After four years in the military I was free. I had taken a job for a hotel as the maintenance man. Because they also needed some areas locked up in the evening I was given a room to live in if I did security when needed. I had to be on call for other things as well. Things went along smoothly for a week as I settled in.

I met the owner/manager’s wife and fourteen year old daughter not long after being there. Lori the owner’s daughter was a beautiful young woman with the beginnings of a nice body. She had a friend over almost every day, Tina was a black haired beauty to Lori’s pale blonde. Every evening I had to lock the pool and spa up and would have to wait for them to leave.

It was a month later that I was called by the desk to go to a room for a noise complaint in the middle of the night. When the man finally opened the door, I saw all the other men and then I saw the girls on the bed. I pushed the guy back into the room, “Shut the music off!”

The guys all turned to look and several reached for their pants. I shook my head, “Unless you want to go to jail don’t even twitch.”

The music shut off and I looked at the white faces of Lori and Tina, “Get dressed.”

They scrambled off the bed and ran into the bathroom as I looked at each man, “you will leave quietly. If I ever see you at this hotel again I will have you arrested.”

I stood away from the door as they grabbed clothes and ran out. Lori and Tina came out of the bathroom as I finished talking to the office telling the clerk the guests would be quiet now and would be leaving. I looked at the two girls, “Come with me.”

I led them back to my room and closed the door. I motioned to the bed, “sit.”

They sat down as I turned a chair and sat facing them. I just waited and finally Lori looked up at me, “please don’t tell dad.”

I looked at Tina and she was nodding. I sighed, “Why?”

Lori looked at Tina, “We like it.”

I sighed and began undressing while they watched. I walked to the light switch, “Get undressed and get in bed.”

Once they had crawled under the covers, I shut the light off and went to the other side of the bed. After I got into bed Lori reached out to feel my body, “We’re on birth control.”

I looked at her and then turned and moved over her, pushing her legs open. I pushed into her warm, cummy pussy and began to fuck her slow and deep. She groaned a few minutes later as her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she shuddered. Tina giggled and rubbed my back, I kissed Lori and pulled out. I pushed Tina onto her back and pushed my slimy cock into her messy hole.

I fucked her steadily and kept pushing deeper. When she grabbed me suddenly and jerked as her pussy tightened, I kissed her and slowly pulled out and moved back to Lori. I pushed into her and she wrapped her legs around my waist. I smiled and started fucking her nice and deep, “I’m going to cum in you this time.”

She smiled and thrust her hips up. I pushed into her and humped against her as she shivered. She was thrusting her pussy up as I humped and fucked her with short grinding thrusts. I finally pushed into her and held her so she couldn’t move as my whole body tightened. I was pressed tight against her as my cock jerked and got bigger.

Suddenly I was peeing a huge strong river of cum. Lori jerked in surprise as she felt my warm cum flooding her body. I pumped and spewed cum for a while until I sighed as my body shuddered and relaxed. Lori’s cunt was a mess, I had poured my cum into her and it had run out to puddle between her legs.

She shuddered as I pulled out and lay on my back next to her. I pulled Tina half onto me and then a stunned Lori, “If you want someone to fuck than I will fuck you silly.”

They giggled and put their heads on my shoulder. I woke to my alarm which was just before dawn. I looked at the two girls in bed with me and reached for Tina. I pushed her onto her back and moved over her before pushing her legs open with my knees. I pushed into her warm tight pussy and she groaned.

I started fucking her as she opened her sleepy eyes and kissed her softly and smiled, “I need to cum.”

She smiled as I kept fucking into her tight hole. It was a few minutes before she groaned and shuddered hard. Her pussy squeezed my cock and she wet me as she jerked, “Oh fuck!”

I pushed against her and shivered as I started spurting my morning load of cum. Tina gasped as her body started spasming and shaking, “fuck,fuck,fuck!”

I pumped and spewed cum into her until it was full and leaking out. I pulled out with a sigh and Tina laughed and looked at Lori. She was smiling, “I loved feeling him cumming in me.”

I shook my head and pulled them both out of bed and into the shower. After I dried them off, I let them get dressed and sent them out while I headed to the pool to check the chlorine levels. I went to breakfast and returned to work on a room that had been used by a meth cook. I had already stripped everything out and was repainting the walls when the owner came in.

