My name is Simon and I am the only fertile male on Stayr’s Delta station. Actually, of the three hundred men in the system I was the only fertile male. It had to do with a radiation shielding accident on the male side of the colony ship.

I just turned sixteen and for the last couple of months I have been in a stasis capsule. I woke to bright lights and a woman moving around the room. I turned my head and she glanced at me, “Awake Simon?”

I sat up slowly, “Did it work?”

She smiled as she walked to the bed, “Yes. You’re on Delta station.”

I looked around, “Dad?”

She grinned, “On his way from the belt. Your step mom is waiting.”

I slid out of the bed and looked around, “My clothes?”

She held out a robe, “Do you remember the arrangement you made to come here?”

I wrapped the robe around me, “You needed my sperm.”

She grinned, “Yes, a few of us prefer to conceive the old fashion way. I’m Meg and I’m one of those on that list.”

I looked at her closely and she turned to a small chest, “This was with you. It has the other samples for those that wanted immediate fertilization.”

I nodded, “The doctor said to run tests before you use it.”

Meg smiled as she walked to me, “They will.”

She caressed my chest through the robe and kissed me softly and shuddered. She grinned and turned to nod to the door, “Your step mom is waiting.”

I crossed the room and opened the door. In the small waiting room was a woman I vaguely knew, dad had married her to come to this system. I had stayed behind with my grandparents until I had gotten dad’s long message. I stepped into the room, “Hey Terri.”

She stood and smiled, “Simon.”

She walked to me and gave me a hug before looking into my eyes, “I’m glad you decided to do this.”

I grinned, “Have sex with fifty or sixty women so they can get pregnant? It wasn’t hard to decide.”

Terri grinned and rubbed my cock through the robe, “You have ten years to service us.”

I cupped her breasts through her shirt, “and a promised girl as a bride.”

She shivered and turned before taking my hand, “Lets head to our quarters. Your father will be here shortly.”

I walked beside her, “Did my trunk make it?”

Terri nodded, “Its in your quarters.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I was the one to bring you up to your father. Yes, we are going to have sex.”

She looked at me and smiled, “You got the picture of the girl you were promised?”

I nodded, “She looks gorgeous.”

Terri grinned, “She’s my younger sister.”

She sighed, “She married a much older man and after he found out he was sterile he committed suicide.”

I frowned and Terri looked at me, “It was a marriage of convenience Simon. My sister didn’t love him.”

I shrugged and she stopped to put her hand on a lock plate. She gestured down the hall, “Your quarters are next door.”

We walked into a cozy comfortable room and Terri nodded to a couch, “I was told you would need a couple of days to recover.”

I glanced at the couch and cleared my throat, “When and how am I...”

I blushed as Terri looked at me. She smiled, “The colony council has set aside a separate set of quarters. They have agreed that you will only need to... service four women a day. You will have two days off each work week to recover and the medic will issue you supplements to take.”

I grinned, “How many times do I get to have sex with each woman?”

Terri grinned, “Each woman gets you for an hour. Your appointments will be spread out over the day to give you time between each woman.”

I looked around, “Your sister is in for a lot of extra sex than.”

Terri laughed and a second voice joined her. I turned to see an angel standing in the hallway. I smiled as she walked to me and caressed my face, “I am glad you think you will have enough left over for me.”

I shivered at her touch and then slowly put my arms around her forgetting everything else, “The others are only to be bred. You, I can make love too.”

She laughed and I smiled at her silvery voice. She went to her toes to kiss me softly and tingles went through me as warmth coursed through my body. She laughed and shook me, “I want to watch you breeding them.”

I smiled, “You first?”

Terri laughed as her sister’s silvery voice filled my soul. Terri caressed my cheek, “You can practice but your first client is me.”

I looked at her and then at her sister who giggled and put her hand in mine, “you said he is a virgin so I get him first and I am fertile too.”

Terri bit her lip and her sister squeezed my hand, “he has enough to do us both.”

I laughed and turned my promised wife into my arms, “She can have me after you. Just bring a towel for the stuff that leaks out.”

