Octilithum Crystals are a new source of power. The only thing more powerful was anti matter. The problem was, Octilithum was rare and hard to find. Of the four known worlds where it was found, only one could support life. Gobe was a huge giant of a planet that was mostly covered in jungle.

Only on one small continent were the crystals found and it was just one huge desert. That was also where the space port was. Now you might think there would be a lot of people on Gobe but you would be wrong. There were six major companies with registered mines and perhaps a couple of hundred independent miners or prospectors.

The port was simple called Port City and had few people, most robbers, killers or thieves with one constable and he was bought and paid for. I took the first shuttle down and helped off load my transport. After six years in space force security enforcement as an officer I was retiring. I am twenty five and two meters tall with grey eyes.

I was coming to Gobe for one reason, revenge. The criminal that ran the town of Port City made a mistake when he killed my only living relative. Great uncle Peter had lived here for fifty years. He had been an independent miner with a confirmed and registered mine. The problem for those that wanted it was I was listed as his only heir.

Registered mines were kept secret unless the owner dies without leaving a will. Sure the claim listed the area where the mine was but that could be anywhere inside the claim boundary which could cover a huge area. I glanced at the three slim young women as they were led past me on leashes and shook my head.

There were few women that came here voluntarily. I slipped the new Smith Mark XXX 10mm plasma pistol into my right thigh holster and picked up the cut down 30 mm plasma rifle and climbed out of my vehicle. I walked ahead and turned into the only bar in town. There were three men in the room, one at the bar holding the leashes of the women and two at a table.

One was short and slim with a thick moustache and a sneer. The other was a tall overweight man wearing the badge of the town constable. I started towards the table and the short man grinned, “greetings sucker what can I do for you?”

I smiled and lifted the rifle to shoot the constable in the head. The other man froze as I turned and calmly extended the rifle and shot the man by the bar in the chest. I turned with the rifle pointed at the small man on the other side of the table, “does the name Peter O’Hair mean anything?”

He shook his head and I smiled, “It should, you killed him and now I am killing you.”

I shot him between the eyes and looked around before crossing to the man I shot in the chest. He was convulsing and bleeding from his mouth while trying to speak. I shook my head and looked at the three terrified women before reaching out and picking up their leashes, “come along, you belong to me.”

I led them out and down to my vehicle before turning in at the general store. I walked to the far wall and the body scanner. I pulled one of the girls into the booth, “stand still.”

I took the small square of plastic when it was extruded and pulled her out. I pushed the next girl in and then the last girl after her. I pulled them over to the clothing fabricator and slipped the first piece of plastic into the measurement slot. I dialed up silk shirts and had to manually enter a long skirt before calf high mocs.

I did the next two girls before carrying the large pile of clothing to the counter. I touched my comp to the store comp and it deducted the price of everything I had bought. I turned and pushed the clothing to the three girls before leading them out to my vehicle. Several people were around the doorway to the bar but I ignored them.

I opened the rear door to my vehicle and gestured, “in.”

The girls climbed in and I let their leashes go before closing the door. I opened my door and slipped my cut down rifle into the slot inside the door and climbed in. I started the vehicle before pulling out and turned on the forward scanner and lifted us up to ten meters above the ground and accelerated to two hundred kilometers.

I glanced into the back as we left Port City, “what are your names?”

They all had a slight oriental look but had long blonde hair and blue eyes. One answered timidly, “I’m Lynn master.”

The other girls shifted and the one next to her smiled, “Cherry master.”

I looked at the last girl and she murmured softly, “Julia.”

I smiled and I repeated the names to myself. We were clear of town and going much faster. I reached to the dash and pushed and it tilted, I flipped a toggle and pushed a button. Two things happened, my vehicle sent a pulse up to the satellites with a security enforcement code that rendered it invisible.

The second thing was the holographic camouflage came to life, making the vehicle seem invisible to the eye. After an hour I turned north and glanced at the three girls to see them leaning against each other napping. Three hours later I slowed and turned to the east as I watched the terrain and my location, I finally slowed more and dropped lower.

A few more minutes and I turned up a wide, deep gully and hugged the right wall. I sent a remote signal and in a few more minutes I saw the opening. I lifted the vehicle and slowly entered what almost looked like a wide cave. I sent the remote signal and glanced back to see the inside of a holograph at the entrance.

