Father pays his topless sunbathing daughter a visit and gets the pleasure of a life time.
My name is Tamika, my father is Caucasian and my mother is Asian. I am 5' 4", 108 pounds, long black hair, dark eyes, my waist it 22.5", 34"hips and I have 34D tits. Some how I lucked and I got large tits. My mom's are smaller, about a 34C. I have always been proud of my looks and not shy at all about my body around the house. I never go to a tanning booth; I always lay out, many times topless.

My father built a screen for me which I can put up that blocks anyone in the house's next to us from seeing me and it is large enough that it does not block out the sun. It could surround me completely but I normally leave a part of it open facing our house, I never really cared if anyone in my house saw me topless. It didn't take me long to pick up on the fact that my brother would sneak peeks at me from my parents bathroom window. I had a feeling my father caught my brother once watching me and possible jacking off. Now my father was a bigger voyeur than my brother, since it was his bathroom. I guess he figured I was sleeping when I was out there since I always had my sunglasses on or he didn't think I could see him peeking through the curtain. I always wondered if he was jacking off too while watching me, the thought of it never really bothered me too much. I mean, if it gave him pleasure to look at me topless that was fine with me. I kind of liked it just thinking about how I turned my own father and probably brother on.

One day I saw my father up there so I decided to see if I could catch him. When I came inside I called out, lying saying I was looking for something to drink and I couldn't find it; I knew it was out in the cooler in the garage. My father called out from up stairs saying it was there. I pretended to go out into the garage but instead I very quietly went upstairs. I snuck into my parent’s room; my father had left the bathroom door open since it was only him and I at home. I listened for a moment and I heard my father talking to himself, "Damn it, where is she? How long does it take Tamika to get her drink and get back out there? And I was ready to cum too!" I peeked around the corner and I saw my father standing in front of the window, his shorts were down around his ankles and I could see he had a hand on his cock!

I know it was 'incest' in a way what my father was doing; jacking off to his own daughter. Yet, it really didn't bother me; I thought it was kind of cute. I let out a loud giggle and my father spun around, letting out a loud 'SHIT!’ "Tamika, what are you doing up here?" I ducked my head back around the wall so I missed seeing my father's cock. "I just wanted to see what you were doing dad. Now I know you were pleasuring yourself by watching me lying out topless." My father got so nervous, "Oh god! won't tell anyone? You won't tell your mom will you? I'm...I'm...I'm so sorry." I peeked my head around the doorway, my father had pulled up his shorts but I could tell he still had a partial erection. I smiled at him and blushed a little bit. "I don't care dad. If it gives you pleasure doing that while looking at me, then do it. Besides, I'll bet my brother does it too." My father started to say something then stopped mid way, "Well yeah I caught him...." "Well dad, I'm going back out and lay out so more. don't have to hide anymore when doing that. If you want to jack off watching me, I don't mind." I gave my father a smile and then went back out to lay out.

My little area had three wood walls, like a privacy fence and a curtain that would face our house. It surrounded my lounge chair, it was about 10' X 10', so I was not closed in. I went back out and closed the curtain most of the way as I normally do. After a few minutes I noticed my father was not looking at me from the window, I actually felt disappointed. Then I heard, "Tamika." from the other side of the curtain, it was my father. "Yes dad." "Can I come in there?" "Sure dad." My father came into my area with a bar stool in his hand and a very large erection in his shorts! I knew exactly what my father wanted to do. "I see dad, you want to sit in here with me and jack off in front of me?" " didn't have to hide. So I wondered...if you...would mind...if I did...well yes to what you asked." I smiled at my father. "Well if the better view gives you more pleasure than I don't care. It would actually be kind of exciting watching a guy jack off in front of me."

