My name is James Grey. I’m twenty one, six feet tall with short brown hair and blue eyes. Buccaneer could have been a paradise except for the fact that it was a very well defended pirate planet. The one thing on the planet that was more valuable than credits was women.

They were property here and were used hard. Most women died as a result of a fight or in child birth. The planet had ten small continents and a couple of hundred thousand islands. Most of the people only lived on one continent. I had grown up fighting for everything I got. My father made sure I got a very good education using tapes.

Before I was sixteen I was considered one of the best ship engineers on the planet. Every male on the planet learned to use weapons; knives, projectile guns, lasers or even the rare stunner. Stunners weren’t used much because fights tended to be to the death. After putting plans in place on a large island in the far tropics I started plans to build a ship.

It took me over a year to build the small, fast ship. It was only built for one person, if I over ran the systems I could squeeze in two. Unlike the raider ships or the pirate ships it only had one weapon and one they would laugh at. It carried a single over powered stun cannon. With the composites I used on the ship it was almost impossible to see in space.

All the technology in the ship was scavenged and modified in ways that improved it greatly. When I left they had laughed and shook their head saying I wouldn’t be back. I sat five light minutes from Peterson’s Mistake and checked my scans as a large ship broke orbit and began to accelerate towards the heliopause.

I nodded to myself and brought the ship alive. It had cost a lot of credits to get the information about this one ship. When they passed the heliopause and jumped I was right behind them. When my scans cleared, the ship was still in front of mine and moving along as if they didn’t even know I was here.

I accelerated towards it and brought the stun cannon online. I knew I only had seconds once I went to active targeting and waited. I finally flipped the switch and a moment later fired a long drawn out beam into the other ship. I shut the targeting system down with the cannon and checked my systems before pulling closer to the other ship.

It took a couple of minutes to get a hard dock on one of their access hatches. I shut everything down and slid out of my seat. It took less then half a minute to bypass the other ship’s access lock and then I was stepping aboard. I went straight to one of the life pods and opened the hatch.

My next stop was the bridge where I used a med injector and made sure everyone would stay asleep. I began my check of the whole ship after that. It took an hour to drag the crew to the life pod and then I closed the hatch before activating the screamer and kicking it loose from the ship. I made another check of the ship before heading to the bridge.

The captain hadn’t done a lock out on the system so I checked our position before changing course. Eighteen hours later we jumped and I reset the transponder and ship ID. Two weeks later I reentered the atmosphere on Buccaneer. I didn’t head for the port though, I headed for the island I had prepared.

The large ship settled to the landing area I had picked out years ago and I began shutting things down. I went to the engineering room and put most of the ship in a standby mode. I cracked the hatch seals to look out and grinned to see the small construction robots sitting idle. A ship slide got me to the ground where I headed to the one building standing alone.

I closed the door on the tropical heat and sat at the counter. I brought up the comm. net and sent out the messages I had ready before heading back to the ship. Just looking at the huge star liner made me grin, no pirate would ever bother with a star liner because they carried to many people.

I knew this one had only had a skeleton crew and no guests when I took it. I went to the purser’s office and sat at his workstation. I brought everything alive and began checks I had ignored until now. When I hit the special cargo list and saw the contents I sat back surprised. The ship had been headed to a large pleasure world to get a full crew and begin its life.

I slid out of the workstation and headed down to the small cargo section. I stood looking at the racks of stasis tubes and shook my head. Besides building star liners on Peterson’s Mistake they did cloning and genetic engineering. What I was looking at were ten engineered pleasure slaves and several hundred clones of breeding age and the clones were all from different women.

I got a beep on the alarm that I had tied into the island sensor net. I headed back to the hatch and looked out as the small stratosphere ram slowed and floated to a stop near the ship. When the hatch opened, my two half brothers jumped out eagerly. George smiled as he came through the hatch after them and then I was waiting as they headed towards me.

