When my mom and dad started having problems I was sent to my uncle. He was retired army and lived in northern Japan. He had five sons and six daughters, all older than me. I was ten years old then and to keep me out of trouble he started taking me fishing on a lake connected to the ocean.

At first it was just him but since I liked it, my cousins began taking me until I was going almost everyday during the summer or fall. I started off catching one or two blue fin tuna each trip and selling them. As I grew older things changed, some of my cousins left. During school days I would go straight from school to the boat so I could fish.

I always had time on the boat to do homework so no one complained. When I reached my teens I thought about girls a lot but never really had the courage to do anything. I wrote and spoke to my mom or dad almost every week but it wasn’t until I was sixteen that my mother wanted me to come home, she and my father had ended up divorcing.

Almost all the money I made selling the tuna my uncle had put into stocks. It was the end of summer when he slipped away with an old navy friend. When he returned it was with five Chinese girls about fourteen.

He just walked into my room as I was getting up and smiled as I looked from him to the girls, “They belong to you. Their fathers had a choice, kill them or sell them into the sex trade. William and I convinced them to give the girls to us, now I am giving them to you. You will be legally responsible for them.”

I looked at the girls as they clutched bags and nodded, “okay I guess.”

My uncle smiled and handed me a thick packet of papers, “I know you planned to go fishing one last time so take them with you.”

I frowned but nodded and pulled the bags away from each girl before going to the closet. I pulled the first girl closer and looked at her before reaching out with shaky hands to undress her. She was maybe five feet tall with budding breasts and a trimmed pussy. I turned to pull out old clothes and pulled a sweater over her head.

I sat her down and worked a pair of old jeans onto her. I fished around through my old boots until I found a pair that weren’t to big. After I finished it was a tall girl that was maybe five, five. Her breasts were more developed and her pussy was trimmed in the shape of a heart. I dressed her warmly and then it was a smaller girl’s turn.

She wasn’t even five feet tall, maybe four, ten but her breasts were nice and she had shaved almost all the hair from her pussy. After her it was a girl five feet two with nice breasts and pink nipples and a diamond trimmed pussy. The last girl was dainty at four feet six with budding breasts and a fuzzy pussy.

I finished dressing and my uncle drove us to the dock. I bought the bait and he drove the boat. I sat the girls down as we headed out and looked at them, “what are your names?”

The first girl I had dressed looked up and smiled shyly, “Silk.”

The next girl blushed as she looked at me, “Blossom.”

They went down the line, “Cherry, Jasmine and Gem.”

It was strange because the whole time I fished all I could think about was their naked bodies. When we returned to the dock I sold the tuna and we went home. My aunt had already packed everything I owned into four large trunks. The last one barely had anything in it and there was a change of clothes on the bed. She smiled, “strip out of those and go wash.”

She looked at the girls and sighed, “take them with you and I’ll wash the clothes.”

Once more I stripped the quiet girls and pulled them out and down to the large bathing room. I washed each of them in the shower as the huge tub filled. When I was done I pulled them into the tub and sat back with a sigh. I closed my eyes and let the hot water warm my body. I glanced at the girls a few minutes later and they were relaxing too.

It was awhile before I got out and the girls followed me. I dried each girl and took my time to feel their bodies as they blushed. I pulled them back to my room and gestured to their suitcases, “dress.”

Dinner was nice and then my female cousins pulled the five girls away. I heard a screams and started to go find out what was happening when my aunt pushed me down and had me help her fold clothes. I looked at my uncle, “does mom know I am bringing the girls home with me?”

He smiled, “she knows.”

It was an hour before we loaded his old suv. My cousins crowded around to hug me or kiss me goodbye. It wasn’t long before we got to the airport and checked in. My uncle had already bought tickets for the girls who seems antsy. The next thirty hours was spent mostly waiting in one airport or another.

When we finally walked out of the airport I was more then ready to go to sleep and I knew the girls were too. Mom met me just outside the customs area. We had squeezed all the girls things into my trunks and they helped me pull them out. She smiled at the girls and looked at me and whispered, “do they speak English?”

I glanced at the girls, “probably better than me.”

She grinned and turned to put her arm around my waist, “I bought a new house since you have been gone.”

I glanced at her, “You told me in your letters.”

She looked up at me and smiled, “you have really grown.”

I smiled and glanced back before turning to pull the cart away from Gem, “I’ll take that.”

She smiled tiredly and mom glanced at her and then at me, “do you... have they...”

She blushed before whispering again, “have you had sex with them?”

I looked at the girls, “do you want me to have sex with you?”

They looked at each other and Silk smiled, “yes, we belong to you.”

