rest of her body until all that was left was her swollen pussy that glistened slightly under the harsh light of the bathroom. I brought the towel to her pussy lips and began to rub gently around the outside causing Charlotte to gasp at the softness of the towel making contact with her bare pussy.

I grinned to myself as I pushed a little harder and began to rub up and down, drying out her soft delicate skin. After several moments of rubbing I ran my hand around her pussy to make sure it was dry. I grinned slightly as I ran my fingertip down the slit of her pussy lips causing Charlotte to shudder under my touch.

“How strange, you’re pussy is still all wet!” I giggled sarcastically as I continued to run my finger up and down her lips. She responded only by moaning and grinding her hips against my touch but I had decided she had had enough attention from me and it was my turn.

“Come on Charlotte, you’ve had all the attention tonight! I want you to pay me back now.” I pouted to her. I stood in front of her with my arms folded while she wrapped the towel tightly around herself. My skin had already dried naturally from the heat in the bathroom but I still wanted some fun.

“Fine then! But let’s go into your room first.” She said with a slight tone of disappointment to her voice.

“Ok, I’ll meet you in my room, I’ll tell Dad we’re going to bed.” I said as I opened the bathroom door. I walked outside the door and looked up and down the landing wondering where my dad was. I called out to him from the landing.

“Dad!?” I yelled

“I’m downstairs honey.” He shouted back. I ran down the stairs quickly taking the steps two at a time before jumping the final few, almost slipping on the floor. I ran into the living room and saw my dad sitting in the armchair watching TV. I quickly jumped up onto his lap and hugged him tightly.

He wrapped his arms around me and tickled my hips slightly before wrestling me to the floor, laughing all the while. I begged him to stop through my own laughter and it took me moments of torture before I could finally wriggle away from his reach. As I scrambled away to the other side of the room he sat back in his chair and looked at me casually.

“We’re off to bed now daddy.” I said through deep intakes of breath.

“Alright sweetie, don’t stay up too late though please.” He said as he reached over for his glass of wine that rested on a table by the armchair. He took a deep sip of it as he watched me closely. I shivered slightly under his gaze but shrugged it off as I ran towards him and gave him another warm hug before saying goodnight and kissing him on the cheek.

“Good-night sweetie.” He said as he gave me a kiss himself on my cheek. I turned around to walk away before I quickly felt a sharp playful slap on my bum. I yelped loudly in surprise and turned around to hit my daddy playfully. He grinned as he struggled to keep the wine glass steady while I attacked him with light slaps on his legs.

“Now Now! Go to bed!” he said while laughing warmly. I rolled my eyes as I said night while laughing softly myself. I went to the door and turned around one last time and stuck my tongue out menacingly at him before running out of the living room, making sure that the door was closed behind me.

“You’ll regret that sweetie!” I heard him shout from behind the door in a jokey voice. I sighed to myself at how much of a child he could be at times, even though I was 10 I still at times felt as though I was older than he was. I stretched my body trying to make my sleepiness go away before running back up the stairs.

I quickly turned out the bathroom light and carried on into my room where I closed the door behind me and leant against sighing with relief and excitement. I looked around the room for Charlotte and noticed her sitting up in my bed. I moved over, turned my night light on, and turned the overhead light of so my dad would think we were asleep.

I then ran over to the ladder and quickly climbed up onto the softness of my bed sheets, I grabbed Charlotte and pinned her down on the bed and I laid there on top of her trying to restrain her. She struggled and kicked out trying to prise me of her, she eventually succeeded, and she managed to scramble on top of me before pinning me down, stomach flat against the bed.

I felt her bum sit on top of my back and she held me there securely, her arms keeping mine pinned next to my body. She rotated her body so that she could user her feet to pin my arms by my sides leaving her own arms free. She giggled as she held me there and I continued to struggle while also laughing myself.

My body was tingling all over and I felt very excited, my excitement however, intensified dramatically as I felt a light slap against my bum cheek. I let out a slight squeal as Charlotte’s hand made contact with my skin. The place she slapped me tingled slightly as a small amount of pain shot through my body. However, I hardly felt the pain and it felt more pleasurable instead.

“Now you have to do exactly as I want or I’ll net let you go!” Charlotte said in a mocking voice. I shivered slightly as her words echoed in my ear and I suddenly felt very excited for some strange reason. All of this was new to both of us but at the same time it felt somewhat natural and in the end it was enjoyable so it had to be all right.

