I was an engineered baby, created in a lab, only the war ended and I was traded back and forth as an experiment. I was supposed to be a super soldier, well the prototype. At the age of ten I was kicked out onto the streets. I was lucky in that everything they put me through taught me a lot about engineering as well as computers. Specifically AI systems and computer codes.

I was accepted as an apprentice engineer on a asteroid belt ore barge. I was twelve when we found the Talone wreck. There were a hundred alien ships destroyed in the system. They were part of a fleet that fought the Talone. The Talone were a race that considered other races as a food source. Their ships were medium sized with advanced weapons and systems.

While the others went to the bridge and the engineering section, I went looking for the brain, the computer. I found the room and used a small laser to cut open the door. Inside I found the two foot crystal core and started checking the connections. I was in a small survival suit so I had to be careful as I used the laser to carefully cut the brackets that held the core and the interface console.

I pulled out what looked like a holographic display and took it and the console back to our ship. I went back and started disconnecting the power cable to the computer core. The captain called a minute later, “I have a bad feeling. Everyone back to the ship.”

I used the small laser and cut the optic cable before grabbing the core and moving back to our ship. The engineer had only shaken his head and said it was useless because no one had ever cracked the computer code. Ten minutes after we left, the ship exploded. Six years later I bought a small system runner, with my knowledge I was able to add a jump engine and started making small fast runs between systems.

Two years later when I was twenty I cracked the Talone core. I had linked two dozen small computers and was running them using a chaotic random program. I always made sure the core was isolated and after it came alive I was glad I had. The code was amazing and totally capably of ghosting through modern systems, rewriting them or destroying them.

That was when I decided to get a little payback. It took me three months to completely understand the program language. I set up a subprogram using the language and planted it in a small comp screen. It was buried in the middle of a separate account program. When I landed on Delta it was to the usually snide remarks and crude comments.

I off loaded the small cargo, refueled and filled the water tank. I locked up before taking a public transport into port city. I ate at a small café and stopped at a street vender to buy a pack of sweet gum. Only this time I used the small comp screen. I returned to my ship in time for my client merchant to arrive with a new cargo, this one bound for Temir.

Temir had been one of the rogue worlds that had tried to destroy the federation. I loaded the cargo and accepted the half payment before climbing back into my ship. I spent the next two days designing reactors, power plants, engines, shields and even a stealth system, all designed to fit into my ship and all designed using Talone technology found in the core.

When I checked the account balance I stared in amazement at what had been siphoned from Delta’s accounts. I finally transferred some credit into my regular account and contacted a automated yard on Temir. I downloaded the specs and as a precaution added a subprogram to erase and prevent anyone from copying the plans.

I paid for everything and then went shopping for a complete ship refit. When I set down on Temir the merchant was waiting and so was some snotty noble blowing dope smoke in my face. I finished unloading the cargo and handed the comp screen for the noble to pay me the credits that was owed.

That was when the asshole got in my face, he was startled and his bodyguard pulled him back after I snatched his dope stick and snapped it in half. He snarled, “You’ll pay for that.”

I smiled calmly, “Jump coward.”

His eyes darted around and the guard snorted, “he isn’t worth it lord.”

I shook my head and took my comp back from the merchant, “leave before you get hurt.”

As my ship was moved and then stripped I received a port notice of a fine for insulting a noble. They also added twenty percent to the cost of the work they were doing to my ship. I was pissed but waited and started doing a little homework. The young noble turned out to be the governor’s son and the governor was the one to levy the fine and rise the cost of the work being done.

I smiled when I saw the governor’s fourteen year old daughter and an idea came to me. I checked the work being done on the ship by the robots and then created another couple of sub programs. For a week I waited and then it was time to act, no merchant would contract with me for a cargo so I filed for a departure.

I went into port city for a late dinner and stopped to buy a pack of dope sticks using the small comp screen that siphoned the major accounts on the planet. After dinner I started walking and slipped into the shadows of the city. The huge mansion on the edge of the city was easy to enter. There were no guards or alarm systems so entering the house was simple.

I found the governor’s office and listened to a large party in the back of the estate. I slipped the program into the computer system and then went looking for Jennifer. The program rewrote into the system and changed his daughter’s status as a paid consort. It also showed a transfer of funds for her purchase to me before taking every credit he had.

