Most of the old estate had been sold off years ago, some to a farm and some to a dairy. My name is Tyler McHenry and I am twenty and for the last four years had worked twelve to sixteen hours a day. I used the money I had saved to buy fifty acres on each side of the old estate road. It had the old stone estate bridge and the twin bridge houses.

I was going to build a nice house just off the road. I was working a night shift as an apprentice electrician and had moved out of my parents house. I moved into the bridge houses, the twin rooms beside the bridge were small but stairs went down to a large room under the bridge.

I fashioned a couple of small wind generators on top of each bridge house which was more than enough to provide electricity for the lights. I had two days off when I came downstairs and walked to the large bed against the back wall. There was several decorative stone torches beside the arched blank doorways sticking out of the back wall.

I pulled my pants off and looked around before tossing them onto one of the torches. I had several things hanging from the other torches so it wasn’t unusual. The loud click was different and made me stop and look at the torch. I stepped closer and looked at it and it seemed shorter.

I pushed down and in and it slid another couple of inches before there was another click and the back of the blank doorway pivoted and turned. I pushed on the wall and it turned easily to show a ramp down to a dark room. I went to get my flashlight and slowly went through the now open doorway.

I walked down the ramp and stared at the huge wide room filled with racks of large glass jars and shiny silver colored bars in stacks. I counted the stacks of bars and came up with a two hundred in a stack and five stacks. I lifted one bar from the closest stack and it wasn’t silver, I smiled when I realized it was platinum.

It only weighted about ten pounds and I looked at the stack. Ten pounds per bar, two hundred bars per stack, five stacks... I went to look at one of the jars and saw the wide neck had a piece of wax sealing it. Through the old wavy glass I saw rolls of paper or something with an old wooden dowel in the middle.

There was a metal crest on the end but I didn’t know what it meant, I finally walked out. My mind whirled and I looked at the stone torch. I reached out and pulled it out of the wall and back into place. It slid back into place and the wall grated as it slowly closed and clicked as it locked. I sat on my bed as I began to think and plot.

I made several calls and went to bed, of course it took a long time to go to sleep. I was up early the next day and cleared the way from both stairs to the hidden vault. I opened it and went to wash and wait, thirty minutes later a large semi came across the stone bridge and went down to where the road ended before turning around.

It came back and parked beside the road. Ten minutes later a van brought out several men and a limo followed it. I waited for the man in the limo and led him down and into the vault. He looked around at the stacks of bars before testing several randomly to confirm they were platinum. He finally nodded and we started bargaining.

He wrote the check and I checked with my bank before depositing it with my phone. When I was done he brought the men down. It was silent after they were all gone and I slowly walked through the vault. All I could see were racks of old glass jars. The scrolls seemed to haunt me as I drove into the city.

I was going to see a lawyer but went to the library instead. I used the library and started looking up the scroll crest. I finally sat back and thought before grinning and calling an old friend that worked in the college, he was dating a woman that was an archeologist. I made a date for him to come out and then went to see the lawyer.

When I pulled across the stone bridge it was to see a few cars and my friend. He had a woman with him but I frowned at the other people as I parked and got out of my truck. Several headed towards me as I turned to grab the bags of groceries. They started asking questions about treasure and I nodded to the bridge, “This is private property. I don’t have a treasure.”

Charles frowned as I walked to the door where he was standing, “What’s with the reporters?”

I gestured and he opened the door and they followed me down. I set the bags on my table and turned, “I found a hidden vault.”

He blinked and the woman grinned, “from the estate?”

I shrugged, “probably.”

I walked to the torch and pushed it in. I pushed the vault door the rest of the way open before grabbing the electric lantern I had bought, “I found old bars of platinum but I also found racks of old scrolls.”

I led them in and the woman grinned when I nodded to the shelves, “I don’t know what the scrolls are but...”

She stepped closer and peered into the glass jar. She gasped and turned to look at me, “That’s the crest for the library of Alexandria!”

