It started with a slumber party for my sister. Mom and dad both said she could have it even though they were going out of town for the weekend. My name is Trevor and I’m sixteen, I have brown hair and greyish blue eyes. Since my sister was fourteen I was the one that had to watch her and her girlfriends.

I didn’t mind since I knew I would get to see them in skimpy night clothes. They all had nice bodies with firm breasts. Besides my sister Ash, there was Kris who was a brunette with short hair and Vanessa who was a long haired blonde. When I got home Friday afternoon, mom and dad had already left.

I read the note they had left and went to change into more comfortable clothes. Ash came home with her friends and they disappeared into her room. I made dinner, (one of those quick frozen meals) and called Ash. They came out wearing baby doll nighties and I could see right through them.

None of them had panties or bras on. My cock was painfully hard all through dinner. After dinner I cleaned up as they left giggling and whispering about my stiff cock tenting my pants. I was tempted to go jerk off but went into the living room instead. It was an hour before Ash came out and sat on the arm of the couch, “Want to play a game with us?”

I glanced at her trying to ignore the hint of her pink nipples, “what game?”

She glanced back towards the hall and grinned, “Blind man’s bluff.”

I thought she meant the child’s game but she winked and grinned, “Take your pants off and sit back. I’ll put a blindfold on you and you have to tell us who we are when we sit on your lap.”

I grinned as I thought of naked bottoms sitting on my cock, “okay.”

I undid my pants and pushed them down with my boxers before taking them completely off. Ash stared at my large cock and licked her lips before standing. She went to the hallway and a hand came out to give her a blindfold like you see in the drug store.

She came back behind the couch and leaned over to put it on me, “You can feel us as much as you want for five minutes but then you have to say who it is.”

It was completely dark but I could hear them whispering and giggling before I felt one of them sit in my lap. I slipped a hand under her nighty and up to cup one of her warm, firm breasts. She shuddered and wiggled as I rubbed her nipple and my other hand reached around her and spread her legs a little.

She sighed and leaned back so I felt her hair and knew it was my sister in my lap. I didn’t say anything as I started feeling her breasts and slipped a finger into her slit. I was a little surprise when it pushed into her warm velvety hole and I didn’t hit her cherry. She started shuddering and moving on my lap as I kept fingering her.

When she suddenly jerked and spasmed she was pulled off my lap. “Okay, who was it?”

I grinned and lied, “I’m not sure.”

They giggled and whispered before one sat on my lap with her legs spread. I did like before and slipped a hand under her nighty to play with her breasts and started fingering her. She shivered and shuddered as I rubbed her clit and slipped a finger into her. Like my sister she didn’t have her cherry.

She leaned back and sighed as I continued to finger fuck her. I felt her long hair and knew it was Vanessa. I kissed her neck and shoulder as I kept fingering her and she finally moaned and started jerking and shuddering. She was pulled off my lap, “Who was it?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know but she sure felt good.”

They giggled and whispered before one of them straddled me. She rubbed her breasts against my chest and carefully positioned my cock in her slit before giving me a kiss. She started thrusting back and forth, rubbing her pussy along my cock. It wasn’t long before she was a lot slipperier and was using longer thrusts.

I was breathing hard and shivering as I tried to thrust up. I had my arms around her as we both panted and shuddered so I felt her short hair and knew it was Kris. It happened suddenly, she pushed forward to far and I thrust up to soon. My cock pushed into her warm slick pussy and stretched it open as I pulled and pushed into her more.

She was convulsing and wailing when my cock hit her cervix. I had been teased more than enough and held her as my cock erupted. Kris jerked and shook as I pumped and spurted huge, gushing streams into her. Her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock as she clung to me, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I pumped six huge spurts into her before I stopped cumming. My sister and Vanessa lifted her up and off my cummy cock before they started giggling and whispering. Ash cleared her throat, “Well?”

I grinned, “I’m not sure, can I do it again?”