I stopped and pulled the breather mask off as I followed him out. I found his wife and Lori waiting and knew I was going to jail. He faced me and glanced at Lori, “We know what happened last night. We were watching the monitors and talked to Lori this morning.”

I waited and he took a breath, “Lori and Tina explained to both us and Tina’s parents about what they had done and what you… decided to do to keep them safe. My wife and I would prefer that Lori didn’t have sex at her age but… it is too late to put the chick back into the egg. What we have decided to do was to allow Lori to… be your consort. Tina’s parents agreed with us but I’m sure they will tell you themselves.”

I looked at them and then at Lori, “So it would be alright if I take her and Tina to movies or dinner and… teach them about sex.”

He smiled and his wife nodded and Lori was grinning, “Movies sound good.”

I grinned, “Then after I finish working we can talk about where to go.”

I nodded to the door and he nodded. I smiled at Lori, “Think of somewhere nice.”

I put the mask on and went back into the room. When I finished that afternoon the room was completely repainted and had a new carpet. I had also replaced the locks on three other rooms, repaired two lamps and a broken shower door. When I opened my door it was to see Lori and Tina sitting on my bed and Tina’s parents sitting in my two chairs.

It was a repeat of my talk with Lori’s parents and I watched Tina’s parents as they left before looking at the two girls, “Let me shower and dress. We can go to the restaurant next door and then do something else.”

They laughed and jumped off the bed to pull my clothes off. Tina went to turn the shower on while Lori finished undressing me. They both pushed me into the shower and when I stepped out they both had towels and dried me. I dressed and took their hands as we walked next door to the restaurant, after dinner they pulled me back to the room.

They stripped before the door had even started closing. I undressed and followed the two naked girls onto the bed and pushed Toni onto her back before leaning down. Lori laughed and I looked up as she straddled Toni’s face. I grinned and started teasing her clit as Lori moaned and shivered.

I licked through her pussy and nibbled on her inner lips before squeezing her clit with my lips. Toni jerked and spasmed as her hips bucked and writhed around. I finally moved up her body after Lori moved off her. I pushed into her tight pussy and started to fuck her with deep thrusts that made her grunt and shudder.

Her pussy kept tightening and squeezing my cock as I fucked her. I buried my cock as I started grinding and Toni screamed into my mouth as I kissed her. Lori laughed and rubbed my back as I rode Toni’s bucking, thrashing body. I finally pressed into her hard as my balls tightened and then I was spurting sperm straight though into her womb.

Toni arched her back and howled as she felt the warm cum expanding her baby factory, “YES!”

I spewed a strong stream of warm sperm into her shaking body and shuddered as I just kept pumping in more. When I did stopped Toni groaned and sighed as I pulled out and turned to growl at Lori. She grinned and fell onto her back as I moved over her and gave her a kiss. I moved down her body and nibbled on her clit and she jerked and cried out, “Fuck!”

I laughed and started teasing her clit as I covered it and started sucking. Toni giggled as Lori spasmed and tried to push my face away. I moved up her body and kissed her again, “I haven’t jerked off tonight so you two are getting so fucked.”

They laughed and then Lori grunted as my cock spread her pussy open. I started fucking her nice and deep and a moment later I was grinding against her. She jerked and lifted her legs as if to get me deeper. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering hard as her pussy tightened. She was tossing her head as I kept fucking her and humping against her.

I fucked her hard for a minute and then buried my cock in her before jabbing and humping against her. Lori spasmed and convulsed as her tight pussy tried to hold my cock. I went back to long, deep thrusts and slowly she stiffened. She jerked suddenly and bucked and thrashed around, “I’M CUMMING!”

I fucked her hard for almost a minute before jabbing into her and shuddering as I pumped huge gushing ropes of cum. Lori jerked as I began filling her with warm sperm and then she was spasming. I spurted and pumped and she kept shaking until I finished. I held her shivering, twitching body and finally Lori sighed and relaxed.