Finally my uncle Paul came through the door, he looked tanned and very fit. He was one of dad’s younger half brothers and only a couple of years older than me. He was also a bit of a recluse and I hadn’t been sure he would come. Sam and Allen turned to wait for Paul and I shook George’s hand, “It worked just like I thought it would.”

He grinned, “Ships aren’t built to stop the spread of a strong stun beam.”

Paul came up and I smiled, “Thanks for coming.”

I looked at everyone, “There is one hitch to our plans.”

They looked at each other and I laughed, “They were carrying a small cargo to the pleasure planet. Ten engineered pleasure slaves and several hundred clone breeders.”

They looked at each other and then grinned. I laughed, “We can split the pleasure slaves and use the breeders as crew. This way we might not need to go to Harris to get a crew.”

I looked at them again as they looked at each other, “WE can breed them ourselves if their programming still makes them want it.”

They laughed and nodded as I turned to lead the way into the ship. I stopped in the large foyer and turned, “Paul? You can check the galley and storage areas. George? Take the engineering section. Samuel, the bridge and Allen you start on the exterior. Make sure you find the hull identifier.”

He grinned and nodded and I looked at everyone, “We need to be off Buccaneer within twenty hours or the council will descend on us and take the ship and everything we planned will die.”

They nodded and split up and I headed down to the sensor room. Sixteen hours later we broke atmosphere and headed towards the heliopause. Behind us a flare surrounded the stratosphere and I grinned at George, “There goes the automated scan relays.”

He grinned back, “And the defense activation codes.”

As soon as we jumped, Samuel changed direction and set the auto pilot. I led the way down to the cargo section where we all gathered. Paul nodded at the stasis tubes, “You first James.”

I looked at everyone and walked to the controls. Two stasis tubes glowed and then opened silently. I stood back as first a small platinum haired girl and then a girl with long reddish blonde hair stepped out. I held a hand out, “you are mine.”

They smiled shyly and walked towards me, they didn’t even try to cover their naked bodies. I moved back and looked at the others. Paul looked around as Allen pushed him from behind. George and Samuel were both grinning and Allen laughed, “We can burn our own food for a couple of days. We don’t want to see you until then.”

Paul grinned and then looked into each tube before picking two. After Paul was George and then Samuel and Allen. I nodded after the last two girls reached Allen, “I’ll take first watch, Samuel your next and then George, Allen you relieve George. Tomorrow night we decide how many to wake up to start training.”

I looked at each of them, “I sent out the message that Buccaneer wasn’t defended right now.”

They all grinned and I turned to lead my two girls to the bridge. I talked to them quietly to find out a little about them and wasn’t surprised to discover they were both smart girls. When Samuel walked in looking dazed with the two girls looking happy and a little smug I grinned, “Try not to crash.”

Samuel grinned and took my seat as I headed out with Tami and Cassandra. I headed straight to the Captain’s cabin. Even as I closed the door behind us Tami and Cassandra were undressing me. I stood still and let them and then gently pushed them towards the wide bed. I pushed Tami’s legs open and leaned down to smell my first woman.

I grinned and licked through her pussy and Tami shivered while Cassandra moved over her and started feeling her breasts and kissing her. I pushed my tongue inside her and licked through her slit as she began pushing her hips up. I sucked on her clit and used my tongue to wiggle against it.

Tami groaned and shuddered as Cassandra moved down to suck on her nipples. Her body spasmed and she moaned, “Oh damn this feels good.”

She covered her pussy and turned away. I smiled and looked at Cassandra before reaching for her, “Your turn.”

She grinned as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I laughed as I moved between them and licked through her slit. She shivered and cupped the back of my head with both hands. I nibbled on her pussy lips and sucked on her clit while teasing it with my tongue. I enjoyed the way she tasted and kept licking her, pushing my tongue up inside her.

I sucked on her clit and raked it with my teeth. Cassandra shuddered and then Tami leaned over her to tug on her nipples. She bucked and jerked before crying out, “YES!”