The others nodded shyly and mom opened her mouth before closing it. I was surprised at the large suv and she smiled at me, “I rented it.”

I nodded and began to load the trunks in the back. Mom chatted all the way home as the girls and I yawned and tried to stay awake. By the time we got home she just shook her head and pushed me towards the door of a very large one story house. She pushed a set of keys into my hand, “the first door on the right down the hall.”

The large room I led the girls into had a big king sized bed and two night stands and that was it. I glanced through the other door into the bathroom and turned to strip each girl and push her into the bathroom. I followed and took my turn after they finished, I pulled them out and pushed them into the huge bed before crawling in and snuggling up behind Silk.

That was the last thing I remember as I fell asleep. I woke to a soft body pressing back against me and opened my eyes. I caressed the smooth hip and side before she turned her head to look at me. I rolled her onto her back and caressed her pelvis before cupping a breast. I leaned over to lick her nipple before sucking on it. I leaned back and smiled as she shivered, “like that?”

She nodded and I let my hand slip down her body and touch her almost hot pussy, “can I love you Silk?”

She smiled, “yes.”

I looked at the other girls as they watched us and turned to slid down. I moved over her and between her legs as she opened and spread them. I leaned close and opened her pussy before licking through it, she shivered and lifted her hips slightly. I kept licking her and pushed my tongue into her before capturing her clit.

I started sucking and wiggling my tongue back and forth as she began to moan. I continued to tease her clit and suck as I used my thumbs to rub beside her hole. She finally shuddered hard and covered her pussy. I kissed her hand and moved up her body and settled between her legs and kissed her, “can I...”

She smiled as she spread her legs more and pulled on me. I lifted and positioned my cock before slowly pushing and forcing my cock into her tight pussy. She lifted her hips as my cock stretched her and I pulled back before starting to fuck her nice and slow. She sighed and moaned and cooed as I fucked her and pushed deeper until I was all the way inside her.

It was a couple of minutes before Silk shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She looked at me in surprise before jerking as she wet me and her pussy spasmed, “oh!”

I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and she thrashed around and wailed. Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock constantly. She finally wrapped her legs around me and howled as I slowly pushed against her and held her. I shuddered and grunted as I peed cum through her cervix. Silk jerked in surprise but tilted her hips as I kept pumping cum into her.

When I stopped cumming I sighed at the same time she did and she grinned. I kissed her before pulling out and laying beside her only to jerk in surprise when mom spoke, “That looked nice Kevin.”

She grinned and turned, “let them go to the bathroom and come eat breakfast.”

I glanced after her before looking at the girls as I blushed. I slid out of bed and held the covers as they climbed out. I followed them into the bathroom and murmured as Jasmine sat to pee, “you girls do know you can do things without me telling you right?”

They grinned and Gem caressed my chest, “we do now.”

I rubbed her nipples, “carefully you or I’ll have everyone wash you.”

She grinned as she shivered, “You loved Silk nice.”

I looked at Silk as she turned to start the shower, “That was my first time and I liked doing it that way.”

They giggled and Blossom pulled me into the shower, “I’m next?”

I grinned as the other girls watched from the open shower door, “have you girls set up a schedule for me yet?”

She grinned, “we will now.”

The others were grinning and nodding so I began to wash Blossom, “I need to learn about other types of sex to.”

She caressed my face, “we will teach you.”

I looked at Silk when I finished with Blossom, “I didn’t feel your... cherry.”

She blushed darkly, “the other women made us break them.”

I remembered the screams and understood what it meant now and smiled, “it hurt a lot right?”

They looked at each other as Silk nodded. I reached out to lift her face, “you were still pure. You will always remember breaking it, just as you will remember your first time. Now that memory will only be one of pleasure.”

She looked at me before smiling, “great pleasure.”

I grinned, “yes.”

I pulled Cherry into the shower and caressed her hips, “remember the pain of loss but I will be thankful you will not think of me when you do.”

They were quiet as I washed Cherry and then Jasmine and Gem and finally I pulled Silk into the shower. I washed her and caressed her as she watched me and smiled. When I finished she gave me a quick kiss and left me. I dried off and went to look for our trunks and found them in the living room. I pulled them into the bedroom so the girls could dress.

When we walked into the kitchen it was to see mom and a strange man at the table. Mom stood quickly, “I’ll fix breakfast...”

I gestured her back to the table as I looked at the guy, “We can do it.”

Mom blushed as the guy smiled, “Kevin this is Peter.”

I nodded as I turned to start looking for pancake mix. The girls helped and it wasn’t long before I set the first two on a plate and pushed Gem gently towards the table. After I had made enough I sat with them and glanced at mom and Peter who was sipping coffee, “I need to take the girls shopping for school clothes.”

