This is a sex scene from a VAMPIRE story I'm currently writing so if you're confused, don't worry about it. If you would like the link to the original story, just ask. Let me know if this is good. Keep in mind, THIS IS FROM A BOOK AND THE BOOK IS NOT SEX-BASED, THEREFORE I WAS AIMING TO AVOID CERTAIN TERMS. Thanks for reading(:
When the door clicks shut, I turn to Jesse and say, "Wanna go see what the bedroom looks like?" He shrugs and says, "Sure. Why not?"

We walk over to the stairs and climb up them, swirling around a glass pole that supports the steps. We reach the top and I become breathless. How can yet another room be so heartstopping!?

The room has white walls and ceiling, with the carpet being a soft beige color. There is a large black California king size bed with a white canopy surrounding a mirror that is above the bed. A large black dresser sits across from the bed, and a black armoire is on the left next to the bathroom door. A fireplace is on the right side of the room, with two red lounge chairs and a red couch between them in front of the fireplace. Above the fireplace is a flat screen TV. There are vases of flowers all around the room. Two large patio doors are covered by white silk curtains.

I walk to the curtains and pull them apart quickly. My hands cover my mouth, amazed at our view. The Eiffel Tower is directly in front of us. The patio has flowers around the wall, and there are two red lounge chairs facing the Tower. A small table sits between the chairs.

Jesse places his hands on my shoulders and he whispers, "N'est-il pas beau?" I smile. Isn't it beautiful?

I turn around and face him. I smile and nod my head, agreeing with him. He smiles wider at me, and wraps his arms tighter around my waist. I drape my arms over his shoulders and around his neck, staring into his beautiful eyes.

We slowly lean in towards each other, and as our lips meet, an overwhelming passion comes over me. Our lips move together in a sweet rhythm, and I move my hands up into his hair. He pulls me closer to him, slowly squeezing me tighter and tighter against his solid chest.

He lifts his hand to cup my cheek, and we shuffle our way over to the bed as we continue kissing. His tongue slides its way into my mouth, and I meet mine to his. Our tongues explore each other's mouths, fueled by passion.

He slowly guides me onto the bed, I crawling backwards as he crawls forward, still managing to continue our exploration. I feel my back press against the soft and silky white sheets, and Jesse crawls on top of me.

He slides his lips away from mine and down my cheek, along my jaw, over my earlobe, and down to my neck. He kisses and sucks on my neck, sending shudders throughout me and forcing me to release a soft moan.

He continues his work and slides his hands down my body; down my neck, across my collarbone, over my breasts, and around to my lower back. He pulls my body up towards him as he continues to make me release moans.

I feel his tongue run across the vein in my neck, and I shudder into his body. He grins, releasing a hot breath against my wet skin. I shudder again at the cool breeze, my eyes closed, and press his head back into my neck. He sucks on the vein, and he releases a small growl.

I feel a small pinch in my neck and my eyes shoot open. I release a loud moan, louder than the other ones I have made. My back arches, pressing even more into his body, and he gladly pulls me closer against him.

I feel a sucking and I shudder, releasing a distorted moan along with it. He sucks harder, and I can feel my blood being sucked into his hot and sweet mouth. I moan at the thought and he sucks even harder.

My hands are gripping at his hair and my eyes are burning with pleasure. Oh God, I don't ever want him to stop!

Just as I think that, Jesse pulls his teeth out of me and he lifts his head to look at me. He is grinning and blood glints on his lips, as well as his teeth. The sight and smell of not only the blood, but Jesse, drives me insane. His musky scent mixed with the blood is overwhelming.

I press his lips to mine and our tongues twirl together. His lips move roughly against mine, but I love it. I press harder, encouraging him.

He sits me up and he slides his shirt off. He tugs on my shirt as we kiss, and we slide it off together over my head. We toss our shirts blindly onto the floor and continue our kissing.

I feel exposed, the cool air brushing against my hot skin, but I find that it turns me on. He lies me backwards again and his hands slowly make their way down my tan body, making me shiver at his touch.

His hands find the button on my shorts and he slowly undoes it as we kiss. Not knowing what else I should do, I press my hands against his lower back, feeling the muscles ripple beneath his hot skin and his perfectly sculpted abs pressing against my stomach.