She spasmed and I licked up her leaking cum before kissing her clit and moving up her body. She was panting but spread her legs as my cock nudged her pussy. I kissed her and pushed into her all at once. Cassandra groaned as my cock spread her pussy open and sank to press against her cervix. I smiled and started fucking her with slow thrusts.

Her tight pussy began to contract and squeeze my cock every time I pulled out. I would slide through her slippery hole smoothly when I pushed in. She was warm and wet as I started to fuck her a little harder. We were breathing harder and I was grinding against her every time I shoved in.

I finally shove into her and shuddered as my cock jerked and began spewing huge, gushing spurts of sperm through her cervix. Cassandra jerked and shuddered hard, “YES!”

I shivered as I spurted six or seven times and then stopped and took a deep breath. Tami had been caressing and rubbing my back and Cassandra sighed, “That was amazing James. None of the trainers was that good.”

I smiled and kissed her before looking at Tami. She grinned and then turned to lay back and spread her legs, “My turn.”

I pulled out of Cassandra and moved between Tami’s legs. She guided my slimy cock and I pushed into her tight pussy. I started fucking her slow and deep and it wasn’t long before she was shaking. I kissed her as she groaned and fucked her hard for a minute and then buried my cock. I used short, grinding thrusts that pressed my groin against hers.

Tami jerked and shook as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I kissed her and fucked her hard for a minute before changing to slow, deep thrusts. I loved the way her warm pussy tried to milk my cock and shivered as I pushed as deep as I could and started spurting cum into her. Tami gasped and her body spasmed as she felt the warm sperm pumping into her.

I held her tight as I finished cumming and pulled out to roll onto my back. Cassandra snuggled up close while Tami did the same thing on the other side. Cassandra rubbed my bare chest as she looked into my eyes, “That was your first time?”

I smiled as I nodded and she laughed as she looked at Tami, “We are going to have so much fun.”

I looked at her, “The crew is breeder clones. My family and I will…”

She put her finger on my lips, “Think of this. If you advertise a crew to service your passengers how do you think your customers will react?”

I smiled, “Well, the men would love it but their wives wouldn’t.”

Tami kissed my shoulder, “What if you offer it as a service to relieve wives and train some of the crew to… service them?”

I looked at her, “Service them?”

She grinned, “You know. The crew fucks the women too.”

I shrugged, “Their all female.”

Cassandra sighed, “Master, the women have sex together.”

I looked at her and she kissed me before moving over me to push Tami onto her back. They kissed passionately and then Cassandra slid down her body. I grinned as she licked through Tami’s leaking pussy and Tami groaned and shuddered. It wasn’t long before Tami was shaking and shuddering. I moved down behind Cassandra and she lifted her butt.

I pushed back into her warm, slimy pussy and started to fuck her slow and deep. Her tight pussy contracted around my cock and she shuddered in spasms as she moaned. Tami laughed and lifted up to look at me before wiggling out from under Cassandra. She pulled Cassandra down and off my cock before rolling her over.

Tami came to kiss me before turning and moving between Cassandra’s legs while wiggling her butt at me. I laughed and moved behind her and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. I used long, deep thrusts and it wasn’t long before she was shuddering. Cassandra was moaning and shaking as she caressed Tami’s face.

Tami froze as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. She jerked and spasmed and Cassandra laughed before moving away from Tami. She pulled Tami forward off my cock as she lay on her back and held out her arms to me. Tami laughed and turned onto her side as I moved between Cassandra’s legs and pushed into her warm pussy.

This time I fucked her with deep, firm thrusts. She was grunting and shuddering as her pussy spasmed around my cock. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold back and groaned as I slowly thrust into her and began spurting and spewing cum. She jerked and arched her back, “YES!”