My father closed the curtain all the way. "We wouldn't the neighbors to don't mind Tamika?" "Oh no, of course not dad." I layed there looking at my father through my dark sunglasses, he couldn't see that I was starring right at his cock. He stood there for a minute or so. "Well dad, aren't you going to whip it out and start beating it or are you too embarrassed?" "No...Well yes....kind of." "I know what would help you dad. I'll bet if I took my top off you would feel better." I leaned up and undid my bikini top. I tossed it off to the side and leaned back, giving my father a great view of my tits. I have very small, dark areola but I do have large nipples. My father just stood there staring for what seemed like forever. I smiled at my father as looked through my sunglasses at the huge bulge in his shorts, "I take it dad you like what you see." "Um...yeah Tamika. I didn't realize how big your tits are." I gave my tits a nice massage, "They are 34D. Just in case you want to know dad. Are you going to take your shorts off and pull your cock out or what?" I know this surprised my father, hearing his daughter telling him to pull out his cock. My father finally smiled and pulled his shorts off. The massive piece of erect meat that popped out made my nipples go completely hard! I had never seen a cock that long and thick before! "Oh my god dad! Your cock is huge! No wonder you like stroking it. How big is your cock dad?" My father seemed to get a wicked smile on his face," Well Tamika, it's nine inches and about as thick as a red bull can." I couldn't even imagine how much cum must spurt out of my father's huge cock. I found myself actually thinking that I hope the volume of cum was proportional to its size. I didn't care that this was my father either, this was the largest cock I had ever seen and I just wanted to see what would happen when he climaxed.

My father sat down on the stool with his legs spread wide, giving me a great view of his cock. He placed the stool right at the foot of the lounge chair so I was only four feet away from it. I watched my father begin stroking his huge prick; I could see the pre cum glistening in the sunlight. I actually caught myself licking my lips as my thoughts wandered to how my father must taste. My father caught me and said, "So you like what you see Tamika?" "Yes dad I do! I just can't get over how big your cock is. I have never seen a cock that big before. I'm glad I came up stairs and told you that I didn't care if you jacked off while watching me." My father worked his fist up and down his massive cock faster and faster as his eyes fixed on my body. I could see that he was trying to get a look at my pussy and I knew he was undressing my bottoms in his mind. I knew that in this thong bikini I had some real good camel toe going on so I spread my legs just enough for my father to see it. I knew he saw it when his cock stroking sped up. I didn't know if he could see that my pussy was becoming incredible wet just watching him jacking off. "Wow dad, look at how erect my nipples are. I didn't realize that watching my father jacking off in front of me would turn me on." My father grunted back at me, "Tamika...fuck yes I can see your hard nipples. Your tits are so incredible!"

I began to massage my tits which made my father apparently hornier. "So dad what are you thinking when you look at my tits?" "All sorts of fucking dirty, lustful, incestuous thoughts Tamika! Fuck, if only you weren’t my daughter!” I let my father stroke his cock a bit longer before I decided to give him a taste of his fantasies. I looked at my father and said while massaging my tits, “Like what dad? Are you thinking about feeling my tits?” At that point I massaged my tits more. “Are you thinking about licking my nipples?” I raised my large erect nipples to my mouth and flicked my tongue across them. This sent a surge of pleasure all through my body. “Are you thinking about sucking my tits?” I held my tits closer and began to suck on my own tits. My father was now working his cock with lightening speed; his long thick shaft glistened with pre cum. Then I stood up and began to approach my father. He stopped stroking his cock not knowing what I was doing. I got up close to my father, standing only inches away from him. “You can do all those things to my tits if you want to dad.”