He gets the button free and slowly slides the zipper down. When he finishes with that, my heart pounds harder than it already is. He tugs gently on my shorts, breaking off the kiss so he can slide them off of my soft, smooth legs and exposing my silky white thong that matches my lace bra.

His eyes graze over my body, examining every inch with lust in his eyes. His eyes are swirling, with his pupils super tiny and red popping up. A memory attacks me, but I don't even bother to pay attention to it right now. I am too preoccupied with his lucious body and needy stare.

His warm hands slide up my calf, pressing against it so that my knee bends up towards me. He slides his way back up, his hand skimming over my soft skin and up my thigh as he looks me dead in the eye.

He takes my hands in his other hand and he pins them above my head, giving me a devious smirk as he comes closer to me.

I can feel myself starting to build, anticipating his lips against mine. As his face comes closer to mine, I stretch my neck up and try to meet his lips halfway. Just as I think our lips are about to meet, I feel nothing and then a tiny whoosh of air.

I slowly open my eyes and see Jesse staring directly at me, his face pulled slightly away from mine. I become sort of angry, wanting to taste his lips. A smirk comes across his face and he whispers, "Kiss me." A strange sense of deja vu comes over me, but I ignore it. I need his lips.

I stretch my neck closer towards him, and he pulls his lips away from mine again. I can feel my face get hot with frustration and I release a small growl. Jesse looks at me with an amused stare and then I let a loud growl rip out of my throat.

I break my hands from his grip and shove him backwards as hard as I can. He flies off of the bed and slams against the dresser, his hands gripping the edge of it. I move quickly and am right in front of him with my leg hiked up next to his hip just as a surprised look comes onto his face.

He looks down over me and he holds my thigh up with his left hand and his right hand curves around to my ass, gripping it firmly.

I throw my hands into his hair and stare at his lucious lips. "Kiss me," I say quietly, and flick my eyes up to his with my lips slightly parted. His eyes are swirling even faster and his lips press hard into mine before I comprehend him moving.
Our tongues explore furiously, almost as if we are having tongue fight. We walk back over towards the end of the bed and Jesse gently pushes me down onto it. We scoot our way back to the head of the bed and continue our intense war.

Jesse moves his lips back over my jaw and to my neck again. He sucks over the spot he drank from, and he makes his way down my collarbone. His hands curve under my body, lifting me up, and he unclips my bra with one hand.

I smile and he raises his head up with a smirk on his face. I raise my arms slightly and he slides the bra off of me. The cool wind brushes across my nipples, making them stick up. He smirks greedily at my breasts and tosses the bra with the flick of his wrist.

My heart pounds rapidly against my chest, and I know he can hear it. He meets my eyes again before pressing harder into my back, causing me to press against his body, and he lowers his lips to my chest.

The first sensation I feel is the flick of a warm and moist tongue across my nipple. I instantly release a loud gasp and rise off of the bed, shocked at the feeling. He does it again to my other nipple, and I release another gasp.

He smirks and wraps his lips around it, sucking gently and flicking his tongue back and forth over it. I relax a little bit and wrap my hands back into his hair, holding his head to me. His hot tongue sends electric shocks throughout my body, causing me to release small moans of pleasure. All I can think about is the pleasure he is bringing me.

His teeth scrape across my nipple and I shudder. He bites down gently, and I release an even louder moan. My nipples tingle with pleasure, and I beg him for him. "Oh God, please," I moan softly, gripping him tighter. I can feel a wet sensation beginning between my legs.

I open my eyes and look up. I am greeted with our reflection in the mirror, and realize I have forgotten all about it. My legs are spread apart and he is between them. My hands are clasped together behind his neck, pressing him to me. I can see his head moving slightly as he works with my chest, and I moan at the sight.

He nibbles harder and goes back and forth between nibbling and flicking his tongue. He switches to my other nipple and shows it the same attention. I run my hands down his back as I moan with my eyes closed. Okay, this has to be Heaven.

He releases me and he kisses his way back up to my neck and shows me the same treatment on my neck from earlier. I grip the back of his neck, egging him on. He rises up and kisses me, and he looks into my eyes with a smirk on his face.