“From now you’ll call me Princess Charlotte and you’ll be my slave.” She said evilly into my ear. I tried to struggle while giggling to myself at how silly Charlotte was been.

“Nah! I’ll be the princess and you can be the slave!” I said in retaliation. I soon felt another slap on my other bum cheek and again the impact tingled and sent electric shocks through my body that caused me to moan rather than scream. The slap itself was rather gentle but still hurt slightly but yet again, that pain turned into pleasure. I giggled slightly and I could hear Charlotte laughing also as she enjoyed playing this new game.

“Bad slave! If you do not behave, I will keep smacking your bottom until you do! Naughty slave!” she said before adding another gentle slap at the end of her sentence to make her point. I could feel my pussy tensing and pulsating slightly as I uncontrollably ground my hips into the bed sheets, letting the soft material caress my pussy.

As I gently thrusted, I could feel wetness on my back and a large amount of heat radiate from Charlotte’s pussy and I could tell she was also feeling pleasurable feelings erupt through her body. I was breathing in quickly as I replied.

“Sorry Princess Charlotte, I’ll behave, I promise!” I said in a faked pleading voice, I was enjoying this game and I did not want it to end anytime soon so I happily played along as I continued to ride the waves of pleasure that fluttered through my body like a swarm of butterflies.

“Good slave, now for behaving I will give you a reward.” She said with a cheeky grin painted across her face. I could only just see her face out of the corner of my eye as I turned my head sideways against the mattress.

“If I get up do you promise to be good?” she said in a stern but jokey voice.

“I promise Princess.” I replied equally as jokey. I could not stop giggling at how naughty this game felt yet it felt so good at the same time. I felt the weight of Charlotte’s body leave mine and I watched as she sat on her knees in the middle of my sprawled legs.

I arched my back slightly to get rid of the ache where Charlotte had sat on me. I however then laid there perfectly still waiting for Charlotte to instruct me on what to do next. I could tell she was thinking of what to do and she was slightly nervous herself but I just smiled as I watched her from the corner of my eye.

She saw my smile and acknowledged it by restoring her grin to her face. She folded her arms and spoke softly and gently, a more relaxed version of her princess voice.

“Roll over onto your back.” She said simply. I quickly complied and turned my body onto my back, my swollen pussy facing her boldly. She looked directly into my eyes before she moved onto all fours in front of me and she climbed up so that her head was level with mine.

She moved her head down to my left slightly and whispered into my ear:

“Time for your reward.” She whispered. As she spoke, I shivered as chills went down my spine directly to my pussy and I felt a wave of pleasure convulse over my body. However, I was not prepared for what Charlotte did next! She moved back quickly, lowered her head to my chest, and wrapped her lips around my left nipple where my boobies would hopefully form.

I began to scream in pleasure but Charlotte quickly covered my mouth with her hand and muffled my scream. I felt my body explode as wave after wave shook through my body like an earthquake. The feeling was incredible and the best I had ever experienced so far. I really needed to find out what this feeling was called!

As my body calmed down I began to feel Charlotte sucking gently like a baby on my nipple, in addition I could also feel her tongue swirling around it gently. It felt slimy but the feeling was incredible as each suck sent waves of pleasure through my body that ended up back in my pussy causing it to pulsate and tense constantly, each time the pleasure increased.

I was breathing franticly now, struggling to take in enough air as Charlottes hand clasped my mouth shut. I however moaned with every breath I could spare as she continued to lick my nipple. I bucked my hips upwards and I could feel my soaked pussy brush softly against Charlottes belly as I bucked.

I continued to buck harder and harder, desperate to keep making contact with Charlotte’s soft skin, allowing the pleasure to fly all around my body and crash into each other sending eruptions up and down my spine like a busy road filled with race cars. Everything felt simply amazing and wonderful to me and I was somewhat sad that I had only just discovered this amazing thing but happy that I discovered it with my best friend.

After what seemed like eternity but in reality must have been only five to ten minutes, she released my nipple from her mouth which was now rock hard and swollen slightly with redness around the tip from where she had sucked slightly too hard. I stared up at the ceiling as Charlotte sat there on all fours leaning over my body.

She giggled slightly as she released her grasp on my mouth; I let out a long sigh, which caused Charlotte to burst into laughter even more. She moved back, sat on her knee’s again in front of me, and covered her mouth as she laughed hysterically. I could see her other hand motioning quickly down by her pussy and I smiled to myself as I laid there catching my breath.