Terri laughed as her sister grinned and kissed me, “I’m Sonia.”

I shivered and groaned, “You’re my angel.”

She grinned and shifted from foot to foot. She looked at Terri, “Can we...”

Terri smiled, “Once and bring him back. You will have him all night after he... breeds me.”

Sonia grinned and started pulling me towards the door. I stopped and looked at Terri, “Dad?”

She smiled, “You have an hour.”

I nodded and let Sonia pull me out and down the hall. She grinned as she nodded to the door across from the one she opened, “That’s your breeding quarters.”

I grinned as she pulled me into a room I might have decorated myself. She looked at me and bit her lip, “I decorated it but we can...”

I grinned and kissed her, “It’s perfect.”

She grinned again and pulled me down a long hall and into a large bedroom. She turned and started undressing as she backed to the bed. I hesitated and followed her as I stripped off the robe. She backed onto the bed as she looked at my hard cock. She licked her lips and smiled as she laid back and spread her legs, “How big are you Simon?”

I moved onto the bed and between her legs. I kissed her softly as her hand wrapped around my hard drooling cock. I looked into her eyes as she positioned me, “big enough to be sure you are going to get pregnant.”

Sonia smiled and wrapped her legs around me and pulled with her heels. I groaned as my thick cock was forced into her tight, silky pussy. I kept thrusting and pushed all the way into her before I stopped. She shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock, “God your cock feels good.”

I shuddered and looked at her before pulling back and starting to fuck her. I used long thrusts that almost pulled my cock out of her. I kept kissing her as her hips lifted to meet mine. It wasn’t long before her cervix opened and I hesitated at the tightness. Sonia spasmed as she clutched at me, “fuck!”

She wet me and started to jerk and have a seizure. I was worried I had hurt her but the feeling of her pussy milking my cock made me groan. I looked into her eyes as I felt my body tighten, “Sonia?”

She jerked and shook and hugged me tighter and suddenly I was peeing a huge stream of warm cum. Sonia howled and her legs went up and spread as I flooded her fertile belly with more sperm than it could ever hold. I jerked and spasmed as I continued to spew and spurt cum into her. When I stopped cumming I lay on her and she let her legs drop to the bed.

She grinned and then laughed, “My god you are going to have so many women that will keep coming back.”

I looked at her unsure and she pulled my face down to kiss me, “After you breed my sister we are doing that again.”

She laughed and pushed me back, I pulled out of her and moved aside as she gasped. I cupped a breast, “I really liked that.”

Sonia grinned, “Well, we should expect your baby in nine months.”

I kissed her and rubbed one of her nipples, “Do I still get to practice?”

She laughed, “You are going to fuck me every day Simon.”

I lay next to her and continued to caress her as she relaxed, “What is it like here?”

Sonia looked at me and smiled, “It isn’t bad. There are more women than men now. A lot of the men couldn’t take what happened and either killed themselves or did something dumb that killed them. Right now there are about sixty widows, mostly from asteroid miners.”

I nodded, “And dad and your sister?”

She grinned, “When he gets back each week they fuck like rabbits. They are crazy in love.”

I played with a nipple, “And dad was okay with me getting Terri pregnant?”

Sonia turned to caress my face, “He wanted Terri to be happy. She wanted a baby and you are the closest to your father. Yes he was okay, he wanted to be here though.”

I sighed and moved off the bed, “We should go back.”

She followed me out of bed and gasped when she stood. I grinned when she covered her pussy as my cum poured out, “Don’t worry I plan to put more back in.”

She grinned and started dressing as I pulled the robe on, “I really need to find my stuff.”

She smiled, “I put it in the closet.”

She slipped her arm through mine and we walked back to Terri and dad’s. Dad stood as we came in and I grinned and left Sonia to hug him. Dad pulled back and looked at me before nodding, “you look good.”

I grinned again, “So do you.”

Dad grinned, “Lots of hard work.”

I looked at Terri, “You really wanted me to do this?”

He smiled at Terri, “Yes.”

I nodded, “Okay. Grandma said to tell you, thank god.”

I laughed, “I think I dirtied to many hand towels.”