My fathers’ large hands went right to my tits squeezing hard at first, and then pinching my nipples. I let out a loud moan as I smiled at my father. Then I reached up behind his head and guided it right to nipples. My father opened his mouth and his wet tongue flicked across my erect, very sensitive nipples. I let out a louder moan as I closed my eyes. My fathers’ hands were all over my large tits, fondling them as his tongue went from one nipple to the other. Then he began sucking on my tits, I nearly came in my thong! My father went wild fondling my tits, licking them and sucking wildly on them as I felt his saliva beginning to run down my tits and body. His huge cock pressed against my stomach. I could actually feel it throbbing against me. It felt so hot and his pre cum was so sticky. I reached down and grabbed my father’s prick. I never held a cock that fat and big in my hands before. My father twitched then groaned as I slowly ran my hands down hot, throbbing, sticky pre cum covered shaft. I ran my hands slowly back up his shaft to his huge prick head. I rubbed it with both hands as I felt more and more pre cum oozing out of it. Then I slowly rubbed his prick against my body, purposely getting as much pre cum as I could all over myself. My father kept licking and sucking my tits, harder and harder. I wanted to stroke him off right then and there but I had other incestuous thoughts of my own. I could barely pull myself away from my father; neither of us wanted to separate. I looked at my father; both of our eyes were overflowing with incestuous lust.

“Dad, when you were jacking off; were you thinking about putting your huge cock in-between my tits and fucking them?” My father said yes with such lust. I just lay back down on my lounge chair and held my tits together. My father jumped off the stool with his prick in his hand. He easily straddled my body, pressing his throbbing cock between my tits. My father then pounded his nice long cock between my tits, grunting like a wild animal as he did. His cock was so big with every thrust of his cock upward it brought his prick head right to mouth! If I wanted to, I could suck his cock as he fucked my tits! My tits were becoming so incredible sticky from all of his pre cum, I could tell by the way my father was looking at mouth when his prick head pumped up to it, he wanted it in my mouth but he would have to wait. As I watched my father fucking my tits I said to him, “Dad fuck my tits until you are ready to cum. But I want you to jack yourself off. I want to watch you do that! You can cum on my tits if you want but I want to watch you jack off.” My father didn’t say anything he just fucked my tits harder and faster. I stuck my tongue out letting my father drive his prick ahead across it with each thrust. His pre cum tasted so good! That was all it took to make my father finally cum. After his prick head passed over my tongue a few times he let out this odd noise then he said, “Oh god, Tamika…I’m gonna cum! You are making me cum!” He pulled his prick out from between my tits and with just two strokes on his cock he erupted. Oh my god I had never seen that much cum spurt out of any cock before!

This huge spurt of cum burst out of my fathers cock splattering across of my tits and I mean splattered! I held my tits together for my father as he stroked his cock again. "Oh yes dad, cum again! Keep cumming all over my tits!" "Tamika...get ready...I'm cumming again! Oh fuck yes!" then another surge of cum blew out of his piss slit aimed right for one of my nipples. My father nearly covered my nipple and areola with his cum. His cum was so hot and sticky. I let out a moan of excitement as my dads prick spat out another large surge of cum landing on my other nipple. My father milked out one more spurt of cum before his cock was emptied of his incestuous load of spunk. My dad stood over me for a few moments surveying the mess he had made all over my tits. At first he had a very satisfied, lustful look on his face. Then I think it really hit him what he had just done. It sunk in that he had just fucked his own daughters’ tits and then jacked off in front of her, cumming all over his daughters’ tits. Now he started to look a bit guilty at what he just did.

He quickly stood up and moved away from me grabbing his shorts preparing to put them back on. I was not going to let him do that! I was horny and I had his cum all over my tits. "Where are you going dad?" My father wouldn't even look at me when he responded to my question. "Tamika...we shouldn't have...I shouldn't have done what I just did..." "Oh come on dad! I told you it was ok. If I don't care then you shouldn't." Now he turned around and I flashed him a smile while I was still holding my cum covered tits. "Sit down on the stool dad. I want you to watch something." My father hesitantly sat down, his prick was still partially erect. I stood up facing my father holding my tits up to my mouth. Then, much to my fathers surprise and dirty, incestuous delight, I ran my tongue through his cum, licking up a huge wad of his hot, sticky salty cum. then I slowly retracted my cum covered tongue into my mouth and swallowed it. My fathers’ eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched me licking up his cum and swallowing it. "What's the matter dad? Did you think I would not swallow your cum? Or didn't you think your daughter was a cum swallower?" " I didn't think I would ever see you swallowing cum' especially mine!" I spent the next ten minutes slowly licking my tits clean of all of my fathers cum. My father loved watching me! I could tell that by the fact his cock went completely erect again!