The best part was that it also drained the government budget into the son’s account using the governor’s authorization. I left the office and went looking for the daughter. I found her room and slipped in quietly. I moved to the bed and used a med suppressant to keep her asleep before lifting her over my shoulder. I hesitated and then grabbed her private comp screen and left.

A public auto transport dropped us at the port and I carried her to my ship and into my cabin. The huge bed had the sheets turned back and I set her down. I stripped her naked before moving her under the sheet and leaving. On the small bridge I brought everything online and updated my departure.

The controllers were snide and sarcastic as they gave me clearance to lift. I brought the anti grav up and the ship rose gracefully. Unlike the old systems, all the new systems were better and the ship was three or four times faster. I brought up the shield as I turned the ship and started moving.

Next was the internal systems, oxygen recycling systems and generators as well as artificial gravity. Short and long range scan systems came on line before we left the atmosphere and I turned us onto our course, I took us to sixty percent and sat back. I glanced at the small comp screen from Jennifer’s room and started scanning through it.

What I found made me glad I wasn’t still on the planet. I set it aside to jump us out of the system and put the ship into stealth and set the auto pilot for Gregor and before standing. I walked into my cabin and undressed before slipping into bed. I pulled the naked girl half onto me and relaxed.

I woke to see her eyes looking into mine, I hugged her before moving and letting her move off me. I glanced at my wall timekeeper and then smiled at her, “Good morning.”

She frowned, “Who are you and where am I?”

I smiled, “My name is Adam and you are on my ship.”

She looked around, “My father...”

I snorted, “You belong to me. You are listed by your father as a consort.”

She opened her mouth and I touched her lips, “Do you really want to be there?”

She looked into my eyes and I shrugged, “I read your journal.”

She looked down and I caressed her face, “I will ask.”

She looked at me quickly and I shrugged, “I know what it’s like.”

I looked at her body and softly caressed her breasts. She shivered and then grinned, “Want something?”

I rubbed her nipple, “Yes. I’ve never done it though.”

She opened her eyes wide, “Really?”

I shrugged and she grinned before pushing me onto my back, “In that case you just got yourself a consort.”

She stroked my cock and then straddled me. When she sat on my cock I groaned as I pushed into her warm, tight pussy. She shuddered and smiled as I held her waist wide eyed, “Good?”

I nodded and she laughed and began rocking and thrusting. I shuddered as my thick cock pressed against the back of her pussy and then something gave and I was completely inside her. She spasmed and jerked as her pussy tightened, “OH FUCK!”

I grunted as my cock throbbed and then began spewing huge gushing streams of cum. Jennifer jerked and thrashed around as she was filled. Cum began leaking around my cock as she finally slumped onto me, “Fuck.”

I caressed her, “Does it feel like that every time?”

She laughed, “I never felt that before.”

I looked at her unsure and she smiled, “Dad and my brother always used protection.”

I frowned, “Protection?”

She looked at me closely and then grinned and hugged me. She lifted her hips and laid beside me, “to keep a woman from getting pregnant.”

I shook my head, “But women use inhibitors or implants to prevent pregnancy.”

Jennifer caressed my chest, “Not on Temir.”

I cupped her breast, “So it isn’t safe for me to fuck you again?”

She laughed, “I’m your consort. If you don’t mind knocking me up you can fuck me as much as you want.”

I rubbed her slightly bulging pelvis, “I want to fuck you again.”

Jennifer grinned, “I was hoping you would say that.”

She rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt, “Fuck me this way.”

I grinned and moved behind her before pushing into her slimy pussy. I started fucking her slowly and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering as her pussy squeezed my cock. All I could think was she felt like the best thing ever. With each thrust into her, my cock would push into the tight place I had felt before.

It wasn’t long before Jennifer was spasming and her tight pussy contracted and held my cock deep inside her. I groaned and started fucking her hard and she screamed as her pussy grasped my cock, “YES!”

I thrust into her and began pumping huge spurts of cum. Jennifer jerked and pushed back onto my cock, “FUCK!”

I kept shuddering as I spurted and spewed and then sighed and pushed her down as I lay on her with my cock throbbing. She sighed and looked back at me, “that felt nice.”

I grinned and kissed her shoulder before pulling out and moving off the bed, “Breakfast?”

She grinned and followed me out of bed, “That sounds good.”

After we finished eating I gave her a tour and her eyes looked at everything. She grinned after looking in the other set of quarters, “We’ll need this one for the babies.”