I looked at the jar and shrugged, “I wouldn’t know.”

I let her take a jar before closing the vault. I wanted to spend time with Charles and catch up but Jessica wanted to go straight to her workroom. I spent the day having the reporters removed and speaking to a few people. I called to quit and spent the rest of the day relaxing and fishing. It was evening and I had just finished eating when I heard a car on the bridge.

I went up expecting more reporters and found a black limo instead. Several men got out and one walked towards me, “Mr. McHenry?”

I nodded and he smiled, “I am from the Egyptian embassy and came to collect our property.”

I smiled, “Then you have wasted your time. I don’t have anything that belongs to you or your government.”

He looked at me carefully, “I was told you have scrolls?”

I glanced at the other men, “What I have belongs to me.”

He straightened, “It belongs to Egypt.”

I gestured to his car, “that was before your people tried to burn them. They were found here and not in your country. I can have my lawyer contact you.”

He took a breath before relaxing, “perhaps we got off on the wrong foot. Would you sell the scrolls?”

I looked at him carefully, “If I find out they are authentic I might.”

He grinned, “excellent, we have several eager archeologist that have joined Ms Penny. They should be able to tell as soon as they open the jar.”

I pulled my phone out and called the number Jessica had left for me. I had to try three times before she answered and snapped, “I’m busy!”

I grinned as I turned from the man but put the phone on speaker, “Its Tyler. I have Egyptians here trying to claim my scrolls.”

“Don’t let them have anything!”

I smiled and glanced back, “I have no intention of giving anything to anyone. I was told you were going to open the jar?”

She sighed, “That would be my next step but I have two dozen people here trying to take over.”

I looked at the Egyptian, “I made myself clear when I gave the scroll to you. I gave it to you to look at and not someone else. It is your decision on who helps or not. If they don’t like it you can returned the scroll and they can suffer.”

She took a breath before exhaling, “thanks, I needed that.”

She laughed, “tell the Egyptian government you want harem girls before you start bargaining.”

I grinned as I looked at the Egyptian who grinned back at me. I glanced at the other men, “I think he heard you.”

I sighed, “what does it look like so far?”

She coughed, “very good. The jar and wax passed the tests so now I just need to open the jar and remove the scroll.”

I thought and nodded to myself, “do it tomorrow. Send everyone away and have someone guard it. Take whatever steps you need to but wait until you are rested to open the jar.”

She laughed, “Like I would be able to rest.”

I smiled, “Don’t rush.”

When I hung up the Egyptian smiled, “perhaps I could return tomorrow and see the other scrolls?”

I shook my head, “No one sees the scrolls until they are checked.”

He nodded and finally turned to his car. After they were gone I tied a rope across the other end of the bridge and put up a sign to keep people from crossing. My lawyer was there first thing in the morning and then more reporters and then a crowd of people that just wanted to look. A sheriff deputy came out to chase everyone away and I finally got to relax.

I ended up speaking to the state department as I was eating lunch. They wanted me to turn the scrolls over to the Egyptian government and I stumped them by asking if the Egyptian government would provide me with a detailed list of the names and description of each item. I knew they couldn’t since they had no idea what wasn’t destroyed.

When the Egyptian arrived again I was outside fishing and ignored them. I watched as he and his guards got out and then three stunningly beautiful young women, now he had my attention. They lifted and walked under the rope across the bridge as I continued to fish. When he walked up to me I shook my head, “I still haven’t heard anything.”

He grinned as he watched me bring in a small perch and throw it back. He sat beside my chair in the grass, “Our experts believe the scroll is authentic.”

I glanced at him, “Jessica hasn’t called and told me yet but I imagine there are a lot of tests to do.”

He smiled, “There are a great many but care must be taken not to damage the scroll.”

I nodded as I baited the line and threw it out, “I was thinking about that. I think that even if I sell them I want each one scanned so I have a copy to look at.”

I handed him the rod and he looked at me before grinning and accepting, “I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

I watched him and a moment later he jerked as a fish took the bait. I grinned, “Just reel it in.”