They laughed and a girl straddled me again. She lifted my cock and rubbed it through her slit before positioning it and wiggling and pushing. I pushed up and my cock slid into another tight pussy. I shuddered and pulled the naked girl against me. I grinned when she shivered and rubbed her bare tittes on my chest and thrust back and forth.

I could feel her shoulder length hair and knew it was my sister. My cock kept rubbing against her cervix as Ash became erratic and began shaking and jerking. Her tight pussy was spasming and milking my cock as she got wetter and slipperier. She put her mouth against my shoulder and wailed as she started convulsing.

I continued to feel her hips and bare back as she thrashed and jerked constantly. Finally they pulled Ash up and off me and I shuddered and sighed. I smiled, “That was Kris right?”

They laughed and my sister giggled, “Wrong.”

I sighed, “Do I get another try?”

They giggled some more and another girl straddled me and fitted my cock to her tight pussy. She wiggled and pushed and finally worked my cock into her incredibly tight pussy. This time it was Vanessa and she moaned as she worked my cock deeper before rocking and thrusting back and forth.

My cock was rubbing against the back of her pussy as she shuddered and jerked while her pussy spasmed and squeezed. She became slipperier and more erratic as she twisted and squirmed. She wailed and shuddered as her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock. I was grunting as I kept trying to thrust up into her.

She jerked and convulsed as I hugged her and started spewing cum. She gasped and kept jerking as each warm eruption was pumped up into her. When I stopped cumming she sighed and shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I rubbed her back and caressed her hips, “This is Vanessa.”

She giggled and kissed me as her pussy tightened. Ash and Kris laughed and pulled her off, “she cheated and made noise.”

They laughed and Kris straddled me again. I knew it was her because her pussy was slimy with my cum. She moaned softly as my cock slid into her. I caressed her hips and moved my hands to cup her breasts. I rubbed her nipples before she shuddered and the other girls laughed. She started thrusting back and forth, rubbing and dragging her pussy on me.

I shuddered at the feel of my cock fucking through her pussy and pulled her hips down. She groaned as her tight pussy rippled around my cock and kept squeezing it. I shifted and laid her on the couch before starting to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She jerked and started howling as she kicked and thrashed around.

I kept fucking her as I kissed her and started pressing and grinding. It was a long time before I buried my cock in her and stiffened. A moment later she arched her back and wrapped her legs around me as I began to spew more cum into her. She wailed as warm sperm pumped through her cervix in large gushing spurts.

I groaned and shuddered when I stopped cumming and kissed her, “Thanks Kris.”

Ash and Vanessa laughed as I pulled out and sat back, “One more to identify.”

My sister giggled as she straddled me and fitted my cock to her pussy before slowly pushing down, “I think you cheated.”

I held her hips lightly as she started rocking and fucking my slimy cock, “Well, your hair does give things away.”

They laughed and Ash shook me, “Take that blindfold off and fuck me.”

I pulled the blind fold off and hugged her naked body before standing. Ash wrapped her arms and legs around me as I started walking towards my bedroom. I turned at the bed and sat before turning to roll onto Ash. I kissed her and started to fuck her with slow, deep thrusts. Kris and Vanessa sat on the edge of the bed as I fucked my sister and she began to jerk and shake.

Her pussy kept spasming and squeezing as I kissed her and whispered, “I’m cumming in you this time.”

She laughed and shook me as I fucked her hard and deep suddenly. It was a couple of minutes before she lifted her legs and spread them as she wailed and howled. I kept fucking her, pushing her cervix open with each thrust. I finally buried my cock and grunted as I began to spew a torrent of cum.

Ash clutched me when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and stiffened, “yyyeeeessssss!”

When I stopped cumming my sister shuddered and dropped her legs to the bed as she tried to catch her breath. I pulled out of her and Kris pushed me onto my back as she laid on me and rubbed her naked body against mine. I fucked the three girls twice more before we fell asleep. I woke up holding Kris in my arms with my sister snuggled against my back.

I glanced back before rolling Kris onto her back as I moved over her and between her legs. I pushed her legs open with my knees and slowly pushed into her cummy pussy. I started fucking her with slow thrusts and her pussy squeezed my cock as she shivered and opened her eyes. I smiled and buried my cock to kiss her, “morning.”