I knew there was also a sonic barrier to keep the carnivore lizards out. The back of the cave seemed to open in front of me and I slowly pulled further in. I lowered the vehicle to the ground and glanced back to see the inner door close. I climbed out and helped the three girls before heading towards a doorway.

It led to a spiral set of stairs that led down with a small open lift beside it. When we reached the bottom we were in a huge room. On the left was a glass door and on the other side of the glass door was the kitchen unit. Another doorway was on the wall beside the kitchen and in the middle of the room was a stone table.

On the right was a huge bed in the far corner and just out from the bed was a large holograph unit, in the right wall was a wide doorway. I walked to the left and glanced out the glass door to see an underground river. I had to grin at what looked like sun lamps on a sandy beach.

I walked to the next doorway to see a huge fresher and looked back at the girls, “the fresher is over here.”

They smiled and walked towards it quickly as I crossed the room and looked through the other doorway. It was a huge anti chamber with decon suits and an airlock. I knew it was the mine through the airlock and turned to start up the stairs. I took my time unloading the vehicle before starting to put things away.

Outside by the river and up the beach was a small portable Octilithum reactor. Against a wall between the kitchen and the stone table was a wide stasis storage unit half filled with food. I was a little surprised when the three girls pushed me away and began rearranging things and starting a dinner.

I found my uncle’s journal in the holo unit, he also had a huge list of porn vids that made me shake my head. The dinner was surprisingly good and afterwards I stripped. I ignored the girls as I headed to the fresher and a hot shower. Again the girls surprised me by slipping into the shower with me.

I looked at them as they grinned shyly and finally reached out to pull Julia closer. I started washing her and she almost purred, “we are genetically engineered.”

I pulled her against me, “I have news for you beautiful. They didn’t really engineer you. They just put an egg and sperm together after making sure it would produce a girl.”

She looked at me and I gave her a kiss, “you are a normal human girl.”

She looked at Lynn and Cherry and back to me, “But...”

I caressed her hips, “it’s a sales pitch. If you really want sex, just ask.”

Julia grinned, “okay.”

She press into me, “after the shower?”

I grinned and reached between us to finger her bald pussy. She shuddered as her legs bowed and I started pulling her towards the open door. I dried her as Lynn and Cherry followed us out and pulled her out towards the huge bed. They had taken time during dinner to find linens for the bed and changed it to clean ones. I sat Julia down and knelt to push her legs open.

I leaned in as she laid back and opened her pussy before licking through it. I nibbled on her clit and pushed my tongue into her before capturing her clit as she shuddered and shook. She grinned and lifted her head to look down her body as I started to tease her clit and suck. It was a couple of minutes before a moan escaped and she began to spasm.

I grinned as I stood and she wiggled back on the bed. I followed her and settled between her legs to give her a soft kiss. I positioned my cock before pushing and slowly forcing it into her. She clutched me as my thick cock stretched her open and I pushed into her all the way. I kept kissing her as I fucked in and out slowly and a minute late her hips started lifting to meet mine.

She sighed and moaned and shuddered and jerked. Her tight pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock as it squeezed almost constantly. I continued to fuck her slowly and her pussy became slipperier and she wailed and began bucking and thrashing around. Lynn and Cherry giggled and rubbed my butt as I fucked their friend.

Julia wrapped her legs around me as her warm pussy milked my cock. I slowly pushed into her and buried my cock. I kissed her as my cock erupted and I began gushing a torrent of cum deep inside her. She screamed in my mouth as I flooded her belly with warm sperm and she tilted her hips.

When I finally stopped cumming I groaned and pulled out before carefully laying beside her. She shuddered and turned her head to smile at me, “Thank you master.”

I smiled back and turned to pull at Cherry until she was facing my feet. I pulled her leg over me and pulled her hips down before licking her pussy. She shuddered and pushed down as Lynn and Julia giggled. I pushed my tongue into her and nibbled on her inner lips before capturing her clit.

Cherry wailed and jerked as I started sucking and using my tongue on her clit. It was a few minutes before she shuddered hard and rolled away and I looked at her as she panted. Lynn rubbed my chest, “fuck her now master.”

I grinned and rolled before turning until I was between Cherry’s legs. I kissed her and lifted to push into her tight pussy. She groaned and tilted her hips as my cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. I kissed her again and started to fuck her nice and slow. Each thrust pushed my cock deeper and it wasn’t long before she was clutching me as her hips lifted to meet mine.