I blushed and she grinned before rubbing my chest and pulling me into my quarters. She backed onto the bed and laid back before holding her arms out, “Fuck me again?”

I followed her onto the bed and started feeling her body. My hand slipped down to her slimy, leaking pussy and I slipped a finger into her. Jennifer moaned and shuddered as her pussy squeezed my finger. I grinned and began finger fucking her. I pulled out and ran my finger over her clit before it pushed back inside her. It wasn’t long before she was shaking as her hips lifted.

She was moaning as we kept kissing and then she jerked and spasmed before pulling me over her and fumbled between us. I pushed and slid into her tight, slimy pussy before starting to fuck her. I used long thrusts that pushed my thick cock into her all the way. Jennifer jerked and shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock.

I kept kissing her as we fucked and she started moaning and jerking. I started using short jabs and grinding against her and she stiffened before howling and starting to thrash around. She bucked and jerked as I started to fuck her with hard, deep thrusts. Her slimy pussy rippled and milked my cock each time I thrust into her. I buried my cock and just humped and jabbed in and out.

Jennifer continued to jerk and convulse as her pussy rippled and milked my cock. Every couple of minutes I would fuck her hard and deep and she howled as she clung to me. It was almost twenty minutes before I thrust into her and held her bucking body as my cock began to swell. It was jerking and throbbing before I shuddered and jerked as I started spewing jets of cum.

She arched her back and wailed as her pussy contracted and then she held her pussy up as I filled her again. After eight or nine large spurts I sighed and relaxed as I held her while she panted. She hugged me and then giggled, “we need a few more girls.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “This bed is big enough and we can take turns caring for the babies.”

I shook my head, “We would need a larger ship.”

I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back and she turned to snuggle, “This one will do for now.”

I glanced at her but her idea had taken root. After she had fallen asleep I slipped out of bed and went to the bridge. I sat back to think and then grinned, a lot of people and places owed me. Gregor was one and then there was Mecca, a federation world that had gone rogue. I had been there just before then and remember only to well how they treated me.

I pulled up a new program and began designing a whole new ship. This was a lot easier than remolding my runner using hybrid technology and it came together quickly. I checked my account balance and grinned before contacting Mecca and the automated shipyard in orbit. I sent the new ship plans and paid in advanced.

I also slipping in a subprogram to keep anyone from copying or stealing my ship plans. It was a couple of weeks before we reached Gregor and by then Jen knew she was pregnant. Gregor wasn’t to bad, they either ignored me or made a labor worker do all the talking. After refueling and filling my water tanks I bought first class rations.

I managed to find a small cargo headed towards Mecca, Jen had been busy too and found another girl. Her name was Sandra and she was the daughter of one of the planetary council members. She was also listed as being for sale which didn’t surprise me. I grinned and took Jennifer out to a small automated diner and used my comp screen to pay for the meal.

I also used the comp to go to the breeder listing and pay for the councilor’s daughter as well as slip the subprogram into the system and siphon the credits from the major account holders. We went back to the port to wait and an hour later a fancy transport arrived beside the runner.

We had talked about this and Jen went out to accept Sandra. After she brought her aboard I updated my departure as they went back to our quarters. It seemed like a long time before I jumped out of the system and set a new course for Mecca. I put the ship into stealth and headed back to our quarters.

I walked in to see both Jen and the new girl Sandra naked and on the bed. Jen grinned, “Sandy is perfect.”

I undressed and moved to the bed to sit, “are you a virgin Sandy?”

She shook her head, “Dad sold it to another councilmen a month ago.”

I caressed her thigh, “Are you pregnant?”

She grinned, “They think so but I’m not.”

Jen grinned, “I checked her Adam.”

I nodded and moved over her as she laid back, “Would you mind if I licked your pussy?”

Sandy grinned, “Jen said you did that. No I would like it if you licked me.”

I moved down and opened her pussy before licking through it as she shivered and moaned. I started teasing her clit and using my tongue before nibbling. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and shuddering and spasming. When she arched her back and squirted as she screamed I licked her one last time and moved up her trembling body.

I kissed her as she clutched me and pushed into her tight pussy slowly. I started to fuck her and she began to shiver and lifted her hips to meet each thrust. Her pussy became wetter and slipperier as I pushed into her deeper. She stiffened as I kept fucking her and a couple of minutes later exploded. She bucked and wiggled and twisted and writhed as she wailed and screamed.

