This is only the intro for this series. I'm not sure how long this series will be but i do intend to write a lot.
In a world long lost to the grasp of time where gods and beasts roamed the earth along side man. War ravaged the lands, chaos ruled with iron fists and peace was nothing more then a far away dream. Magic and iron were tools used by the strong to conquer the weak. This was the old world known as Cyperion, a vast continent cut off from the rest of the world. Strange and horrible monsters roamed the dark forests and navigated the deepest caverns and sea.

Several kingdoms divided the land into nine territories. In the northern mountains dwelled three tribes. The strongest was known as the Camata clan, the largest was called the Nepatkai Clan and the third was the Amekonian clan. The south was ruled Zaukanga tribe and the Juembia tribe. The west held the Shandarion people and the Hiebirian clan. The Rendoshin clan held the eastern territory. And the central province was home to the most skilled and fearless warrior clan known as the Myredian Barbarians.

This tale takes place in the western territory ruled by the Hiebirian clan. The capital city Hieraius is vastly known for its formidable defences and unrivalled technology. Within in its walls lie the master workings of the high council and the weapon factories, along with many other advanced networks of trades and sciences. While this city is usually peaceful something amiss is about to take place.

Under the influence of the high council member Lord Esmiek Dullaund a great crime is underway. In the lower factory district a group of armed men besiege the scientology headquarters, word has it that a new formula for mining has been developed, a simple powder finer then dust with the power to destroy the hardest of bedrock. This is what Esmiek seeks, and with it he plans to conquer not only the west territories but all of Cyperion.

Watching from the safety of his house Esmiek looks down on the factory district as clouds of black smoke rise up into the air. His cruel laugh echoes throughout the large bedchamber. Placing a large scarred hand upon the head of a slave girl, he forces her to stimulate his sex organ in preparation for the new virgin whore who lies chained to his bed. “It won’t be long now, once that formula is mine I will no longer be a power hungry old fool, instead I will become a force to reckon with and all will bow before me in fear! The masses will beg for my mercy only to be struck down like the ants they are.”

“Master Dullaund, the item you requested has been delivered. What shall I do with the men whom you have employed?” a young servant calls from the doorway.

“Ah yes the hired help, pay them and see to it that the guards kill them for extortion and threats against a member of the high council. And one more with Merick, feel free to buy a slave for own needs. Think of it as a small bonus for your assistance in all this.” Esmiek said as he glanced over his shoulder.

With a slight bow Merick smiled and left the room closing the large wooden door behind him. As he made his way down the hall he smiled a most wicked grin before planning the arrangements for the hired thugs and the city guards. “I will enjoy watching the upcoming events unfold.” his words all but a slight whisper on the evening wind.

Some few days later Esmiek Dullaund and all in his household left the city. Publicly this was announced as his resignation to the high council, the Lord Dullaund and his household would move to a private villa to enjoy days of peace and tranquility away from the ruckus of the city. However in truth this was done to ensure safety from the up coming chaos which Esmiek had been set in motion. What remained in the estate was a small gift from the Lord Dullaund. Dismembered bodies of his unneeded staff littered the estate and a deviant trap which would demolish the grounds was set off to appear like a failed attempt to assassinate the former council member.

Now safely hidden away in his secret villa Esmiek Dullaund and his most trusted follower Merick plan their next step on their quest for dominance over Cyperion. “Tell me Merick, what do you seek in this life? I know all too well that you do not only seek to rule over Cyperion like myself but something else as well.”

“My Lord, what I desire in this life is rumoured to be lost and forgotten. What I seek Master Esmiek is the legendary weapon once held by the gods of death and destruction. I seek the Hand of Chronius. Once I have that I will become immortal and I will wield the power of life and death, and with that power I will leave the land of Cyperion and seek out a new world to claim for my own.” Merick said as looked out into the golden fields below.

A bemused smile crossed Esmiek’s lips upon hearing the answer. “Well you’d best get started then, we have work to do and only a short window to start it. Destiny does not wait for any man, immortal or otherwise.”

“Let us usher in a new era of conquest, one which shall never be forgotten.”

Thus began the Great War, battle raged over the land of Cyperion. Innocents were cut down to be seen as examples to those who dared to oppose the rule of Esmiek. Cities burned and kingdoms fell. As the years began pass Esmiek’s forces grew larger, his territory stretched over the northern and southern lands. Chaos erupted wherever his vast army marched and with it a dark and horrid cloud of pain and suffering followed.

Loyal to his mentor and king, Merick stood at Esmiek’s side assisting with the plans to invade each of the nine kingdoms. The pair seemed to no longer human but evil creatures set loose on the world of man as a test from the gods. However even the gods dare not interfere with this rising darkness. Tired had they grown of the chaos of man so the left for the heavens to watch over the world.

With seven of the nine territories conquered only the Rendoshin clan and the Myredian barbarian lands remained to rebel against this onslaught of tyranny. However even with the finest warriors in all of Cyperion, the countless numbers of the Dullaund army began to over whelm the resistance, slowly pushing the rebels back into a corner before wiping them out. The flame of rebellion was all but a flicker of dwindling light.

At last Esmiek gained his goal and with it a new title, finally the reign of Lich the Conqueror began. And with his reign darkness engulfed Cyperion.
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