Even after I stopping pumping cum into her, she was still shuddering. I pulled out of her and lay on my back between her and Tami. It had been a long day and I woke hours later to find both girls sleeping half on top of me. I sighed and then gently nudged the two girls awake. I slipped out of bed, “Come wash and help me find something to eat.”

We found Paul in the kitchen with his two girls. He grinned and turned to the stove, “Need something?”

I grinned as I pushed Tami and Cassandra towards the other girls and headed towards the food locker, “something to keep from starving.”

He laughed and went back to cooking. Later when we were sitting back relaxing he looked at me, “Thanks for thinking of me.”

I smiled and looked at Tami and Cassandra before starting to tell Paul their idea. He was grinning before I got halfway through. The next thing I knew everyone was on the bridge and I was telling it again.

I looked at the ten girls and then at my family, “I think we should start with ten each and put one of our girls in charge of our group as mentors until they are partly trained. We can switch girls with each group and the one in charge teaches them about sex with other women.”

Allen grinned, “We’ll need to test them and…”

We laughed as he blushed and I held a hand out to Cassandra, “One of our girls will test them. My group can be tested by one of Paul’s and his group can be tested by one of George’s and so on. Each time we switch to keep everything fair.”

Samuel cleared his throat, “What about sex with us?”

I caressed Cassandra before looking at everyone, “They were meant to be breeders. First we implant them and our girls teach them the basics.”

George pulled his two girls closer, “Sounds good. Who goes first and how do we choose?”

I shook my head, “We will go by age and just take the first ten we wake up. We do that until each of us have ten.”

Paul nodded, “Each group also gets a crash course on the ship and different jobs.”

An hour later I was leading a group of naked girls through the ship. Cassandra and Tami had talked and Tami was going to be the first teacher. I walked into the large sick bay and stopped. I shook my head and gestured to Cassandra to stop the girls, “Quiet!”

I walked forward through the timid girls and stopped beside Paul and George, “Is there a problem?”

They both blushed and George shrugged, “We don’t know how to…”

I grinned and moved them out of the way. I caressed the girl’s naked body on the table, “Do you understand what we are going to do?”

She hesitated and then nodded, “Yes lord master.”

I shuddered, “Call me Captain. Is it okay if I touch you and place the implant inside you?”

She looked at Paul before nodding. I moved down and spread her legs before turning to the med counter and punching in what I needed. Paul and George almost leaned on my shoulder as I placed the first implant and checked it. I caressed her before looking at them, “Got it?”

They grinned and I stepped back to just watch as one by one their girls were implanted and then it was my turn. On my sixth girl the standard question was answered differently. When I asked if it was okay to touch her and place the implant inside her, she hesitated and then almost timidly shook her head.

I looked up and then moved up to look into her face, “You understand you don’t have to get pregnant?”

She nodded and looked at Tami, “They said we would be trained to service men and women.”

I nodded, “As long as you are not forced.”

She smiled, “I don’t mind that but… can I not have a baby first?”

Cassandra laughed and moved to the side of the table, “The five men will be fucking you for your training. Can you not wait until you know which you want to father the baby?”

The girl looked from her to me and hesitated before pointing at me, “I want him.”

I smiled and caressed her body before pulling her off the table, “Make sure Tami lists you as fertile.”

That was something we had thought up. It was a little later before I led them out as Samuel and Allen placed implants in their groups. I nodded as Cassandra closed the door of my cabin and began undressing. Tami waited and then pushed me down on the bed and into the center. She brought all the girls onto the bed to sit around me.

Cassandra moved up behind the girl Amanda and put her arms around her. Amanda looked back and smiled before turning to watch Tami. Tami began her class by making each girl move forward to hold my cock. While each did that she began a very graphic description of sex techniques.

I was groaning by the time she finished and Cassandra pushed Amanda towards me, “Use Amanda as your demonstrator so James can cum.”

Tami grinned, “Straddle his waist breeder.”