My cock continued to push deeper but she was so incoherent she didn’t know or care. She jerked and convulsed erratically as I fucked her harder and finally thrust into her and started to gush huge spurts of cum. Sandy jerked and hugged me as her pussy tightened, “oooohhhh!”

I pumped and spewed into her until she was full and bulging. I sighed when I was done cumming and she groaned and turned her head, “he really cums a lot.”

Jen grinned, “I know.”

I smiled and kissed Sandy before pulling out of her and laying beside her, “How did you make them think you were pregnant?”

She grinned, “Switched my pee for my younger sister’s.”

Jen straddled me and positioned my cock before slowly sitting down. She started rocking and thrusting back and forth and Sandy reached up to rub a nipple, “My brother was fucking my younger sister. My father doesn’t know they plan to leave together.”

Jen groaned and shuddered as her warm pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I caressed her hips and looked at Sandy, “Do you have anything to prevent getting pregnant?”

Sandy laughed and kissed me as Jen shook and jerked as she cried out. I looked at her and she smiled, “We put an inhibitor in.”

I grinned and pulled Jen down before rolling and starting to fuck her. She clutched me tight as her pussy rippled and grasped my cock. I fucked her faster and harder and she was wailing and kicking in the air. I kissed her as I slowed to just long thrusts. She hugged me and sighed as her pussy continued to squeeze my cock.

I alternated, slow and fast with shallow and deep. It was awhile before I thrust into her and held her shaking body as I started pumping thick spurts of cum. Jen jerked and spasmed as her pussy tightened to hold my cock while I filled her. She shuddered and shook me when I stopped cumming, “You already got me pregnant.”

I grinned and kissed her as I pressed into her and Sandy giggled, “There is always practice.”

Jen laughed as I pulled out and laid back. For three weeks I fuck the two girls. They seemed to delight in tempting me until I pulled one or both of them to bed and fucked them silly. During the trip I check my account and the progress of the ship being built. I set down at the starport and contacted the merchant about his goods before starting to unload.

A couple of hours later the merchant arrived and barely glanced at me as he started to load his goods. That pissed me off because he hadn’t paid me for delivery. When I stopped him, he was rude and belligerent and said he would check his cargo at his warehouse before paying me.

That was when I almost knocked him on his ass and yanked the crates off his vehicle, “These are mine until you pay your bill.”

That brought security and the port police. Lucky for me I had a contract to be paid upon delivery. Jen and Sandy both stayed out of it but knew I was pissed. The local security and police weren’t happy about it and both warned me to leave as soon as I could.

I had the girls wait and took a daily shuttle up to the construction station hub. My ship was ready, even if I would have to wear an oxygen mask. I dumped the blue prints and scrubbed the comp before boarding my ship. I landed on the pad next to my runner and we started loading everything from my runner into the new small cargo ship.

I put up the runner for sale after removing the stealth system and then I started looking for a cargo. I was on the new bridge and glanced at Jen and Sandy when they walked in. Jen stood beside me and rubbed her breasts on my arm, “Remember that obnoxious merchant?”

I rubbed her pink nipple, “I remember.”

She shivered and Sandy laughed and hugged her, “He has a good looking daughter.”

Jen nodded and caressed my face, “You could use one of your programs and take her.”

I frowned and looked at them, “Another girl?”

Sandy grind, “Well, we thought maybe you could steal all his money too.”

I laughed and tugged on one of Jen’s nipples, “Give me a few minutes.”

I had the basics down now and with the new systems on my ship I put a program together quickly and easily. Jen and Sandy surprised me a few minutes later with a buyer for the runner. They both went to make the deal as I took a port transport. It was simple to sneak into the huge planetary data storage building and plant the program.

I brought up all the data on the merchant and looked at his daughter. She was beautiful and everything I read made me smile because she was constantly rebelling against her father and his plans for her, I activated the program and left. Sandy was talking to a strange merchant when I got back to the ship and she smiled and called me over.

The merchant had a cargo he wanted in Nippon in under two weeks. I grinned, “If we can get it loaded today it will be there in ten.”

He looked at my ships, “Your ship is that fast?”

I nodded, “she’s fast enough.”