I kissed her and slowly pulled out before smiling at Toni. She was watching us and rubbing her cummy pussy. I laughed and reached for her and rolled her onto her stomach before lifting her butt up. I pushed into her slimy pussy and rubbed her warm asshole as I began to fuck her with long, firm thrusts.

She kept thrusting back as her slimy hole squeezed my cock. My thick cock was constantly pushing in and out of her and she began to jerk and shake as her tight cunt spasmed around my cock. She was moaning into the bed as she thrust back onto my cock. Lori giggled and moved up onto the bed before spreading her legs and sliding under Toni’s face, “Lick my cunt slut.”

Toni laughed and gently bit her clit and Lori screamed and jerked before grinning. I held Toni’s hips and fucked her with long, hard thrusts and she began to jerk. Lori was moaning as her pussy was teased and licked. She started to shudder and shaking with Toni as she began convulsing. I buried my cock in Toni and started rubbing her warm ass.

She jerked and pushed back. I was surprised when my thumb pushed into her. She groaned and jerked before fucking back and forth, her ass and pussy both squeezing me. I slowly pulled out of her and started humping and fucking the head of my cock against her ass. She shuddered and pushed back to get my cock into her.

She groaned as I began to slowly fuck her tight ass. Lori rolled away from Toni and spasmed as she covered her pussy. Toni started convulsing as I held her hips and fucked into her deeper. She jerked and spasmed as I finally buried my cock, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

Lori turned to look and then sat up and moved closer. She grinned, “I want to do that.”

Toni was grunting and thrusting back and forth on my spewing cock. She wasn’t coherent as her ass kept squeezing me and she continued to shudder and jerk. I finally pulled out and she dropped to the bed and groaned, “God that was amazing.”

I laid back and then grinned and rolled out of bed, “Come on you two.”

They grinned as they moved off the bed to run into the bathroom after me. I started the shower and cleaned off before pulling first Toni close to wash her cummy pussy and then her ass as it gapped. When I was done I did Lori, she was stroking my cock as I finally started using soap and fingering her ass. She shuddered and started moaning as Toni grinned and got out.

I went from one finger to two and then three. Lori was shuddering as she kept pushing back onto my fingers. I pulled my fingers out and turned her before pushing into her ass slowly. She groaned and shuddered as she slowly went to her knees. I went with her and began to fuck her nice and slow.

She kept pushing back as I fucked into her and it wasn’t long before she was jerking as her ass squeezed my cock. I was slowly thrusting into her and burying my cock and she began to howl and convulse. Toni was kneeling beside the tub and reached between Lori’s legs to rub and then squeeze her clit.

Lori screamed as she bucked and thrust back and forth hard, “ffffuuuucccckkkk!”

I fucked her with long, hard thrusts and a couple of minutes later shoved into her ass. I held her hips as she struggled and started spurting and spewing. When she felt warm cum erupting in her bowels she howled and jerked as if it was scalding her. She jerked almost violently as I pumped cum into her ass. When I stopped cumming I slowly pulled out.

Her ass gapped as she dropped her head and panted. Toni laughed as she started washing her friends ass and pussy. I stood and cleaned myself before pulling the two girls up. I rinsed them off before getting out and drying off. I grinned as I pulled them both out and to their clothes. After we were dressed I called the front desk and led them up to the penthouse.

I used my pass key to unlock the door and led them out to the balcony. We sat and looked out at the city lights and they both leaned against me. We only stayed an hour before going back to my room. I undressed the two girls before myself. I slipped into bed between them and they put their heads on my shoulder.

I held them and sighed, “I’m off tomorrow but it is Sunday. We can go to the movies and spend time together but you two need to go home in the evening. You have school Monday.”

Toni giggled, “We’ll fuck you good tomorrow and Monday we will do you after school.”

Lori was nodding, “We’ll be horny by the time we get home from school.”

I laughed, “I think you two are always horny.”

They laughed and turned to caress my chest. I woke to the front desk calling about a loud guest and glanced at the time before answering. I sighed and nodded before telling the clerk I would be there in a minute. I dressed and left the girls sleeping as I went to the see the guests. I got back to my room thirty minutes later to see Lori between Toni’s legs.