Her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock as I began to hit and push against her cervix. A few minutes and she stiffened before going wild. She bucked and thrashed as she clawed at me and howled, ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

She squirted and her pussy spasmed and tightened repeatedly. I fucked her hard and deep, pushing her cervix open with each stroke. Cherry writhed around as she kept thrusting her hips up hard. I slowed and buried my cock and kissed her before starting to hump, jab and press into her. She wrapped her legs around me and continued to cling to me as she moaned and shuddered.

I took my time and after a couple of minute fucked her hard again. She lifted and spread her legs as she screamed and squirted. Her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock as she tried to wiggle and squirm away. I fucked her steadily for several minutes until she was completely incoherent and her eyes rolled up.

I buried my cock and kissed her as I began gushing cum into her. She jerked as if the sperm were burning her and her pussy clamped down as she screamed, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I pumped spurt after spurt until I was done and she was laid back on the bed panting with her eyes closed. I kissed her and pulled out before laying beside her and caressing her tummy, “nice ride Cherry.”

She smiled but didn’t open her eyes and Julia and Lynn laughed. Lynn moved over her and straddled me before lifting and fitting my cock to her pussy, “I’m real sensitive down there.”

I grinned as I cupped her breasts and let her impale her tight pussy. She wiggled down my cock and thrust forward only to freeze and then spasm as her pussy squeezed my cock, “oh!”

Cherry and Julia laughed and I grinned as I tugged on both nipples, “keep moving.”

She shuddered as she haltingly rocked and twisted. Her pussy kept spasming and grasping my cock as she moaned and jerked. It wasn’t long before she was panting as she shook. I pulled her down and shifted before rolling. I kissed her and started to fuck her tight pussy with deep thrusts. Lynn clutched me and wailed as she threw her legs up, “aaaahhhh!”

She bucked and spasmed as she squirted and squirmed. I continued to fuck her as she thrust up for each stroke into her and it wasn’t long before her eyes rolled up. I buried my cock and started humping and pressing into her as she kept thrashing around. She howled and her almost slimy pussy tightened and began to milk my cock, “ffffuuuucccckkkkk!”

I pulled back and fucked her hard and deep, planting my cock each time and grinding. Lynn went wild, twisting and wiggling as she kept screaming. I continued fucking her steadily and started kissing her until long after she became incoherent. It was awhile before I buried my cock and pushed her cervix open.

Lynn hugged me as her slippery pussy contracted and squeezed my cock. She grunted and focused on me just before I began to spew a huge stream of cum. She tilted her hips and shuddered violently as I pumped warm cum into her belly. I kissed her and held it until I was finished and slowly she relaxed.

I pulled out of her and moved over as Julia laid between her legs and kissed her. I fucked the three girls once more before falling asleep. I was up early and washed before putting on a decon suit and going through the airlock with a crystal ore case. It was easy to find the end of the mine shaft and I stood looking at a slight split in the rock face.

There were small Octilithum crystals on the floor and in the crack. To one side was the sonic robot cutter and I really gave it a going over. I looked into the split to see what looked like a chamber beyond. Thinking of sonic’s and crystal made me shudder so I went looking for an old fashion pry bar and hammer.

I used the pry bar to drill holes up and down each side of the tunnel face. I was starting across the top when the whole face crumbled and collapsed. I was looking into a large chamber at huge crystals that lined the walls, floor and roof and shook my head. From everything I had read crystals were only supposed to be up to five centimeters across at the most.

The crystals in this chamber were a lot larger. I glanced at the rubble before kneeling and sorting through it. I was able to fill one of the cases with the crystal debris before loading the rock into a small float cart. I set the case on the cart and pulled it back to the anti chamber. I dumped the debris into the small crusher and decontamination unit.

I set the case over by the air lock before pulling the now clean sandy dirt to the airlock. I pushed the float cart into the lift and it seemed to fit perfectly. I sent it up and climbed the stairs after looking around for the girls. I dumped the cart out the opening into the gully, I knew the almost daily rain would wash it further down.

I sent the cart back down and went to find the girls. I had to smile when I found them laying out naked on the sandy beach beside the underground river, “don’t get burned.”