Damn, this boy is sexy. My eyes skim down over his perfect body, and my hands run across his body. He grins at my touch, knowing I want him badly.

He brings his lips back to my neck and sticks his tongue out. He slowly drags it down. Over my collarbone, between my breasts, over my flat stomach, and he stops just above my thong.

My moan is constant as he licks his way down. He spreads my legs wider, and I shiver at his touch. He begins kissing downwards, slowly making his way towards my covered love button.

He switches his path, and starts to kiss over my leg socket and the inside of my thigh. I moan loudly, and grip his head towards me. He nibbles gently on the inside of my thigh and I release a louder moan.

My breathing has become shallow and my heart is pounding hard. I want him. I just want him. I don't care what he does as long as he keeps bringing me this sweet pleasure.

He makes his way back up to the covered part of me, and my breathing becomes faster. Will he like what he sees? I hope there is nothing wrong with me...

He kisses over the covered lips, sending a shudder throughout me. He sticks his tongue out, and dabs at my most sensitive part. I gasp loudly and grip his hair tightly. He breathes a hot breath onto me, and I know he is grinning.

His hands crawl their way up to my thong, and he hooks his fingers around the strings. Oh God. It's the moment of truth.

He tugs it down slowly, and my love organ is revealed. He smiles at the sight, and pulls the thong completely off of me. He tosses it off of the bed and he runs his hands gently over my hot skin. "Look who shaves," he says with a grin. I blush.

I moan at the cold touch of his hands, and he grins as he looks at me. He leans up to my ear, keeping his hand on me, and he whispers, "Do you like that, baby?"

He pulls back a little to see my reaction. I bite my lip and nod furiously as I look back up at him. He grins and goes back down between my legs.

"Now," he begins, his hot breath crawling over my sensitive skin, "I'm going to bring you an intense pleasure. Feel free to do whatever you have to. And if you feel like you're going to pee, go ahead. You aren't reall pee-"

"I know what an orgasm feels like," I breathlessly say, anxious for him to just please me. He gains a surprised look and on his face and then he says with a grin, "Well. You're gonna have to show me how you discovered that some time." I can't help but blush. He smirks.

He brings his focus back to between my legs and he slowly starts to rub me. I moan softly as he does so. He slowly increases the speed and pressure, and my moans grow louder as he goes faster.

After a moment, he stops and I open my eyes, wanting to know why he stopped. Just as my gaze lands on him, his tongue brushes over my clit. I release a loud moan and he grins. He does it again, and I release another moan.

He dabs at it with his tongue a few times before sucking on it and making my eyes roll into the back of my head. Oh God!

He wraps his arms underneath my thighs and presses down on my lower abdomen, holding me down.

I hold his head to me, wanting him to continue his magic. He flicks his tongue quickly over it and then he grips it in his teeth, making me release a groan. He flicks his tongue roughly over it, and a louder groan escapes my lips.

Then, he slides a finger inside of me, causing me to release a groan. He smirks and starts to move it in and out, curling his finger so it hits a certain spot that makes me a release a loud groan. As he increases his pace, he slides in another one, making me release a gasp.

As he continues with his fingers, he also continues with his mouth. I press him harder into me, loving everything he is showing me.

My breathing is shallow and I can tell my face is getting red from the intensity. He continues his playing and after a few moments, I can feel myself starting to build. My moans become louder and louder as it builds, and I can't take it anymore.

It rolls through me roughly, racking my body with shudders. My walls contract around his fingers, and I let out a very loud moan. I grip his head to me tightly and my hips buck at him. He continues to eat me and fuck me with his fingers, making my orgasm all the more intense.

When it finally settles down, I sink my head back down into the pillow and breathe heavily. My heart is pounding hard against my chest and I can feel sweat on my forehead.

I stare at my reflection. My eyes look wild, and they are a gold color. Flashes of green pop every once in a while as my eyes swirl fast.

Jesse slides his fingers out of me and to seal my orgasm, he kisses my clit gently before sitting back up.