I smiled as I stripped and moved onto the bed. I pushed Lori’s legs over Toni’s as I moved her up and started rubbing both pussies. I finally positioned my cock and pushed into Lori and started fucking her with long thrusts. After a minute I pulled out and moved her up slightly before pushing into Toni.

I fucked her tight pussy nice and deep as she shivered and her pussy squeezed my cock. They were still kissing as I fucked Toni for two minutes and pulled out. I pulled Lori back down and pushed into her before starting to fuck her. I used long, firm thrusts and kept it up for three minutes as she began to pant and jerk.

Her pussy was rippling and spasming around my cock when I pulled out and moved her. I pushed into Toni and fucked her hard and deep. It was a couple of minutes before she was bucking and jerked as her pussy clenched and squeezed me. I fucked her for four minutes before slowly pulling out.

Lori had slipped her hand between them and was fingering her clit as I pulled her back. I shoved into her and fucked her like I had Toni. It wasn’t long before she was spasming and jerking. Her pussy tightened and she squirted as I slowly shoved into her and held her while I pumped two strong gushing spurts.

I pulled out quickly and moved her as I shoved into Toni. I pumped the rest as my cock slid all the way into her and she shivered. When I stopped cumming the two girls giggled and I rolled Lori off Toni and laid between them. They both snuggled against me and fell asleep. When I woke in the morning I pulled the two girls out of bed and into the shower.

I took my time washing both of them, including their cummy pussies. I held their hands as we walked to the front office for breakfast. Lori’s parents were sipping coffee when we came in and she waved as we went to get cereal. After breakfast I drove us to the theater for a morning matinee which turned into a double feature.

We had a nice lunch at a sandwich shop before returning to my room. Even before I closed the door they were stripping. I undressed and moved onto the bed as Toni finished first and stalked after me. She straddled my waist as I cupped her breasts and played with her nipples. She wiggled and pushed back and slowly I pushed into her.

Lori laid beside us and turned to kiss me as Toni began to rock back and forth, fucking my cock with long thrusts. Toni was shuddering as her tight pussy spasmed around my cock. She thrashed around suddenly as her pussy wet me and tightened, “yes!”

Lori laughed and tugged on a nipple, “fuck her.”

I smiled and pulled Toni down before rolling. I started fucking her with long strokes as she lifted her legs. It was a couple of minutes before she was wailing again and bucking as her pussy spasmed. I fucked her hard for a couple of minutes as she thrashed around and then buried my throbbing cock. I was close and started to hump, grind and jab.

Toni groaned as she wrapped her legs around me and her pussy clenched. I thrust into her at the last moment and held her as I began to pump strong spurts of cum. She tilted her hips and yelled as warm sperm erupted inside her, “aaaahhhhh!”

I waited until I was done to pull out and reach for Lori, “you have to lick anything that leaks out.”

She laughed and moved onto a panting Toni to kiss her. She moved down and a minute later Toni was moaning and wiggling again. I watched and finally moved down behind Lori and pushed into her as I held her hips. I started to fuck her with long strokes as I rubbed her asshole. It was a couple of minutes before she shuddered hard and shoved back to push my thumb into her ass.

I held her with my thumb buried in her ass and began to fuck her hard and deep. She twisted and wiggled as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock and her ass tightened around my thumb. I slowed and buried my cock before starting to hump and jab while fucking her ass with my thumb.

She began to convulse and shudder so I pushed her down onto Toni and pulled my thumb out before fucking her hard and deep. I was fucking down into her as she howled and yelled and finally buried my cock and held her as I began to spew and spurt cum. Lori tilted her hips as she pushed back and kept shaking.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and relaxed. I pulled out and rubbed her butt, “you two aren’t sore yet?”

Toni grinned and Lori giggled and turned her head to look at me, “do us five or six more times to be sure.”

I fucked them once more each before we showered and I took them to the spa. I put on a swim suit but the girls stripped as I locked the door since we were the only ones there. We sat in the hot water and talked for over an hour before getting out and washing off in the poolroom shower. I took the girls next door to eat dinner before walking Toni and then Lori home.

Over the next few years we had a few arguments but they were never that bad. I took a few night courses to learn about management and business and ended up running the hotel when Lori’s parents retired. Lori and I married with Toni being our lover.
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