Five minutes later I had a cargo I had to load. I was busy an hour later when the planetary contract police arrived. The contract on record showed I had paid in full for his daughter who he had listed as a consort. It showed the merchant had paid all his money to a betting parlor and had tried to void the contract. Sandy and Jen went to accept her as I continued to load the ship.

I also loaded the fuel and water as well as ordered high class meals for the galley. I let the oxygen pumps suck in the atmosphere and filter it as I loaded the ship. When I was done I shook hands with the merchant and headed to the bridge. I barely glanced at the naked girl with Jen and Sandy as I got clearance.

I lifted and headed out as I plotted a new course. The naked girl kept frowning as the ship seemed to run perfectly. I finally had a breather before we would jump and looked at her. Jen grinned as she walked to me, “She thinks her dad planned this.”

I smiled and looked at her, “I planned this because he tried to steal from me.”

The girl blinked and then grinned, “Tried? You caught him and made him pay?”

I nodded and she walked forward, “He was always saying I was going to marry one of the mega merchants from Temir or Sampson’s World.”

I reached out to cup a bare breast, “I was hoping you would like to stay with us.”

Jen and Sandy seemed to hold their breath but the girl didn’t even look at them. She shivered, “Are you going to fuck me?”

I grinned, “Many times.”

She laughed throatily, “In that case you have a new fuck bunny.”

Jen and Sandy laughed as I caressed her body, “What do I call you?”

She shivered again and then moved closer to rub her bare breasts against my arm, “My dad called me Marlissa Devlen Camil Trusent.”

She grinned, “You can just call me Mara.”

I leaned over to kiss her softly before straightening, “Have Jen and Sandy show you around. After we jump I will fuck you.”

She grinned as she turned towards Jen, “I hope you don’t mind if I remove my inhibitor.”

I looked at her as Jen and Sandy both grinned and she looked back and winked. The jump went smooth and I put us on course for Nippon before putting the ship into stealth. I went to find Mara, she was in the big bed licking Sandy’s pussy. I undressed and smiled at Jen as she waved and reached for Mara, “Okay sexy strumpet.”

She started and then grinned as I flipped her onto her back and moved down to lick her pussy. Her pussy was bald and very wet as I licked and then started sucking on her clit. It wasn’t long before she was panting as she shuddered and kept thrusting her hips up, I finally stopped and moved up her body.

She fumbled as she tried to hastily position my cock, I pushed and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned as her pussy was stretched and I began to fuck into her deeper. She was lifting her hips and thrusting up to meet me as I kept fucking her. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and spasmed and opened her mouth in surprise.

She started convulsing when I pushed all the way into her as I began to fuck her hard and deep. Her pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock each time it was pushed into her. She clutched me tight and wrapped her legs around my waist driving my cock deeper, “FUCK ME!”

I slowly buried my cock before using slow, jabbing thrusts and humping into her. Mara squirted me a few times as she bucked and thrashed around under me. I kissed her softly as I started fucking her with long thrusts. She arched her back and squirted as her pussy contracted and she screamed, “YES!”

By the time I was ready to cum several minutes later she was incoherent and writhing around constantly. I pushed into her and kissed her as my throbbing cock erupted in a huge, gushing torrent of cum. Mara howled as I kept kissing her and her pussy tightened and began to milk my cum into her body. She shuddered and jerked as I pumped and spewed and spurted.

When I was done she sighed and started relaxing. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my back to catch my breath as she kept panting. Jen and Sandy laughed and kissed Mara before Jennifer straddled me, “My turn.”

I cupped her breasts and rubbed the nipples with my thumb, “then you do the work.”

She shuddered and grinned as Sandy giggled. Jen positioned my cock and wiggled down it as her tight pussy kept squeezing. She sighed and began to rock and rub her pussy on me. I smiled and reached between us to start fingering her and rubbing her clit. She jerked and shuddered as her pussy clenched around my cock and Sandra and Mara laughed.

She rolled her hips and twisted as she thrust back and forth. It was a few minutes before she was panting and shuddering as her pussy rippled and kept squeezing my cock. She was breathing hard and jerking a minute later before she began to howl and wail. I held her breasts and rubbed and pinched her nipples.

Jen screamed as she spasmed and twisted around while her pussy clamped down. I pulled her down and shifted around until she was under me before I started to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. I was careful not to push into her to deep but she was convulsing as she kept wetting me. A few more minutes and I was thrusting into her and holding her as I began to pump spurts of cum.