When I was done cleaning off my tits I slowly approached my father, dirty incestuous lustful thoughts were on my mind. I stood in front of my father massaging my tits. "Look dad, I made all gone with your cum! See how nice and clean my tits are now? I have to be honest dad; I have never seen a guy cum that much for me before." "Tamika, you are so hot! I wish I could have cum more for you." "Really dad? You will get another chance." Before my dad could say a word I placed my hands on his thighs as I bent down toward his cock. I opened my mouth and let my fathers' huge, throbbing cock enter my mouth. I did my best to deep throat his entire massive prick. "Ooooh god Tamika! Suck it Tamika! Oooh yeah suck my cock!" I very slowly slid his prick out of my mouth. Then I took his cock back into my mouth and I began to bob my head up and down his prick as fast as I could go. My father was not just along for the ride. My father is 6'6" so he could reach every part of my body as my head worked up and down on his prick. He ran his hands all over my back, down to my ass then back up to my head. He grabbed my hair, holding my head he worked my head up and down on his prick. "Yeah Tamika! Take my cock; take it all in your sweet mouth. Suck your fathers cock! Suck it good and make me cum!" Then he began to wildly fondle my tits as he looked down on the back of my head bobbing up and down on his steel girder prick.

Then he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off his cock. "Turn you head so I can really watch you sucking my cock!" I bent my head to the side so my father could watch me licking his entire prick. I ran my lips up and down his hot, throbbing prick before I went wild licking his entire cock. The pre cum that oozed out of his cock, the more I wanted to lick and suck his huge prick. His cock was now covered with pre cum and saliva. I ran my tongue all over his prick head, underneath it and I even tried to stick the tip of my tongue into his piss slit. This drove my father wild! "Oh fuck yes Tamika! You fucking cock lover! Lick it! Lick my cock you little slut!" Then I bent down more, keeping his prick head in my mouth I sucked on it hard, working his shaft with my hand faster than what he done when he blew his cum all over my tits. "Ooh yeah Tamika! That’s it...don't stop...don't you fucking stop!"

I ran my tongue all over my fathers' cock, slobbering all over his bright red shaft before I slid it back into my wet mouth. Now I only worked part of his shaft in and out of my wet mouth as I stroked the bottom half of his cock with my hand. What my father could not see was that I took my other hand and began to rub my own clit with it, making myself incredibly wet and horny. All my father knew was I started to moan and the louder I moaned harder I sucked his huge piece of meat. I felt my fathers balls tense up as his shaft became incredibly rigid. I knew he was ready to cum again. "Fuck! Fuck...Tamika I'm gonna fucking cum in your mouth!" At that moment I released my fathers shaft from my oral grip, I quickly got down on my knees and bent his cock just enough so it was aiming into my open mouth. I made sure my father had a great view of his cock spewing cum into my mouth. I placed the head of his hard prick on my tongue as I stroked his prick until it exploded! "Here it comes Tamika! I'm cumming! Oh fuck I'm cumming!" His prick erupted again with a huge surge of hot cum. I felt splatter against the back of my throat before running down it. Immediately another large surge of cum spat out of his piss slit coating my tongue and the roof of my mouth with more fatherly cum. There was more cum than what I could swallow, especially with my mouth wide open. I could feel cum dripping down the sides of my mouth. Then another and another large surge of cum blew out of my father's prick. I felt like I was going to drown in his cum as it filled my mouth and the back of my throat. I closed my mouth around my fathers prick as I tried to use it to ram his cum load down my throat. I did my best to swallow his large thick cum load but there was so much cum in my mouth. I had to let a fair amount of it push out the sides of my mouth. I could feel it running down my chin and falling on my tits! "Oh yeah Tamika swallow, come on swallow all of my cum! That's it Tamika, be a good daughter and swallow all of your fathers cum."