“Thank-you Princess! That was great!” I weakly stammered while trying to gasp for air. I propped myself up with my arms behind my back and sat upright with my legs spread open allowing the wetness to seep slowly into the sheets.

I cautiously moved my hand to my pussy and stroked the slit gently, it almost hurt that it was so sensitive; I found it amazing that so much pleasure could actually hurt! My pussy felt very slimy and slippery though and I scooped up this wetness in my fingers and rubbed them together. It was very slippery and the juice shimmered slightly under the faint light.

I moved my hand to my mouth and sniffed it hesitantly; I was so nervous that it looked like I almost half expected it to attack me. The smell was quite sweet like honey so out of instinct I brought my fingers to my mouth and gingerly stuck out my tongue, making contact slowly with my fingers.

I could see Charlotte sitting on her knee’s rubbing her pussy slowly, inserting her finger in and out of her pussy, rubbing mostly against her swollen and sensitive button, she was moaning slightly as she forced her eyes to stay open and watch my every move.

I licked the wet juice from my fingers and tasted it for a moment, my face was slightly quizzical as I tried to interoperate the taste but I could not think of anything that tasted the same. What it did taste like though was something very sweet and it was very smooth yet sticky. I could feel it sticking to my teeth and the roof of my mouth slightly as I swirled my tongue around my mouth making sure I licked up every drop.

I decided I liked the taste and so I put the two wet fingers into my mouth and I began to suck the juice off them hungrily, making slight ‘mmhm’ noises as I hungrily feasted. Charlotte stared at me in awe while she continued to stroke her pussy.

I removed my now clean fingers from my mouth and licked my lips slowly. I giggled slightly as I looked at Charlotte.

“Try it! It tastes great!” I said as I nodded towards her busy hand. She shook her head quickly to break the trance she was in before she scooped up some of the juice from her saturated pussy as I had done. I watched her as she slowly brought her fingers to her mouth. I stared in anticipation with a smile across my face as I watched her lips slowly part.

She steadily put the fingers into her open mouth and I nodded reassuringly before she clamped her lips shut around the fingers. I watched as she began to suck and I saw her eyes light up in amazement and I could tell she adored the taste. She quickly and confidently sucked harder on her fingers before quickly scooping up another finger full of juice from her pussy and devouring it hungrily.

I laughed as she feasted hungrily on herself and I quickly scooped up another load myself and joined her in the feast.

“It tastes great doesn’t it?” I said half way through licking my fingers clean.

“Oh my god I’ve never tasted anything this good before!” she responded in a husky voice. Soon though I could feel the wetness in my pussy slowly running out and before long, we both sat there with nothing left to feast on.

“Hey, you know how you sucked on my nipple?” I asked hesitantly, unsure of whether to ask the question or not. Charlotte looked at me and nodded slowly wondering where I was going with this.

“Well, can’t you do the same thing to my pussy?” I asked quickly, sighing with relief as I got it of my chest.

“Eww! But you pee from there!” she responded, grimacing slightly as she looked at my pussy.

“But we’ve already licked the juice ourselves and put our fingers inside each other.” I protested. I really wanted to try this to see if it could feel as good as when she sucked on my nipples.

“I don’t know… you have to lick my pussy first if we do.” She said in a reluctant voice.

“That’s not fair!” I moaned in disgust “It was my idea! You should lick me first!”

“But I’m the princess and you are my slave, or should I punish you again?” she said with a grin on her face, she rose her hand into the air slightly to make her point but I was not giving up this time.

“How about we lick at same time?” I suggested, desperate to play fairly so that we could both win.

“How can we do that?” she asked almost stunned, in addition forgetting her princess authority.

“Easy!” I said. “We’re pretty much same height so just climb on top of me and turn so you’re facing other way.” I explained, motioning with my hands what to do.

“So my bum is near your face you mean?” she asked while giggling. When she put it that way I also giggled but nodded in agreement. Charlotte clumsily moved her body into position and I laid back down on the bed. I watched as her bum came ever closer before stopping directly above my face.

I could clearly see her pussy and feel the heat radiate onto my face. I licked my lips in anticipation.

“Are you ready?” I asked.