Mom sat up and grinned, “I’ll do it!”

I looked at her and smiled, “They are my responsibility.”

She nodded, “Michael told me.”

I nodded, “I need school clothes too.”

Shopping in Japan had always been nice. The people were polite and went out of their way to help. Shopping here was a different story and I almost felt lost. If it hadn’t been for mom and Peter I would have given up and gone home. We put everything in the car, ate lunch in a sandwich shop and the whirling shopping tour began again.

By the time we came home I realized mom was more alive and acted as if the girls were her daughters. Peter kept smiling at her and shaking his head. I led the girls to my room and looked around before opening a door into a walk in closet. The girls had waited and I was almost run over as they pushed into the closet and began talking.

I hung my stuff up by the door and went to bring the other trunks into the closet. Blossom pulled me out before I could start unpacking. She pulled me straight to the bed and started undressing, “Love me?”

I smiled and stripped before pushing her back on the bed as I knelt between her legs. I leaned in and began to lick through her pussy and nibble. She shuddered and started lifting her hips as I began to wiggle my tongue against her clit. She jerked and humped and thrust as I continued to suck, lick and use my tongue on her clit.

Finally after several minutes she twisted away and moaned. I grinned and stood to help her move all the way onto the bed. I laid between her legs and kissed her as she caressed my hips. I lifted and she guided my cock to her pussy before I pushed and wiggled to enter her. Her pussy was warm and tight and velvety as it gripped my cock and I began to fuck her slowly.

She groaned as she began to lift her hips, her tight pussy was constantly grasping and squeezing my cock as she shuddered. I started kissing her and she hugged me and giggled, “you taste like my pussy.”

I grinned and kissed her passionately and pushed my tongue into her mouth as I buried my cock to hump and press into her. Blossom jerked and began spasming as she wrapped her legs around me and moaned louder, “mmmmm!”

I slowly jabbed, humped and pressed before fucking her with long thrusts. She wailed and convulsed as her slippery pussy tried to milk my cock. I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that pressed my cock deeper. I didn’t stop or slow as I continued to fuck her and pushed her cervix open.

I held her as she thrashed around with her legs waving and kicking in the air. I grunted as I began to pee, pump, spew and spurt strong gushing jets of cum. Blossom clutched me and I kissed her as I kept putting cum deep inside her. When I stopped she sighed and smiled shyly, “I liked that.”

I laughed and kissed her again before pulling out and laying beside her. The other girls came to sit on the bed and caress her and Blossom smiled before sliding out of bed. They pulled her into the bathroom and started giggling. I slipped out of bed before going into the closet to unpack. A lot of clothes seemed old or small and I set it aside to give away.

The girls came into the closet and grinned as they glanced at the clothes and pulled out several of my old shirts and put them on. Since they were naked my cock was hard again and I was tempted until I heard mom calling me to help with dinner. I put a pair of shorts on and ended up being pulled out by the girls.

In the dinning room they abandoned me to whisper and giggle to mom before starting to help her with dinner. Mom glanced at me as they worked, “school starts on Monday.”

It was Saturday so I nodded as she glanced at Peter when he walked in and sat beside me, “We didn’t have a lot of time or notification so we will have to register the girls Monday morning.”

I looked at the girls and nodded again. After dinner I went to get my reader and undressed before I slipped into bed and leaned back to read. It was a little while before Cherry walked in and took the shirt off. She slipped into bed beside me and caressed my hip, “love me?”

I smiled as I shut the reader off, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to read with her in bed with me anyway. I set it on a night stand and turned to push Cherry onto her back. I kissed her before kissing down her body, stopping to kiss and suck on both her nipples before continuing. I opened her pussy and licked through it causing her to shudder and lift her hips.

I nibbled on her small inner lips and pushed my tongue into her before starting to use my tongue on her clit. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and trembling as her hips lifted and thrust up constantly. I finally covered her clit and started sucking as I teased it and she spasmed and jerked before twisting away, “aaaahhhh!”

I grinned as I rolled her onto her back again and moved up to kiss her. I positioned my cock before pushing and wiggling to get it into her tight pussy. She tilted her hips to help me and groaned when my thick cock pushed into her. I began to fuck her slowly as I kept kissing her and Cherry moaned and shivered as her pussy rippled around my cock.

It took me a couple of minutes to start pushing against her cervix and she shuddered as her pussy grasped my cock. She wet me as she wailed and went wild, bucking and wiggling and thrusting up hard. My cock pushed deeper which made her howl and writhe around even more. She continued to convulse as she squirted again and clutched me tight against her, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I buried my cock deep inside her and kept kissing her as I began to hump, press and jab. I went back to fucking her with long strokes as she continued to wail. It was another ten minutes before I felt the churning in my balls and buried my cock again. I kissed her as my cock throbbed and erupted in a thick gushing stream.