She wailed as she lifted and spread her legs, “yyyyeeeesssss!”

I spewed and spurted until I was done and kissed her before pulling out. I grinned at Sandy and she laughed as she rolled onto her stomach and spread her legs. I moved over her and kissed her bare shoulder before slowly pushing into her as she tilted her hips. I started fucking her and she began to lift and thrust back as my cummy cock sank into her deeper.

By the time I was all the way inside her, she was kicking the bed and shuddering hard. I kept kissing her before fucking her hard and fast for a few minutes. I finally slowed and used deep thrusts that pushed open her cervix as she convulsed and wailed. I loved her almost hot pussy as it milked my cock.

I shoved into her and humped and pressed and it was a couple of minutes before she shuddered violently as I grunted and thrust into her hard while I began to spew cum. When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed on the bed. I grinned and kissed the nap of her neck before looking at Mara.

I fucked the three girls once more before falling asleep. The whole way to Nippon I fucked them constantly. When I jumped into the system Jen sighed and rubbed my shoulders as she leaned against me, “good we get a break.”

I grinned at her, “teaches you to walk around naked and tempting me.”

She grinned and Mara and Sandy laughed as they headed back to the cabin. For a change I didn’t have any problems with the merchant that came to pick up the cargo. What I did have was an arrogant portmaster that demanded securities and deposits for anything and everything. He didn’t just look at me as if I were something on his shoe, he treated the girls the same way.

He really pissed me off when his actions sent Jen running into the ship in tears. I had put out an advertisement to tranship a small cargo anywhere quickly and he wanted me to pay a higher pad fee. I topped my water and fuel off before going to the bridge. I was making a new worm when the girls walked in and Mara hesitated before sitting in my lap.

I paused what I was doing to look at her and then at Jen and Sandy, “Yes?”

Mara caressed my chest, “Jen and Sandy said you could steal his money.”

I glanced at the other girls, “and?”

She grinned, “here on Nippon daughters are considered a treasure. Portmaster Yami has a daughter Jen’s age. She has won several praises for her beauty and grace.”

I waited and she grinned, “we want you to make her a concubine and do a public purchase that is very small.”

I glanced at Sandy and then at Jen, “Jen? You want another girl?”

She smiled and nodded, “and to shame that asshole.”

I thought about it before nodding, “let me finish while you three go dress so we can go shopping.”

I changed the worm a little and added new parameters. On our way off the port we had to pay a toll fee and I slipped my comp in and waited for an old worm to upload before pulling it out. While the girls were in one of the huge shopping outlets, I used a public data station and slipped the new worm in using my comp.

Two hours later I got a call from a merchant that wanted to send merchandise to a world called Peddler. I gathered the girls up and we headed back to the port so I could meet with the merchant. I kissed them by the lift, “check to see if we got an acceptance for the new girl.”

They grinned and nodded as they took the lift up and I turned to the merchant. He smiled, “You were buying another woman?”

I smiled, “she was offered on the public comp server for a dozen credits. I was a little surprised at the price because she looks nice and her med bio was excellent.”

He snorted, “a mistake during input.”

I shrugged, “a query to the port bonding company confirmed the price.”

I looked at several cargo lorries, “your cargo?”

He turned and nodded and we started talking price. I was loading crates when the portmaster pulled up at my ship. I locked the crate I was positioning to the deck and used the lift to drop to the tarmac. The girls were all inside as I walked to the portmaster, “what can I do for you portmaster?”

He snarled, “If you think I’m giving you my daughter for a dozen credits think again!”

I blinked and glanced at the merchant as he walked up, “the concubine is your daughter?”

He reached out to put his finger in my chest and I slid back out of reach as I pulled my comp. I thumbed to the add the worm had added and turned it to the merchant. He glanced at it and then at the portmaster with a look of contempt, “you offered your daughter as a concubine and confirmed the price to the port bonding company.”

The portmaster sputtered and I smiled, “I expect her within the hour or I will turn you over to the authorities, the merchant guild and the bonding company.”

The merchant nodded, “and you can kiss your job goodbye.”

The portmaster looked back and forth before spinning and stomping off. I went back to loading but noticed the merchant making calls. I was just finishing and signing for the cargo when a vehicle from the port authority arrived. A slim well dressed man stepped out and turned to help a girl.