Dad grinned again and looked at Terri, “Well, now you have some place else to put it.”

Terri laughed, “And that someplace needs him now Charles.”

Dad laughed, “Okay take him to his... office.”

Sonia laughed as she stepped closer, “Come on Simon.”

She led me out with Terri following and went down to the door across from our quarters. She nodded to my hand and I put it on the plate and the door slid open. It was like our quarters but decorated different. The front living room had couches around the walls with the center clear. I glanced into what was the kitchen but it looked empty.

I looked at Sonia, “When I have enough credits we need to put something in there. A coffee machine or something.”

Terri and Sonia laughed and Sonia pulled me down the hall. She opened a bedroom door and I walked into what looked like a whore house. I shook my head and turned to Sonia and Terri, “Really?”

Sonia grinned, “The other bedroom is better.”

I turned and crossed the hall and opened the door. This bedroom looked more comfortable with a large bed in the center. I smiled and turned and Terri put her hand on my chest and backed me to the bed. I grinned and pulled the robe off as I sat, “Okay but I plan to taste you before I flood you with cum.”

Sonia turned her sister and began undressing her. When Terri was naked Sonia pushed her to the bed, “Go let my husband breed you.”

Terri grinned as she moved to the center and lay back. Sonia kissed me and I turned to move between Terri’s legs. I grinned up at her and leaned down to lick through her very wet pussy. She shuddered and spread her legs more, “Your father likes to do that too.”

I nibbled and sucked on her clit and she jerked and thrust her hips up. I licked her again before slipping two fingers into her. I sucked on her clit and used my tongue as I fucked up into the soft spongy spot in her pussy. It was barely two minutes before Terri screamed as she convulsed violently and squirted cum.

She spasmed hard and continued to jerk as I pulled my fingers out and moved up. I thrust into her and she grabbed me as she stiffened and howled. She squirted cum again as her pussy squeezed my cock. My cock hit her cervix she started thrashing around and bucking, “yyyeeeesssss!”

I started fucking her bucking body and she squirted me again as she kept jerking and shaking. I groaned and shuddered as her pussy seemed to milk my cock. I forced her cervix open before I fucked her hard and deep. Terri wailed and began having convulsions again. She kept squirting me until I finally thrust into her bucking thrashing body and held her.

She grabbed me and her eyes went wide as my cock throbbed. I peed a huge gushing stream into her fertile belly and she lifted and spread her legs. She jerked and shook with each huge stream of warm sperm that flooded her. I shuddered when I stopped cumming and kissed her and then grinned, “Thanks mom.”

I pulled out and cum began leaking as she groaned. Sonia snuggled against Terri, “God that looked good.”

Terri laughed shakily, “I have never been fucked that good before except by his father.”

I lay next to Sonia and cupped a breast. She grinned back at me and then nodded to the door, “Why don’t you go talk with your father and I’ll stay with my sister.”

I nodded and slipped off the bed and grabbed my robe. Dad opened the door when I rang and smiled, “What happened to Terri?”

I smiled, “She and Sonia wanted to be together for a little bit.”

He led me to the kitchen and we talked. He caught up on what had been going on at home and I caught up on what was happening here. Terri and Sonia finally came in and Terri went straight to dad, “Thanks Charles.”

Dad hugged her and smiled, Sonia sat on my lap and kissed me. I forgot about everything else as I held her. She shook me and looked at Dad and I turned to look. He was grinning, “Dinner?”

I looked at Sonia, “Here or home?”

She grinned, “Home.”

I stood and took her hand before looking at dad, “Are you going to be here tomorrow?”

He nodded, “I’m in for a week and then I’m headed out prospecting.”

I let Sonia pull me out and down to our place. I sat and watched her move around the comfortable kitchen. After dinner I washed the few pans and plates and took the pills she gave me. Then she grinned and pulled me back to our bedroom. I turned her at the bed and undressed her and then dropped the robe to follow her onto the bed.

I caressed her before giving her a kiss, “What do you do Sonia?”

She kissed me and rolled me onto my back before straddling my waist, “I’m an apprentice programmer.”