I catch my breath and shoot my head up to look at him. I have to have this boy. He grins at me and makes his way back up to my neck, kissing and sucking on it again. Moaning loudly, I thrust my hands back into his hair and growl quietly.

His tongue skims all along my neck, and I know he is leaving hickies on my neck. I am glad I brought makeup to cover up my love bites.

I start to be come antsy quickly, wanting him more and more as each second passes. I bring his lips up to mine, loving the taste. My hands release his hair and slowly start to skim down his back before curving around to the front and finding his zipper. I mess with the button and it comes undone, and I thrust the zipper down.

Jesse smirks against my lips and he pulls them away. His forehead is pressed to mine and we open our eyes. Jesse stares at me with lust in his eyes and a smirk on his face. I stare back and bite my lip.

I feel as if I am not me right now, like I have been taken over by an animal. I am not the sweet, innocent little Alexiss. I am some unfamiliar person, but I think I just might be liking it.

Jesse's eyes drift down to his jeans and mine follow. We slide them off together and toss them onto the floor. He isn't wearing any underwear and I am surprised because I have never seen a penis before.

I stare at it for a moment, and Jesse looks at me for a reaction. I am curious about it. He smiles and pulls back a little bit. "Come over here," he says, and pats the spot next to him. I move over and he moves so his back is against the wall.

I stare intently at it, intrigued. Jesse smiles at me and I look back up at him, blushing. "Do you want to...touch it?" he asks me, giving me a reassuring smile. I blush even brighter and he says, "Go ahead. We're married, so it's okay. Just put your hand on it."

I am hesitant at first, but then slowly move my hand to it. I gently wrap my hand around it and am shocked at how hot it is. It is also really hard, and I can feel his heartbeat in it through the veins. It is hard to describe what it looks like, but I can't even wrap my hand around it all of the way and it is probably seven or eight inches long.

He releases a small growl when I place my hand around it, and I can't help but smile. I look back up to him and say, "Can I...taste it?" He seems shocked that I asked but he nods his head eagerly and says, "If you'd like."

I consider it for a moment and then slowly lower my mouth to it. I press my lips to the tip of it and slide it slowly into my mouth. I can only take a couple of inches. It tastes kind of salty, but I find myself being turned on by it.

I take it out of my mouth and lick it, savoring the taste. He moans softly as I lick it, watching me. I just hope I am doing a good job, but by the way he is moaning I would say I am.

I lick it for a few more minutes before he says breathlessly, "I'll teach you what to do later on, but right now, I have to have you." His eyes are swirling so fast that the red flashes are blurred. I can't even see his pupils anymore, and I grin.

I sit up and spread my arms out. With a small smirk, I say, "Come get me." He looks me over for a second, licking his lips, and then he lunges at me. I can't help but release a small growl as he attacks me, loving it.

He bites at my neck, and then lifts himself up above me. He grips himself in his hand and says, "Spread your legs, baby." I spread them wider, and he moves closer to me. I can feel my clit throbbing in anticipation, wanting him inside of me.

He presses the tip against my opening, and I find myself shaking with nervousness and anticipation. He looks me dead in the eye and says, "This shouldn't hurt too bad. Being a vampire kind of helps with pain."

I give a nervous smile and then he thrusts into me hard. I mean HARD. I grip at his back and bite hard into his shoulder, smothering my scream. It feels like the lower half of my body was just ripped in half and is now on fire. So much for barely feeling any pain.

My teeth pierce into his shoulder as I bite it, and I suck some of his blood in hopes that it will make the pain go away. He moans loudly at his thrust and my sucking, and that also helps distract me.

He remains still for a moment, letting my body adjust to him, and I suck his blood a little more. The pain slowly slips away, and I release my death grip on him but I keep my hands on his shoulders.

I lie back down on the bed and look into his eyes. I can see that it is taking all of his strength not to pound into me hard and fast, and I appreciate his effort. He smiles down at me and says, "The worst part is over with." I smile back at him and he kisses me.

As he kisses me, he slowly goes in and out, being gentle so my body can adjust. A much more subtle throbbing still remains, but it is withstandable. I curl my hands into his hair as he kisses me, and then he kisses my neck again.