The other girls giggled and Amanda smiled before awkwardly doing as she was told. Tami positioned my cock and nodded to Amanda, “Push down.”

My cock was slowing forced into her tight pussy and Amanda shuddered and groaned. She bit her lip and looked at Tami, “I feel really full but he isn’t all the way inside me.”

Tami laughed as the other girls giggled and Cassandra snickered. Tami rubbed her nipple, “It will all fit but you need to be more excited and relaxed, rock and thrust back and forth like I told you.”

I shuddered as she nodded and began doing as Tami instructed. She rocked and thrust and shuddered hard as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, “ooohhh!”

Everyone laughed and I cupped her breasts and thrust up into her, driving my cock deeper. Amanda jerked and gasped as my cock sank deeper and then she was thrusting back and forth and slamming down on my cock hard, “YES! FUCK ME!”

It wasn’t long before my cock was fucking in and out of her and her pussy grasped my cock as she thrust down and froze, “aaaaahhhhhh!”

I held her waist and grunted as cum exploded into her. Amanda jerked at the feel of warm sperm filling her belly and shuddered as she settled and spread her legs a tiny bit more. I pumped and spewed and finally spurted until I was done and then I pulled her down and caressed her body as she twitched and shivered.

Cassandra slowly pulled her off me, “lay on your back honey.”

Tami nodded and helped before opening her legs so all the girls could see Amanda’s leaking pussy. It was a few minutes before Tami called a break and we led them to the fresher and then to the dining area. After that we picked out crew cabins for them and I gave them a beginners course on the ship.

Tami led them back to my cabin for another class, this one on sex with another women. She paired them up and let them explore and feel each other as I went to the bridge for my shift. Cassandra was feeding me supplement everyday. They always had me fuck and cum deep in Amanda before doing the other girls.

By the time we reached Tron the girls were semi trained. We had each tested the girls from another group, Amanda had tested pregnant by then too. The pleasure slaves seemed to know how to advertise. We were barely on the planet a week before lifting with half the cabins full.

The girls seemed very happy as we headed for our next planet. We decided to cut the next groups in half and woke them. Each of the five new girls in a group wore red so the guests would know they were off limits. After we jumped out of the system and set course for Balin, Samuel relaxed with his two girls and nodded to me, “I have the ship, see you in twelve hours.”

My first group of girls were already with the passengers and my training group had only been awake a few days. Cassandra was the teacher this time and Tami her support. When I walked into my cabin it was to see the girls around the bed. Tami came to kiss me and start undressing me.

I noticed Amanda with Cassandra as she talked to the girls, “What’s with Amanda?”

Tami grinned, “Your breeder decided she wants to be a pleasure slave too.”

I looked at her and she laughed, “She just wants to keep fucking you.”

I smiled and cupped one of her breasts, “How many offers have you and Cas gotten?”

She smiled as she pulled me towards the bed, “A lot.”

Cas kissed me, “We have another breeder that wants to get pregnant.”

I looked at the five girls, “who?”

She gestured to a small strawberry blonde, “Her name is Jane.”

I nodded and moved onto the bed, “come here Cas.”

She grinned as she moved onto the bed and straddled me. She kissed me and lifted to fit my cock before slowly impaling herself. She sighed and shivered before putting her hands on my chest, “Paul removed her implant.”

I nodded as the girls moved around us to watch and reached up to cup Cassandra’s breasts, “We work on anal tomorrow.”

Cas shuddered as she rocked and her tight pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock, “mmmmm!”

I laughed as the girls giggled and looked at Amanda, “You want to be a pleasure slave Amanda?”

She moved closer and reached out to caress my shoulder, “yes Captain.”

I felt Cas wet me as she spasmed and jerked. Her pussy tightened and she groaned louder. I reached out to tug on Amanda’s nipple, “Then why didn’t you put your name down for service for the passengers?”

Cas stopped moving and the other girls quieted. Amanda looked down and bit her lip, “I wished to be yours master.”