She lifted up and positioned my cock before slowly sitting. I shuddered as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock when it slid into her. I caressed her hips as she began to slowly rock, “I was studying genetic engineering.”

Sonia smiled and twisted and rolled her hips, “I know. I read your file.”

I cupped her breasts, “I only got your picture.”

She shuddered as her pussy spasmed and dropped to my chest before rolling and pulling me with her. I ended up between her legs and kissed her before starting to fuck her slowly. Sonia jerked and shook as she wet me and then sighed and caressed my hip, “There is something else Simon.”

I looked at her and buried my cock to kiss her, “What?”

She bit her lip, “The colony council has passed a new regulation. Any fertile male here or born must have more than one mate. At least until we have more fertile males.”

I looked at her and ignored her warm pussy squeezing my cock, “What do they mean, more than one mate.”

Sonia sighed, “Concubines or sister wives.”

I pressed and humped into her as I thought about it. She bit her lip, “I made a list of those women that are available.”

I kissed her and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts, “We can talk about this tomorrow after I am sure you are pregnant.”

She grinned and then shook me as she thrust her pussy up, “okay.”

We fucked each other and Sonia kept shuddering and jerking and finally I pushed into her and held her. She wrapped her legs around me and held me tight as I peed and pumped a huge gushing stream of cum. She jerked and wailed as her womb expanded and filled. I continued to spew and spurt as cum squirted out of her.

It was a few moments before I stopped and Sonia shuddered and relaxed. She kissed me as she dropped her legs and twisted as she rolled me over until she was back on top. She put her head down on my shoulder, “There is something about you Simon.”

I sighed and rubbed her back before hugging and squeezing her, “you too.”

I relaxed and just caressed her and it was several minutes before I looked into her face to see her sleeping. I smiled and put my head back, “okay Sonia.”

My cock was still inside her but I just held her until I fell asleep much later. I woke as she shifted and lifted up so my cock would come out of her. I opened my eyes and glanced at the timekeeper beside the bed, “its morning?”

She kissed me, “Yes and I need to wash before eating and going to work.”

I rolled out of bed and followed her into the bathroom. After peeing I joined her in the shower and took the soap as I washed her, “So we have to choose another woman to be with us?”

She caressed my chest, “This is a six quad set of quarters. I told you there are sixty widows. You have five offers.”

I thought about it and shut the water off before helping her out, “Have you met any of them?”

Sonia handed me a towel and started drying off, “Top of my list is Meg. You met her when you woke up. She is doing her internship in medicine. She is nineteen and her husband killed himself like mine.”

I followed her into the closet and watched her dress, “and?”

Sonia grinned and stopped to kiss me, “We could do worse, I like her.”

She smiled, “another is Beth. She’s my friend, her husband died in the belt in a stupid accident. She works in hydroponics.”

Sonia caressed my chest, “actually all five are nice.”

I sighed and followed her to the door, “accept them and close it.”

She looked at me for a minute, “All five?”

I kissed her, “They want or need companionship. At least that is what the doctors told me to expect. We can be a family group but you are my wife. If they want to join us it will be as concubines at first.”

She grinned and then kissed me passionately, “check your schedule, take your pills and visit your dad today. Tonight I’ll have them over so we can talk.”

After she left I went to find my trunk and get dressed. I found my bottle of supplements in the kitchen and took two. I found my schedule on the screen beside the door. The only thing listed was a station orientation with my father listed as my guide. I walked next door and pushed the visitor pad next to his door. Terri opened the door and smiled, “Just in time Simon.”

I smiled as she let me in, “In time?”

She grinned as she closed the door, “to breed me again.”

I looked around, “Where’s dad?”

Terri smiled, “I’m afraid I wore him out.”

She slipped her arm through mine and walked me towards the bedroom. She turned into the bedroom where I saw dad asleep in bed. I hesitated and she turned, “It’s okay.”

I looked at dad and Terri grinned, “No playing today, just fuck me nice and deep.”