They turned to see me and smiled before standing and coming to me. Cherry kissed me and then I was being pulled back in and across to the bed. Cherry and Lynn stripped me as Julia went to start the holo unit and a porn vid. Cherry pushed me onto the bed, “we have been watching those vids and they made us really horny.”

I laughed and rolled, pulling her with me until she was under me and I was between her legs. I kissed her and lifted to position my cock, “That’s funny, I have been working and it made me horny too.”

They giggled as I kissed Cherry and pushed into her warm, tight pussy. I kept kissing her as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. Her pussy was very slippery and warm as it grasped and squeezed my cock. It was only a few minutes before she stiffened and then started bucking and struggling as she wailed and howled.

She lifted and spread her legs as I fucked her hard and deep. She kept jerking and convulsing as I fucked her steadily. She wet me a few minutes later as she screamed and clutched me, “ooooohhhhhh!”

I buried my throbbing cock to grind against her and grunted as I began spewing a huge stream of cum. Cherry bucked and thrashed around as warm sperm was pumped into her and wrapped her arms and legs around me. She shuddered and shook as I kept putting more cum into her until I was done.

When I stopped cumming I kissed her and pulled out. She grinned as I laid beside her and Lynn rubbed my chest, “Me?”

I looked at her as she rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. I turned and moved between her legs and pushed into her slippery pussy. She shuddered and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her with deep thrusts. It wasn’t long before she was pushing back to meet me and her pussy was grasping and clenching around my cock.

She shuddered as I fucked down into her and began to moan louder, “ooooohhhhhh!”

I was planting my cock after each long stroke and she was panting as her pussy rippled around my cock. She started jerking and convulsing as I kept fucking her and began to do it harder. After several minutes she tilted her hips and screamed as she squirted, “YES.”

I buried my cock against the back of her pussy a couple of minutes later and gushed cum through her cervix. She shuddered as her pussy clenched and lifted her hips, “mmmm!”

I spewed and pumped and spurted until I was finished and then slowly pulled out and rolled onto my back. Julia wasn’t waiting and straddled me as she lifted my cummy cock. She wiggled and pushed until it slid into her and she sighed. She put her hands on my chest and smiled as she began to rock, “it feels so good inside me.”

Cherry and Lynn laughed and she grinned as she wiggled before thrusting back and forth. She kept thrusting and rocking as she began to turn and twist while she rolled her hips. Her tight pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock as she started to pant and shake. It was a few minutes before she wailed and spasmed as her pussy tightened.

She jerked and shuddered as she rubbed her slick pussy back and forth. After that she would howl and scream every few minutes when she began to shudder and spasm. My cock was constantly hitting and rubbed against the back of the pussy and when she became incoherent I pulled her down and rolled before fucking her with long thrusts.

It only took me a few minutes before I buried my cock and began to spew and pump thick spurts of cum. Julia wailed as she lifted her hips and kept shaking, “yyyyeeeeessssss!”

I spurted against and through her cervix until I was done and she sighed and slowly relaxed. Cherry and Lynn rubbed my back and shoulders until I pulled out and kissed Julia. I moved off the bed, “lunch time.”

They laughed and followed me into the kitchen. After lunch they wanted to go with me and see what was in the mine. Luckily my uncle had several suits he was using as well as a suit scrubber. I had each girl carry a case like me and headed back to the find, pushing the cart. They looked into the chamber and smiled but I don’t think they understood what it was.

I started at the entrance and filled a case quickly with loose crystal on the chamber floor, once the case was full I changed to another. I finally began to pry large crystals from the right wall. I would hand the crystal back and one of the girls would place it in the case. It wasn’t long before all the cases were full and Lynn and Julia began carrying them back out and returning with empty ones.

By dinner time I had almost filled every case I had brought. I started the scrubber working on cleaning the suits as we went to make dinner. I wasn’t going back to Port City for awhile and decided that after the last case was filled we would just relax and enjoy a couple of weeks off. When we did return and take the cases to the large sorting warehouse the reps from the local companies were the first to see the crystals.

I had done my research and knew what the value of my crystals were. I stood back with my rifle and watched as the buyers looked in the cases and examined the crystals. It was like feeding time with predators, they almost fought with each other over buying the crystals.

It was like that every time we returned to sell our crystals. It was only a couple of months before I sold the mine and took the girls with me when I left Gobe and settled on another planet.
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