She had a large trunk and looked frightened as he turned to walk towards us, “Captain Jennings?”

I nodded and he turned to the girl, “this is Nikki Yami.”

She had long black hair and a lovely body and I looked at him, “I thought the portmaster wasn’t going to honor the contract?”

He smiled, “the former portmaster is being looked at for illegal and fraudulent fees imposed on ships as well as the disappearance of all the port funds.”

I nodded and gestured to the girl, “thank you for bringing her to me.”

He nodded and turned to leave as I put her in the lift, “Jen!”

I sent her up and turned to the merchant, “where were we?”

He grinned, “signing for the cargo.”

I accepted his comp and read the contract and the cargo manifest before signing. I watched him leave and went up and headed to the bridge. I sent a departure request and did a system check before pressurizing the hull. I looked back as the girls walked onto the bridge naked and pointed to seats before turning back.

I lifted the ship and followed the traffic pattern the flight control sent me. As soon as we went black sky I set course for the heliopause and relaxed. I leaned back and turned to look at the girls, “we are headed for Peddler. Rolling hills with small merchants over each one.”

They grinned and I smiled at Nikki, “my name is Adam.”

She was leaning against Jen and smiled shyly, “Nikki.”

I glanced at Mara and Sandra, “your father was an unpleasant man.”

She nodded, “you have no idea.”

The other girls laughed and I grinned and held out my hand. She stood and walked to me nervously and I pulled her onto my lap, “did Jen, Sandy and Mara talk to you?”

Nikki nodded and took a breath, “can I keep my inhibitor?”

I caressed her hips, “that will always be your choice.”

She smiled and leaned against me, “and I really get to have sex when I want?”

I cupped a firm breast and rubbed the nipple, “yes.”

She looked into my face and then grinned, “you are getting so fucked.”

The others laughed and I grinned, “well Jen, Sandy and Mara said they needed a break so you can fuck me while they take it.”

She giggled and wiggled on my lap, “your cock feels tempting.”

I laughed and hugged her before moving her off my lap, “you girls go eat. As soon as we jump and I set the auto pilot I’ll be back.”

As soon as we jumped I saw the pirate ship and cursed to myself before shoving the accelerator all the way forward. The small, fast ship leaped after my ship and I hesitated to go to stealth and then saw that we were slowly pulling away. I sighed and sat back to watch as a couple of hours later the pirate slowed and turned back.

I set the auto pilot and waited until the pirate was beyond normal scan range to put the ship into stealth. I headed towards our cabin and started stripping. When I walked in it was to see the girls snuggled up together asleep. I smiled at the sight and went to the fresher before slipping into bed and relaxing. I woke to someone caressing me and pushing me onto my back.

I opened my eyes to see Nikki staring at my cock before straddling me and lifting up to position it. She wiggled and pushed and struggled before my cock suddenly pushed into her. She groaned as her extremely tight pussy was stretched around my cock. I reached up to play with her breasts and she shivered before letting a moan escape.

She began to rock and pushed down to sink my cock into her deeper. It wasn’t long before she started to jerk and become erratic as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock. I lowered my hands to her waist and pulled her back and forth. Nikki wailed and spasmed as she wet me and her pussy contracted, “aaaahhhh!”

I pulled her down and shifted and rolled before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts that pushed my cock all the way into her. She lifted her legs and spread them wide as I fucked her a little harder. Several minutes later she screamed and began to struggle and squirm as I kept planting my cock. I was trying to cum and began to grind and hump with each thrust.

A couple minutes more and I thrust into her and kissed her as I began to gush a thick stream of cum against her cervix and into her womb. Nikki howled at the warm eruption of sperm as it was pumped into her. When I stopped she dropped to the bed with a groan and Jen laughed, “first load of cum and we have a satisfied customer.”

Sandy and Mara laughed and Nikki grinned, “you said I get him all day so he should put a lot more in too.”

They laughed again as I kissed Nikki and pulled out, “breakfast and a system check before you get more.”

It was a few years before I purchased a large steading on Peddler. I dismantled the ship to keep some of the technology out of the wrong hands. Some days one of the girls services me and some days they gang up and take turns. The girls being together seems to make things work better for them and they always make me feel special.


2014-04-15 00:49:31
I liked the story except u didnt say anything about Jen's baby or if Mara got pregnant that first time. But other then that it was a great story.

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