I was left on the large station called Hub when I was ten. I guess it isn’t uncommon because there is always slots on the planet bound shuttle each month. Only I didn’t go to the planet or even leave the station. I slipped into a maintenance space behind a worker. I lived off the rations dispensed in machines by getting them before they were put in.

I learned a lot in the years that followed about how things worked especially the computers. I found passwords in the trash all the time. I could access any system on the station from just about anywhere. I was sixteen when I heard about the station being shut down in a month so they could open it to vacuum.

It had something to do with insects found on a cargo ship after leaving the station. I had been thinking of leaving for a long time. I even had a treasure, expensive jewelry I had gotten by using the small maintenance hatches into the stores and a trunk full of credits. I had a new plan, a small fast insystem runabout was in a construction bay.

They had just finished and were waiting for the owner to ship it. It had been due to leave a few days ago but I had rerouted the data. I stopped beside the small hatch and carefully removed the plasma pistol and stunner I was wearing. The area I was going to enter had detectors that would go off if those weapons were there.

I checked and then opened the hatch before crossing to the alarm pad. I entered the safe code and relaxed slightly as I walked to the single computer terminal. I smiled as I removed the slip of plastic from under the desk and looked at the password. I replaced it and typed the password into the computer.

When the screen flickered and cleared to show snowy mountains I began what I had come here to do, transferring all the money in any account that had not been used in over a year. They were hidden accounts and assets people were trying to hide. I slipped a blank credit comp in the slot and began to get to work.

I took my time and an hour later I was done. I grinned at the amount and logged off and took the now full credit comp. I crossed to the alarm pad and set it before walking to the small hatch I had used to enter the secure room of the bank. I made sure the hatch was secure and locked like it was supposed to be. I put my weapons on and headed for the next part of my plan.

I left the maintenance areas through a door beside the small pleasure center. I walked in and a large man I knew was a guard turned, “we’re closed.”

I glanced at the three girls my age, “I’m here to buy but if you don’t want my credits...”

He glanced at me, “just one?”

I shook my head and he gestured, “these are the only ones left.”

I looked at the stunning girls, “I’ll take them.”

He grinned and gestured to the desk nearby, “show me the credit.”

I walked to the desk, “put up the purchase order.”

He looked at me before grinning and doing as I asked. I slipped the credit comp in the slot and hit accept. A receipt was sent to the comp and comp account blinked as it was adjusted. I nodded and slipped the comp into my shirt and gestured. The guard grinned, “have fun kid.”

The three girls had been at the center of my plans. I had used a maintenance program to keep their bios from the shop owner and the caretakers. They were also moved to the end of the list to be shuttled down to the planet. I also used the maintenance back door to alter the list price. There had been a tiny annotation the guard had ignored.

I had done that at several stores, instead of the price being deducted from my account it was added from the shops working account. I led the three girls out and down towards the more expensive shops. The first was a clothing shop and I walked in to see an expensively dressed woman and man.

I smiled and turned to pull the first girl closer, “I know you are getting ready to leave but I really need clothing for my ladies.”

The woman straightened and turned, “have them step in here.”

I nodded and looked at the three girls, “do it. You need something nice like a gown. Try seasilk or...”

The woman chuckled, “don’t worry honey, I know what they need.”

I smiled, “thank you.”

Twenty minutes later I used the comp to pay for the gowns, this was one of the few stores where I didn’t steal. I led them out and down to the next level as I watched the time. I walked into a top end jewelry shop and a short man turned, “I was...”

I held up my comp, “you have three hours before your shuttle.”

He shrugged, “how may I serve?”

I smiled and walked to the most expensive display case in the store. I turned and gestured to one of the girls, she had strawberry colored hair and a lovely body like all the girls, “Lara?”

She looked at me as she walked closer, “you know my name master?”

I smiled and turned, “I think I want the fire ruby necklace, earrings, bracelet, anklet and the waist chain.”

He blinked and looked at the case before looking at me, “Those...”

I held up my hand, “I also want the slim fire ruby and natural diamond ring.”

Lara stood and let the strange little man add each item up before putting it on her. She looked beautiful and I caressed her face before looking at the next girl, she had platinum hair and bright blue eyes, “Kaira?”

She smiled and walked towards me as I turned to the man, “I think the set of cobalt sapphires.”

He swallowed, “the whole set? Like the fire rubies?”

I nodded, “and the paired diamond and star sapphire ring.”

He hurried to pull the necklace out. Kaira looked amazing and I smiled and kissed her cheek before turning to look at the last girl. She had long blonde hair with green eyes and didn’t wait as she walked to me, “Angel.”

I smiled, “yes.”

I looked at the small man, “Green eyes, perhaps the sea emerald set?”

He nodded and turned to start pulling them out. He was grinning as I slipped the paired diamond and frost emerald ring onto her finger. I used my comp and walked out leading the three girls. Behind me the small man was hurriedly closing up without checking his store comp to see his credits deducted. I visited two more shops before heading towards the construction arm of the station.

All three girls had their arms full as I cycled air into the airlock. I led them in and closed the lock before opening the airlock into the small ship. I closed the lock behind us and cycled it back to vacuum. I led the girls to the single cabin and nodded to the comfortable chairs with several ornate trunks beside them. I closed the cabin before heading towards the small bridge.

Unlike other ships, the controls of both ship handling and engineering were done from the command seat. I brought up the time before starting the other sequences. I carefully disengaged from the station before letting the station remotely push us away. I used the ship’s AI to guide me down to the planet and towards the southern hemisphere.

The small winter town was in the tall, steep mountains with snow covering everything. I set the runabout down on the edge of the small port before beginning the shut down sequence. I glanced at the time before going to get the girls.