I sighed, “You already are mine. That is why you wear my color.”

She grinned, “So I can sleep with you, Tami and Cas?”

I laughed and tugged on Cassandra’s nipples, “any time you want.”

Cas shuddered and went back to fucking me. A few minutes later she was shaking and jerking. She looked at me as I shuddered and stopped moving before slowly lifting off my cock, “Jane?”

I caressed Cassandra’s hips, “Just wait, I am going to breed you yet.”

The girls all laughed and Tami smirked as Cas bent to kiss me, “for my fifteenth birthday.”

Jane scrambled to straddle me and fit my cock to her tight pussy. She grinned as she slowly forced my cock into her and sighed and relaxed before starting to rock and thrust back and forth. Cas held Amanda and they whispered before Amanda cleared her throat, “I will put myself on the passenger service list for women only Captain.”

I smiled and shivered as Jane’s tight pussy rippled and spasmed around my cock. I cupped her breasts, “As we told all of you, it is voluntary Amanda. If you don’t want to do it then don’t.”

Jane started shaking and arched her back, “oooohhhh!”

The other girls giggled as they fingered their pussies. I pulled Jane down and rolled before fucking her hard and deep. I buried my cock in her as it jerked and throbbed and then I was pumping thick jets of cum. She wailed and kicked in the air as warm sperm flooded her, “aaaahhhhh!”

This was only the second time I had cum in her and she began to jerk and spasm as I filled her. When I stopped cumming I held her for a few moments before kissing her softly and pulling out. I rolled off the bed, “Now, where were we with the classes Cas?”

She grinned, “We were practicing oral techniques.”

I sighed and walked to the couch and sat back, “You know I would rather cum inside you.”

She smiled and pushed one of the girls towards me, “We know James.”

One after another they took turns until I was close to cumming. They were all close as I started spurting and took turns tasting it. When I stopped cumming Cas moved them back, “Any questions?”

They shook their heads and Cas nodded to the door, “Bed time. Be back here at the first bell.”

They left together and Tami sat beside me as Amanda hesitated and sat on my other side. I pulled Cas onto my lap, “I want you and Tami to make checks of the girls. Make sure they are not being hurt.”

She nodded as I cupped a breast and bent to suck on the nipple. I reached over to finger Tami, “Get with the other pleasure girls and have them do the same thing.”

Tami shuddered as Cas smiled and nodded, “We already are.”

I rubbed one of Amanda’s nipples, “make sure your group takes the ship handling course.”

Tami turned and straddled me as Cas moved and Amanda lifted my cock. Tami slowly sat and began to rock as her warm pussy began grasping and squeezing me. She rubbed her breasts against my chest, “So far the girls are having fun.”

Cas nodded as she moved over and took Tami’s place beside me, “They are even enjoying being the crew.”

Amanda nodded, “I like the classes Samuel gives.”

I smiled as I continued to caress Tami’s hips and sides. Her warm pussy was rippling and spasming around my cock as she began to thrust and rub against me. It wasn’t long before she became erratic and almost incoherent. She was jerking and shaking as Cas and Amanda grinned and rubbed her back.

I shifted and then stood with her impaled on my cock. She wrapped her legs around me as I crossed to the bed and laid her back. She grinned and spread her legs as she lifted them. I held her hips as I started fucking her with long, hard, deep thrusts. She wailed and kicked as I fucked in and out.

A couple of minutes later she tilted her hips as I thrust into her and held her while I pumped thick, creamy spurt of cum. She jerked and shuddered as I came and then sighed. I bent to kiss her before pulling out and she grinned as she wiggled onto the bed, “I love it when you cum in me.”

I turned to sit as Amanda and Cas came to sit beside her. I smiled at Amanda, “I want to know what each girl likes doing as the crew.”

Cas rubbed Tami’s leaking pussy before pulling her up, “Lets go eat.”