She blinked and looked at me as her warm pussy tightened and then smiled, “morning.”

I went back to fucking her slowly and she began to lift her hips and fuck back. A couple of minutes and she was panting and shuddering as I began to fuck her a little harder and started pushing deeper. By the time my balls were churning Kris was jerking and shaking. I thrust into her and kissed her passionately as my cock throbbed.

When I began to gush cum she cried out, “aaahhhh!”

I pumped and spewed cum through and into her womb as she tilted her hips. She continued to hug me as she shook and I finally stopped cumming. I kissed her before pulling out as Ash and Vanessa snickered about washing in sperm. I grinned as I slipped out of bed, “wash your pussies this morning.”

They laughed as I went to shower and then got dressed and made breakfast. My sister and her friends were in her room when I went out to cut the grass and trim the hedges. I always had more to do during the summer. I also sprayed around the house for bugs before coming in. I washed again and stepped out to all three girls naked. I grinned, “Hey.”

Ash smiled, “ready to play blindman bluff again?”

I grinned, “sure.”

They grinned and pulled me after them and into my room. Ash turned and kissed me before putting the blindfold on, “one of us will sit on the bed and you lick our pussy and tell us who it is.”

I heard Kris, “if you guess right you can fuck whoever it is.”

I grinned because they each had trimmed their pussy differently. I was pushed down and reached out to feel one of the girls. I caressed her smooth inner thighs before moving my hand to the top of her pussy. I leaned down and started to lick Vanessa’s pussy. I could tell she had douched and cleaned her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her and started licking and nibbling.

I heard her muffled cries as she wiggled and squirmed. I started teasing her clit and kept nibbling and she began to buck and spasm, after awhile I was pulled back.

“who is it?”

I really needed her, “Vanessa.”

They laughed and I was pulled closer and someone guided my cock and pushed on me. I held Vanessa and pushed into her warm, slippery pussy and began to fuck her with deep thrusts. She grunted and thrust up to meet me as I fucked her and it wasn’t long before she started wailing.

Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock almost constantly and she began to thrash around. I held her and fucked her hard and deep, pushing and pressing into her hard with each thrust. It was a few minutes before I was ready and by then Vanessa was howling and shaking violently.

She wrapped her legs around my waist when I buried my cock suddenly. I humped and jabbed and pressed against her as I began to pump strong gushing spurts of cum. She shuddered hard and tilted her hips, “YES!”

I pumped spurt after spurt and it was a minute before I was done. Ash rubbed my shoulders, “you needed that I think.”

Kris laughed and Vanessa groaned. I bent to kiss Vanessa before pulling out and moving back. It was a few minutes before I was helped forward between someone’s legs. I caressed their smooth inner thighs before feeling and rubbing their almost hot pussy. I felt their pubic hair as I used a thumb to rub the clit and bent to lick through my sister’s pussy.

She shuddered and moaned slightly as I kept it up and pushed my tongue into her. I nibbled her labia and then moved to her clit. She jerked and shuddered as I started teasing her clit and sucking. I was pulled back as Vanessa and Kris giggled, “who is it?”

I reached out to caress her thighs, “Ash.”

They laughed and moved me forward. One of them positioned my cock and I pushed and forced my cock into my sister. I fucked her with slow, deep thrusts and she shuddered and grabbed my wrists, “oooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her like that and used long strokes. It was a couple of minutes before I began to fuck her hard and she wailed as her pussy grasped at my cock. I was humping and grinding each time I thrust into her and my sister began to spasm and convulse as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

She was thrashing around screaming when I shoved into her and started to spew and spurt. Ash lifted her hips when she felt the warm sperm pumping into her and sighed. When I was done Kris and Vanessa laughed as they pulled me back.

I think mom knew what my sister and her friends were planning because she and dad never said anything after they got back and the girls kept climbing into my bed to spend the night. When school started I took them to dances and events and they spent every weekend with me. We live together now with the girls acting as if they were all my wives.
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