After I finally swallowed all of his cum that was in my mouth my father grabbed his cock and used it wipe the cum off of my chin and lips. Then he fed his cock back into my cum hungry mouth. "Come on Tamika, there is still plenty of cum left for you to swallow." When he had finished that my father pulled me up to my feet as he did he grabbed my tits and held them up to my mouth. "Lick them clean Tamika. That's a good girl, clean my cum off of your fucking huge tits!" Finally I finished up the last of my fathers cum load and now I was horny and my thong felt like a damn holding back my pussy juice. I practically fell back on to the lounge chair spreading my legs as I went. I pulled my soaking wet thong to the side, showing my father my glistening wet pussy. "Your turn dad." My father made a lunge for my pussy grabbing my thong at the same time. He actually ripped it off of me, revealing my small patch of pubic hair right above my throbbing clit. "Don't worry Tamika; I'll buy you as many thongs as you want." Then he buried his face and tongue deep into my wet hot snatch.

My father licked my wet pussy like a dog drinking from a water bowl. I squirmed as he licked my pussy lips and then sucked on my clit. He reached up to fondle my tits as well as pinched my nipples. I felt my orgasm build extremely quickly. I wanted to scream out with pleasure but I knew anyone in the neighbor hood would have heard. I had to bite my lower lip as my father's tongue made me experience an intense orgasm. My father did not stop his incestuous oral pleasure on my pussy as I coated his tongue and face with my sweet pussy juice. He lifted his face up from between my legs, "You taste so good Tamika. I could eat your sweet young pussy every day. I never thought my own daughter would taste so good."

"Don't talk dad. Make me cum again, please. Lick me dad, lick me!" My father used his thumbs to pull my sticky wet pussy lips apart, driving his tongue deep into my pussy. I looked down at my fathers head buried between my legs as I writhed around in lustful, incestuous delight. My father made me mew like a little kitten as he pleasured my pussy with his tongue. He was so good at licking pussy, something I had never thought of, my father being that good of a pussy licker. If anyone was listening all they would have heard was a low moan with a loud slurping, sucking noise. I bent my leg under my father, using my foot to search for his prick. I found his large cock, hard and ready to go again. "Make me cum again dad and I will let you use that huge prick on me again. I want more of your cum dad, make me cum first!" I kept batting my fathers prick with my foot which seemed to turn him on more. I guess he liked having his daughter playing with his cock. I felt my orgasm building within me and soon I was cumming all over my fathers tongue again!

I laid there for a few moments recovering from my second intense orgasm. My father stood up and began to slowly stroke his cock as he looked down at me. I watched my father stroking his huge cock and I saw the look on his face; I knew he wanted to fuck me with his cock. I had never had a prick that large in me and I wanted to know what it felt like. I reached down and pulled my thong off and then I spread my legs wide. I began to finger my pussy as my father watched on, stroking his cock a bit faster. As I rubbed my pussy with one hand I stuck one finger into my mouth, "You wanna fuck me don't you dad. You want to put that big cock of yours into my tight pussy. I know you want to fuck your own daughter." My father looked at me and with a wicked smile on his face. "Come on dad. Do it! Let's just go all the way with our incest and fuck me hard with your cock! I never had a cock that big in my pussy and I want yours now inside of me!" My father lunged downwards, pressing his fat cock head against my pussy lips. I nearly screamed with pleasure as his he slowly pressed his massive into my very tight pussy. My father let out a loud moan as well. "Oh fuck Tamika! You are so fucking tight!"