I sighed before turning her and pushing her to the bed. I pulled the robe she was wearing off and bent her over the side of the bed. I opened and pushed my pants down before moving closer and bending my cock. I pushed into her and held her hips as I began to fuck her. She was slimy so my cock sank into her and pushed all the way.

She shuddered as her pussy tightened. I began to fuck her with deep thrusts, planting my cock each time I buried it. It wasn’t long before she started to jerk and spasm. I glanced at dad’s hand as Terri slipped hers into it and he squeezed. I grinned as I pushed into her, “awake?”

Dad turned his head as Terri groaned and smiled, “yeah.”

Terri’s pussy was rippling and squeezing my cock. I took a breath before starting to fuck her hard and deep. She stiffened and then began to jerk as she wailed. Dad moved closer to kiss her as I continued to fuck in and out. I didn’t try to hold back and a minute later pulled her hips back as I thrust into her.

I held her on my cock as it erupted and peed a gushing stream through and into her waiting womb. She shuddered as her pussy tightened and grasped my pumping cock. I shuddered as I spewed and then spurted cum into her until her womb was full and bulging as cum tried to escape.

I pushed her forward onto the bed as I pulled out and dad turned her and pulled her against him. I bent to pull my pants up before sitting on the edge of the bed. Terri grinned as she held dad’s arm around her, “Thanks Simon.”

I smiled and looked at dad, “You are my guide for orientation today?”

He nodded, “Why don’t you look in the kitchen for something to eat and I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

I stood up and gestured to Terri, “she needs to lay down for a little while.”

He nodded as I turned to walk out. I found and heated a creamed grain cereal. It was awhile before dad came out freshly shaved and showered. After cleaning up after myself, he took me out and we walked around the huge station. It was noon when we got back to his quarters. Terri had left to go to work so we sat and talked.

It was strange to talk to my father like this but nice too. I left after lunch and went into the quarters set aside for me to... work in. I went to the garish looking room and sighed as I started pulling things down. I pulled the bedding that had naked women on it off and replaced it with standard sheets.

I stuffed the sex toys in a pillow case and finally looked around before leaving. I went home and set the pillow case on the table before heading back to look at all the bedrooms. I showered again and slipped on light pants and a soft shirt before Sonia came home. She was grinning as she led Meg in, she had just closed the door when it chimed.

I grinned and headed into the kitchen to heat water and look for tea. I could drink coffee but knew they had a huge dome set aside just for tea plants. Sonia came in a few moments later followed by five women.

I poured water into the cups I had already set out and sat down, “Sonia told me about the new colony regulation. I decided after talking with her to accept all of you. Sonia is my wife according to my contract. I will accept each of you as concubines until you and I and Sonia decide to change it.”

I looked at each of them, “I chose all of you because it might be easier if you lived together and...”

Meg chuckled, “So we would have someone to support and understand.”

I nodded as Sonia grinned and looked around, “Well?”

They looked at each other before nodding. I sat back, “First order of business.”

They grinned and I sighed, “I have to be with four women everyday, five days a week. Now I take supplements and am...”

Sonia giggled, “he can fuck a dozen times a day.”

Their grins widened and I shrugged, “yeah.”

Sonia stood and started moving around the kitchen, “I’m fertile and he is trying to get me pregnant. We need to post everyone’s cycle so...”

Meg laughed, “so he can knock us up if we want.”

I blushed as they grinned again. The next thing I knew they were talking and moving around in the kitchen as if they had been doing this for awhile. Sonia walked in as I tried to watch each of them moving around and bumped my shoulder as she held up the pillow case with the sex toys, “What’s this?”

I blushed, “I went over and did some redecorating and cleaned up that room.”

She grinned and looked at the other women, “All the sex toys from his office.”

They grinned and Meg took the pillow case, “I’ll put these somewhere.”

The others laughed and started murmuring and giggling. Sonia pulled me up, “come fuck me.”

I let her pull me after her and into our room. She turned at the bed and started undressing as I pulled my shirt off and then my pants. I waited and followed when she wiggled backwards onto the bed. I laid between her legs and kissed her before moving down. She spread her legs more and ran her fingers through my hair as I opened her pussy and licked.