Cherry jerked and lifted her hips as she felt warm cum spurting inside her for the first time. When I was done I slowly pulled out and lay next to her and caressed her lovely body. She smiled and turned to kiss me before moving off the bed. I watched her walk into the bathroom and shook my head. I grinned when I saw Jasmine walk out with wet green hair, “nice color.”

She rubbed her green pussy hair, “we had to be careful or it could burn.”

I pulled her against me when she climbed on the bed and laid her back, “is everyone going to have green hair?”

She grinned as she caressed my chest, “no.”

I kissed her again before moving down her body. I spread her legs as she sighed and then opened her pussy. I licked through it and nibbled on her inner lips before pushing my tongue into her tight pussy. I licked her again and then started teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue. She was shuddering and moaning as her hips kept lifting.

It was almost five minutes before Jasmine jerked and spasmed, “aaaahhhh!”

She covered her pussy and I looked up with a wet face. The other girls had come in quietly and sat on the bed and now they giggled. I grinned and crawled up Jasmine’s body to kiss her and she humped up. I lifted and her small hand reached between us for my cummy cock. I pushed and wiggled before suddenly my cock popped into her.

She jerked and looked at me in surprise before grinning and pulling on me. I gave her another kiss before I started to fuck her slowly. It took me a couple of minutes to get my cock all the way inside her. Jasmine was shuddering and lifted her legs in the air before spreading them. I kept kissing her as I fucked her slowly with deep, grinding thrusts.

A few minutes later she squirted and screamed as she clutched me, “yyyyyeeeeesssss!”

Her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock constantly as she continued to wiggle and squirm. I kept fucking her with long, deep thrusts as she came over and over. Finally after almost fifteen minutes I shoved into her and held her as I grunted and spewed cum. Jasmine howled as she clung to me and tilted her hips. I pumped large thick spurts into her as she kept shuddering.

When I stopped cumming I sighed and she dropped to the bed panting, “I like that.”

Mom laughed from the door, “everyone that heard you knows that sweetie.”

The girls started and mom smiled, “night girls, don’t break him.”

She closed the bedroom door and I pulled out of Jasmine to look at the other girls before laughing. They each had different colored hair; Silk was Blue, Blossom was white, Cherry was Pink and Gem was Yellow. I turned to kiss Jasmine before gesturing, “turn out the light and come to bed.”

A minute later they were giggling together and Gem pressed against me, “can you do me?”

I laughed since not only was my cock still hard, I really wanted to fuck. I turned her and laid her back before moving down under the sheet. I pushed her legs open and licked through her pussy several times before starting to nibble. I took my time as she began to shudder and lift her hips. I went back and forth, licking her and nibbling before I started in on her clit.

It took ten minutes before she wailed and thrashed around while bucking and turning. I moved up her body and kissed her as she panted and put her arms around me. I lifted and slowly forced my cock into her tight, slippery pussy and began to fuck her. I used long thrusts and it wasn’t long before I was burying my cock in her and grinding.

She shuddered and lifted her hips to meet each thrust as her pussy began to grasp and squeeze my cock. Several minutes later she stiffened and then wailed as she bucked and twisted and wiggled and squirmed. Her tight pussy was squeezing and grasping my cock as she became slippier. I fucked her with deep thrusts and started kissing her as I pressed into her and humped.

She was incoherent by the time I thrust into her and buried my cock as I spurted and pumped jets of cum. She howled and clutched me when she felt the warm sperm against and in her cervix, “aaaahhhh!”

When I stopped cumming she was still shuddering and jerking as her pussy milked my cock. Slowly she relaxed and I kissed her before pulling out and laying beside her. Cherry woke me in the middle of the night and then Blossom followed by... I woke tired and looked at the girls sleeping peacefully. I slipped out of bed and went to wash and dress.

Peter looked at me when I walked into the kitchen and grinned, “get much sleep?”

I smiled as I started looking for cereal, “the girls were testing the waters.”

He laughed, “so was your mother.”

I grinned as I sat down and started eating. I was done and making a list of things we needed to buy when mom came in. She blushed but went to kiss Peter before pouring coffee and making a bagel. Soon the girls were coming in and each came to kiss me before making breakfast. Peter had a huge grin on his face every time he looked at their hair.

The first days of school were a little busy and confusing but finally things calmed down. Every summer we go back to Japan to visit my uncle and fish. Well, I fish and the girls spend time with my aunt or cousins. Even after they finished college they have stayed with me. They are planing our children now, one month apart if they have their way.
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