I smiled when I walked into the cabin, “now we have a little time. Each of you have a trunk to put your things in. A transport will be here soon to take us to our new home for awhile. My name is Adam and I hope you decide to stay with me.”

I looked at them as they looked at each other, “before you think I didn’t have a choice when I picked you, I should explain that I have known each of you since you first got to the station. I changed the transport order so you three would be the last sent down. I also made sure your codes were set to read you as unavailable until I bought you.”

They smiled and then grinned as I took a breath, “now, we are here together. Will you stay with me?”

Angel stood and walked to me, “you know us?”

I nodded and she caressed my face, “will you use us?”

I grinned, “I will fuck the three of you silly.”

They laughed and Angel rubbed my chest, “then I will stay.”

Both Lara and Kaira were nodding and I gestured, “put your things in the top trunks.”

I started moving the other trunks out and stacking them. Finally I took the ship locking wand and stood with the trunks beside the ship. It was a few minutes before the remote transport arrived and we loaded everything in. I relaxed across from the girls as we sped through the town and then out into the mountains.

It took awhile to arrive at the large lodge but we enjoyed the view all the way. I checked us in and paid for a few weeks before following the girls to the suite of rooms. When I walked in and locked the doors the girls turned to look at me. I smiled timidly and they smiled back before Lara walked towards me as she slipped out of the gown.

In just her jewelry she looked almost exotic and caressed my chest before starting to undress me. I blushed as she stroked my cock and looked around before pulling me towards an open doorway. Kaira and Angel were grinning as they followed us into the other room and to the wide bed. Lara turned at the bed and sat before leaning towards my cock.

She started licking it and the other two girls were suddenly on each side of me. They knelt and joined her and all I could do was shudder and moan. I touched Lara’s face, “I’m...”

She smiled and covered the head of my cock as I closed my eyes and began spewing cum. She pulled back after the first spurt and I looked down to see Angel replacing her and then Kaira as I continued to spurt. When I stopped they were licking their lips and grinning at each other. I pushed Lara onto her back and lifted her legs before I positioned my cock.

I hesitated, “do you have...”

She laughed and wrapped her legs around me and pulled. She froze as my thick cock sank into her and stretched her pussy. She groaned and looked at me in surprise as I pushed and slowly worked my cock all the way into her. She sucked in a breath and her hands almost pushed against me.

I held still before bending over her and kissing her softly and looking into her eyes, “did I hurt you?”

She shook her head as Kaira and Angel laid on each side of her, “no but I have never had anything in me and you are very big.”

She caressed my face, “go slow?”

I smiled and stood before starting to fuck her tight pussy slowly with deep thrusts. I knocked on and kept pressing against her cervix and Lara started shaking and shuddering. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and then wailing as her pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I pushed into her completely before humping and pressing deeper.

Lara kicked in the air and wailed as her wonderful pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. I pulled back and began fucked her with long strokes. She started writhing and struggling as she wet me and howled. Her slippery pussy grasped and milked my cock as I shuddered and slowly pushed into her harder. She stiffened and looked at me as my cock throbbed.

I grunted as I began to gush cum into her womb. Lara shuddered and jerked as her pussy clenched around my cock, “aaaahhhh!”

I held her hips as I pumped strong spurts into her until I was finished and slowly relaxed as she sighed. She smiled and then grinned, “that was really good.”

Kaira and Angel giggled and pulled me out of Lara and onto the bed where they pushed me onto my back. Angel straddled me and lifted as Kaira positioned my cummy cock. I cupped her breasts as Angel wiggled and pushed down and my cock stretched her pussy and sank into her. She groaned and shuddered before starting to rock back and forth and my cock went deeper.

Her tight pussy kept rippling around my cock as she fucked me. Kaira pressed against me and started kissing me as she rubbed her breasts on me. Lara finally moved to my other side to copy her as Angel’s breathing became ragged. She started to shudder and shake as her pussy wet me and spasmed around my cock.

A few minutes and she was jerking erratically and screaming as her pussy clamped down. Lara grinned and kissed me as Kaira watched Angel with a smile. Her warm pussy milking my cock was amazing and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. I lasted another five minutes and Angel was incoherent by then.

I held her waist and pulled her down as my balls churned, she gasped and jerked as my cock swelled before gushing warm cum through her cervix. I pumped a half dozen strong spurts before we both groaned and slowly began to relax. Kaira giggled and pulled her off me before rubbing my chest, “do me from behind?”

I grinned and shivered as Lara moved to lick and clean my cummy cock. I finally turned and moved behind Kaira as she rolled over and went to her hands and knees. I rubbed her slit and felt her pussy for a minute before fitting my cock and slowly pushing in, stretching her tight pussy as I pushed into her and stopped.

I waited and rubbed her asshole as she shuddered and her pussy rippled around my cock. It was a minute before I pulled back and began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She started pushing back almost from the start and it wasn’t long before she was moaning. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing my cock constantly as I kept fucking her.

It was only a few minutes before her moans became wails, howls and screams. She was shaking and shuddering continuously as her pussy became slipperier. Ten minute later she was still screaming and convulsing as I started to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. I finally buried my cock and held her tight as it jerked and throbbed before erupting.

I spewed and pumped cum into her belly as she screamed at the warm sperm suddenly filling her. I was shuddering as I spurted and finally slowly relaxed and pulled out. I let her slump to the bed before moving over and laying back. I fucked each girl twice before we slept snuggled together and holding each other.

Three weeks later we took a shuttle back to the station but it was just to catch a liner headed to Brazos and our new home. I had spent half our credits buying a half million hectare ranch. That was a lifetime ago, the girls have never been sorry they stayed with me.
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