As he does that, he constantly hits a spot inside of me that sends pleasure through me, and the pleasure builds with him kissing my neck. I release a moan, and grip him harder to me. He increases his speed a little, and the pleasure grows even more.

"Oh God. Please. Please, go harder..." I whisper breathlessly into his hair. He stops moving then and brings his gaze back up to my eyes. His eyes are swirling very fast, and I can only imagine what my eyes are doing.

"Beg for it," he says in a voice much deeper than usual. I shudder at his voice, loving how dominating it sounds and making me want to do anything for him. I keep my gaze locked onto his and say, "Please. Please, Jesse. God, you don't even know how bad I need you right now." I bite my lip, so horny and upset that I'm not recieving my pleasure even though it is right in front of me.

"Jesse," I say and look deeply into his eyes, "fuck me. Fuck me hard and fuck me fast. I think I am going to burst if you don't give me the pleasure I need right now." At that, he smirks and says, "Like this?" and he thrusts into me harder than ever. He hits the pleasure spot, and I release a super loud moan.

"Oh God! Yes!" I moan to him, throwing my head back and shutting my eyes in pleasure. I can hear him smirk and he thrusts into me again, releasing a grunt of his own. I moan again, and press him into me.

I wrap my legs around his waist, and he thrusts into me again. I bite my lip, holding in my moan and watch the scene play out. He is watching it, too. He thrusts into me, and I throw my head back again.

"Oh God," I moan breathlessly. Jesse looks up to me and smirks. I look into his eyes and say, "Fuck me faster. Oh God, pleeeease fuck me faster!" I have no idea why I am saying such vulgar things, but I am desperate for him. He grins and he thrusts hard into me, and then again and again and again.

My mouth gapes open from the constant pleasure and I release a scream before smothering it into his shoulder again. He continues his hard and fast pace, and I can feel my orgasm starting to build up rapidly.

Jesse is breathing hard and still thrusting fast. I can feel my walls close against his member, squeezing so tight to the point that I can feel it throbbing inside of me. The feeling of his hotness inside of me makes me moan even louder.

His continuous thrusting finally starts to pay off because after a few more minutes, I am about to explode. My moans are louder than ever, and then my orgasm begins.

It feels like a dam breaking, and it begins in my lower abdomen. I release a soundless scream, and Jesse grins. "Cum for me, baby," he says dominatingly, and I do. He places his hand on my lower stomach and continues his quick pace. My body is racked harshly as my orgasm rolls through me like a tidal wave.

My legs squeeze tighter around his waist and my walls contract around him, feeling his heart beat. I bite into his shoulder again, trying to smother my screams as best as I can.

As my orgasm reaches its peak, Jesse releases a loud groan and says, "Fuck, baby. Just like that." He presses his lips to mine. He stops moving and holds himself inside of me. My walls are still contracting, and I feel a hot liquid shoot into me, sending me even further over the edge.

I can feel him throbbing inside of me, and then he slowly starts to move back and forth again, as if I am milking him. More hot liquid shoots into me.

It takes us both a minute before we calm down and Jesse rolls onto his back next to me. We lie there, staring at the ceiling, as we regulate our heartbeats and breathe heavily. I can feel our love juice slowly drip out of me and onto the sheets.

I look over to Jesse and he looks at me, his swirling eyes starting to slow down and his pupils returning to normal size. He has collected a bead of sweat on his forehead and his face is flushed red.

I smile tiredly at the sight and he smiles back at me. I can feel some sweat on my face and my face feels hot.

He scoots over to me and gives me a quick peck on the lips. He pulls back and looks into my eyes. "So," he says, "did you enjoy your first time?" I let out a small laugh and he does too. I smile at him and say, "I guess you could say that." He smirks back and pulls me to him, closing the space between us.

He drapes his arm over my waist and looks me deep in the eye. "I love you," he says. I smile at him and place my hand on his cheek. "I love you, too," I reply and he smiles again. I kiss him and we release each other after a moment.

I smile tiredly at him and then flip over onto my other side. He drapes his hand over my stomach and pulls me directly into him. Our hot naked bodies pressed together makes me smile. He kisses me on the cheek and I smile even wider. Eventually, we fall asleep, naked and spooning in our fancy hotel room.

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