“Not really, but let’s do it” she responded in a nervous voice. I smiled and ran my hand across her pussy causing her to jump in surprise but she gently lowered her bum down and I felt her pussy resting on my lips.

“Let’s do this.” I said with a wave of reassurance. I moved my tongue through my lips and stretched it outwards making contact with Charlotte’s pussy. At the same time, I felt her warm and wet tongue against my button in my pussy and I gasped as I drove my tongue inside Charlottes Pussy, which in turn caused her to do the same.

We both moaned into each other’s pussy’s sending vibrations from our mouths straight into the swollen and sensitive mounds in between each other’s legs. Our bodies shook violently as pleasure assaulted us ferociously. Moan after moan escaped my mouth into Charlotte’s pussy sending her into uncontrollable spasm. I felt her hips grind roughly against my mouth and I could feel her pussy lips clamp down on my tongue squeezing it pleasurably as I lapped at her sweet juice.
At the same time, I was thrusting my hips upwards trying to hold Charlottes tongue deep inside my own spasming pussy. I could feel her lick up every drop of juice that formed in my pussy while in turn I hungrily devoured hers. I ran my tongue up and down the slit of her pussy like a rabid animal.

We were completely out of control, feasting on each other’s juices not wanting to stop in fear that the other would also stop. I continued to assault her pussy with my tongue and I made sure I licked and sucked on her sensitive button at the top of her pussy, which caused her to grind deeply against my face.

I found it difficult to make all of the juice go inside my mouth and I could feel wetness all over my chin and nose as she buckled wildly. I was doing the same but I could feel my hips tiring and my mind going hazy as my vision began to blur. I closed my eyes and kept licking and sucking and lapping for all I was worth before I finally lost the ability to think.

I felt my thoughts come back into life in a dim lit room. I could see the ceiling clearly above me and it took me a moment to realise what had happened. I sat up with my elbows behind my back holding me arched up slightly. I looked over to my left and saw Charlotte lying on her stomach next to me, her pussy and bum staring proudly at me in the light of the room.

The memories came rushing back and I fell back against the bed as I felt a shiver run through my spine and I smiled proudly to myself as I thought of all the events that had passed. I fumbled clumsily as I leant over the edge of my bunk bed desk to look at the clock that was lying face up on my drawers.

The clock read 11:26 PM. It was very late but I felt wide-awake and there was no way that I could sleep after having so much fun. I gently crawled over to Charlotte and lay on my stomach next to her. I put my head down on its side and stared at Charlotte’s face as she slept.

I lay next to her for a while, smiling as my heart melted watching her sleep. She was adorable when she slept and I did not want to disturb her but there was far too much fun to be had. I gently shook her shoulder and giggled slightly as she groaned and tried to roll over.

“Charlotte, wake up.” I whispered, cautious that my daddy would probably be upstairs in bed himself now.

She groaned again but slowly her eyes parted to face me. She stared at me for a moment before gasping in fright. I laughed as her body shot up and she recoiled away from me in fear. I covered my mouth in an attempt to muffle my laughter.

“Wh… Wh… Wha.. What..” She stammered, her eyes darting all around the room. I continued to laugh into my hand as I shook my head. Charlotte really was a fool at times.

“It’s me silly! Daisy.” I said, keeping my voice relatively low. She relaxed a little and I could tell by her face that she was beginning to piece together the events of that night. I chuckled before letting out a pitiful sigh. I moved over to Daisy, sat next to her, and wrapped my arms around her, holding her warm body against me.

She snuggled her head against me and I was convinced that she was almost purring like a kitten. I stroked her soft hair as we leant together on my bed in the dim light of my room. There was a strong smell in the air that smelled of pussy juice and I breathed in the scent lovingly. I smiled to myself as I kept replaying the events repeatedly in my head.
“What time is it?” Charlotte muttered in a quiet voice

“Half eleven almost, are you too tired to stay up?” I asked reassuringly.

“Nah, you scared me so much that I’m wide awake.” She giggled in response. I smiled guiltily to myself as I held my arms tightly around her.

“Sorry,… Princess. You should punish me.” I said in a mocking tone. I could feel the excitement already building back in-between my legs. It took a moment for Charlotte to remember the princess and slave game but she quickly resumed her dominant role.

“Yes... I should, you have been very naughty waking me up like that!” she shouted in a quiet voice, I quickly motioned for her to keep quiet as possible and she nodded apologetically before resuming character.