My father hammered his big cock in and out of my pussy and I loved every stroke of his big, thick cock. I didn't care it was my father, that only made it better to me. I watched the lustful look on his face grow as he buried his cock into my pussy over and over again. I never had a cock that big inside of me and I was really enjoying every second of it. In fact, I knew at that moment I would let my father fuck me anytime he wanted too. My father went faster and harder with his prick into me, moaning at first and then he soon started talking some very dirty, lustful things. "Do you like that Tamika? Do you like having your dad's big fat cock in you?" "Ooh yes daddy...give it to me! Fuck me with that big fat cock of yours!" "Your pussy is so fucking tight! Fuck! I'm gonna fuck you every day! Would you like that, huh? Do you want to get fucked by your dad every day? A nice big fat cock in your pussy every day." "Oh yes! can fuck me any time you want! I love that big fat cock of yours! Fuck me daddy...fuck me good! Show your daughter how much you love her pussy!" "Look at your big fucking tits Tamika! Look at your tits bounce around as I fuck the shit out of you!" I grabbed my tits as my father jack hammered my pussy, I held them up to my mouth and flicked my tongue across them. That drove my fathers’ incestuous lust even further. "Suck'm Tamika! Suck your fucking big tits!" I did just as my lust filled father said, I held my nipples close to my mouth and sucked my tits for my father. Now my father was fucking me a wild, sex crazed pace. I could feel his cock swelling up as his pace increased and his breathing became heavier and heavier.
"Oh yeah...oh yeah cum load is building! I'm gonna fucking cum soon! Oh yes, you are going to make your dad cum!" I looked up at my father, sucking my tits and moaning. Then I felt my own pussy tense up and I released my tits as I screamed out a loud moan as my father made me experience an intense orgasm. I writhed around moaning as my pussy sent pleasure all over my body.

I could feel my pussy milking my fathers’ big cock and my father loved the feeling of me having an orgasm all over his fat prick. "Oh yes! Your fucking great! Moan for me you little slut!...oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" "Do it dad! Cum for me! Cum in my pussy! Cum all over me!" I wrapped my legs around my father's waist so he could not pull his cock out of my pussy; I wanted to feel his big fat cock spewing cum into my pussy. My father did not disappoint me. I watched his eyes glaze over with incestuous lust; his prick became incredibly hard as he came within a second of blowing his cum load into me. He moaned, 'I'm cumming' and then he unloaded a huge cum load into me. I felt my fathers' prick release his incestuous cum load deep into my pussy. I felt his cock tense up several times as it erupted cum into me. I tried to picture his prick blowing his hot, sticky white cum into me. My father looked so happy as his cum spurted into my pussy. I dropped my legs and my father instantly pulled his big prick out of my pussy and blew the rest of his cum load across my body. I loved seeing how happy my father looked as he jacked off, sending a huge spurt of cum splattering across my body. He milked out a few more small spurts of cum before he stood up and moved over to my head. He let go of his massive prick, letting hang there he knelt down as I sat up on my elbows. I opened my mouth wide and took my fathers prick into my mouth. I sucked him dry! I loved the taste of his cum and how he tasted with my pussy juice all over this throbbing shaft. My father stood there looking down at me moaning away, "That's it, suck it! Suck my cock dry! That's a good daughter; suck your fathers' cock dry. Look at how much you made me cum Tamika!"

My father pulled his cock out of my hungry mouth, I could tell he was not going to get hard again; he was spent. However my father stood there looking at me with his cum splattered on my body. "Go on Tamika, clean my cum off of your hot body!" I stood up, wiping his cum off of me and then swallowing every drop, much to his delight. Once I was done, my father got dressed, not saying a word, he just smiled at me with this insatiable, incestuous lust filled look. He stuck his head out of the privacy curtain looking to see if anyone was around and then he left as quietly as he had come in. I laid back down; I couldn't believe the hot incestuous fuck I just had with my own father. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it and I couldn't wait until the next time my father fucked me.

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