He did as I told him, grinning the whole time until he pulled the small perch out of the water. I took it off the hook and tossed it back, “they are mostly to small to eat, but fun to catch.”

I baited the line and tossed it out before handing the pole back to him, “Your government wants to buy the scrolls?”

He looked at me and sighed before handing me the pole, “If we must.”

I nodded, “there will be conditions. Each one must be checked by Dr Penny and authenticated. I want scans and the people must be able to see them and copies made so they can be read. For those consideration I will sell all the scrolls for one dollar each.”

He looked at me in surprise and then grinned, “I think that we can do that.”

I pulled the line in and stood, “come inside and I’ll make coffee.”

He stood and turned, “first I would like to present these three girls as gratitude for your generosity.”

I smiled as I looked at the girls and started for the gatehouse door, “My harem?”

He laughed as he followed and waved the girls closer, “yes.”

He looked around the room under the bridge as the girls whispered and I made coffee on a small table. Jessica called as I was handing him the cup and I answered, “Yes?”

She laughed, “its real!”

I grinned, “Then you need to get an armored truck. I made a deal with the Egyptian government. They can have the scrolls but you have to authenticate each one. Each one has to be scanned and copied and then the scroll must be displayed where they can be seen by people.”

“That sounds okay. Some will need to be translated.”

I smiled, “Scanned, copied and authenticated. They or you can translate them later.”

“I’ll be out tonight with a team to collect the rest of the scrolls.”

I look at the Egyptian, “What do I call you?”

He smiled, “Richard.”

I nodded and sipped my coffee, “You can arrange guards when Jessica comes for the other scrolls?”

He nodded as he sipped his coffee and I walked to the back wall and opened the vault entrance. I led him in and he followed me looking around, “This is amazing. We still don’t know how they were removed or how they have remained undiscovered all this time.”

I shrugged, “I would guess one or more of the library clerks, but I don’t know how they got here or how or why no one has ever shown them.”

I thought the girls were a joke until Richard left and they stayed. I looked at them after the limo pulled away and one finally grinned and took my hand, “I’m Sarah.”

She turned to the other two girls, “This is Esma and Simera.”

She pulled me back towards the door and down to the bed before letting me go. She started undressing and I could only stare at her beautiful breasts. I finally stripped and followed her onto the bed, “You are really harem girls?”

They laughed and Sarah pulled me close, “actually we are daughters of Sheik Omar.”

I looked at her as she straddled me and felt a hand lift my cock. Sarah wiggled and pushed back and my cock pushed into her warm, tight pussy. She shuddered and wiggled down my cock as the other two girls lay beside us. Esma caressed my chest, “We have been going to school here in your country because at home it would not be allowed.”

Simera nodded and caressed my face, “we would like to continue school if you approve.”

I groaned as Sarah’s pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. I cupped her breasts, “How old are you girls?”

Sarah started thrusting back and forth, “Sixteen.”

I looked at the other two girls, “But... triplets?”

They laughed and Esma leaned over to kiss me, “We are sisters from three different mothers.”

I grinned and tugged on Sarah’s nipples, “Sisters, yummy.”

They laughed as I pulled Sarah down and shifted around on the bed and started fucking her with deep thrusts. She hugged me and shuddered as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she stiffened and then started wailing as she writhed and thrashed around, “yyyyeeeessss!”

I thrust into her and pushed hard as I began gushing a huge torrent of cum. Sarah tilted her hips as she clung to me and shuddered while I kept pumping cum into her. When I stopped cumming I pulled out and sighed as I laid on my side and caressing her bulging pelvis. She looked at me and smiled softly, “That was better than I thought it would be.”

I grinned, “Me too.”

I looked at the other girls as they fingered their pussies, “Want help?”

They grinned and Esma pushed me onto my back and straddled me. She positioned my cock and pushed down to push it into her, “we broke our maidenhead to use your American tampons. That’s why we were the ones given to you.”