I smiled before standing and looking for my clothes. I woke to the intercom chime and shifted out from under Amanda, “Yeah?”

“We have a guest demanding to speak to you.”

I slid out of bed, “About what?”

“One of Paul’s red banded girls refusing to service him.”

I sighed, “I’ll be in the main lounge in five minutes.”

“He demands you come to his room.”

I smiled, “Number?”


I dressed and left, I ignored the room chime and used my code. The door opened and the business man spun, “how dare you!”

I smiled, “Let me explain what is going to happen. If you open your mouth once more I will have you spaced.”

He looked shocked and I nodded, “Now, for the rest of the trip you will remain in your cabin when you are not eating meals. You were informed when you boarded that any female with a red band was not to be touched.”

I turned to the hatch as he sputtered, “do you know who I am!”

I stopped and turned, “Did I just hear you open your mouth?”

He looked smug, “MY COMPANY...”

He didn’t finish as I pulled my stun pistol and shot him. I opened my communicator, “Bridge?”

“Yes Captain?”

I smiled, “I am going to be dumping a piece of shit into a life pod and kicking it loose.”

Samuel came on, “Are you sure James?”

I smiled, “we put the clause in the contracts.”

He sighed, “why not just...”

He paused and I heard voices before he came back on, “Sammy will be there in a minute. She wants to do something.”

I glanced at the arrogant asshole I had shot and shrugged, “I’ll wait.”

I shut the communicator off and sat to wait. A couple of minutes and the door opened. I smiled at Sammy, a tall brunette, “what did you have in mind?”

She grinned as she held up restraints, “training him like a bitch.”

I laughed and stood up, “Okay but if he bothers me again I’ll toss his ass out the nearest airlock.”

She walked to the man and knelt to put the restraints on him, “He won’t, these are shock trainers.”

I grinned as I walked towards the door, “I don’t want to know where you got them or why you have them.”

She grinned as she stood, “Leave him to us.”

I went back to bed and undressed before slipping in beside Cas. I caressed her smooth skin before rolling her onto her back. She opened sleepy eyes and smiled as I moved between her legs. She guided my cock to her pussy and sighed as I pushed into her and began to fuck her. I used deep thrusts and she held me as my cock pushed opened her cervix.

She shuddered and jerked a couple of minutes later before moaning. She shook me and gave me a kiss, “fuck your breeder.”

I grinned, “Which one?”

She shook me again as Tami pushed Amanda towards me, “This one for now.”

Amanda grinned as I pulled out of Cas and turned to move between her legs. I pushed into her and kissed her before I began to fuck her slowly. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy was spasming as she shuddered and shook. I continued to fuck her with long, slow, deep thrusts. It was a minute before she started struggling and jerking around under me.

I fucked her hard and buried my cock at the last moment. I held and kiss her as I began to pump and spew cum. She clung to me and moaned as warm cum filled her and when I stopped she sighed and relaxed. I kissed her and pulled out before laying back and caressing Cas’s hip, “One day you are going to be my breeder too.”

She grinned as Tami giggled and Amanda snuggled against me. I woke when Cas moved and Jane straddled me. I reached up to cup her breasts as she slowly impaled her pussy, “Sammy has a slave.”

Her pussy squeezed my cock and she shivered before starting to rock, “and if he doesn’t behave I will space him.”

Jane grinned, “He followed her tamely enough when she came to eat breakfast.”

She changed to thrusting back and forth and twisting as she rolled her hips. I rubbed her nipples, “you feel nice this morning.”

She laughed, “I was fingering myself before I got up.”

I caressed her sides and hips before pulling her down and rolling. I began to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She groaned and shuddered as her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. It was a couple of minutes before she started wailing and thrashing around. I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts and she kept bucking and squirming as she wet me repeatedly.

By the time I buried my cock in her belly and kissed her passionately she didn’t know what was happening. I pumped and spewed cum into her and she jerked and convulsed as she felt warm sperm flooding her fertile womb. When I stopped she groaned and I slowly pulled out before looking at Tami.