Sonia shuddered and lifted her hip before laughing. I sucked on her clit and started wiggling my tongue as she moaned. It was a few minutes before she started jerking and convulsing. She pushed my face away and covered her pussy before twisting away. I smiled and finished rolling her onto her stomach before moving back between her legs and sliding up.

I kissed her bare shoulder before lifting up and pushing into her. She groaned as my thick cock stretched her pussy and I began to slowly fuck her. It was a minute before she was tilting her hips and lifting her butt. I grinned and fucked her hard and deep before burying my cock as she kicked the bed and wailed.

I went back to fucking her slowly with deep thrusts that seemed to rub along the soft sponging area behind her pelvic bone. Sonia howled and screamed and yelled as she went back to bucking, wiggling, squirming and thrashing around. I heard giggling and laughing and glanced at the other women in the doorway as I continued to fuck Sonia.

I finally shifted and slowly pushed all the way into her before I began to pump and gush cum. She jerked and shuddered hard as warm cum erupted and began flooding her. I kissed the back of her neck and her shoulder as I spewed and spurted. When I stopped cumming I sighed and pulled out to lay beside her and waved to the other women, “you might as well come in.”

Sonia relaxed on the bed as I caressed her lovely butt and finally looked at me and grinned, “I loved it.”

I gave her a playful swat, “me too.”

The others laughed and came to sit on the bed and the next thing I knew they were comparing notes and suggesting things. They all stripped as they kept talking and looking at me and Meg grinned as she moved onto the bed and pushed me down before straddling me. Sonia turned her head to look and grinned as Meg lifted my cock and slowly impaled her pussy.

I smiled and reached up to cup and then knead her breasts as she started to thrust back and forth. Beth laughed as she moved to straddle me behind Meg. She held her hips, “like this.”

She pulled and pushed her back and forth before twisting her hips and rolling them. Meg’s tight pussy rippled and grasped my cock as she shuddered and moaned. Tamara grinned as she laid beside us and reached between Meg’s legs to finger her pussy and rub her clit. The next thing I knew they were all doing something, kissing her passionately, sucking on her nipples or just feeling and caressing her.

It was only a minute before she began to convulse as she wailed. I caressed her pelvis as her pussy milked my cock and became slipperier, “keep going for another few minutes and you’ll get there.”

They all laughed as she panted and laid on me, “just fuck me.”

Sonia rubbed her butt, “roll over so he can do it nice and deep.”

They moved and I shifted and rolled before starting to fuck her slowly with long thrusts. Meg howled as she lifted her legs and spread them. I took my time while she wailed and screamed and her pussy massaged my cock. I kissed her before I started fucking her hard and deep and she clutched me with wide eyes.

It was a few minutes before I slowly buried my cock. Meg jerked as I began to spew cum into her, “oooohhhh!”

I gushed and pumped thick spurts through her cervix as her pussy kept milking my cock. When I was done I pulled out before laying beside her. Sonia caressed my hip, “dinner and then someone else can have a turn.”

They laughed and pulled me off the bed and back out to the kitchen. It was like watching a nude dance as they moved around together talking. I turned as Terri and Dad came in and he stopped in surprise. Terri bumped him and he grinned as she pulled him into the kitchen and pushed him towards the table. Sonia kissed her and food started appearing on the table.

Dad shook his head as Terri stripped and sat on his lap without missing a beat. I looked at Sonia when Beth sat in my lap and she grinned, “she’s next.”

I grinned and kissed her before turning to the food. I fed Beth and Sonia and Emily sat on each side of us feeding me. Dad finally laughed and hugged Terri, “have Meg check you tomorrow, it is a little early but I would like to be here when you find out if you are pregnant.”

Meg laughed as she hugged him from behind, “I felt your son cum and I would bet Terri has at least twins.”

Terri laughed as dad grinned, “two would be great.”

She didn’t have twins, she had triplets. It was a long time before my services weren’t in such demand, four years to be exact. I had an idea and used dad and a few men to test it. I used their DNA to begin a clone of their testicles. Sonia and our wives are more than happy with sharing me and raising children together. The station has grown a lot since those first days.
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