“Now lie down slave so I can slap your bum!” she commanded sternly. I could see though she was desperately trying to hold back a smile of pleasure.

“Yes Princess.” I replied in a pitiful voice that I put on to show I was scared though inside I was bursting with joy; I loved having Charlotte slap my bum for some reason. I lay down on my stomach in front of Charlotte and placed my hands under my head to act as a pillow.

“You’ll get ten slaps for been so naughty!” she said, her voice breaking slightly from giggles.

I tensed my bum in anticipation and then I felt the first slap against my skin. The sound was alarmingly loud in the quietness of the room and I tensed sharply through fear rather than pain but moaned never the less as pleasure rode around my body.

Charlotte paused and stared at the door in slight fear as well, we stayed like that for a few minutes but after hearing no movement, we sighed with relief and resumed the game.

“I’m feeling nice so I’ll only give you five slaps slave.” She said in a kind yet harsh tone. I let out a fake whimper and braced as her hand came down on my bum again, slapping the skin gently enough as not to hurt me but hard enough to cause a slight sting. I moaned and grinded my hips into the bed as her hand made contact.

I felt her hand slap me two more times, each slap caused me to shake slightly and grind my hips sharply into the bed, desperate to relieve the tension that was rapidly building in my pussy. I moaned and breathed heavily and as her final slap made contact, I felt her hand rest against my enflamed cheek.

She left her hand there and began to caress my cheek with soft circular motions, occasionally squeezing lightly and giggling. I slowly thrusted my hips back and forth against the bed, I could feel the softness of the sheets caressing my aching pussy sending pleasure through my body.

I groaned and panted as I continued to thrust harder and faster, all the while Charlotte stroked my bum gently.

“You’re enjoying this punishment aren’t you slave.” She asked menacingly. I shifted slightly so that I could look at her while talking and I could see that she was rubbing her pussy while she stroked my bum and I instantly broke into a pleasured smile.
“Yes princess, please punish me more.” I begged, this time my pleas were 100% real as I never wanted the feelings to end and I wanted the night to last for the rest of my life. She grinned and slid her hand down from my bum and I felt her finger push apart my pussy lips as it entered inside me.

I let out a long groan as I felt my lips part way as her finger invaded my pussy. As soon as she was knuckle deep, I instantly grasped hold of her finger with my pussy and began to squeeze it pleasurably. I felt Charlotte begin to wiggle her finger around inside my pussy, rubbing briskly against the walls that clamped around it.

I shook constantly and forced my pussy into the bed causing Charlotte’s finger to push inside even deeper. Every time she moved deeper, I let out a moan and not before long; I began to pant uncontrollably as I felt my pussy explode from another bomb of pleasure. I clasped my hands over my mouth quickly as I screamed into them. I pushed my head hard into the mattress hoping to muffle myself.

Through my ears, I could hear Charlotte rasp a deep intake of breath before moaning loudly. She quickly withdrew her finger from my pussy and pushed it inside her mouth to muffle her own pleasurable release. Our bodies shook for minutes as we felt wave after wave of pleasure flow through us. All the strength in my body had gone and it felt as though I was aching all over.

Charlotte fell down next to me and her face landed opposite mine. We stared into each other’s eyes for ages, unable to move due to exhaustion but we smiled pleasantly. I summoned all of the strength I had to move my body right up against hers as we laid on our sides opposite each other.

I wrapped my arms around her, she did the same with hers, and we embraced each other tightly. Clinging on with what little strength we had left. My vision was blurry and my body was so sensitive that the slightest movement sent me wild.

I felt Charlotte gently push her foot in between the middle of her legs and I felt her legs wrap around mine causing her pussy to press tightly against mine. I shuddered in pleasure as I felt the heat and wetness melt into my own pussy and I sighed deeply before pushing my lips against Charlottes.

I kissed her softly, clumsily parting her lips with my tongue where I met her own tongue that still tasted sweet from the juices earlier. Our tongues nestled together as we breathed deeply through our noses, our bodies had seemingly become one massive nest of pleasure and every twitch and movement cascaded through both of our bodies sending electricity up and down our spines.

I knew that from this day on Charlotte and I would forever be more than just friends with a secret, but something else entirely, I have no idea what… but I had feeling we would soon find out. Tonight was a dream,

A pre-teen dream, the likes of which I would never ever forget, and to this day, I never have.

The End.

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