She grinned and rolled out of bed, “gotta pee!”

She ran for the bathroom and a second later Cas followed her and then Amanda and Jane. I was on the bridge when Paul slipped in and I glanced at him, “hey.”

He smiled as he crossed to lean against my chair, “guess what?”

I looked at him and he grinned, “Buccaneer is going to be offered up on the corporate block for sale.”

I leaned back and glanced at the girls around me on the bridge, “how many were killed?”

He shrugged, “almost everyone in port city. The ones left alone were the ones that lived away from the port.”

I smiled, “to bad we don’t have the money to buy it.”

Paul looked at me and then laughed and straightened, “what would you do?”

I grinned, “remember our island?”

He nodded and I glanced at Tami chatting on the intercom, “I would make several island resorts for tourists using those construction robots.”

He grinned, “that actually sounds good. I didn’t miss the vicious assholes on Buccaneer but I did miss the islands.”

He looked up as he thought and then grinned, “can I use the star comm?”

I smiled, “sure.”

Cas slid onto my lap as soon as he left, “I like beaches.”

I cupped her breasts, “you want me to steal the planet so you can walk the beaches?”

She shuddered as Tami laughed, “yeah.”

I laughed and moved her off my lap, “If I do that you become a breeder.”

She grinned as she slid back into her seat, “okay.”

The idea she had planted seemed to take root and it was almost all I could think of. When Samuel relieved me, I led the girls to the dinning room. I just moved the food around on my plate before standing, “I need to think.”

I called Paul, George and Allen and asked them to meet me on the bridge. I walked onto the bridge and rubbed Sammy’s butt as she turned from leaning against the chair Samuel was sitting in, “you girls take a break.”

She grinned and turned as the other girls stood from their seats. I waited until they were off the bridge and looked at Samuel, “family meeting.”

He grinned and glanced at the systems he was checking. I waited until the others were there and faced them, “Buccaneer is being sold.”

I looked at each of them, “I was wondering if there was a way to hack or bypass the corporate planet data net.”

Paul grinned, “we can’t hack it but we might be able to bypass it.”

George nodded, “what did you want to do?”

I grinned, “Steal Buccaneer.”

They looked at each other and then laughed. I looked at Paul, “Is there any way to bypass the federation data net and access the corporate data net and make it appear like it was already sold?”

He frowned but Allen chuckled, “there is as long as we are still in space and not in a system.”

I looked at him and he looked at the others, “the federation uses remote nodes between systems. We can reroute and bypass the federation data net from here.”

George cleared his throat, “that only gets us around the federation data net.”

I nodded and grinned, “exactly. Once the corporate data net reads us as having bought the planet we use it to update the federation planet list as it being a corporate owned world.”

They looked at each other and Paul grinned as he moved to the comm station. We watched until he sat back, “that was actually easy.”

I smiled, “the data net?”

He turned and nodded, “yeah, I listed us as Dreamers LTD.”

I moved up and pulled him out of the seat before accessing the corporate data net. It didn’t show anything and I blinked before sending a request for a system wide update. It took a couple of minutes before it was online and I was looking at the corporate ownership notice for Buccaneer.

I grinned and sent a request for federation update to the planet list. I waited for several minutes before accessing the federation planet list. I grinned and stood before looking at my family, “now we need advertisement and...”

They laughed and started for the hatch. It was easier to plan then carry out, I mean we owned the planet and had a means to make it profitable. It was just getting everything started that turned out to be hard. It didn’t take the breeders long to find their place and no we didn’t breed them all. We did a few but many chose husbands from the men already on the planet.

Tami, Cas, Amanda and Jane stayed with me as did the original girls my family chose. My brother’s Sammy was the one to really get us going with her slave who’s company was more than happy to move to Buccaneer and advertise it as paradise.
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