Simera giggled, “and because we like loving each other.”

I cupped Esma’s breasts and rubbed the nipples as she began to rock and fuck my cock, “I’ll have to watch all three of you do that some time.”

Simera laughed, “we knew you would understand.”

Sarah reached between Esma’s legs to finger her clit and she shuddered as her pussy clenched, “American men are different.”

I groaned and thrust up as Esma jerked and began to shake. She jerked back and forth on me erratically as her tight, warm pussy grasped at my cock. She started to wail as she convulsing and bucked while her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I shuddered and pulled her down before shifting around on the bed and fucking her with deep thrusts.

She continued to howl and scream as she wet me and shook. I fucked her hard and deep and then slowly as she jerked and tried to catch her breath. It was awhile before I thrust in and pressed into her hard as my cock throbbed and started gushing. Esma clutched me tight as she felt warm sperm pumping through her cervix, “aaaaahhhhh!”

When I was finished cumming she shuddered as her pussy clenched my cock. I kissed her and pulled out before laying beside her. Simera rubbed my chest, “Do me from behind?”

Sarah snickered and Esma giggled as I grinned and turned to roll to my knees. Simera rolled over and lifted her butt as I moved down behind her. I rubbed through her warm slippery pussy before pushing my cummy cock into her. She groaned into the bed as I held her hips and began to fuck her with long strokes.

Her tight pussy rippled around my cock as she kept pushing back. It was a couple of minutes before she jerked and started convulsing as she wailed and her pussy spasmed and tightened. She wet me as she thrust back harder and I began to fuck her hard and deep. I was hitting her cervix and pressing into her as she howled.

It was another ten minutes filled with shrieks, screams, wails, howls and finally just moans before I thrust into her and began pumping more spurts of cum. Simera shuddered as her pussy spasmed and milked the cum into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and dropped to the bed, pulling my cock out.

I took turns and fucked the three girls once more each before we got dressed. We sat on the bridge and dangled our feet over the side as we talked. Several armored trucks drove up the road with what almost looked like a convoy of black SUVs. I had to smile at Jessica as she took several pictures before moving each jar. It was morning before the last jar was removed.

The three girls were already in bed but I had to pull them out and undress them before pushing them back in. I held Esma against me as I relaxed and fell asleep. It was her warm butt pushing back against my hard cock that woke me. I slowly thrust against her and opened my eyes as I felt her hand bending and positioning my cock.

I pushed and she shivered as my cock slipped into her tight, warm pussy. I held her hip as I started to thrust into her deeper and fuck her slowly. It was a minute before she became erratic and began to jerk. Her pussy clenched and kept gripping my cock each time I shoved into her. I finally rolled on top of her and started to fuck her with long thrusts.

I was hitting and pressing against the back of the pussy. Esma wailed into the bed as she tilted her hips and kept pushing back. I fucked her hard and deep for a few minutes and by then she was incoherent as her body shook and convulsed. I buried my cock in her at the last second as it throbbed and grunted when I spewed a huge torrent of cum.

She screamed and jerked when she felt the warm sperm erupting in her and spasmed as her tight pussy milked it into her deeper. When I stopped cumming she slowly dropped to the bed panting. I pressed into her before pulling out and kissing her bare shoulder. I moved off the bed as Sarah and Simera giggled and followed me.

I waited for Esma to join us and led them up and out to use the small bathroom I had built. I watched as they douched and laughed when they pulled me down into the room and out the door under the bridge. I had set up a camp shower down there and the girls soaped up before wiggling and squirming against me as they giggled and laughed.

After washing I pulled the girls in to dry them and get dressed. Since I had money from the platinum bars I loaded the girls into my truck and went to town. I had been thinking and bought an RV trailer. The girls delighted in shopping for what we needed.

It took months for all the scrolls to be authenticated and by then the house I was building was finished. Sarah, Esma and Simera stayed with me and finished school and then got pregnant. The bridge is still there and our house is just across it and to one side. The secret room is still there too but I keep the door closed.
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